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Dec 9, 2011|

Fantasy football guru Matthew "Mr. Roto" Berry joins Mut & Lou every Friday to give listeners a chance to ask & get his expert advice.

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And outlays it's not stuck fantasy football for most people it is playoff fantasy football -- and -- 937. WEE I'll look up the -- Matthew Berry. You'll join us here answer all your questions 617. 7790852. All 3885 to 5050 your text at 85850. Aaron start right here Matthew -- your love hate this week you tell a story of a real life NFL player. Burned by himself and fantasy football because quickly tell that story because I think it's one of the most amazing. Fantasy football stories all time involving -- school. Yeah he's played Pitt a typical computer and high schools so he he's a long time hardcourt player and he'd never made the play it play out until 2005 week fifteen he finally made the semifinals of the longtime keeper league. And in that particular game. He got in that particular week he had a great it's weekend of his professional career. He caught three touchdown remember and the Redskins beat the cowboys -- had a monster day on the and a -- field but unfortunately his opponent that day. Was starting to -- named. -- -- It's actually cost himself a fan with the title by a performance on the NFL field so. Tough break there for credit. Misty Atlanta what's some of that story person I interviewed him for another article they told me that's third person uses like this like. Skeptic I kept thinking that the captain -- -- like you you know hoping that the rest of the team is doing well. -- I bet you radio and I look at the NFL weekly schedule allows -- like hill -- games big -- impact games. This legacy the giants Dallas but am -- wrong believe that buffaloes in eagle -- to -- a lot of points and I want. Well certainly from the San Diego's side of it you know one of the issues with -- Philip Rivers -- here has been obviously the turnovers in the back. You know that that stating guitars -- line it's just an absolutely brutalized. By injury and you know Two Rivers has been pressured quite a -- returning the ball over we we -- you know we've heard you know the 21 turnovers and about. But you look at the bills right and the build -- back in the NFL. I think we've got one interception in the past four weeks. So I think rivers at. At home we've got Malcolm Floyd back gates looks as -- -- -- policies and Matt he's been told we're running well so I got along with the obviously Vincent Jackson. And the emergence of Vincent brown for the chargers I think we're reserve and other top ten day this week. You I gonna break now role -- defense question -- -- lot of blood pianist spot or they have the bears' defense and a special teams also. I'm pretty big play with Hester returning the kicks and events interception returns for touchdowns but. The Broncos match up for Tebow just that the Broncos are on the football over. I just doesn't seem like a great matchup what are you do with the bears defense which has been at times one of the best defense is -- -- football this year. I think you remember really good point you know and I I imagine the level of hate and yet I don't have the bears the top ten defense. This particular week you look at your point. -- go to -- in the volatile 33 turnovers this entire year just one interception. And the other thing is to duplicate that you know that was one of the issues with him initially was cycle for the ball to log but he's. Given up only five sacks in his last five games. So that the team that is fairly conservative offense obviously that's one of the criticisms of the Broncos and Tim Tebow but. You know he doesn't turn the ball over so well it may be low scoring game and decency huge game. For the bears defense and in fact if I'm starting defense in this game I'd rather have the Broncos. They're getting Von Miller back he would pay any. Certainly doesn't -- a lot of people though Matt Forte in this game either. Brought -- her home. I like the Denver defense which are available at tons -- I have them -- that Chicago this week. Giving your pre season rankings match his a -- tough question for you going into this week late in the season playoffs but we basket and FaceBook shot caught Roy -- -- Why start Michael Vick -- Joseph Flacco. I think you've got to go -- I commit I understand the concern. We haven't seen him in three weeks he was bad just before he went down and Flacco certainly seems to have -- big matchup at home with the colts. Who you know one -- -- -- to give of the most fantasy points to opposing quarterback but failed to give up like the most manageable two opposing running -- -- this game is already right but I do think Flacco having -- -- -- here but. I'm goal of Michael Vick I just think the upside. Michael Vick is just too great especially if he's expected to get Jimmy Mac went back I think the rushing yards but you'll get out of -- or put him over the. Stick to your guns out number one got -- -- a playoff. It's it's a phone calls in here as well Matt is in Boston exile with Matthew Berry IMAP. A doormat if -- good man. Yeah I just wanted to call that a big guy a big week and the weekend in the -- -- that -- he'd start up the one of the following four. Would Garret blunt Ryan Mathews Jordy Nelson -- there. Thank you Ryan -- Jordy Nelson Hakeem Nicks and -- of Muslim public air blown out there want -- -- the you have just you have to sit one of those guys. Writers. You know but I think I'm sitting would Garret blunt I mean. As much they liked blunt and I think he'll do well against Jacksonville. Into really banged up defense. He's just been so inconsistent this year -- up match. Cryptic the last couple weeks obviously tonight's match -- -- buffalo went in Nelson and Dick have been. Absolutely terrific so to me blunt the -- said. Anthony is on the cape Anthony your all of Matthew Berry. Matt you I don't Goodman. Called last week and you told the expert Marvin opening it. Q did you win anyway yeah it's. I've actually put him anyway. It was pretty good -- intimately -- -- -- that's part about. It's not -- editorial brought out who won a lot right so I mean there was -- was you know what at that much of a crazy thing. I will gate questionable. You know I got MI got I got CJ Spiller but he -- you know that. You know I like Spiller but I -- But it will McGahee he's he's program retort kind of match -- -- And obviously he's been banged up he's been missed missing practice but in testifying about our our licensed physical therapist here. Our podcast this morning that she expects McGahee to play. Now it and at the 4 o'clock game so obviously you wanna be careful there but luckily Spiller also 4 o'clock game there. At San Diego to think you'll you'll be sort of stuck there but assuming McGahee is active I'm gonna go with him he'd just been the better. More consistent players this here. Chicago's a good run defense but deep threat at Tebow running and just really open up lanes for McGahee said that the guy would go it. Matthew Joseph Marshall wants and knows Reggie Bush performance the last couple weeks a fluke or -- -- legit number one. Are they the legit number one but I think he's a very legit number two and it's it's not a fluke I mean he's he's looked good they're -- different ways to get -- into -- he. He's in -- carrying the ball quite a bit he's got five touchdowns in the last five games. I don't think -- -- fluke at all he used it's been consistent is that consistent in its production here for an extended period of time. And don't against Philadelphia and I I think bushel you know how to -- game this. This week I have bush I just outside my top ten this week having to the very solid number two play against Philadelphia giving up or four yards to carry to as a running back. Go to Connecticut talked to Johnny get a running back questions for Matthew Berry. Pretty good. Off. That -- today. Pulpit that. I haven't I haven't been on line to be honest have been running around doing a much different you know radio and various things -- I don't know but I don't think Kevin Smith is going to play it was not expected that. He was so I don't believe Kevin Smith practiced but again I don't I don't honestly know the answer that question I will say this. Even if he had practiced I wouldn't trust them. It's not a great matchup of Minnesota the vikings are much better run defense and they are passed defense. So I'm not counting on Kevin Smith regardless of the -- status. That's Nikita is active again we don't know that he can last the game yet for the last two times they've gotten out on the field imaginable. They have a field. A -- just update you here Detroit Free Press has a story up that he went out to practice today seating -- makes certain cuts without injury. Found out he couldn't he left the open portion of practice after pulling up. During the first pass route he ran that doesn't sound great for Kevin's been playing this week. Yeah I mean they go mean he's just it's unfortunate that it's terrible story. You know -- use -- rooting for the guy. But he just can't seem to stay on the field and in the playoffs in general I like it goes deeper rather than risky -- your situation. You know him. Maybe you're playing against dent in -- playing -- Antonio Brown the guys step in a haystack Prestowitz you like you know what I really need to shoot for the moon. I get it but generally speaking -- rather safe than -- and desist. It just -- risk involved haven't that the confederate. Matthew with face it Matt Clement in Mac that's gonna be back Desean Jackson's that a guy now just. Sort of move on from bright world here exact point. That's what we're talking about here I don't believe I can trust DeSean Jackson got got only two touched on this barrier. Single digits and if he points now for a at least six straight games that he played in number of course he was out -- that Arizona game. To be missed the team meeting aid. Just you know it seems a bit like a -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About DeSean Jackson saying in that in -- and I understand their rethink. They're basically saying like hey Andy Reid -- players -- -- a lot of criticism that Sharon Jack and I could see Andy Reid saying hey look. We wanna get a good game for DeSean Jackson I wanna get confidence back we're gonna force speed of the ball so good I see that happening in the DeSean Jackson have a good game absolutely. But do I trust him not at all on him I -- to conduct the war league I'm not starting him this week. The distinct there's so many better options out there that are safer he'd just been way too inconsistent to me. Kyle is a long -- with the ultimate quarterback quandary Coca Kyle. Yeah I'm so iPad isn't it all the last few weak on opponent who Michael Vick without an epic that color he obviously went out. But I got Michael -- back -- since he goes kind of getting it done for me. Who'd like to start the week. -- I have I have Michael Vick. One spot higher I'm sorry to -- tired and it will. You're gonna go against Jesus himself and to point out that the. Look I -- -- -- band but it legal and long time you go back and you know I wrote a column. When Tebow was named the starter I said this is going to be the number one pick up this week is the guy that I think will be successful not just insanity but in the NFL. I'm a Tim Tebow believer I wrote a whole article about the time and actually met him to go so I make -- -- I'm I'm on the bandwagon I drink the -- it. Having said that. I think that. People will be followed this we got on the can be great again it's a good run defense for Chicago. I think is low low scoring game. And I think the upside of that -- Put him slightly ahead of people from me I would -- for you it depends on what else do you need again. But if you're just like look I'm stacked everywhere else. Maybe got a good game adamant that it brown left they whatever you're stacked everywhere else you like you know what I just -- solid production is it like fifteen points on a quarterback spot. I think he goes you've got but it. But if you're like you're playing a team that is that you feel like is really stacked maybe a little behind -- -- to restart -- like -- -- last night in your like -- years sitting on. Then I I would go for bit I think Vick has the you know what if -- -- wanna -- two guys as a 25 point game I tickets today. But you tell -- who these Paper ballot to definitely get me you know -- that was has -- -- -- point I think people it's safer place. -- six I have I -- that the upside of bank I I have to empire. Real quick gets out you sixteen TBS the only that we're obsessed with did you call five for the post -- not under a cooperative. Root for the post season but I am the number two seed while the I had this second I -- I'm gonna buy this week. And I am waiting to play the winner marks -- and -- -- -- bow. So that's two that you made the playoffs I'm not on my side of the bracket and on the other side it's it's -- And Greg Jewell who was as what produces an NFL countdown and netstat we drew who runs the Longhorn Network. Or security ESPN. Yup so we have a -- you rest I placed a dinner this week the Aggies. I'm actually it. It's hilarious and actually sort of bomb that on appointments because I have Antonio brown and it's weak -- -- have -- right is gonna get into it like. I'm loaded this week so editorial problem that I wanted to does -- -- -- appreciate -- let's go those phone. He's a special to be a question -- answered a bottom on Twitter at Matthew Berry TMR or better yet to check commodity espn.com and 1130. Off fantasy football now on Sunday mornings on ESPN two Matthew thank you we'll talk next week. I got there is the best Matthew Perry of ESPN get your a lot of set targets in many question. The possible. Appreciate the participation back tier phones big show it.