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Looking closer at what happened to the Patriots in the 4th Qtr

Nov 7, 2011|

Big O, Michael and Steve DeOssie take a closer look at what exactly happened to the Patriots on both sides of the ball throughout the game yesterday and specifically the 4th qtr when things really went awry for New England.

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-- I'm so proud of the current domain and Nicholas. I wasn't I was looking at the ball both planned ball and I mean. So. And -- -- called. Sergio Brown. I don't understand what he was seen. It was pretty obvious to me was an obvious to you Michael. Pretty out there pretty radar. That's -- and there -- yeah I'm I'm I'm called. It chemical well I'm surprised they didn't. Call hello packets I can see him saying I don't think they were called in that situation. But. You know because it's -- the last the last minute of the game. It was it was definitely. Not intentionally wasn't doing it to prevent the guy who's scoring bush yeah. -- still erratic erratic and -- gonna call it. Right and maybe that's what he's saying he's he's not saying oh wasn't pass interference it was as well I think they call it that situation. -- Steve -- a third man in today -- that was doing. He was doing exactly what to expect it would guidance both be -- special -- on the other removed that other that's the problem that game yesterday Steve -- I thought the defense. Probably played about as well as we can expect. At this juncture of the season -- a week ago they suck they were awful they were the worst defense in the league. And they went out and I thought they did a pretty damn good job. And -- get a lot of help from their profits and yet they kept the patriots in the game and then you get to back up players Sergio Brown. And Tracy White who screwed all up at the end -- Let's look at the entire secondary -- you've got two guys that you would look at as being. NFL caliber starters dumb according. And you'd you have to put a child in -- -- reason if you give me the other defense to back that is. Starting quality. Four for an NFL team by the content playing -- always does some good things because some dumb things to do so. I think it's there's a serious talent deficiency. In that secretary combine that with the it would basically mediocre pass rush and that's what to -- -- in the linebacker corps and the defense is secondary yesterday at various parts of the game you lost spikes. Guyton Chung. And -- So what does that mean absolutely not -- church. It may -- more Sergio Brown. And and Tracy White I say that's a guy like Sergio Browner or trees can become. And a fellow starters -- budgets -- for five years before wanna start job at the the giants so it's not that you can't it's -- the right now you're not you're you're a guy that's. Better be ready for whatever few chances you get when you do get to play regular defense but there's they're not NFL guys -- gonna -- -- guys -- Well but even if you're not NFL starter yes. Use that he he's doing what what any special teams are I would do in that situation. Come. Running into a player an answer to it it seemed to me that there was a lack of awareness of where he wasn't. Don't know what sports team player would do border player who's not and it fills you don't you he's not a starter even an average team right now and him he did. -- after four game -- play -- had asked him for at all I don't special idol but just don't run it and again it's I have all these guys we -- talking about it. Brown on that play did something that you just don't do. And Tracy White did something you just don't do you don't bite on the part of -- -- -- April legacy of their forwards in there without turning around on the right other passengers yeah I don't put him in the same category. I don't put I don't put brown -- Ericsson and territory -- real art department pretty -- -- -- -- object let's at least -- does -- great let a great pick and that's interceptions of issued it was a great quality blame office coverage admitted they're so. He does something -- they're not saying he's even above average quarter. But he works hard he makes them. As Steve said it gives -- place to commit but he does have an active as far as brown. Inexcusable. And white is still took a pretty good play for Eli Manning even though it on the play actions that look up a good player from the I'm a white when -- showed up and a good player from Ballard put a. -- with some experience a player who's at the level that that you need to compete in the awareness is a situation it's not yet it's obviously the athletic -- is the question. The question is the understanding of the scenario here in the understanding of the time on the clock the understanding of of what their. Most more than likely to do. And why would you finally ask you you you play well actually cheat because they're most likely go to Leo so I'll just finish it. If you played linebacker at this -- at the sideline and goal of -- surprise us come not sure it's an easy thing. When you've got a big powerful running back back there and Brandon Jacobs and you're looking at the situations. It's real short distance. Jacob Howard and rotted in the when they were in ninety seconds left on the clock and the giants at no time mountains matter and you process all of this stable what are the chances. And Jacobs is running with -- fall and if so does Tom Coughlin still have a job on Monday. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct answer the simple answer there is of course they're gonna throw the ball because there's no way that you could take the chance of running a play. -- and -- -- I guarantee you try to appeal. Of Vince Wilfork awful running back on the one yard line with ten seconds left the -- yeah these are getting up and that's what it's like getting a ticket and -- situationally on it and I don't care how fast my son is he's not give up their time to snap the ball for -- it's just -- the way it's just. Nineteen several -- beat a dedicated to special teams tackles in the game yesterday to beat up on the east and select is that but. -- -- there's this that. That's a situation where you couldn't. There's not a lot of situations reconsiders and 95% sure of -- what did it do that was one of that was one of no -- out of want and I don't think he gets the second team goal line defense doesn't get a lot of reps in practice what you just. The thing that worries -- people are talking about the personnel moves that bill has made. We've always seen -- team here that has done a terrific job and don't check in particular. A terrific job with having you said earlier Michael a complete roster with tons of death. Right now any time I have to play one of these other guys know is this a drop off. And you're not starting with the same type of talent level would you starters that you were all 304 or five. And now you're looking at saint. You'll go to one of these guys that normally plays in special teams and you need him late negate the at -- injuries down the stretch they needed these guys. Either one of these guys were able to pull off. You know what I want to collect what was Steve was saying and probably -- You probably absolutely right probably is 95%. Chance you know what's gonna happen but then there's that other 5% how -- -- earlier today. And I gotta get the details of it but I seem to remember a play by Tampa when Jon Gruden was coached my late in the game mean. I don't that does timeout situation was very good. And I think he gave that I think give the ball out of Michael's. -- I got the ball where you think there's no way they're running the ball. There's no way to held gonna do this and they did it they want to win and it went in the game so I guess there is an outside chance it. You know there could -- especially with a guy like you Brandon Jacobs -- real like -- you know -- a a light. A light left tackle or or tied -- and restrict I didn't. It is the fact that you have to go back into -- culprits of memory of yours -- of Michaels thought Jon Gruden let's understand that very rare accidents are rare -- so. Even more so if you're a if you -- back up players in the scenario. That's that important. Given the choice you should fall back on the more than more than likely scenario and understand what's called -- nobody nobody's gonna nobody's gonna kill you for -- for replaying the the obvious play yes if you if your -- in the past and they wind up running it right up the middle. At least you could understand. That the thought project a lot of guys in the Miller. You got to -- ago big men who just stopped a run previously to that too yeah sold you've got a lot of guys in there that can can help you you that nobody can copy up there of by the estimate in the flat. -- you have nobody to help you out -- you've got other guys to -- that's all part of understanding the situation you've -- -- linebacker that you've got. One of the best nose tackles in the game we have some other strong. Defense -- You've got help. With a -- you don't have help on the outside and the other thing is a free release. -- have to get free releases all over the place and receivers get -- releases that's what one of the I just always remember. You you'd call by some of the best ever not let that item off the ball lady's roots in and -- moral -- at all today why is it happening. It's happening because I don't have Carl banks Welker that at least through -- sort of as director and Italy's probably part of that some guys some guys panic in situations some guys. Don't let the thought process. The thinking out there has to be you have to process a lot of information. Very quickly almost has to be second nature to Bruschi was -- was one of the best I saw it. At diagnosing what was happening around their situation awareness. He knew. He knew Justin study through experience and a lot of -- experts I don't I don't falters -- about having that -- experts -- just hasn't cracked the lineup yet. Part of that is situation awareness and some guys are better at -- some guys think at a different pace than other -- They don't want as he -- your users can. Does reinforces appointed board or just makes me believe more -- -- -- we were talking about last week with the patriots. You know the Packers are struggling on defense but they do have some players -- -- capable of making great place. And I think you can get a -- and it makes great plays yesterday always enjoyed it -- two interception returns for touchdowns and then the that he -- the last play of the game. Let's get down to what the five era it adamant that can handle it -- actually get up 38 point but they still scored the defense or fourteen. But I think with the patriots I can a look at that is Philip Rivers grown up yeah but you know I think with the patriots. You can get by with -- average. Even below average players on defense you can get away with. Kyle -- you can get by with Josh Barrett. If you have guys playing great just Vince played great yesterday but see Republican war. Last week omelet for -- according to play well you got a great now. You've got to be great player now. -- -- I don't need to be tackling machine need to be a great player. You gotta be a great player with this kind of defense to compensate for some things that you were drafted and as in the top ten. Some people down here once upon a time. You know kind of -- around Jerod -- remind you reminds but young Ray -- -- They're playing like he did you -- -- -- -- whatever I've got star player like that you book the great point is that Green Bay defense let up a Tony arts and points and it's not because. Rogers they've been so far better -- -- a prevent defense and let them about the role of dollars that there -- some good games. The of the differences. You. You know you can take chances -- that defense because you've got -- safety help you also know. And you don't know would cautiously you just kind of realize that that you got. -- -- over there on the on the side of the ball but he hasn't got Tom Brady I agree I absolutely agree but it's one thing last year according started taking chances start playing aggressively. Probably 67 games into the season when he realized that he's got a whole team around them. That eight is gonna help him beat -- probably bill -- vote of a mistake if there's a mistake made but. When you're playing not to make mistakes especially the quarterback position when you're playing not to make mistakes is when any team can take. I don't like I think the only difference in a month. I'm not disagreeing with you that there are more play play makers on the defensive side of the ball for Green -- in the were arguing and Baltimore and Pittsburgh but yes on question but. Here's -- disagree with you and I think what the difference of Green Bay right now. And why they're undefeated because their defense to this point has played poorly. Real important is that Aaron Rodgers is playing. -- on a different level from every other quarterback the National Football League. Tom Brady's got Todd -- he's not playing up to the level of thumbprint if these numbers like a tournament you earlier. -- -- Yesterday Alan Rogers is 21 of two point 64 touchdown passes zero interceptions. With a quarterback rating of 145 point eight now add on top of that. Philip Rivers was horrendous as the opposing quarterback. He throws three interceptions the team plays undisciplined charges that is with eight penalties in 64 yards you'll say to me. But -- San Diego you its enemy. They got blown out in this game three they want in a in a -- correct personalize it bloat bloat -- pocket instead. 45. To 38 and if rivers doesn't throw that stupid idiotic pick at the end they're driving. -- opportunity or to tie the game or either of those a touchdown throw interceptions potato -- it seemed like for sixty yards against that defense. And 281. And here's the deal and your efforts. Aaron Rodgers 21 of 26 four touchdowns zero. Zero turnovers and the quarterback rating of 145 point eight effort. And the deal that Tom Brady -- with a double last year and in the regular season. -- rod it's your regular in -- Aaron Rodgers made the same deal yes what do fortress to replace ultimately it's important -- all right after the turnovers and it's up to ten right now. Are killing this team because the defense is not good enough to make up for the astronomers have by the way. If Green Bay had the same type of turnovers and interceptions. Green they would have to with three losses on their record right now they would not have an unblemished record and he growing Rodgers is the difference. Patrick Chung you assume is gonna make the right to I like the way he plays the game I think he's a better than average safety in this league right. But. The position he was in on that catch to Ballard. Where he thought he was an intercept the ball. I did that times and looked at them thinking okay there's certain times. You want -- guys aggressive you want to try to make plays but to also get you have to of that situation awareness in that situation. You know. -- that passed down or hit the the defender. Might be is a safer play put in that situation there's nothing wrong with a gutsy play like that especially if you can. You dome who goals and if you were if you hit the ball ball Sobel knows where it's gonna go you know Lucy was a while to catch it he's a guy that I don't seem making. Tremendous -- mistakes but in that at that point he made a mistake. -- -- wagering the the weekly Ron Borges the dynasty is over column. Was gonna -- the hardware or read the weekly series are what I read that column in 2000 -- not a weekly series he runs it every single I don't know. Where the dynasty begins and ends this team hasn't. Then in the Super Bowl since 07 they haven't won a playoff game is where -- this is where does Davis. Yeah they they they made a they've made a point. To beat the new forty niners -- the 49ers. That run a Montana's for Super Bowl 81. So 81 through 92 quarterbacks Montana Ron Amadon. Several coaches -- Eugene Seifert Walsh seventeen years not always the best team -- Steve knows what -- beat him. God just opened to a super ball one as Super Bowl. When you look at the 49ers for seventeen years and always the best team but. That system was pretty good they're going to be contenders for a championship. The patriots are here and then it died if he's doubtful that dynasty three out of four shorts over okay. But in terms of contending for a championship in Phoenix are are they in -- the. Return here you referred to as it would -- that wouldn't trade places with the patriots and -- last twelve years and looking like there in the mix now yet now have -- -- thanks to our court systems and draft picks you look at -- you look at some of these -- like -- and they take. Let me take you know Greg Jennings there that are trading out. And in and taking Chad Jackson you know why it may take another linebacker here -- and -- -- corner and move up. For Darrelle Revis what is happening teams in the NFL the agreements pragmatists who you know retrospect -- you know he'll. Wrong you don't that would any all day -- -- and that would anything more -- to -- I didn't know that it did and you could take one is the draft picks of the patriots don't. And also do just the opposite why -- these other when you're talking about undrafted players and I don't think that necessarily means the guy can't play in the -- Undrafted players. What was -- Woodruff. He was not that they sell. It doesn't necessarily go hand in hand and mean. That you can't play -- other in their starting quarterback was drafted this extra but -- brings it up in yesterday's game and cites the fact. That certain players were making the play is why because there undrafted players. I Jake Ballard was don't win against them. It was drafted there was apartment for all draft for the air is well respected the strapped it right. Here. I mean that's where Ron misses the point on the -- occasional right -- he's right when he's talking about. That the players aren't good enough personnel is not good I would agree with you and personals like an hour. Who would you son Leo are you missing the point if you intentionally ignored. Not really missing -- potentially you know what I think a -- Africa. It is what we gotta do -- get back to them to the middle ground -- -- middle ground because. What what people like Ron -- you. You know I I'm not likely to vote I'm not I'm not one of these -- You know I when you look insure it and said that the organization is gonna blow up since 2000. While I'm you know I'm not like what I'm not one of these -- -- -- I don't. -- just as a -- -- Has had some blind spot. So what the flaws are of the team you know I got a -- -- guy who -- she asked angle that is weighted. It is something different. I -- and has a blind spot and now he's trying so hard on yourself but added that -- as usual but it's somewhere anywhere and we'll. Those California I tell you eventually have an earthquake. I'm -- bureau of eventually come and be right eventually it's gonna happen if you sit there for 101112 years and say this franchise is gonna blow up eventually you're gonna be right. Reading from her on board uses the patriots best -- he's no longer know particle following their loss to the giants Sunday is hallowed dynasties and with small broken pieces. Not large arms -- dynasty he's been on ending spectacular collapse. Or fiery conflagration. Expanding from the -- -- affect them winning being didn't mind it until the age is no longer on your Saturday. A line of scrimmage. Ironically this is the dynasty is over articles sounds an awful lot like every other dynasty is over article he's been writing for the past few years including. After the week three loss to the dolphins in 2008. First assumed from. Wolf well business it's all learn for the week's final overtime loss to the Broncos in 2009. -- -- over dole four in the loss to the browns on November the seventh 2010. Through games this year now it's over. So you just keep on singing it wrong eventually you'll be right they can have a dynasty forever. -- -- -- -- accidentally a big show board way colleague Steve DeOssie our third man in. Michael showed you Bill Belichick coming up at the top of the hour at 4 o'clock. Let's get right back to the -- There are pictures we're just -- yeah dynasty. Has been over for a lot. -- Right three out of four. Dynasty that's -- dust -- opportunity to win four out of 62006. There dynasty right but didn't win for us so that the next year. Undefeated. You know four out of seven. Artist to -- and we don't win in -- when an old guy in ten are then used to say. Championship contender dynasties. He got a couple of mechanic defied a limited. To a leader their own franchise. Still only protects only pretend they're a handful of those you've seen them I mean Indianapolis is down this year but I still say that the franchise is still in the mix we'll see what they do next year but that -- -- Dilbert get that one bad year but overall -- are in the next. A Green Bay is committed into the mix here in the last few years feel like we're always in the next and whether Rodgers and the quarterback in which has to be appear for a long absolutely. Better than -- they're in teams that get props for being elite franchises even though they haven't won like and all that Baltimore. Yes Baltimore to surprise and they want to want Super Bowl 2000. And there's still get browse the Internet there in the mix where did you -- and a mixed but you know they probably get a lot of of lot of that -- because they always have one more violence. Aggressive defense is and he is they can win just on defense -- -- violence that -- -- flights. How much you. It's almost proud that so. If you take away -- what -- -- not -- about not getting the -- most of those that game last night till a -- -- go to just marching downfield. It's on here because it. It was very emotional -- of the game. There's just kept Kevin isn't talking Massachusetts what's up given. And I got played on today and it. -- -- I'm not do you think it's time for Robert Kraft stepped in and gotta make bill make a decision on what it just to be -- -- in defensive coordinator and a. Let the personality. -- down by somebody else they'd bring somebody and have them. Graphic dad then you know maybe not have -- do both jobs saw that he can handle. I wanna mind and terrorism and -- -- Michael Clayton going to what -- jokers he spent time internally and he knows what it's all about yeah. I keep on here people say this man. I do not sure they understand how the operation works is if bill is doing stuff during Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Dealing with scouting your stuff like that a serial right now is running the personnel and if that there are a lot of other people. A Floyd -- and others in place for other jobs. Kicker stereo Jason light. John Robinson -- got a direct. And he got a lot of people. Involved there could not do it Kevin you're absolutely right and he does he can't he can't and he doesn't yet he's never tried to do. Both jobs he does have final say now you're saying. -- Robert Kraft stepped in and take final -- away from Bill Belichick Robert Kraft has done that before. -- -- with Bill Parcells don't know how that story edited it eventually let us do the Bill Belichick. I don't I don't think you're at that stage right now they have missed. On certain positions they've missed it at wide receiver. And they missed that at defensive back and they haven't drafted high. With linebackers -- they've they've turned out Egyptian a male governors and it turned down an opportunity to draft linebackers very high but including -- Think big. Well I would say they're probably -- yeah it's. I think a problem war. Three years. For the most part because after the after the loss of societies and it you know not only that you lost society's annual and and and Hobbs right and other matters but clearly -- -- that's our defense back to Lester review approval. Apple app development and -- that when an old. Yeah that's a little -- because. You know ye ye who would've thought by any means of course record eight Olympic they. That there with a blogger last year bills when those injury things -- -- and right and put him but you know. You notice they were -- the Potomac yards last year a ton of yards last year and yet have that are starting sector was pulled. I -- the original point though he's not doing all of that stuff on a regular basis now. Here's the the the question you could throw. Why does he have so much authority. Well a lot and get yourself what you call eight. Franchise coach. That's what's going to happen a franchise coach is going to wanna commend the next guy if you don't want this guy. The next guy's gonna want the saints -- -- -- -- -- maybe every year or you run your operation -- while. -- you know there are there are different ways to right -- I mean you look at and and I think -- of would have his conversation you have to. Compare the patriots and what they've done in the draft. Pluses and minuses to other organizations just to get a sense of you know how good they are how bad they are middle of the pack whatever. You look at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh doesn't do it that way Kevin Colbert is running the operation. Mike Tomlin does not have final say hey hey they listen to what he has to -- in half final. You know every cloud coming in well all the different but -- do that call coming in but it you know what broke in half finals. A lot of -- he would he would have well had a bit he had far more influence on my -- now Mike I'm coming up far more influence now sure that he says he -- -- burning like Howard did for a while and let's get medicine you look at -- -- -- -- -- Ted Thompson yes and that -- McCarthy -- have final -- but yeah but he'd have great juicy that human rights and you're talking about guys that you. If you're gonna what you do is the next guy come and and I guess you know you're here your partner dependent the next guys it's the same way if you're going to bring in with the Red Sox with a baseball team talking about Pete fans want. Behind me manager big name you know main quality guy to be the manager of the -- If you want that you're gonna have to get a guy who's gonna have total state in a good part of the operation. If you get yourself a lesser manager guess what the general manager or in his case the president over there is gonna have far more power really -- -- hole holds the cards with -- -- but the job itself in you know PG a bit. -- -- for a while where the job itself the hours. Output and hours and during football season heavy hours doing scouting and yet you can't -- you have people in charge. Who do that that's our other people talking or organizing this -- out I heard at this weekend as it how could do this when he's been any time during the course of the week scouting and looking at video of get it out of Arnold. You can't it can't possibly do it and also I think. You have to point out shore that TI has made mistakes when it comes to pulling names off the board nobody's gonna dispute that. But that's not the job the job description of a general manager or finals a guy does not say well. You're not allowed to make any mistakes in the draft you're not you're not allowed to let a whiff on three or four guys within -- draft usually the best guy. If you think Kevin Colbert the best guy I can show you some things from his record if you think Ted Thompson is the best guy I can show you things from his record. Bill Polian is I think it's a genius when it comes to team building look at his record. There are stretches where the best in the business. So we're not familiar with all ovals a measure lets players we have here yeah that's why it's it's it's a -- of those cities know all of the failures what are it would seem obvious to a patriots fans. Or where you missed on Clay Matthews you missed on this guy that guy or. The first round of the two. Every franchise has that and the real fans of those teams can tell you while they took. It's a Gonzales ended up most of Gonzales and worked up because of injuries the receiver from Ohio State Ohio State or or Donald Brown problematic and -- personal and so you don't you can do that if George Jerry Hughes some had it last year -- -- correctional and yet overall. What are you -- them pretty highly is that the right -- -- -- knows -- -- -- how many how many fans in cities that right now arched rumbling that. Each to Russia trying to get production -- tight ends are looking at doing will likely get somebody like this gronkowski kit and our heritage is -- it will play we'll double that before you -- what about a scenario where. You've got. Teams that. That draft these guys and go we go bottom big I mean we that the patriots team drafts and drafts these guys we all about it. But. Now all of a sudden in the first year to it doesn't seem to look too good then that guy blooms after three or four years or some like that that's. That's why you when you -- draft class from your heart went to the draft class last year from of the pitchers said spectacular great. Ball more and her name isn't and it still looks at -- still looks pretty good -- to answer for years three. Wohlers a year before the last in the right -- -- deter -- got there is Gradkowski got according. On the same in the same class and a year before that John. Embrace. Robot race. You've got to. Ballmer -- class and -- Stewart became very highly of spikes in them. Loves. It's -- having him that I want to hear -- -- and Cunningham and some of these guys were -- okay well this is unbelievable class but. It's as a result of extensive settled up right if you get if you get look forty and Glor tells you -- -- an all pro caliber. A tight -- some -- draft Sandra and and Hernandez Stewart and his computer -- -- out on -- track but but I think. I think it is -- it is fair question it's fair to question and I think it's got introduced by my opinion this is gonna change. Going forward. You know because of their pay scale well what do pay scale that that's appointed in terms of going up -- -- -- and but but I think the linebacker I think it's fair to question why not take more linebackers. Higher and I think it's gonna chase because. In in the 34 scheme that they ran for many years it was really tough. Four for those doubts to bring linebacker or linebacker to Belichick wore a defensive end who they thought -- can switch over. Convert to linebacker was tough. To pass the test Belichick is very. As high standards war. The physical dimensions of a report linebacker and a guy like Steve the stronger side -- what do. How big guy -- 6263 Q2 152 -- sixty -- acute you know -- Cricket captain McEnroe sure yet but what what -- -- played OK and a little bit rigid and -- -- of the planet you know -- up to. Stay at the back. But strong enough to deal with the guard inside. Impose your will on it tied in in July. And it's hard to find net report now I think they're going more to a 43 game. Opens his skills at the skill set of a strong inside linebacker -- -- for it weakens our -- and therefore is different from a middle linebacker before three. But that's about corporate.