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NFL Sunday Talks "Bend But Don't Break" - The Pats Defense Vs the Steelers Offense

Oct 30, 2011|

It's no secret the Pats defense has had it's issues so far this season and doesn't seem to be improving, but they have a great red zone defense and have stopped tight ends. Will that be enough against the Steelers today though? Roethlisberger is a big, tough QB and with the rough Mike Wallace matchup for the Pats secondary, the Steelers could do some damage today.

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To make mistake they're the players take advantage of it whether it's -- -- Sanders brown points or Miller. None at all. Or -- an enemy or someone you know and in a good guys make big plays at every position quarterback. And if you don't do good job than what you say though about Roethlisberger you know we know it can scramble amid the place scrambled well. How that happens I mean. He still makes I'll say this. I I I probably. Would not wanna invite Ben Roethlisberger to Mike Christmas party. At least deadlocked on the liquor cabinet if I dead. Cost. And any made up being you know my favorite guy in the world. But he is tough as nails I'll say this about him. He may be as tough as anybody playing that position in the National Football League. And in in that regard I admire I mean he is a tough SOB. It's it's. Easy to forget to at the same time -- but he's he's a big -- Tough to bring down he's a load. Mean he's a guy who is you know he's he's not too far removed from the guys are going to be trees around today in the patriots linebackers in the Patriots defense events you know -- Mark Anderson America like. You know Andre Carter he's a big guy he's tough to bring down it was interesting to talk this week of -- some of the patriots defenders saying that the new rules that. Are designed to protect the quarterbacks you have to take into account when you're facing a big quarterback like Roethlisberger. You know because some of those rule some of Obama -- a lot of room claimed in his favor because you got hit a hardy got a had a Gallic Roethlisberger card it's gonna try to bring -- down. It's hard to know where that line is these days. RT what I was amazed at how how good he was -- getting out of troll like his this is escape ability. I didn't get many and you know we had it but I ever watching him even now he gets out of so many jams. And -- to his ability to keep the play alive and he's not like a runner. He's only got it's like okay I'll make it outside the box and to get outside contain and -- and a number rougher personality Dick. He still wants to throw down field. And that's. So frustrating for defense is because you feel like he got him. He's such a big dude he sidesteps -- he gets outside the pocket now he's really got time and he's so accurate when he's throwing on the run. And I only gets enough credit for. You have to play in the whistle you you cannot in the in that I'm not saying that that's been a problem for the Patriots defense in the past but you have to. All of the plate to the conclusion you're you're not talked about a guy who's a who's letting up your your talk about a guy who. Like you said -- greatest capability as it has a great ability to keep the play alive with his feet it is a big guy he's you need packets when it comes to. They're putting all of those tools together in any Meeks who work in. -- -- -- Is. If he's not the best is Hines Ward one of the best blocking wide receivers in the NFL and that's an area that I think Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be missing that idea. Yes you know I mean you wouldn't you would know it from from you know from -- -- -- -- I would but it's just watching them up they're. In that aspect of his game is just oh he's up to watch yeah you know he's he's ready to well yes yeah. Nam but you know it's it's an opposing defense about you can't really you any team that has a good running running attack and as that old school you gotta give blocking on the perimeter guys on the edge. Have got to kind of hold bulls blocks and got a hold for a long time because it takes awhile for that plea to get out there. And -- wanna do is have a great -- by your interior -- you had a set by the tight ends yet inside linebackers blocked. And then you give up a block you give up good big play because you can't hold a PH. Guys like that are smaller undersized he's telling a big dude. And even Steve Smith Carolina. Is that was a really good blocker because he was just -- physical dude they don't mind hand to hand combat it'll might get their hands dirty. -- Wes -- is good blocker. Ready mosque terrible blocker just did wanna get dirty DA decides wanna get your way -- this is now. Moving his feet got to wait nervously as he is gonna clip. Yeah I -- losing I would also just affected desist presence out there as a leader as a figure of that organization. Ought to replace. How -- -- losing Hines Ward today affect what they do. Offensively explicitly when it comes to passing -- specific when it comes to trying to get the ball to guys like Mike Wallace. It Heath Miller because this is not your traditional Pittsburgh offense I think -- a lot of ways this is not the ground and pound team. That loves to run the ball with Jerome Bettis and you know. Data angle you of the -- to throw the ball they love to get the ball to Wallace who was one of the best big play threats in the National Football League. How does the lost years ago ward affect what they wanted to in the passing game that -- Whenever you have a guy like that it worked at slot worked a little old bulls little boys write -- -- between that the sideline and hashes. I think you give a big party are offered to me that's a security bike frame rates it's easy -- -- he gates opened quake they have a good little chemistry going on have been playing together for a long time. Buddy it's a huge obviously who's gonna come and step in and take -- over it's like. It's like what when Wes Welker went down and putting element in there in the end it was a pretty good -- -- -- -- I thought he's got was walker but he got opening made some plays but when you lose a guy like that. Somebody has to take -- to make that maybe that means Mike Wallace is a little more some more -- maybe it means Heath Miller is a bigger target in this game. Mean these -- now maybe. But for the most part is a guy like that. You got to use -- -- the ball more and find other guys who won't necessarily -- when he catches now they're getting their number called little more. Say this about patriots defense and they do have some issues and we all know what they are but they're good and a couple of areas. Are really good against the run. And Rashard Mendenhall does not scare the heck. And they're really good in the red zone I mean that that bend but don't break defense of philosophy is drives fans crazy. Mr. watching teams march up and on the field has served them in fairly good stead it has especially in the last. Two weeks it is it's gonna be interesting to see. If the patriots can make Pittsburgh one dimensional pass first team to -- because as you mentioned dale Rashard Mendenhall is -- -- one back but he's not you know. That usual caliber Pittsburgh running back the we've grown accustomed to over last year's you don't run the ball particularly effectively the patriots defend the run pretty well at least. They've they've they've shown improvement over the last two or three games com. But it's going to be interesting to see if the patriots can get him into a brief them one dimensional team early even though that's the strength of their team. In you figure -- what do we always talk about the Pittsburgh and -- the patriots defense of approaches to take away that number one offensive option. And I think that number one offensive option heading into this -- today is Mike Wallace Wallace is a guy. Like we averages twenty point three yards to capped with -- at a 95 yarder last week against against the Arizona. Is. Really a consummate deep threat robredo at this point season hundred when it -- the season -- -- -- -- -- a couple of numbers here's where. As we're talking about it dumb these these are you I can't trying to run off the -- but he's a guy again to consummate deep -- and 95 journal last week -- -- as a guy who -- the field with the best of them. And I wonder how the -- to gonna go about defending and there are you gonna look it up a single matchup of look forty against Wallace or I'm assuming the -- to gonna try and so it up a little bit. And try to play more zone in the second. While I actually pulled this for the year always get this 36 receptions 730 yards averaging twenty point three like you said. 104 yards per game. Five touchdowns. He's at eleven receptions of twenty plus yards six receptions six receptions for two plus chart so you know that middle field. Where a lot of teams can't run it throw it down to the camp through that vertical past. This is that area where this makes a difference in a look at this picture is gonna really cool or commercial -- Mohawk. And any here's a guy in Mike Wallace who. Patriots passed -- Decided to go agreement team that. Oops wanna to Noah and brandy was ahead of him idiotic. -- -- and then it and they tip it's pursuant to -- very next Erica. He's -- and scaring. Because the patriots play great against that they do they have lately they do it it didn't really have those numbers against tight ends and I'm not -- anyway from Heath Miller -- and it's really good player. But Dave played great against tight ends this year Antonio Gates Jason Witten Dustin Keller they've shown really good numbers against opposing tight ends opposing -- of average of three catches for 39 yards a game. Against the patriots those are very good numbers especially when facing. A group of leads guidance again not like us and I don't think that Miller is going to be that much of a problem in the in the passing game and anyway I -- focused. Well I know I started the show by asking this question I'll re ask a different. League buttons cut -- -- balance on -- -- Or you gonna have played the corner position against guys like Mike Wallace and Antonio brown and Emanuel Sanders. Who's gonna cover these receivers heck if they had bodman Dowling I don't know who was gonna cover Mike Wallace -- that speed anyway but who they have cover these I think you're gonna see. Was ordered -- I do I think the patriots have played a lot of zone coverage in the second or last couple weeks I think I -- animation yet -- Three weeks ago yes now you mentioned that awhile ago about the changing. Yeah it's it's one of those things where I think to do we've seen more and more that as this young secondary has learn how to play together but I think. As things have stabilized. At the safety position. You know we have Chung. It looks like at least the last couple weeks streams and credible is really started to come to his own at the position opposite from America called strong -- received it as a kind of play a little bit of both but. I think you're gonna see more zone coverage back there from the patriots secondary and I think that's what you gonna need to do to it because. You know -- he has. Apparently regressed this season a little bit and I think you cannot count on according to go up in single coverage against Mike Wallace for sixty minutes and -- killed. -- Quite -- while that is such a rookie. Leo it's. Ben Roethlisberger is been sacked twenty times this. Lost a 127 yards and in sack yardage. Pittsburgh's offensive line it's a hard time protecting him he got hurt in fact because they can't protect him. Is this finally going to be the week where the patriots can put some consistent pressure on the quarterback because they're playing against an offensive line that gives them the chance to do that. They do a little bit of that last game against Dallas -- at the end yet but I think the guy who you really saw bust out was under Carter and I think you finally saw what under Carter was able of this is a guy who played. Less than half the snaps in the regular season opener against Miami played more than 90% of the snaps last game against Dallas is really started come on. And I think when you get a semi healthy even a semi healthy. Robert -- were in there that makes all the difference in the world for that defense alive because as we saw on Carter's or they're Carter's second sack against Romo. Ain't worth occupied three blockers. Which left Carter up in single coverage he was able to be just mean easily coming off the edge. You got a great matchup today for the patrons under Carter against Max Starks was the Pittsburgh left tackle who's played better but the is Stiller it's still a very favorable matchup for -- -- there's going to be a guy who's gonna be able to get consistent pressure Roethlisberger to it's going to be from once and it's going to be under Carter.