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How serious is Rob Gronkowski's ankle injury?

Jan 24, 2012|

D&C open the show discussing Rob Gronkowski's ankle injury. How much can they expect from him in the Super Bowl? John and Gerry also talk about President Obama calling Brad Marchand "a little ball of hate" and touch on the Celtics 87-56 blowout victory over the Magic.

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I forgot all of my high school Spanish did he say I am party. Yeah yeah stated I am I artists -- just pretty accurate pretty like imparts I am party. And and he is hurt by the way and now I have no doubt he's planned but this idea of these fine. These fine without -- -- now well we find twelve days I don't think so all I do. Really sure how long Big Ben Roethlisberger to get over his ankle sprain I mean you've seen I still run the right he wasn't -- there. Isn't that they're still play it this is the Monica -- Gerri I have no doubt he's Taylor back and played -- -- -- -- do anything. And and by the way that's adrenaline that's adrenaline and maybe some other substance some substance will present running but it's different it's Manhattan's it's well -- that -- I. -- -- You'll probably be. Productive. It's gonna hurt and it was a slow -- be evident in the Indy when they go there on Sunday says one thing on the -- Sunday Sunday Sunday and then. It'll -- but we still have a boot now. But fortunately for him. It's two weeks not want to agree that one in my pianist -- and an issue but could you imagine if if -- if that broke. It would it would not be like six point spread out -- me a lot of the air out of the balloon when it would be out devastating other than Brayton. Who is more important. May be Welker made -- not that he will support him dividends yeah millions. A bundle free Ochoa. -- chill -- Joseph this is his boss -- -- exhibit just to separate the breaks out -- they've been. So outrageous thing if you active and somehow does when Craig I was gonna say with surprise you know it's is yes it would -- it got it it would. Willie -- -- -- -- do you think the model that they've moved -- Italy emotionally said. Our time here is done he's in the retina pains -- if he got a six million. He'll go with them. And they won't make any announcements and he'll be will be the such on needed it will absolutely be. Tweeting and taken peak season and and be the middle of bowl media day -- probably provide more sound bites and -- -- the most people don't go to him don't know this is something. It hasn't all I'm all right we'll hair for steps linemen and says something that Belichick does appreciate. -- -- matter no fee if he does some something that missiles off Belichick he might force him to sit out the first series yet. -- you know what -- it. Types to -- guy if -- -- it's it is this year they're huge problem problems in your Stanley Wilson. That we used to do that I'm pleased to say who's gonna have those days seem to be right doesn't it seem like really do it. Both teams are and his veteran core that ball that good leaves right all the great coaches. Does that seem really highly unlikely just. Barrett Robbins on the -- black what that was meant a mental problem but but I think it coincides. With the dissipate shouldn't of the cocaine era there's not. I mean and as that has gone away and I even have to think it doesn't exist and people still do Hollywood's involved in a lot of maybe athletes are involved in it. But the diminishing of that whole culture has sort of taken away the fact that somebody's gonna go nuts during Super Bowl. Sam Hurd is that a -- that's true temporarily out of business but I don't think there's a stammer I could be wrong I didn't know. No one in Chicago we've been knew would -- was up to him but. To put the odds obviously there's a lot of prop bets and we -- so maybe we'll get some news on the point spread what's what to rise to -- and arrest. An arrest slash scans was Robinson rested. No you don't need to -- disable there's when it when they were all right and it was that he did -- Robinson. Eugene -- -- -- certainly Wilson and Wilson yeah -- disruption. I just think Robbins Wilson Robinson. I mean local call arrest slashed scandal you'll know if you see yes pornography what would the odds I would say less than. Twenty personalized lesson that I was listless and I'd saved probably 5 o'clock neither team hi Andre -- percents 106 guys is 5% job answer. Very very disappointment on give them a lot of VC guys in the top getting -- that's another interesting to see like I could feel meter. From a distance. It would when I heard that fact. Did you see that back to Lenovo PC I did not they -- more players than any other college in the Super Bowl yes they're number one loomed over the -- alarms account problem and not companies. I know really. I think. Yeah this just a couple that I mean don't they counted degrees to be zero right then those all they all graduated they really graduate like three years but if you had to guess what -- said his coach Florida's Lori there might matter. You as you see -- -- Nebraska Oklahoma. Sixty and you know second. Kent State good guests you know I committed. Which and it takes the shine off of Florida Rutgers -- It is obviously get the pipeline year. But BC you name a moment here yet to name I'll start with Will Blackmon -- go to and got him with a -- Chris and he. Mathias Kiwanuka. Are our sluggers like -- cures like Ron Brace and one more Matty right all I'm sorry he's not the shadows and accept that Iraq is not a Super Bowl again the -- -- They're open to -- connect opener account. -- that he says. So six more PC guys that taxes guys. LSU -- Alabama absolutely that's unbelievable winners -- Winners winners winners who were disciplined and it probably have some of the highest -- more tests on the team to I think it -- -- that's true at all bendable games. Real -- readable yes yeah. Right out for things we are going to visit today not counting the patriots and giants in the suitable. And these four things deal with the winter sports which -- about 1213 or fourteen more days we will move on to speak but it's a preview right here. Two questions for. These are difficult with the first witness what to Brad marsh jammed. And Jermaine O'Neal. Have in common. And that's the more difficult one what you contemplate that are given each year one what do Tim Thomas. And the Orlando Magic. Have in common that a second when a disease I got known yet but it opened the show on on shows neither Tim Thomas -- Orlando Magic show that's an easy that's a -- but to bunny. What's the -- to Brad Marchand and Jermaine O'Neal have in common. Once a big ball hit the illegal and -- address this tough guy they both surprised. The hell out of me. With something -- either said or did yesterday. Marsh and at the White House when President Obama referred to him with a nickname little ball of hate. Marcia handset that came from I've never heard that before. Hasn't been making around since it pitched opposite teams. I thought that excellent teachers everywhere are still like T shirt tried it was all bar stool. Little ball it's a great. Might not have been original might have been someone else out there and -- and we should probably know that but how do you not hear that. Didn't hear from the fans and in fact Steve Harris in the -- notebook rights. Come little ball of hate what's up with that nickname since Steve Harris. Little ball of hate were not sure where that came from although although no doubt their -- got across the league would regard that nickname is perfectly accurate. And then he says I'd never heard that before he called me a little bald -- Haven't heard that nickname before it might stick I wouldn't be surprised if this nickname sticks. So surprised -- Brad marsh and it never sold a lot yeah I mean Steve Harris said he's in the where it came from. I mean like who made it up right no it seems it seems more generic -- that. He says what's up with that would -- hey we're not quite sure where that came from. It actually I would think that's something that marsh I would pic of himself that's a great marketer apple. -- -- -- -- -- kill. And it's. Little ball had a very catchy. And and Campbell linesman was the -- oh yes he can't be there you know he's got the knows he can't be the deputy was a little ball hate to. Right -- but he wasn't exempt don't ever call lives without it was always tell ratted out of the -- the rat or some people call -- in the -- -- can't be the real and it's. Retired doubts that absolutely. -- and is little but maybe -- -- -- short so. Does catch on LB DHL PH over the edge. LB -- made public just hate it didn't hear that he's ahead yet that is surprising but you know what. You can -- surprised that -- Oblivious. Athletes can be to what's going on around them well you know the first thing they're told the and Brady is full read the Paper don't rebuttal is ridiculous the radio don't watch the new -- Don't get on Twitter. Well that's Belichick pills and don't. Get on the an inevitable when you hear that you think -- aligned in some of them are. I used to think that I'll tell you what now based on based up on the amount of hate and acrimony and an anonymous attacks. -- anonymous attacks in the newspaper or on the radio because we all put our names next to what it is we say. But on Twitter and FaceBook and the ability of people to to just attack -- go crazy the amount of hatred out there and -- -- by the way. Never ceases to amaze anybody who sits in the chair whether it's the mid -- show the afternoon show even Mikey whose beloved at night. You look at some of the stuff the people text you and Twitter Twitter tweet and you say yourself or what is is go on and those persons lives. Where what they just wrote what they just typed makes them feel better about themselves -- and. And Twitter has made much. Worse they're anonymous they you know and they know you see them until you block them right. Acute from the Mets the rookie -- -- stole cool Little League right the the animosity. Just -- what I think I -- day went yeah it was a Tweeter. Any gave it up so this anymore must recruited by a syndicate this tease people a judge yeah like I -- -- and Woodward met so I think Kyle Williams I think his father is exaggerating when he says death threats. -- -- -- In any generic sense I'm sure that death by his definition we get them every day and you know like the Q you mean they're not really going -- Leo. -- -- the scope and put -- on the high powered right we don't think -- -- -- we don't like they like Barry Bonds always talking about death threats welcome our world it happens all the time. You know that really vicious vile stuff. It's deal I don't think there's anyone release and among the kill you because you fumble that. Didn't somebody say give him the game ball and hopefully it'll blow up there -- car was exact -- right. Is that death perhaps. As not a -- threat now it's not what are -- things that -- -- Q he read yesterday right yet -- -- -- because they had a reason to take out their their tanks and and a guy. In their minds he blew the season they're not going to suitable because of him like. Heidi watney for -- and Heidi watney who she ever hurt the most you ever. You know you know -- championship. It's a chance to play the suitable answer is nobody I saw Heidi -- get a -- On Twitter. Do you remember what issues at all she's at the summit about Ochocinco. Chad Ochocinco. Asked now everybody on and on Twitter you know what do you think about my kid being suspended for Smart mouth and the teacher. And Heidi said something innocuous like maybe you ought to talk to your kid about that or -- you know make your -- a Smart out the teacher. And because Ochocinco has a million something followers Heidi got absolutely eviscerate and and I mean nasty horrible things so multiply. That. Kyle Williams factor by a factor of what 150 miles -- -- about it the. Anonymity of the instant brightens the nature of it. That makes people in on the get emotionally react this local bleep yourself I -- -- the last night and they that they feel better. And I think you know how to block people -- showed me that he do that if there if there there really profane profane racist. They really. Personally just annoy you that supports. I'm one damages toll blocked the -- -- totally blocked as opposed to a largely it's just hours apart would likely to have Christmas is hopeful they'll fulfill our site is in the Dunlop he doesn't -- I don't I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Made this public. District. Which we can handle. Okay we have someone in guest hosts guests hosts -- guests just can't they just lose -- ago. They hate me if we have had to shut it out here yes -- shuttle left -- -- offered a horse was -- -- he couldn't believe and you just expect the greatest guy in the world says and he couldn't believe why these people. That's just the way that is. And that's rappers. -- Still like John missed a -- -- we still look better and and lashing out turn around and sure did that harmony couldn't believe the second ago. These people. Feel. Ready. And there are people. And an end -- we wrap this up by saying Jermaine O'Neal surprised the got what I said last week to may just pretend to look like you care on the basketball court. Got up in Superman spaceship today proud of Germany. You want some points in my book stuck his finger his -- dropped a couple bombs on him and deceit Howard back off the ourselves. As a practical matter you don't wanna trade Howard and Jermaine both get kicked out of the game. But I don't think Howard looked all that. Resilient I think it affected -- yes I do -- and. At that point he said what's the point in Lima blogger with this this guy this is you know would. This was a game with the fans should get the money back and it's not the or maybe half the money back as they leave -- people should get electric coupon. The discount future tickets up Celtics fault it's it was hell they were undermanned they played hard they won they won easily. But the the magic from the start of this game were not in -- we're not it is in determined to win or even trying to win. It was one of those mailing games where I guess the focus in on planned Nuys and Indiana and I yes that is an important player in the next game. We've talked about this before in the NBA usually it's -- an 82 game season where you just -- game on the calendar. And you see the games around at the schedule and travel you say we're not winning that game. -- the Celtics had a few moderate McCallum wrote about that -- one of his books and it's very interesting they admitted in their quiet moments players coaches say yes. There are games we know we're not gonna win. And it's just the way it works you know and. -- -- prize is I can almost a gadget he had one of those last night and it's and I think it was part of it was Dwight Howard pure magic player. You know -- not really into it. Belichick and let's not going to be you have -- jets -- I think part of that I think you're not giving the Celtics enough credit for what they did to force that upon don't think they walked into that gym last night talking about the magic and -- We really care about this were looking ahead a -- was a conscious thing -- it was a sub conscious thing. They might have taken for granted at five Celtics were playing including Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo and said. We can just show up and win this game because these guys are old and tired and totally undermanned. But like -- -- one of these people at the garden last -- would want that coupon that you talked about I think they enjoyed that game thoroughly -- I think they enjoyed -- -- they -- Kennedy enjoyed what -- wasn't all -- awful game Orlando was awful the celtics' defense was outstanding and they were really into Iran and Jermaine -- my -- -- almost -- -- and have -- not optional but. And you think the only way to stop what -- you think people watch the third fourth quarter and -- enjoy Orlando scored ten points and both -- quarters Jerry -- about Dennis and Callahan fault lines opened 6177790850. All free number 8885250850. Save a soccer story for your for a little bit because she -- just to get a particular photograph. Up on the web sites with a single make a lot of sense to you I have a soccer story. Generally do soccer stories now -- -- -- soccer show here this is worth one well sometimes we do but we'd -- the meter yes to do to handles under your -- the soccer -- historical fault they want before we get to 7 o'clock we will have the story -- can get that done -- -- I have been on -- phone calls tournament.