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Reaction to the Theo Epstein interview

Jan 12, 2012|

Lou and Mut give their opinions on the Theo interview and what stood out most to them. John Lackey, Bobby Valentine, and Manny Ramirez were all discussed.

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Your chance to -- Celtics tickets coming up later on this hour -- and Lou not a 37. WEEI IC bruising Twitter become across the NHL all star news over there. -- surprised by that blog obviously -- Thomas voted in the other represent history Boston Bruins at the -- the -- -- jar and Tyler Sagan. Patrice Bergeron which has to be able to would have a buzz around -- what are people talking about. Surprised -- a little bit of an annoyance over there -- on causeway street given Howell. Well Bergeron plays defensively given all the does for that team. -- -- her -- with that second line. And what he's able to do. There's too many guys that have an all around game Bergeron does and -- I'm in no position to say this guy should have made discussion animated but. On Bergeron looks like all star. Plays on both ends of the ice gives you something defensively how much your a lot of guys give you in this league and sets up players this passing ability. Surprise there Bergeron. It was apartment through the NHL 36 it was. They'll form Patrice Bergeron -- Bocachica of people that realize -- great player this guy it's great point you know two way player -- one of the most underrated players in the game. And come out and he'll make the austerity you know I don't know I think that it deserved. Committee good player for them they got a big one tonight have big heart Montreal down so. Tiger don't emotional games at the Vancouver I'm here come the Canadians what to think of Theo Epstein this morning. Conversation with the NC on WE yeah I thought -- more talkative now he's no longer than genome of the Boston Red Sox buddies you don't Chicago and come back to Europe. In an interview -- Boston. And it's silly don't talk or anything that's going on now seeking justice will be different to talk but those who think that got out of that -- -- and I thought was your biggest take away. That Bobby V was on to mix. I thought that when he was here in and how -- talked about it discussion obviously change he wasn't part of that but he was not a guy in the they've looked at the hiring of Terry Francona what was important in the -- -- -- the same process and think character's -- moving forward but it's the -- said obviously they felt something different. I think what happened is that some point during the search process. You know they look that. All of the variables look at the landscape and realize that they. Maybe they wanted a little bit more experience than there experience experience those important I think they may be says hey we need that. Placed more emphasis. On experience than we had previously I think it was a you know legitimate. There's a legitimate decision to do that because -- experience is important. I was not surprised by that because I think we heard reports that. At least one player on the Red Sox roster was told by somebody. Over there at one point that Bobby Valentine was not going to be apartment who knows who that was but -- was -- To be that wasn't much of a surprise he'd he'd. Backed up the Red Sox making hiring he'd mentioned how things change now experience changed and was on videos list when he was here was part of the men aren't there together radio -- -- of it in the year you know it is rumors of him leaving and everything when not -- 23 weeks following season concede -- told some reporters award but he's not the guy he leaves. -- -- hear the -- ultimately is the guy -- Bobby obvious guys exchanged up that was one of the my biggest take away was the compensation conversation that that they got into late with the Arctic -- -- its -- we spent a lot -- on baseball people year. You're still tied into the Red Sox be still between us -- yesterday. To get tweets about Red Sox compensation people who hung up on this and I I think rightfully so you're thinking okay. This guy's -- a year left on his deal. He's headed to Chicago they said they're gonna work on the compensation is January 12 2012. Or two days away from divisional wild car weekend and still. I guess zilch zero. Compensation. -- I think wouldn't say that should be competition here there should be because we agreed there should be compensations that that's part of the -- but I think you have to look at look at history and it's look at the precedents involved and realize that there's no precedent for you know. Major major compensation here but. -- Obama aren't we need we need to figure this out well both sides are still working on it because it was agreed to have filled up your word so. If you agree that this compensations and perhaps be compensation should be. Thank you you look at precedent as a guide and try to do something that's appropriate given you know. More than a century old history of the event. Okay now we'll play all of it because he heard a summit there but when he says the court precedent. The way Theo try to spin it today at least in my ears Lou was that. That the blast president you must talk about it Andy MacPhail. Was an executive moved from one organization to another and -- what it feels words the compensation was that thirtieth overall prospect. In the organization. And some money. So you sit there and you say okay. He clearly has that idea they ever gonna done yet is because we're looking you know and -- are shooting for the moon on this they think they should get legit. Compensation capital C. And it sounds like at least for now -- gonna finally said he talked it what and five times or so last couple months so it doesn't like oppression pressing issue. But it's pretty clear the Red Sox are pushing for some the way up here. And the cubs are looking for some the way down there now my question I thought baseball's gonna jump in. And therapists at -- what the -- -- that's got to set point but Selig -- -- it would be doing here final contract but over 24. But Selig. They have until November 1. Deleted get it done they won't they don't and I will. November 1 what's today's date January 12. July. -- what happened November 2. What were or where are we buzz is all this thing here I mean. We said before I've said that they go to -- push this thing along to the point where nobody cares you forget about it. Always is lot of emotions surrounding this team in October. Of GM misleading Chicago's portraying as the savior coming to organization. Red Sox fans pissed for a lot of reasons. They want to shoot for the moon take this guy -- tech guy we want this guy we want that guy. He get away from it emotionally you push this thing as far along as possible. Maybe even its spring training with this point. Let's go see some guys in spring training I don't know it is it's not going to be Albanian practice that in some of the desired effect the Boston Red Sox organizations -- -- I cannot -- this one has been. This sort of been turned over and discussed a lot more in the media that are passed between the closet fan and I have had typed conversations on it in the last few months and you know we've got close who would have gotten it done and maybe you'll need some help to get it done and I want both sides to be happy if also. There will be no shot it I'll be happy this is a Newton -- a shot held both sides are happy this is going to be. -- and never been through a divorce but it sounds like a divorce a severe okay where it's. One spouse wants this one's spouse wants that. I guess what one other spouses spice to supply -- They're gonna be happy the other one's going to be BS and this case there's no way the Red Sox getting anywhere near what they expected to get you that you called this. Apart the day it happened by the day of deals press conference -- what that day was in Chicago to press conference live here but. You called it and you're going to be proven 100%. Correct they're gonna get a bag of balls. For a -- -- -- 530 prospect they don't want money they want prospect -- the keynote made that very clear that they're going to get and. That was eight don't know loop and elegant traded for Randy Winn -- all star Tampa Ozzie Guillen in -- for two guys fourth and fifth best prospects with the Florida Marlins. So in other words managers are more important -- front office guys -- general managers or. Or president's. Baseball ops I don't agree with that I think those guys are more important that a manager. They're building a foundation. You know they're making moves at a bill foundations of organizations managers. Did you sort of they've taken over trained ear -- at the leader. Or whatever you give me I'm gonna lead. Of just huge impact us and -- some good matches -- -- managers but to me is -- guys in front office to put the team together. And dictate the future of the organization. Of those one thing that jumped out to me and that was the your response about John Lackey. I'm John Lackey had a tough run here I'll with the Red Sox but I thought the had some interesting takes on. -- what is plagued this guy and the future of a guy like John Lackey here and we haven't. Being -- John -- I mean we if I look back one thing. That you we could do overs obviously be out of that clause in the the Red Sox out of that cause in the contract went. At the time assigned to get the extra year for Tommy Johnson it's clear that there's something. That was less than perfect in the elbow and -- DL and over again. Move we made too much assumption that he was still pitch. Updated capabilities despite those in the elbow and then maybe at some point that Tommy John I think in reality what happened is. The fact that the elbow wasn't right limited limited is effective. Please please -- in the same guy I didn't have the same. Feel of the -- involved in that is since finish it is the -- -- -- commandments fastball which is everything for and then he struggled. I think because of that so I'm hopeful that when he when he does return from the Tommy John that this year getting away for this year will be good form that. Not only physically but mentally -- -- welcome back to their hypocrisy. Much more on rotation -- Another was -- -- if we -- that are all over again that goes into the L bold and put that clause and put. We you know we assume that he would be healthy he was so. Made a mistake in other wars because of that and over again you would have put more into that thought of the Hubble could be concerned when the -- him. I took athletica of that I took it as if we'd known more maybe we don't spend money and it's meant much as he says hey when he comes back and he's help we will see the real John Lackey. I thought was an honest moment and that was steel. In in. Away only -- can do still with some sort of confidence. Showing regret over that side and saying maybe not a great idea and -- he doesn't do that if you do you listen at the -- you watched the -- -- -- deterred the -- He doesn't go back in and he's. Very confident in his ways I'm not to say arrogant you must have but I think he's confident. You just go back it's -- any mistakes I thought that was is close is he gonna come to admitting a mistake with guests via and also found out from that how much it bothered him. At the end of the year people thinking -- leaving a sinking ship because he. He talked about it now. You know it was so a process that we talked about throughout for years would then carry it with the owners with Tom and John ball possibly moving on at some point. The cubs wasn't ideal chopper him. And in the circumstance with the way the season ended. Obviously made in the accused -- on a team that was a disaster. And that bothered to tell me that. Absolutely because that was the one timers voice sort of raised load is that it was toward the beginning of the converse eight and it was a question Jerry had. An EQ piped up and it was telling gag it made it he EEE felt like it wasn't fair. The reaction he got around here and tried to paint a picture that. Guys in the organization everyone -- made except for Larry we didn't talk to -- much about this and that's steele's words not mine. Everyone knew that after ten years just by looking for different pastor. -- You believe that this is planner -- he just want to get Bellotti year old again it was good Chicago's often Tom -- Well but he he seemed annoyed. By the reaction he got and the perception he left a sinking ship. That's what I heard from the -- and -- highlights Al sort of answer whether or not. You're gonna it's about ninety seconds. -- not Manny Ramirez. Would be good at it Chicago sun yup you heard this little but many wants back in baseball believe me effort at CNET you'll hear from PL and from Manny nice second.