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NFL Sunday Week 9: Patriots offense vs. the Giants defense

Nov 6, 2011|

Dale Arnold, Troy Brown and Chris Price preview the offensive side of a Patriots week 9 matchup with the Giants.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI we are broadcasting is announcer boy just pulled from the came blue box studio. No Fauria this week but Troy Brown is here Chris prices here yours truly Dale Arnold is here is the patriots prepare to take on the New York Giants. That takes place this afternoon at 415 across the street this is the part of the program. Where we break down. Specifically the Patriots offense. Against the New York Giants defense some wrong numbers first and then we'll get in the some specifics of matchups. This is not a great defensive team the New York football giants they are currently ranked twenty personally. In points allowed per game. Sixteenth in the league in yards allowed per game. Thirteenth in passing yards allowed per game and 28. In rushing yards allowed per game. So this is at least from the patriots offensive perspective. A matchup that you got. It is it is and it was distort the one thing you really have to watch out for is you can't get into a situation in the second half. Where you're forced to throw the ball in and it sounds weird when you talk about the Patriots offense but. These guys do a better job than anyone of the league when it comes to -- -- after quarterback has accused -- Paul. Osi Umenyiora Mathias Kiwanuka all of them have multiple sex. GDP as they refer to him several times over the course two weeks. The goodies going to be because reported confession these are guys who can get after the quarterback these are guys who -- You know as we've seen several times over the course the last here's Mika quarterback's life very very difficult. Ask -- a simple question and I know none of us at least I don't think any of us are gamblers. I'm certainly not a gambler. And I don't know like voice personally meant to be crazy about -- for all I -- but. Heller the patriots favored by nine -- today I don't know if that display and that's it mania. Out of remedy because that plan home when they don't lose back to back games but nine in that and half is that yeah. Again it's it's nice. And and and disabilities in the one team's number one and -- number one sexton -- point six -- this year -- -- About the bit I mean you know when -- has got six in four games Communists just ridiculous. And -- and a couple of forced fumbles but. I'm not a favored by the -- -- the -- plan approved on -- They got some receivers that can make some plays teams that. And we'll talk about the giants' offense -- little bit but I and it interest in listening to Tom Coughlin this week on the conference call you guys. I am admittedly -- Coughlin. Called the gains at BC when he was there I like the man I respect him I think he's -- football coach. But he was talking about its plan we have to draft -- after the the passer and you think about the way the game is played today it is a pass happy league. If you wanna be able to cover the pass. Maybe you need to take some time away from how much time the quarterback as to pass and they said about. Going out drafting guys like you in Europe and Kiwanuka and and -- game and JPP he said it's a plan they had. And I think the patriots could borrow that plan because they don't seem after the same sorts of guys debate. You don't seem you know maybe for that. Good golf. I mean the New York Giants put a lot of pressure you guys talked about the sacks. They will be in Tom Brady's face all dated now we also talked about the possibility of the patriot being able to run the ball today. We don't know the physical condition of BenJarvus Green Ellis. Why is to meet with him at. So few touches that's I think it's one of the reasons we've seen him kind of drop off the -- he just hasn't looked. Right at least physically right all season he got banged up in the pre season but I wonder how much of that is kind of carried over into the regular season also frankly. The have a lot of guys fall -- came back last week we saw him do a lot of the things the wooded does. I think Steven Ridley has cut into his -- as well I think. I think it's a -- it's a fascinating thing with with -- with it because he had such a phenomenal year last year ended so many great things for this offense. We just haven't seen him on the field all that often this season it's it's been -- -- is not even a matter of not making a plea yet into the field. And I can tell you this for a high ankle sprain it is tough to get back to being the same player in the same year I don't know how bad it was that there was. You know great doing great thirty definitely you would be lucky to get back on the field all this year but. It does change the way you play the game when you have those ankle springs man and and in this and it looks like he's got one of those dream to maybe go -- a great three maybe but. It is difficult to be the same player that you were when she went through one of those in the same season select -- his problem. He's got to think I was left and I just -- looking at -- watch him play in there there's not that same -- he's just again he's he's not the same guy got a snaps here. Right now you played do you actually in the seasonal -- 57 of the eighty snaps he played a week to 37 or 39 of 72 minutes start to kind of you know kind of coast downhill 25 snaps against buffalo six against Oakland 32 against Dallas and -- four last week. Against Pittsburgh so he's a guy who's. Is impact on this offense has been lessened a bit and as the season has gone. I'll say this if the patriots offensive line can protect Brady adequately. Nobody in the secondary scares me yeah I mean if it if they give him time. To go through his progression is Corey -- the best quarter they have I -- I I think I mean you've got rolled back there you've got Kenny Phillips back there. Nobody in the secondary gives you pause it's not like you gotta Darrelle Revis hang in -- era Troy Polamalu were. I wanna see how the giants go about defending Wes Welker because the last couple weeks. Both in that last couple games initiative both Orlando Scandrick and retailer. Have done a very good job of shutting him down -- talked a little bit about this week clearly it watched film. Of how the Steelers it means to slow down welcoming city to lined up in Victor bleak. Bottom line -- He knocked him around and I wonder if that's the giants played I have to imagine that part of -- -- went. Point four when -- -- to drag this little walk and and what's. And make them better is going to be Osi Umenyiora decently Powell although god will make deals Gaza and on the bank definite defense. That was been because when you get up in those guys' faces Tom doesn't have -- mean you really -- doesn't go get some separation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They can make it tough -- out it was played two era at duke used to be be Beckett. Has got to have the personnel to do with -- -- -- -- stick with them for a little while. Which things I don't I don't think he's guy has it that and have the lamb and a final would be is scary. But. I can I can I don't see them -- defender Wes -- one on one with out of interest but they do we have one's that'd be somewhat successful testimonies Gaza. Last two games Welker twelve catches 84 yards one touchdown. -- a fraction of what he had. In one -- earlier this season against buffalo here's my concern about the patriots passing game for today because of the pressure that the giants can bring to bear. I think you're almost forced to take away one of Brady's best offensive weapons because you almost have to use Rob Gronkowski is another offensive -- -- and -- you almost can't afford that too tight -- set that they like so much. Hernandez will be the pass catcher but gronkowski gonna have to help out -- think I would be at -- we saw three -- evidence that. On multiple key agency within Murkowski out there as well again you know just be safe unity but Kevin -- Because north but it and when it comes to blitz pickups are you gonna have to do is much if you can't what you're gonna do due diligence as this across the street. When it comes to making sure that you keep guys keep. You know -- -- company has been taken. And get out of bed started just isn't going to be really be a long day for you for your office at the so. The biggest thing they gotta do think offensively they opened its tightly and makeovers and and give companies gas -- -- them. You gotta be ruined football this week against the against the best as the right when he anyway against the number of the -- style of defense got a final game. I'll tell you the other offensive weapon that I think it was back into the holster for Tom Brady with the return of Kevin fault they're screened. Which has not been the same without him but he's as good at that -- anybody -- that I've seen. And that's a way you can take advantage of the giants' pass rush if you can use the screen game with Kevin fall. If you execute properly today I think that these chances are going to be there in the screen game. For this knowing the past and again you know we talked about -- value when it comes to blitz pickup p.s equally as valuable when it comes to the screen game. He's a guy who we always talk about -- we talked a little bit about it last hour. About being reliable and being consistent in being there for Brady. In I think fault more than anyone on this offense is that guy for breeding when he gets into the situation. You know he has to look for a guy when he when he's looking for first I always look for key block. Fall is the go to guy at he's a guy you go to two and a few -- -- man the maker of -- again. He's the one data may have that mismatch against -- -- -- somewhere out there in space and you give him a little bit of time to get opened the Caribbean have been a huge play. You know with his quickness SP. I almost hesitate you know how you -- -- not taking Taylor Price questions at this address anymore. I almost feel the same way about Chad Ochocinco. I'm at the point will now be exactly. Exactly. I'm a point now -- Sam why do we even discuss him -- says don't you kind of know by now what you've got yeah. And yet something in the back in my mind always says you know maybe this week maybe this week. Alaska at night and I know the answer is this the way. As the slick and -- -- -- -- when opposite course at their best at that that the occupied box approach. I don't think so evident then that one considers you -- have -- the -- -- -- it maybe -- -- you know I mean -- -- by the Stan. In in the season I mean this was we. Jamie for the pages. And is what is and isn't it. Now obviously had a visit these mean it it's got to be a physical -- -- -- there's I don't think -- have to look eroded to the point. I I'm sorry I refuse to believe at this point he doesn't know the playbook what you look you look that's what is it mean physically did that -- -- that question has to enter into it because. You look at a running back in the you know we always running backs over thirty. We we don't know. I'm trying to think of a wide receiver a similar situation who got -- it was at thirty and it just went. It's just he just lost I don't know if if it's physical at this point -- coach. Yeah yeah -- at the at the changing game a little bit. You know when you do a bit -- and again differently have been commuting change nothing and it changed my game will be so associates a -- indeed so much. Always see him he's going through that right now -- please -- I don't think that's part of the and the I don't think -- the -- -- -- just -- -- mean because you don't know what to do. As it estimate he's he's taken. In town too much about what he's couples do -- -- -- eight and we didn't we think come in in that he had a high football like Q that's left you know I was a very with a guy coming in response was I support him even before the season was like I thought I talked to you in January or February. For a store entry -- we talked about this off the year that you can perfectly fair I think he -- again I think you'd fit perfectly in this office we just. When agrees we have seen. Yeah I blame you -- -- did the other two people talk about -- you know corporation as -- personnel decision. -- the operation play you know Taylor Price when we we we talk about will -- this gonna come from and they say well you know just coaches because of the few. Last to last two games combined. Eighteenth. -- mean this is not a done is taken if Taylor Price was on the field wouldn't be taken Deion Branch -- now you think you do you think he -- you know -- to stuff but again it goes back the idea. Trust -- the stage whisper the field. This is -- they are and I'll ask this question I swear to god it'll be the last time I ask at the rest of the year. In fact -- that have asked yet but I'll ask. This guy's got a house in Lincoln Rhode Island who still says he wants to play. Any chance they'd step back in front of that bus. I don't think so. -- -- -- You. Don't think so we've. Thinks of his point this season. And then. Where they are right now in the short of a guy getting hurt and -- an Arizona it was so obvious sort of a guy getting hurt. I mean I think that that would be the one thing that may trigger. They're bringing immunity if this is somebody again heard was that for quite well I think me trigger in the east. -- thought of bringing immune. You know but he does he knows the playbook you know the playbook -- -- -- -- bring less than Ochocinco. ED. You look at -- two guys in -- and notre cinco who. Electricity meaning you kind of have to deal with things to him the bring absolutely zero experience of specialty -- -- to experience a specialty and no value there. You're you're you're looking at two guys were very specialized guys I don't think that this team. Has that luxury at this point -- then I wouldn't go hunting yet to attempt to have to move on the -- into Bill Belichick is cut much more productive players that Chad Ochocinco this year. Jason Anderson in -- ultimately. He has gotten much more out of active -- -- for another one. I mean. I don't know I mean ads as just. I was coaches think listed. As well I'm here yet and -- and you know -- and -- can go. Probably Leigh Bodden put -- we'll pick. Ninety seconds from now when you know Whitman will allow will look at the Patriots defense X. Against the New York Giants offense this is NFL Sunday broadcasting live from the -- box studio. Right across the street from Gillette Stadium the Rodman collision center -- natural casing practice celebrate something.