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Recapping the Patriots ugly loss to the Steelers.

Oct 31, 2011|

Glenn and Michael talk about the issues and breakdowns the Patriots had in their loss against the Steelers where they were only to muster 213 yards of offense.

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I got was sent an ugly game ugly ugly ugly. It's it's it's amazing that we're sitting here Michael the next day actually talking about. Why they didn't challenge. The gronkowski touchdown and why was there an onside kick because Israelis you're watching a game play out I was 35 to seven. Yeah it's amazing they were in the game in the fourth quarter with 45 minutes to play with a chance to do something because it didn't really feel like. It was a fair competition and we -- and -- -- -- a James write your urinary yesterday I don't know if we saw it or not. But it didn't seem like a fair fight in -- -- one team yesterday clearly. Of the Steelers were playing on another level in the patriots and and the surprising thing that the final 25 to seventeen because that seemed to be at an even Begin tape historians again. Complete domination by one team I don't see how you can look at any aspect. Of that game and about with with -- editing process I mean. Defense while you can -- that -- they were able to limit it to three field goals. Well yeah but they also kept their offense off the field for good portion of the afternoon. Offensively. Pretty obvious this teams got to go scored thirty points a week if they wanna win football games and offensively you can't go three and all the way they did. -- or deal for five placed your offensive series. Can't do it. Yeah I think you have to start with the defense although Gary guidance interceptions cinema for the first Russia got to start the defense because any time and offenses on the field for forty minutes. You got major problems but. And there are limited time with the football on the offense was all that impressive. I don't see anything in there that made me say offense can just keep the ball won't work I did not villages meisters defense strategy that it. -- -- did I mean all along the board they did absolutely nothing and they talk about no Harris and so. -- Eric and -- award and that they lose Whitley in the course of the game. Hole was the guy was putting the most pressure on Tom Brady up until that point so. I don't see how anybody can look at anything positive. In that game we're gonna overreact -- that's what we do we overreact one way or the other the team has a great week we overreact of team as -- A horrendous week -- this was. We're gonna overreact as well but. They do offensively. There're somebody holes out there you wonder how obvious team. Can develop some type of defense. Against the pass because right now. -- that that was frightening when he alluded right out of the gate to open up their game over the middle over the middle over the middle deploying it a soft zone and didn't have to go find a soft spot that's -- -- place the day. I like that open windows open windows it was a go and it was a matter of it was and it really was a matter of multiple choice short. For Ben Roethlisberger wasn't on it too. I Heath Miller was quite openly defy and Antonio Brown was wide open that's definitely understand what you're trying to do most of the time. Most of -- time they were trying to pressure on Roethlisberger sometimes it worked most of the time it didn't in others they were trying to protect deep part of field because. They were afraid of Mike Wallace that behind the defense. And they were able well. Earlier and there's that's why can you look for positive there's a pot of -- get beat deep by Mike Wallace or try to protect the part of field. And they did put the the downside is. They gave -- everything out. I think Dick global heard all of the criticism from the Pittsburgh steeler fan base. The -- critical of him for not changing up against new England and allowing Tom Brady to do the exact thing every single game. Willie changed up they did a lot of man to -- it. They obviously beat up Wes Welker they were jamming and they were not letting him off the line. And knew that it nobody else that was gonna go out there and find daylight Murkowski obviously found a little bit and and is a little bit Ochocinco again. Useless on the floor on prop him on the field. Useless. What's going on seven plays Michael what is arguably one of the one played that he was targeted at. He stumbled and almost fellow. Could he could run a Chris -- That was embarrassing. You know. This game it didn't -- I didn't feel like the jets game last year playoff game be a little bit -- -- like what -- like what -- the game did -- a -- game was more competitive. And you felt like the patriots -- come on -- snap out of it in need any second now they'll snap out of it and it with a big tree has huge -- -- and they. And they and they respond to go up but importantly what. But in a game they needed somebody. On the perimeter. Who can get open against coverage if -- that -- to really make it defense pay for being so aggressive. And take some chances when he picked up Ochocinco that -- out of it was going to be that guy. And he had a picnic I mean he has been. A just a disappointment doesn't even tell you don't just -- -- -- It doesn't he point what does he do it canopy. This can -- be he. Concept issue or picking up the offense issue it's going to be something much deeper it. It ended his career does he not have the ability to. To a consistently running get open anymore is -- -- hope is that what it is. 4 o'clock coach it has of the stuff that I would tell you this -- are you this we'll get the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- here's the -- Coaching staff called him out here there's regularly. OK to move the chains through the year because Pittsburgh is doing an excellent job Golub man to man. And -- Wes -- their best and most proficient receiver. Ochocinco is out here for seven -- Seventh at a price was up -- performer so Ochocinco is out there for seven. Sales price for the one -- was there. I mean he did a good job of -- was behind Oscars he did a good job of respondents who say I'm assuming a broken plate but. I think if if Brady. He may have had a -- there may be. You don't -- and we don't know who's who made the mistake whether it's Brady throwing behind him. Or the receiver -- ready to -- -- route but we've been asking a question for awhile is this the best they've got his Ochocinco lock here because that is name. War. It is Taylor Price. So so atom -- Illinois so -- Kagan on the field wrote yesterday he's on the field. I think they can fix the -- I think the reason I think they can fix the offenses they have the personnel there. So it means you probably have to do some things differently would you do we have the personnel to fix the office as evident by what we -- earlier in the do they have the personnel. To be able to fix their defense -- problems. I'm not sure they do like. Well you said it is what we talked about overreacting. Ben Roethlisberger is wanted to best quarterbacks in the league and people wanna admit that are not every time we talk about the you know top five over top seven quarterbacks sometimes. Unless it's Pittsburgh Steelers fans calling sometimes his name is mysteriously off the list. Probably because of some of the personal issues that he hadn't and people think he's a repulsive human being. But it's wanted to best quarterback actually I've seen the patriots take on some. Some good offenses and some good quarterbacks and they've done all right just as recently as few weeks ago against the cowboys. Tony Romo. You would call him a good quarterback with good personnel right. I would called -- a middle of the -- quarterback here quarterback you can make a huge mistake -- Tony -- a middle of the -- I would yeah you know I think Roethlisberger about a quarter -- -- -- -- -- problem record better Iraq. Partners veteran Tony yeah. But I'm not -- -- and -- -- to sit here and guitarist personnel because of great quarterback -- -- -- at their personality Dallas personality you could have anybody -- little -- yesterday crystal football against that. That defense right now that pass defense is pathetic right now. Most of that it gets a genetic well well what I'm saying is look at that you'll -- Looked bad yesterday -- perhaps a -- you'll understand against the cowboys. Another good personnel team. With you know good running on more more good receivers good -- back some very good tied -- -- about his league. They were able to keep that team 120 points. I'm not saying I love this defense -- -- pretty competitive perspective there have been some is horrendous performances like you saw yesterday. Vs Pittsburgh. Performances that have been pretty decent. Microsoft is not always so yet Microsoft scalp were so what does that all mean on ICI -- -- disagreement -- we -- I think always at -- after the cowboys game I think you were given him a little -- -- All I said here last week and social club buying into. We have the argument is said to you the jets' game as you said the jets and Dallas the defense them an awful lot of credit for there. And against Dallas game I'm still not sold on this defense because I think it's just too easy to roll the football against. Now can they stop the run. -- -- -- that at times they can stop the run against the are truly. Right now -- pathetic. Now is there profits good enough that they can be what the colts were the year the colts won the Super Bowl because that defense was -- All year long to get it meant to debate but they've got out of appliance forget. They got Kansas City they got Baltimore. They got two teams that could -- incapable at the time of putting a lot of points up on the board. And that they finally get Chicago team that they were better than India in the Super Bowl so. I think they got lucky if they play a high powered scoring team in the playoffs might they might not have gotten to that's. They play the patriots maybe. It -- patriots that's. So he's had to play at a high powered unit magnetic -- gotten to promote the play one and there. Well that was the team that maybe -- ten year old that was the team that came off the San Diego game right. And was sick as a dog and teleport ought to stop that -- -- -- Oh my god there -- a person at the dog. Personnel in and out there at the they are sick in the first half when it went -- when you're an expert and have. An illness statistical and couldn't make it but you how pathetic they were during the regular season that team was last in the league. In -- -- which is exactly what this team is right now. Lastly. In -- is a couple of well. Is that correct of all of the big question is it's racquetball if if somehow. Their safety play goes up by 35% and I I don't see how that's gonna happen. 35% because I think that is the that is the major problem the corners. We'll find out today I will meet in the refers will asked today about Leigh -- and see what the story is there. I find it hard to believe that the corners and their roster now. Are better physically bond even -- Leigh Bodden had an attitude problem and that may be the case maybe just -- couldn't buy into being. The -- -- -- much you won't let you know much but are either to -- an audio without having somebody else everybody on the roster right now better than only baud because Leigh Bodden. You're saying either -- a major disruption. -- destructive it's destructive force. Which prevented the team from doing its business. Or we've got everybody everybody on the roster is better -- -- -- -- or combination you're saying you're playing well those -- -- may be both of those that. I agree with you that I got it safeties I think the safeties are much bigger concern. In the corners are even though that -- move was very curious. Those safeties you've really got to do something about them because back and think Patrick Chung you know doing a good job in run support. But to have a guy consent should now have a good covers and. -- -- The only they know it's able to bog things the timing more than anything else. Why would you not do it at the start of the two week by period which we give you an opportunity to get somebody gets somebody else might gases. That they simply looked at the roster last Friday and said. We need to activate fall of the Green Ellis is beaten up and hurt and we you know he didn't practice -- few days during that during that period. And you could see how they used them sparingly in a game. They wanted to activate fault they wanted to activate Dedrick so therefore they -- activate two players so they needed that roster spot and they -- gonna keep this guy anyway. So they used it as a convenient way of saying good bye see you later because look at the money if there on the books that you. It has to be something. Yeah it has to be something you don't. With a guy that has -- you're still committed to play. That much money another two point nine million dollars you don't sit there and say well we which we can get rid of them big deal where somebody picks them up though. I believe he's he's going to be picked up by money while they've got to hope that somebody. It's why I only got to hope for him you look at it a quarter like that companies -- -- -- was never even had his best he was never great corner put. It is best use use good to pretty good. In now. After struggling this year. It's an -- average. It is an average corner average corner make that he was he was he was that this year but. You could say a bottle of them so far this year certainly not good or is it about all of -- you can't. And how how are you glad that corporate policy different than any other corner on the right. -- is they're seeing something that we're Nazi. So we're looking at it saying the quarters also right now because you can pass and put 300 plus yards eight yards passing against him on a weekly basis. Dale looking at it. A lot closer than we are and they're basically saying this guy is the worst of the porch. And if you're right if he also was pissed off that right now they've moved demand. As a as basically you're your nickel corner he's in there as -- as as picking up on the slot receiver. Then any dazzle like that role. Then double whammy. -- Sox in -- he's a pain in the ass about his new role and we don't need -- guy like that you know pissing and moaning especially around a lot of good. What we -- up and coming promising young players like we don't need. -- come out -- ago. Well they feel they got young and up and coming players obviously. It's very a year two years to dump the -- is a -- it was Thomas a lot earlier then they ended up. Dumping you because he might have done an awful lot of damage just by hanging around lying around at a young. And I and I -- -- -- and I do wonder with that but that's opposition in this. Defensively. For a four corner it's a special it it takes him as a special kind of mentality special kind of got to do it. You can't assume that every great corner. And I'm not saying Bodden was a great quarter which can't assume every great quarter to just go inside and do indeed just effective some guys can going to grow refuse to -- Revis can do it. I don't think I -- a great corner but I Taylor was able. To do it at times yesterday especially in his matchup against -- but some guys don't do so well. In that traffic in the slot they really need to be outside and maybe. Maybe -- and felt like he needed to be outside I'm looking at the options okay. You keep McCord -- outside. Now you either really make it a decision between Arrington. And Baden. As you're inside guy is a big difference well. Listen I think we're gonna make a bigger deal out of Leigh Bodden and really exist. The eight defensively against the past this team was shaky with Leigh Bodden. There shaky without -- broad question -- I I ailments are they shake you're without. No I think there are pretty much what we've seen through most of the year. Yeah I don't I think they've been an easy team. To throw the football against and you -- said Ben Roethlisberger. Is a better quarterback. Then a couple of the quarterbacks have faced this year so you better quarterbacks are gonna be able to do a better job -- there wasn't a great pass rush a little bit in the second half. Andre Carter gave a little bit of pressure. A lot of the whole. Roethlisberger stays up pretty well to the pressure even when guys get me wrong he's still able to escape. I pass their pass defense is horrendous. I don't know if you can fiction certainly you're not gonna make it between now the end of the year without personnel. You're not gonna make any shot down pass defense. Can you improve slightly. And maybe stop the run and again get your profits in here we are scoring thirty plus a game that you benched him returning -- Recently I think they were a good pass defense last year -- right exactly neither but what they were able to do. Was turn people over so I guess actually it -- it was a little easier today. As well if you look at improvement I think ways to improve you can improve in three or four ways and some of the ways are dramatic and some mark up they -- is just you know more play making. You know recovering fumbles strips decks of the almost had a big win yesterday but. I think Max Starks recovered ball I kept going for Pittsburgh -- needed to an overnight situation so to be a turn over defense like they were last year. Getting more. A big plays on -- greens were. I may be more from miraculous thing and does give you the options and how they can get better. Jerod Mayo comes back healthy. And is able to make some plays. In the front seven can keep talking about the corners in the safeties we have damaged and linebackers. -- some plays there and they need some they need and an address needs somebody. In either either use you develop a Cunningham. Does the miraculous -- -- almost miraculous. Giving you all the options. They're like a hockey healthy score I'm giving you I'm giving you all the -- obviously can get better I think you're either you're little those options are already off the board to coach -- Does not feel confident enough. To put cutting him in a game yesterday why do you suddenly think that that's where the answer might -- I don't you know what I'm saying here's. These -- year. You say how does the positive defense improve. I'm giving you ways the defense can improve some of those are some of them are like a million light years away -- problem. You can say what happened before with Albert made it happen a few years ago. Maybe it happens maybe turns around or Carter you know Carter continues to have. One of those seasons where you see flashes. You know every other every others here. Let's get to devote Cozumel what you talk and we'll get into this. Hold challenge on the gronkowski a touchdown it was a touchdown there was no question about that if you saw the reply. And it will get into the onside kick it won't get your take on that one as well. I thought about it how. But there was nobody in the snow that instinct to -- challenging. It's certainly can see from my angle. They replay it plays on the ball so. The -- there's nothing at all stay. He wasn't. Materialism. Bill Belichick talking about. The challenge. On the gronkowski. Touchdown. Here's what they screwed up because I do not believe that. They screwed up by not challenging the -- because you did not have evidence. Now what you saw -- at home from CBS is exactly what Ernie Adams the crew saw up a ball. And that is. Two plays later CBS actually played the replay and showed you of that the ball had crossed the white line. But you didn't see until two plays later and the clock ticked off with like a minute and 35 seconds beyond that. Usually they screwed up court heard that's right. I -- going to hurry up offense EDS the raptors it's right CBS director sits back there and says guys we don't have time. The play that -- played their hurry up offense they go to the next point. But if you noticed. Hurry up offense in which Brady virtually use the entire clock. Because there seemed to be some confusion. You do -- two things in that situation hurry up offense Europe for the way. You mean over with a quarterback sneak school okay that like you remedy the problem or. You take your time you go back into the huddle you give CBS the opportunity now. Kazaa -- much he wanted to use that the timeout at that time you go back into the -- -- 411 remaining in the game at at that juncture. You go back in the -- CBS would lay the replay it was questionable they would have waited Ernie sees it now suddenly you throw Leo reporter. What are Brady checked out of I was thinking quarterbacks in the two it's one of those things. If you see it go with that but it looks like Pittsburgh was probably prepare for the quarterbacks in the key checks out of it that probably led to the confusion -- look of confusion. Getting -- play clock down. To single digits down to almost you know two or three and then snapping. Maybe changed the call and any change so called it obviously wasn't successful but. I would think if you don't go to hurry up in a situation. You will get a replay. You'll see you -- via the replay the closet to out you can challenge it you get a hold onto your time out. You're not gonna use up any -- -- your constituents. That's brought Miami -- hurry up if you're looking at you saying okay logically we don't know if he did and not maybe they'll show the replay -- we see it Ernie. Let me know in the meantime. You'll look at it saying its third down we get to downstairs to get into the end zone. If you don't hurry up you've got to hurry up you can't go in a hurry up offense and no huddle and the slow down to use virtually every second. -- idea of the. The political quite it was it it was just fitting for. For what type of day it was for the patriots offensively and defensively. Just everything a little off -- accused -- off. And that's when I was trying to say you. Last segment you felt like the Patriots defense if you've been as passionate about the Patriots defense all year even in victories. Over the jets in and cowboys specifically are fine I have no argument I -- -- -- if you're gonna say. All men are horrible based on what you see here that I think it is an over reaction. They have been able to get the job done despite some pretty numbing. Offensive some numbing -- -- numbers from the other team and it's bad for the he's been better for the Patriots defense they've been able to get the job done in somebody's. Game have been able to get the job them but the because their offense is capable of enhanced for the most part scored thirty plus points that's why they get the job done. The defense is not getting the job done the office isn't I could argue that the defense yesterday. At least limited you to and the only reason they were in the game and wasn't 35 to seven which we were joking about the start of the show. Was because the defense in the red zone. Limited Pittsburgh to three points three times and they missed a field goal -- -- the -- just so so many things it just went wrong and we talked about the one of the good defensively. Aren't they good to -- I am actually of the personnel I'm not sure they're good enough defensively. To be one of those. There's -- it doesn't mean ol' boys -- particularly more at the end of the season okay. -- games -- OK your answer your own question. You said I'm not -- to get enough defensively to be one of the main items I'd much of an example here seven games left in the season so. You don't know where where the defense command up you know and improvements going to be I think there's one elite team -- league. I'm not seeing it tell you senior defensively. As you've seen that in all of those amounts scene right now actually that okay. -- -- let's get in the league team obviously screen -- yourself both an agreement on on that.