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Tuesday January 31st Meter Minute

Jan 31, 2012|

Meter is talking about the Patriots-Giants matchup in the Super Bowl as well as the status of Rob Gronkowskis health.

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It's an exciting time all our lives we look forward to this very historical event today in. And I would think that the Indianapolis fans would would now become giants fans and that support the giants as well. Another giant loud melt some Coughlin. Tom -- -- got to become a giant fan in Indianapolis. How many times is that going to be. He would not -- -- just about every city outside Hartford. City west of Springfield. Is going to be a giant fan. Way and we were in Washington DC yesterday Norman Chad at Tacoma. You have to root for the giants even though you you -- new York and never -- for the -- hate the patriots more if you hate the patriots more and that's the way the whole country looks at this even that much of baton on the patriots. You root for the giants finally one last time you know from New York. You seem a million times it once who troubles before they -- the sentimental -- Why is that it's one word. One word Belichick. Yeah -- -- -- a lot of people the wrong -- -- game one word yes we'll work yes. Writes you guys -- I was so that set the scene for me here I've -- -- revisionists you -- -- I -- I all -- I just tweeted this ballroom picture out of Hewlett followed me on Twitter at John Dennis WEEI you'll see this product you are always handsome -- -- GO on the hung over Gerry Callahan and currently working his ass off in the background. You'll find on action on Dennis WER by the way -- -- corpus about the pink -- -- back -- -- to use it superhuman want to answer -- apple we're talking about the the advantages that the giants seemed to have in this game and people just -- what is this WEEI New -- lock. Yeah I hated hated and the patriots would you -- -- -- sugarcoat it and say this is going to be a breeze and the front four from the giants will not present a problem and the patriots secondary won't be a problem and Eli Manning -- wide receiver crew won't be a problem or do you want us to just a blow smoke -- we have a little space here -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dealership that's rocks it Tina Allen may -- and rock and unchecked without a better. Wanna do that and -- o'clock. They wanna be light -- they wanna be lied to. It's gonna be 4510 Brady's gonna have the -- that the super bowl of of all time yeah yeah by the way we just heard from an orthopedic surgeon on the text machine 617. I've never heard another orthopedic surgeon. Describe -- wound as gruesome or host. And we'd deal with a hell of a lot worse than sprained ankles. I think they'll inject it and -- the ankle he'll be in for a few plays if not for anything else but to be -- Decourt beats agrees with me about that's very un doctor like. To say gruesome and he's not like. We can't cut on -- we don't think it means is this thing usually takes four to six weeks to recover from. And I know he's super human dim view you can rock you came back from hockey injury when he was a senior in high school. And there -- a bone sticking out of his leg but that seems like -- a lot to ask to come back for two weeks hey are you sick of the Eli and Peyton. I -- this US a little. Who tedious yes Eli is not gonna go patent house. They're not gonna hang again some. You like the whole family's here somewhere I assume -- dirty lies house. But I mean preparedness and south Asians poised theorizes. You as you think it's big enough that it's big enough to handle all the cousins and aunts and -- I wish. There's one of those Errol mattresses that they put up in the rumpus room downstairs and in the basement that they can sleep on. Those blow up mattresses. I think did you realize that he'll be very inflammatory today immediate that is all it ever say anything wrong. Did you address the patent situation yesterday and what Peyton has taught him throughout his career and growing up. You know it is. This is his most popular -- it was it didn't hit pin me down and you know take his doubles in and knocked on my chest and it may be named the the twelve schools in the SEC and you know. I did know all the time and -- 67 quickly learned don't you know it was a great learning. Cut technique. I don't know how -- -- -- -- that would -- better or tried out but it definitely learned that uses schools -- the -- season. What's -- figure those out. You know moved on to all all a -- just you're 28. He's an NFL at that point so it's all all these in the NFL. So I had to get my study. -- for that and that wasn't figured out -- be good but what I've never got within brands of cigarettes I think that was facility really wanted to torture me into. Had no shot every idiot that's -- -- -- for my mom or dad comes they'd be here for maybe cover but that was that was his go to move. Now I couldn't do the cigarette -- into the SEC. Yeah I can do the NFL you're too young and those old -- it -- east so what he has revealed here is that Peyton Manning is abusive is a domestic he's -- -- abuser he should play the rest of that talks about it and strip -- up close yeah. Time to a post some about a cookie editor and we have had a cookie made me -- out -- -- those things. Yes name ten schools in the Big -- and he always depends -- that. This copper. And was Cooper said my brother -- I think you pronounce Cooper is in its belt -- the CEO PR plan that increases built AB cup Cooper Cooper well. I'll get to that minute Jerry but it's okay you can call one mean I know you're busy got an agenda has put them a blow it up very upset over the Boston Herald -- her favorite Paper. Back page. To a foot kind Belichick Coughlin linked by success. She never heard they were -- have staff together with the result coaching tree now what happened they -- real role. Incendiary comment that this should. He startled doesn't stoop to the levels of the post you know that'll make stuff up wouldn't you agree that the that the -- -- was one of the real stretches heeded by post and yes yes and and they interviewed the giants yesterday in Mathias Kiwanuka said. I heard everything you said he -- on it. Gold line and in the giants didn't even by. Now in the hope that the wind wasn't a tossed it simply use that as a pep rally Brady is that what you all to do he also used the word hopefully he'd he didn't say he didn't declare. The next week's party will be bigger. He said hopefully we'll have more people to party. To move back right but Lloyd Ochoa sickle not have a podium today. Now one of the -- -- to the podium -- according has one he will be you -- One right over there. Like goodness really yes yes record is one of the eighteen. Wait till people get a lot of depth and yeah. I think we may have the stars and word will spread like -- got to get over him according to podium is always one guy yeah people and the word emerges he's got a check it's funny Deion Sanders lib. Insightful. And saint crazy stop you -- Listen -- -- it's a must listen but this man Ochocinco can be open -- yes the gonna have a big crowd -- stuff when you. Have -- been many of these before you guys -- Seeing you know do you know who all the eighteen podiums are. -- for right now I can get appointed yes OK go out on the go through those who can name the team. I definitely listen Ochocinco would have been one inaugural two rocks like rocks might yeah yeah throw a TV up the windows yeah I'm. That -- our right to absolutely nothing happened last night except Victor Martinez -- knee surgery on the the second operation he's toast. Oh. You operations for this -- a second operation is does that mean they're gonna go outside Josh Hamilton -- Yeah I guess they figured out going in the first time he needs another one. The six hours more than enough so they have the doom another one. He's done for the year and -- like you know I know you're very. You very upset this morning with the news that duty Petrocelli has. I was some guy Wallace I was is shocked and said he was that he was serious -- a lot of time with the spent a lot of would agree that a boxing guy who makes it mediate -- beaten yeah yeah. -- rigorous. Nice run but good it was always trim he was always in there he was he was. When he was Martin's trainer he was Ehrlich Freddie Roach it is in there and active and you know and he fought as cute oh yeah yeah yeah and you Benet was an 8088. That's a pretty good -- out and practiced side with in the last year so one of both government gone with in the year. Yes of course -- -- corner from 8087. When he was bullied champ John -- with the commitment. The -- of the corner. I've stolen I spent a lot of time with those people it's been a lot of pride in it in Brockton in and on the road. Yeah I knew I'd like to say that I knew Marvin when he -- air action of a pitcher mark with a full Medicare. While you let him go to bed at reasonable mortgage keep him an enemy he -- he was imminent -- was ready to get -- you know get the early rest -- for the show you know at -- you know it is all I -- it is -- -- is there -- and one ball Atmel RT notes we did last night Jerry at the airport looking rather solve -- lots of luggage. No Indianapolis was an eighteen portrait did you. I did not sign them it's just. We could have taken Fung law direct and -- sooner as opposed to going US Airways and going policy it was Boston to. Washington DC. Washington DC to Paducah Kentucky Paducah Kentucky to I believe terra haute Indiana and on a puddle jumper. Into Indianapolis. But we're here we are now how happy and win them Dina. -- at the school attached in spite of all even use this as a good it happened like that that's it.