WEEI>On Demand>>Patriots loss to Steelers : ust one game or a referendum on the whole Belichick regime?

Patriots loss to Steelers : ust one game or a referendum on the whole Belichick regime?

Nov 1, 2011|

It seems one loss has brought the anti-Belichick cockroaches out of the woodwork. We discuss whether this is just another loss, or the downfall of the entire empire.

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I'd like a cross talk show -- hallway it was. -- Maroney. I don't. Suddenly realized that might actually start drinking before he leaves here at 2 o'clock I thought he waited hit the bottle at 2 o'clock but I notice popular -- I don't know. I don't know it's like rules like FCC rules as public and I -- gray area. There is a minute say that they think you can't say -- here. Right but they don't say. You know he can't he can't drink rock on here yesterday I think they do you see -- I think it's in the room in the Villa and have a dead bodies are I don't know what the -- are they are there other specific. My babysitter taken to the present I don't think they get it to I don't think it -- -- I don't think they sit there and say you know you can have two drinks five drinks does not like a breathalyzer. You can imagine that we and our business if they forced us to breathe into a -- as a before we get a four hour show. I can think of a few people on a business the probably. Wouldn't wouldn't be able to do before our show immediately honor that's necessarily criticism. I mean there's a guy who who did that didn't pass he loved to urinate on and and I saw him just raised. On TV last companies -- tolerance and paying the champion is three times. But what he's trying to say maybe Tony would what you're trying to say you don't don't usually do. It was into stopping at a at a at a satellites was at 3 o'clock in the morning 315 so does or doesn't matter doesn't -- you don't want to do that just you know -- closely at tranquility just -- just. Recently fresh air at 3 o'clock in the morning when there's nobody around is that what happened maybe -- maybe done. Why Mikey that started as well as Tony the groups is coming to the -- -- -- -- the Red Sox fans do that. -- a guy leaves guy retires suddenly you think you won't as a Red Sox fan and always coming series gallon here. -- it was. A sort -- -- big name I think some people but you're not gonna get a big name guy you probably want to put the good manager though and if there was -- -- of those guys -- across. This this is the process that is exactly the process they did in 2003. Same thing. You know those nine hours that he spent with it's Harrington and aids is the same thing. You know TO did when he met with. The go and I think it was you know Josh Byrnes did Wear when I'm at the time. They put him through a couple of games simulations it was little more important at that time because we're coming off Grady Little and is a decision to stick with with with Pedro so we went to see how. He handled different situations and games they really put them put on one of those rooms and of those a -- -- Fenway. And they went through simulations in the seventh inning eighth inning okay what would you do hear what would you do here they've caused the they were positive video as they are which are -- -- -- -- so this is I mean this is not. And then there's the legal realized that yours is the media realized that he prospective employee somebody who they're interviewing for the job. When the Red Sox -- Putin do a little press briefing little -- Do the they're hiring -- it may actually. Realized that. They are Guinea pigs that part of the testing process from president Ford commercial where they bring the customer does Russia -- that it is very similar to that the ambush of but they put them before the media because they wanna see how they get a big -- shadows. Could make a decision on the next manager because. Or Ron Borges what this could pull a and act like he did with Pete Carroll or an -- bloggers I read along the rest of what you can't handle as you can't handle this -- Stocks are Smart you know -- -- to society when argument should problem the book. -- -- Do your thing we -- this guy on your big deploy click to see what happens the only pedals the only handles the incredible dangers right now -- -- -- -- Taylor boards zone too much fun pitchers lost the football game this weekend this is just like Christmas to run -- Is his report card today this. Only get a -- may get an -- you know they got all the way Iran we know -- -- the. Richard I think part of this idea that shear is not just is not -- -- comes down to you. The expectations for this game. We were talking about it this time last week I felt like I get the sense that people are nervous about the steeler and wasn't. Nobody would know you're in the majority now most people. We're not nervous about going Heinz Field in taking on a team. Had a terrible start of the season. But it turned out to be pretty good and is still hold Tom Brady vs the Steelers in the playoffs entering the season. 39 points last years in the Steelers are the same note James Harrison. On and on so I think a lot of people are just ticked off they lost the game whether it lawful because everybody thought you don't know what what they lost 28 to -- to 27. Iraq War or lost 25 -- seventeen like he didn't really was in the competitive Tony 517. Just the fact that they lost really surprises people. You think about it you're playing a good team on a road. And you lose the game and they shut you down with it which it done before they -- you down championship seasons. In their place so. I think gas was. Was fueling a lot of the -- when you look at the other thing is is just this. It's that recurring stories -- it never really goes away even with victories and that's the focus on the defense why isn't the defense better wire. Why don't the patriots have a sexy pass rushers like no other teams. What's going on -- the -- situation was correlate the secondary on and on so that is one of those things anger is not as palpable. When they win they lose it just goes the other. While there's no question that the expectations were built and it wasn't I contributed to some of that because I moat at the matchups look at the history of it. And how -- I should tell you that the next time around. The patriots don't -- -- -- experts feel like if they play again people -- gonna go in the opposite direction is gonna look at the last game they play. The double -- is that. The other thing it's contributing to this is for the last two weeks and I argued this point. Last two weeks people were being car urged by the defense. I was not. I thought the jets team that jets' offense is pathetic and a market given credit for that second of all in the Dallas game. You had once again your office putting a lot of points on the board. And your quarterback. Hole in the game out in the last two minutes of the game Tony -- still making mistakes. During the course of the game. Gonna go wild about I don't know defensively they're not they're good Mike -- yeah you're right. But I'm I'm just gonna dispute this. Why do you think the jets' offense is pathetic I think it's a pathetic -- it's a pathetic when you look at they have weapons. The team it's not working well but they have weapons W. Watching these -- that you think it's working and well. Work last game I don't I don't really short the short touchdown receptions at Grady gets the best defense is Grady gets the bad part is difficult under strong at the last Imus on the jets play. Plaxico Burress at three touchdown receptions short touchdown receptions sure. What you get back that guy gets going 65. He can be a matchup nightmare in the red zone. I wouldn't necessarily call their their -- it's pathetic the running game has been a major disappointment but I advocate there there on top two receivers. And and -- in homes and then look at their -- Keller yeah I think there are right and and Mark Sanchez is the guy who's been way up -- -- now -- the patriots so we have no idea which gets used to why wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't kill the jets off. Is going well. I'll I'll -- jets' offense I think that the jets' offense really is it is extremely shaky. It's gonna have to get a lot better if they wanna do some serious damage could defensively they're very difficult to throw again. Let's get back to the whole defense of thing with a patriot and I agree how to tell you. Right here on the surface. Defensively. They are extremely shaky you control the football against them at will by the way -- run defense has been pretty good. You wanna look at how they have did their -- against the mark the -- pretty good this year but guess what Pittsburgh did this week. They decided they gonna throw the ball fifty I. We're not gonna run the football because it's difficult to run up against -- heart. Of those big cogs in the defense of want to throw the football bit 'cause we can't you can throw against me knowing. Usual I think people are shying away and I think it's. I don't do the same thing by the way our guys we'll start off trying to do the same thing even though they've got. A passing team they are good passing team wants him but they they will they've got a really -- back. In Bradshaw. But if you look at it you wanna attack or stroke you wanna attack the weakness of a team what would you played to the patriots -- I say. -- establish a run run the ball thirty times all right well that's silly. But here's what we're -- Were all jumping all over the defense and rightfully so as the defense is the shaky part of this if you're looking at what prevents this team. From going deep in the playoffs or winning the Super Bowl you can -- Very not good enough defensively and you can make the argument whether it's personnel whether it's scheme whether it's accommodation of the deal but defensively they are not as good. So how do they get. How do they get to the playoff spot that you damage and -- means -- profits the strong part of your team. Has got to perform at a high level every single week if Tom Brady doesn't perform at a high level this team doesn't win Tedy Bruschi said that many times. If this team's offense doesn't -- view. Thirty maybe 28 points guess what you don't win. This offense has gone up an awful lot of points out it's all of its perception. -- give an example. Perception is that this defense sucks right now Wright's message is passed before. You're correct if you don't rank him right now. I'll pass defense their number 32 that would be the last they were 32 teams in the National Football League. In pass defense get information accurate I've gotten off 32 outings Iraqis than his total defense. Okay and number 31. But here's the question I have -- have to have a great defense. To win in the National Football League -- be considered. A strong playoff contender or Super Bowl contender do you have to have. Was a lot of different things you do you have to do it away and know yet to be yet to have a great defense to be a strong playoff contender. No. But to win a championship I think you do or I think he's got to be capable. Eight over over the course of the season. In your body of work you gonna have to have five or six examples. Of being able to handle a very good office if you get her if you get to the Super Bowl. You're lucky enough to match as it was miserable you get to the like divisional playoffs like they did last year. You have not been in your resonated shows that you can you can stop a good offense well. -- probably not gonna win the Super -- I think I have the ability. Every other game every few games to go out there in. And in -- shut out or just keep teamed up for some sort 147 I'll get points aren't okay. So I agree would you unique to get better defensively. But if anybody is expecting. A repeat of what he had no 304. Or what the ravens had in what was -- 02 when it if you're expecting that. Then you're never gonna get. With the personnel that you have to stop thinking about it. Let me ask -- and let me ask -- that I'd like Georgia with the patriots were -- with 32 in pass defense this year. Given up 2002 and 62 yards right in total defense. They were number. 31 they move out of the basement at 2969. Because they're stopping the run but nobody's running against. Okay so if I gave you another team for an example and said. Pass defense they're twenty night just slightly at the patriots within a few less yards thrown and they -- total defense is number 25. And they have like 200 yards. Less than the page most most you will be surprised that the that the profile of Green Bay Packers correct and that's the team right now that I keep on hearing elite is okay. And shoulders. Above everybody else. I'm not sure -- that they are twenty ninth. In pass defense with 2022. Yards they're 25 it totally cut now. -- I -- how they unbeaten. I'll tell you other regular quarterback is is playing. Out of his mind it offense they are number four by the way your New England Patriots are number three. In points per game they're number one you're doing -- patriots are number five putting a whole lot Clinton's. Patriots are number six Green Bay. -- -- A lot of that has to do with the opponents. That you'd you'd like the patriots have played. Some high powered passing offenses San Diego's number six Dallas is number seven Pittsburgh is number eight Buffalo's number thirteen. Yeah I think the other thing we're Green Day. And he went back in you -- added a few minutes ago talking about the patriots they can't win unless they put up 2830 points a game somewhere in there. But they have to do the right what you -- But they haven't but -- read -- -- -- of 33 lastly your short of being in prison Minnesota scored twice doubled again that's the point. Part of the reason they're winning games because of whatever their perceived strength is. They are really they're maximizing it they've been maximizing debt strength they've been playing to their strength. Every week every every week except where the the Atlanta game they had a real tough start I think they were can't remember what the halftime score was but it wasn't impressive I think it would unfortunately -- -- like -- was fourteen oven at three years of but they came back in methodically. Took out the falcons have won that game but Aaron Rodgers has twenty touchdown passes and three interceptions and a story. That's getting a -- that's a passer rating -- shares aren't as 122. That's the different. What I'm telling you is if you think there's defense we can certain -- -- we want without the the last 24 hours and I'm not arguing the point. Offensively they shot OK they have problems you can throw the ball wilt against. But if -- sit here trying to figure out. How you get to the big dance and that's -- it that that's what it's all about why -- we today. Criticizing the offense a little three and out right from the beginning of that game offense too often did not get their job done in the game Sunday they must. Score 2830 points by the way if they did it again this week they win that football game as poorly as the defense played they win -- football and that's how Green -- warning. EBay defense was horrendous against Minnesota this last week they win the football game why you set. They have a cornerback yeah and an offense and they have the weapons to put points up the boy. And and I'm not arguing the point and shoulders above everybody through an island by themselves the court. Oblique Green Bay Packers while -- good. She were a couple things haven't lost the game that's number one. And number two Aaron Rodgers. As has been he's been so fun to watch. And you put up numbers like he has been as accurate he's been. Overlook some of the warts and some of the flaws that exist in other parts called Tom Brady hit it asked the same thing but they already can do that they've lost a couple of games. And so that's why the criticism really has hit them nobody Green Day. Had any reason to go off one on the defense and in in the numbers because there's I don't know why would you and Aaron Rodgers right now. Looks like the MVP of the league so why would you complain about it but you're you're right that the Packers defense. All year long given up some numbers a lot worst game of the year we saw a great game against the things they need a good 42 they they give up 34 a ton -- yards. How about this. In the second game of cam Newton's career. Vs the Packers. It just a 400 are correct. I don't think anybody's looking at that people sit here and illicit -- the this defense right now I'll repeat socks so that don't start there's a second -- -- the patriots know their defense sucks. They have a lot of work to do you can throw the ball. Will against a defense that was proven again this on. And you're right -- much they can run the football did throw the football Sunday you know why because you can throw the football against the -- But a lot of the same stuff is happening with the Green bay Packers and their winning those games you're right and people are -- op on a pedestal. Alone -- nobody else. I would say. That the Green Bay Packers have some flaws right now on the defensive side of the ball. But they're nervous is so freaking good okay that their -- you don't quit. You say what you say an angry with you but their defense what you say the Packers. The way you look at him right now when you say they don't have any flaws because they're coming off of winning okay so put offensive that's why but but look at their office. When you look at the patriots offered Tuesday aren't we can deal with we can deal with Wes Welker. At the receivers botany -- -- answer -- -- tough to deal with and we can deal with Welker. And it's got to control the tight -- a bit. Have a chance where the weaknesses. On the Packers -- -- run the football. And ran into trouble but I do but it got two guys got to -- Starts and triggered by a -- one of them right now are writing about Greg did or are they weak links now I think their profits is to reflect. There profits is great the Patriots offense is great right now is there were is a weakness in the in the Patriots offense. There might be if you can shot Wes Welker down -- maybe you have an opportunity. Who's your number -- -- Patriots military's number ID number. Well excuse me I take up back here to tell them you're too -- -- it -- but it. Disappear right let's take a break and we'll get the -- -- to let people talk about that. But -- talk about greenback in a much to put the patriots with Green -- I do I agree. The Green Bay right now is the best team Italy but for some reason the receptionist. That there ash that shut down defense they're dealing and both sides of the ball no they're not any Green Bay right now they believe they've got to get better defensively. Or eventually it's gonna catch up to off. Civil -- -- would quarterback is having as you said he's the MVP to this. We have I think the numbers are Green -- the UQ when you go inside the numbers a bit with them. I think why people give them props is that they have playmakers. On there on -- and and defense audible no matter how bad. Who has the better chance. Of improving defensively. There's no question Green Bay does because of what you just said they have to play makers sell. If we're talking about who's gonna get better defensively is more likely Green Bay gets better than it is dwindling get back I would agree with you. But at this point. Why people putting them up on a pedestal right now they haven't gotten better defense to this point they have a real good defensively. So they've been so bad that AJ hawk actually flipped off his own deeds -- perhaps a. Well it's our fault offensively if we don't produce them we're gonna keep the ball very long and the pencil it. If we don't get a multi field on third down then we're gonna stay out there so when we all know and is there. I -- the big -- -- way -- we get the phone calls of 6177790850. 88525. 0850. A little bit later on we'll get into some of the -- read such stuff as well. As of the wheels are turning out the year with free agency popping up at midnight on Thursday. And of course she can always text this 5050 brought to you by eighteen -- get -- faster with forgery AT&T rethink possible. You can email us not big -- at WEE I don't count brought you by -- our cars dot com check out all the great new cars they've got. Also this course. Captain I recourse to get a hell of a deal on used cars that are a -- are these got to used car 70000 miles so. I mean the cars nearly new -- -- -- you have to say its use if that car could dark lonely days I would tell -- -- you should be glad accused. Skilling jelly doughnuts to exercise -- it. Well you've checked it out there's a -- Charles Stanley John. Gentlemen thanks for taking my call. Little bit short answer your question that you eat a balanced defense to win ultimately -- actually not what the problem was the pat. There was a lot of things wrong number one -- wrong what they were definitely a change coming off the by number true long was talked chips gained last year. Tournament determine a packed packed packed packed. And they coordinate the opportunity to look -- If you can't hold according to -- out. -- -- -- -- -- It can -- the sequence at the moment but. Huge to have about penalties. Upon the government to the end zone in -- look at the group that. Won't guys. What I don't understand why do you run just Iran. Is there there's a purpose that you run you run. -- based on what the defense gives you correct. From the field and social opportunities to run all they don't agree with what should he get that no one don't want. But at the Beijing that the -- of the -- And the other one. So this when I look at let's throw this one. Is it possible. That going into that game because I don't know if you noticed the patriots are not real clear about the injury situation to players. I got the feeling based on how he was used. That Green Ellis. Was nowhere close to 100% -- game because they -- -- They're trying to tough it out the tunnel bribery they shied away air coming Dominican air coming off a bye weeks -- right now he must he must really hurt. Because I guess and arm -- -- wasn't whether Barack nor any did you ever think that Kevin fall would. Come out and play a guy who's that populist. Would come out and play as much as he played in that game. He's not a running back he's more of a receiving back -- off the field for more than a year right. Out of why do you think that was -- what -- think -- why do you think they did that and they didn't run the football with Green Ellis and they threw the football instead. To Kevin fought because that's skills. And of course there are expecting that. If you look at the week leading up to all anyone talked about what talk about why the pats didn't do why do you think. The Green Ellis did not carry the ball nor -- I have no idea I just but it is is it possible that he was. Her not only possible and likely I don't like. State Sweden runners does not just one guy at the system perhaps like if one short week. -- -- analytic skill set I didn't know each one of those guys of the -- skill -- don't have it they don't have a another BenJarvus Green now. You think about the times and they've lost in Pittsburgh Saint John -- year around Halloween. -- same type games. In both those games now. They haven't had the running back that day that they would prefer to have out there in 2004 was Corey -- Kevin Faulk was not there and and it on the ball much they -- new lot of five yards rushing. And this time they would prefer to have a in the situation vs Steelers they prefer to have BenJarvus Green -- -- out -- for us to fifty -- And they couldn't go anywhere with Kevin -- in this situation. And enemies fine he knows what to do he's -- -- -- blitz pickup but not really what they wanted to do against it's I think they were forced to do what they do it. This Craig New Bedford here and a big show -- WB ER hello Craig. -- -- -- I just want to look to say that that's saying a Green Bay he. He senses that he is bad I think is. I didn't say that governor's announcement that I got numbers let let's go through again. Through seven games Green Bay's defense has not performed at a high level matter of fact. Against the pass and against the run they have been one of the worst performing defense is -- How about that at this 71. Of the reasons they have that number at one -- that so. Blue and so bad usually that down to. Three scores that they don't pass net debt strictly almost exclusively. That's not excuse but the thing is to it with Green -- eat it when you have that -- went on big gamble more picnic and looking at it right. -- -- Minnesota game is at a Minnesota games by a game what about the Atlantic game they were they were trailing in the Minnesota and they were trailing in the Atlanta game. On it -- I'll give you another one would have teams that if they so for. There are lower on the totem pole when it comes to passing offenses so they -- they played two. Passing offenses New Orleans. Number one. Carolina number five could -- to throw the ball -- -- -- he also throws interceptions OK so that never finds a little bit deceiving. Chicago seventeen Denver thirtieth Atlanta eighteenth Saint Louis 26 Minnesota twenty -- not like they're playing. Really good passing teams are intelligent San Diego and Dallas -- two pretty good. Passing teams patriots at least posted to hurt your -- -- Pakistan. No actually actually I'm still can't and but I just want I like the back of Iran but I just I'm still I think it's. Are scary team right now and and I think the data and repeat it again this year. Want to read what but why I listen I'm not arguing that point. Offensively they are a machine. And we've seen that every time they've been behind any game in Iran have been behind in some of these games they have been able to just marched downfield and score at well. And I'm not sit here trying to tell you that they're not the favorite to go to the Super Bowl. But they have not played well defensively this year people who are willing to ignore that. And anoint them as being number one team -- Lancelot. I don't think they're playing as long they can play but it certainly not playing like that dispute. The patriot patriot defense that right now. Oh yeah you're right you know I doubt that -- I think Green Bay showed signs they can it's not that in turn on turn off. But big -- and more that they can change in Bristol track to go where I mean wouldn't that Aaron Rodgers bet it would then I mean they're they're playing the degree of caucus and -- that in Miami played well. I think it is playing like it at air rocket gear -- than we target the playoffs again become. A little more around a little more tighter and Huckabee he's going to bet are that you see at the front clear down to do what it did. And it. Right or at the first pars they would but the second part doesn't make a lot of sense so what you're trying to say is they have the ability. You just turn it on anytime anyone in the playoffs started out the playoffs we're going to be got to become a defense. That we were all season long Charlie at all they have the they have to put out a game that we think they're gonna have to show. Three or four times this year -- department report times. If they can be that disruptive chaotic. God does make you nervous type of defense. Which you don't wanna play haven't been that type of defense yet. The first ever game they have not and they haven't had to they had not just because as you said that Aaron. Rogers has been incredible and that's the difference right. With the guards where no -- are really believe that -- this marched there we have these you know what. The hormone sales the order or workers who do to coach as and I think it's gonna take a lot. A bullet to give these guys down arms -- decision arcane that do I don't I just don't -- and -- I bacteria the big show let's get right back to your phone calls -- David in Rhode Island hello David. Good afternoon guys vote -- it. -- not a brilliant you know where governor criticizing pat. In these. And which they haven't been greatly deserve criticism -- don't think I think their offensive deserve criticism well I I agree with. It editing and we look back and open regional forward pats won the world and had a great defense and I think. What with the record at this Sunday it would be seven in 085 and one I've actually got a computer economy right now. I I -- -- they had to back to back fourteen in two seasons in 03 season to start off to a two and then went on that great streak remembered it and lose again so. Now that I think their last loss of that season that 03 season. Was against Washington. They lost -- game Washington a close game three point games -- like that and they didn't lose again so and argued that. And and then they came back channel four and they were fortunate to. Orton now the other thing that I dumped fighting. That you see here is that once I actually we thought we go back also the Berkley books -- -- when they have by the week. When they come off they're all in their -- you'll Begin to guess last year in the playoffs and then out of the display of the legacy. And then again they have a -- week because walk and go and now. It's coincidental that both times there was issues weighted in all different attention on and because of comments being made by the players all palladium involvement. Some sort of -- like this piece it was gonna cost you wouldn't it go from there a whatever she did. You know they're -- you know I use and that is an extra effort on our defense played this week. Now now what what I'm is it seemed a bit by a week is I don't know what it is I can't quite figure out what. Why don't they go off by the week if not and. Well they have overall I think they're nine and three editor pretty under Bill Belichick now they are they weren't this -- They weren't this week for some reason why don't they weren't. But now she's already there but I've got your whole team that really. In this case the whole team differently was terribly I'm modality I -- -- About the special teams play. From the botched onside kick to the missed field goal. A special teams -- back to their returns. About. I would head as a returner not impressive. Defense bad third down and couldn't stop on whether it was third and short third and long offense horrible. You know you really can't say and I got a problem with the offense he -- have probably -- but Yankee go. It was one of those -- office did not play well and their offense because their defense. Is not top -- your -- -- to play great every week. To win and that's what we're talking about McGreevey -- Green Bay offense has been playing great virtually every week. It allows them to win even though their defense says under -- to this point yet but you know I think we got -- We got -- -- -- dissect the numbers a little bit more in and let some of the true stories come out okay. Even though it's accurate it's the patriots -- when he scored thirty points. They are pretty good shape in defense needs the Patriots offense has scored thirty. But you think practice and the game for example. They're driving San Diego was driving in two cases. The defense was able to bailout the office. One cases they have a great goal line stop of -- Jerod Mayo. Stop Tolbert on the goal line of had a fourteen gold it and get it in another situation. Europe shut down corner slash nose tackle. Vince Wilfork comes up with that interception. Of Philip Rivers wouldn't win the charges were driving so. And op -- Need to put up some production but the defense has made some label -- when the swing in the first big the office scored seventeen points but guy it's going to be interception. Put him in great position to score here's a problem look -- that's your defense of touched down here's the problem so -- -- down ten points scored. Specifically by the -- yeah -- problem in the game like that. When the defense has got to perform huge -- defense and make some stops. But against Pittsburgh felt like they couldn't stop that could make east. You really felt like that you really felt whether Kuerten seven team whether a third for. You just said -- they won't stop them and most often you're right. But in a game like that. One turnover. Is not enough. Having a difference -- -- capable of coming out with three OK you don't you got when we used when you get that that strip Ben Roethlisberger. Got a book Max Starks got a -- gotta you gotta come up with the -- -- let's turn over legend yourself -- -- them let's do this exercise because. I'm not trying to get the defense off the hook payable stretch -- on a big difference between two when he turned into an eleven defensively but. Point and they came up with the bond deterrent but how many if you posted at Pittsburgh and again. We have three -- missed one right. -- three field goals and -- or why was that because defense. Tell them from seven down to three women didn't down the street now you can look at the yardage. And I agree the defense is giving up an awful lot of yardage. But the defense did some things okay in the game and what I'm seeing so far is everybody a look at the great everybody's got the grades for the for the defense do you NF. I'm not arguing that -- got to be. Linebackers get the the defensive backs got an app special teams coordinator offensive line got a okay and at the defense. -- linebackers needed the win Heath Miller was. Killing them Heath Miller was especially just is that an intelligent I -- gimme credit report cards are -- trimester I don't know why I got caught up I got out I -- I did. I'm saying is that everybody's. Giving p.s. Of the offense this offense did not do their job this week Tom Brady that offense the offensive line those receivers. And not get their job done they scored seventeen points were -- credit of the defense with getting seven. End and again the defense -- -- in the red zone. Three. Feel Eagles. Three field goals although it could have been and it should have been blowing Syverson is what I wasn't at thirty but the seventh because it doesn't every once in awhile every once in awhile. May stop the. Every once in awhile -- I just thing motion Amelio and most of it was miscommunication. On somebody planned your summer plan -- This guy and I'm making the right move up front this guy you know. It would just some polled want two things is shown below and one thing we do you do we did fight our new reforms to the last minute. Over a ball game and we will do. You can win one Dole's efforts but we just. We got behind the ball fast and we wrote we really -- overcome. Medication that's what they said yesterday nearly a fictional. Belichick did not deny the communication. Part of that I -- how much of that was the fact that they haven't had Jerod Mayo here for the last. Few weeks he didn't fly yesterday Sunday but sparingly he wasn't out there on a regular basis -- and weaning him back into it. And soul it was Brandon Spikes who had a Green dot on the back of his helmet you wonder. If changing the personnel from the Mike is a possible yes communication problem. That it's communication problem now how much. That and howdy do you transferred how do you match it up. Are going from Jerod Mayo to Brandon Spikes is the main communicators. Is not a drop off there's no question to drop off. Did that result and -- three additional first downs. For the Steelers it's if if mail had been there helping -- had been there what they have. You know allowed the Steelers to have five or six conversions on third down rather than ten or eleven ambiguities dancing each of that Michael -- yeah -- mean -- My high energy player and Albert it's it seemed to me and in looking at their game again I watch some of the the video of it last night. Spikes did some of their bullets thing and you wonder -- it in numerous times. When he was the guy. That was was hitting the gap on the on the quarterback. That's when Heath Miller was wide open over the met a -- -- it seemed like the linebackers seem to have a communication problem. In picking up on the -- clearly seemed to be an issue. So I'm wondering if that was part of the communication problems but this was talking about yesterday. Brandon Brandon is in Boston hello Brendan. -- get that New England Michael. Let me you are a bit out out of both. I'm so glad when that you just -- it would just said about the Packers. I ain't got -- -- I guess or whoever was or text and so met this morning with my assistant. It may actually started responding to -- some of the things that I said. There was -- okay a lot of it had no idea my register I bet you respectable. All about it and that's okay I know decade ago and I apologize but -- look a little as your phone number and your address and watch it. Area where academic public or government neighborhood. One -- that you pointed out land use -- big game -- been alone well if not for the defense making increased dot. And I pointed that out may have become the -- yesterday and I and I said that I meant -- bomb another thing. Teams are running -- guard. Why should I could tell you the spread I should've said -- I should've said yesterday I watched the game again last night and as I'm watching it unfold. -- sit there saying I'm trying to figure out as I watched the game why it wasn't a 35 to seven gamer 35 to seventy 'cause that's what I thought it was when I'm watching it. As I'm watching last night the defense actually in the red zone -- have made some plays and that's why they were in the game going. And I have been saying and it blew I mean a minute to minute by Rupert really appreciate it ahead of time but you know that's something that have been saying after every game -- you look and make it automate the activity cal and my little. I completely know everybody's making funny you point to edit yourself. Well I mean I put it out there all over the pat the Packers statement that. Glenn you your time building last week I said that the one key factor that was bigger than any type well. You are allowed where the turnover ratio and the -- -- that we don't get back into it but the top teams have a low turnover ratios. Are. Except for except for Pittsburgh. I go to Pittsburgh and you know they just turned on it and -- -- what you. Say it if people are you people talking about Bill Belichick need to go a personal -- Pete -- played our best. Game that they could home. At all mind you and completely lost it -- let -- -- -- -- sixty development and -- have a problem -- that -- our level. Mary lost the game of the terrorists get along and I don't. But he can't put brandy you can't sit here and sugarcoat the defense the defense has got problems. And a lot of the a lot of the a lot of that can. You can cover up an awful lot. By scoring a lot of points and I hate to say it but that's what Green Bay is doing right now Green Bay's defense was much better last year than it is this year to this point. Now Michael brought up they've got changes on the defensive side of the ball and I agree I think Green Bay and get a lot better than what their -- out of their played defensively. Right now and probably form more so. The Patriot Act in good crop that he's covering it up to the point where people think that. I think that's it -- I think if if patriots fans felt like they hang. Three or four game changes Roanoke craters except for the three or four game changes and decent care about the numbers you can take 32 24. Nineteenth. Or second doesn't matter. Because they would feel like they would feel confident that somebody back here. Of the -- On the -- of the secondary specifically its money back -- could make a play or an affront sharp. They felt like you had somebody besides you -- -- Day 330. Plus pound nose tackle as your as your play maker. He had warned that you feel more comfortable are said yesterday I think two of the guys that design. Or are Jerod Mayo. And Deborah McCord we've seen success. From both of them before. Not asking them to route to reinvent themselves does give back to level. That they've been before for male it's a question of -- that he's healthy I can be pretty good -- accordion I don't know I don't know it's more. -- this year -- zone last year. Yes the lock out. I don't know what it is but you don't like the same guy if you get Mayo and the -- Playing at a higher level. Now now. You feel pretty good you know based on -- tells you do you know what's you know it's not great. And you still need that doesn't have to -- that -- -- you need to pass rusher for what you need to pass rusher get ridiculed. -- showing a little bit of that but you're right you need a little bit more pressure I think. On a quarterback doesn't necessarily have to be the central while Garcia got to do. Up this temple little -- -- -- -- -- we talked about yesterday and and Steve -- said don't count on knocking it happened Lockhart guy -- pro -- account economy I think he's I think Steve is right I think it is -- churn out it is that turn out that Ochocinco and innings were were. Two major mistakes by Belichick.