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Will fans boycott the Red Sox next season

Oct 12, 2011|

A lot of Red Sox fans place blame for the Red Sox collapse squarely with ownership, and until things change some people are saying they'll boycott the team, while others are saying they're embarrassed to be Red Sox fans.

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-- John derided as education about the tin -- -- -- not yet -- -- If formed thin Lizzy. Percent whiskey in the jar boys are back in town jail break dancing in the moonlight. He died of heart failure I think your brain tumor died of heart failure -- reach 36. While young it's like -- rate that is plunge. Necessity be careful out there. You know He never enough. Speaking of heart Red Sox didn't have any as we know down the stretch final stretch of the season that the -- but -- me the most I think of all of it was that that. Guys I have confidence enough confidence to predict a 103 wins you know I've got it was hanging tough for that debt. -- the -- was set critics look pretty good there in mid August when they were regularly at least a hundred were on pace for that and then all of a sudden. 62 Mets you know what's what's going back it's prediction before the season under wins that look too good news port to blame or read a lot of text messages you get this reduces. Lester was quick to talk about talk bad about Hanley Ramirez Huckabee won't speak up for himself now. The. The look at John -- John Ryder beast warrior. Beast Knight Rider He got a bill -- here. Brightness and plain and simple they're not a likeable team their despicable bullied don't go lot of people feel that way now go cubs. That's every stuff marketed Bedford Marvin. A -- how are you my friend I'm very good but my question is how soon do you think you would blow up the whole team. And sorrow over. How student is that the important but it's -- party imploded but when you think. Someone's gonna say well we got to get a new bit you do that we gotta get. -- That poll well yet know at any -- thing is to -- we gotta remember that they are really really tied into some serious money for some serious players. Over the next. 34 years and they really are. And I says -- just take Lackey and Crawford alone and that's but 36. Million dollars a year and they're they're bound to for at least five years mid December Mormon is when you probably see simpler movement. He'll work and it amazes me about that and it it goes to show character any human to human nature. In making the most money and you just stop playing. There's no incentive there's no reason -- I do the best they can because they're making this so much this much money it's the opposite. I got the money it could -- would -- want. Yeah it has the reverse effect that you really would expect or hope for -- now would never play around Major League Baseball that's the problem automated. -- -- what's going all of this group right here. What -- edit a good trivia question put it let's go. Of all the best running back who -- number 32. What they all have in common. While the I don't trip abroad it says it did when they all haven't plummeted went to USC. Now they're on the whole city now the what is it. There last name all in it and Jim Brown OJ Simpson. Marcus Allen -- the remarks yeah QB some more. A mold it into that -- -- when image Smith a list of all ten Democrats could have got some that. You know thirty twos and adjusting numbered all sports to you know -- it was that Colfax is number. I'm looking at right now -- they have a picture of him throwing a shadow they didn't. Deny it. At -- I mean this particular exit into his motion it. -- you know what is so you can trust me on this one thing -- in the in life I mean not much but this -- number was 32 are like that numbered in sports it's really good number decode keeps -- was a Derek Lowe's number. Derek -- or was He 32. Iowa will get today but Barbara thanks for the call thank you might take care. Yet that is a good sports number forty -- wanna -- the reverse of that too isn't always admired Joey Connecticut is our next caller on planet by -- A joke like undergarments are right brother had now turned slightly to blow The Who have not Manchester. What's that I would not put it right actually use -- don't -- financial outlook. Are so you -- thirty choke yet 83 way yeah yeah okay what's -- yeah. I'm talking about. -- know what you think about our car. The comment that Carl Crawford made bad about Barack Obama. Late August or September about what He should go speak to the captain. What you think about him possibly. You know working harder than what to captain had been you know you want to shape. He's in. All they're here obviously is -- -- Americans. Other guys. It flush EM you know barely worse shape than. You know. Look at -- -- That's -- to do that. Now now now. I don't think so. I mean you don't that there was -- services separate conversation about two separate subjects and you know you Heidi one -- -- she was there. Well last -- bottom you know I don't really that the one thing about Carl Crawford it's a mystery obvious. He's coming here to the state -- at all kinds of great expectations and high hopes of being on his team. And and really obviously it's like He disappeared wilted under the pressure He disappeared completely from our consciousness in the lineup He kept dropping down in the lineup. He had a couple of is it one or two game winning hits or something new course the year but. If you have three. He played the hole and He made bad boys in the outfield it's been down the stretch when you expect him to at least where the glove out there and get some on the -- -- you do that either so. I don't know how you could saves a -- -- major disappointment a full thirty points below what to expect him to back. Eleven home runs it was just like a big nothing just a complete mess from the very restored to the very finish capped off by that does sliding nine -- John catch him. Are you all right thanks for the call 6177790850. Hartford. Norm go ahead norm. -- a -- Are possible injury -- their correct or what Joseph Torre. At least two walled cities he's busy He doesn't you know what he's already kind of been there done that there's no reason for him -- He has nothing to prove right. Our vehicle or it wouldn't it that life here. Well I He has of in I'm not too bad -- job right now the Major League front office where it's not the daily grind of managing you have to remember he's I think seventy -- 73 years old now. I don't know if you have the desire. To do it anymore. You're gonna bring it you're not there in a mile -- the payroll. Outlook on the you've got a -- addict ever have blocked outlet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ceremonies could trade value -- audio at all about background now buckled says its -- Debacle want to rip you don't want them to all you really have courteous. It -- rather all involved but you. What do you I I don't -- buckles and Lackey you know I've heard that they were drinking partners but again we're talking about the track. No none of us are gonna care of the guys you guys up their pitching. I've I've never in my life cared who went out drinking way to how often as long as they were good. You know we we hear the Derek lol to all articulate. You know is when he's when -- every clinching game of the playoffs ever -- it. Doesn't matter much will He recreate himself the medal for what a turnaround. And and got far be it from me to complain about -- behavior off the field. You know with my -- You had tortured the -- pass recruits but it's all about. The only reason these things come up -- is when somebody fails to do their job for sixteen million dollars a year. Our area and everybody is a right to question. Auto somebody's got to go to got to look Garciaparra and I have more confidence in less than -- -- -- -- are you let go pick out but they've got people -- -- but anyway. Thanks the call. A lot of people texting and now about the number 32. Because we we mentioned that. Well Matt Albers of course is one of the famous thirty -- it says that's not true Franco worth 32. Who who who Franco Harris. If He -- and and and and no I know the most retired number baseball is fourth Kevin McHale 32. Now is an area. Of famous Laker that worth 32 yes Magic Johnson ego. 6177790850. John in his car somewhere hello John. -- -- -- -- It looks at leopard and aren't you. Did everything about this team to -- wanna puke but. You know which makes me wanna puke. Was turned -- all happening probably terrorists. A week of September I was an -- in Newport put on troop. Yeah and the laws and I told them I honestly didn't think it would animate playoffs. And they all -- -- not eligible as they get seven Tampa they get -- starting pitcher in the snowball. Our that I honestly don't predicament or else. So I was kind of you know. Watch them lose these games we just. You know it is much is probably should've just -- it kind of solo writing on the wall all. -- children we now is the stuff it is common now like they just latest for. And He is full. No you don't just believe -- didn't know professionalism. You know not really -- -- to -- what happened. After that final go to police. And you know just I don't I'm sort of an important life from my early forties where interest. Professional sports. This book a seat in economy should feel like you know puts things -- respectable -- just like these guys make in the Canada and. There's no cure just feeling it until now until they start playing again and winning again this note I believe we have been through enough times in my life 7886. You know. I can tell you that the only cure for it is following season and it is to reverse it. Now I get that mean you know al-Qaeda should play the money that these guys may now and for them to to have done some other crops that they did. And not cherish this site it stood apart -- like did you give me. Yet the timing is not good when you think about. We kidding me right. There American arrogance you know I'm not gonna get off on -- now. I'm gonna stopwatch in the game and you know rooting for professional sports teams and a relevant to much but. It was just really to -- not. Russia -- and certainly feel that way I understand certainly completely which it expects. A similar kind of low quake yeah. Nausea. Now overall this -- you know we're gonna get through it because we are Red Sox fans to -- and we know that it eventually be -- -- and I don't think that you know. When it comes the ownership although we know they're going to be LP people calling into question where this whole thing was handled and was character assassination is Curt Schilling mentioned. You know I think the owners generally speaking. Have our same exact interests in my were both looking for the same thing -- -- over -- for winning teams and we can forget about all the idiosyncratic or or in self indulgent behavior of these players in the fact the repaid all the all they want us to win. So I mean it's that I like we don't have the same bottom line and the long term. But along the way people gonna make up their minds about how things are done and form their own opinions -- no question about it -- Patrick in the Arctic right now on my yoga on drag and -- attack. I -- doormat tiger and I'm so tired of the second syllable is where's you know. That's. You know can't talk about -- Red -- -- inaugural can't stand. And they are you all don't seem to me -- so still as I mean you you look back years ago. And you -- -- -- -- that store collapsed I mean obviously they're a lot different dynamics here but even and we at the Wheeler and Ryder people are in charge couldn't eat. -- and -- what the coach and obviously. -- looked at it wouldn't play ball in the air and and one. You know and and -- -- look at two years ago when they got ousted in the first round of the playoffs -- destroy you need this you need dad you know Jason Bay's not to answer. Are we here -- left fielder and do we need another pitcher we need all these things they went out they kind of did that now to me. Obviously. I I have I been saying this to John be my witness on this I never was big on Lackey. And I was never big on Crawford to me they're kind of like. And I but I gave the benefit dollars so we don't work of -- good against a Red Sox and it is good with the resurrection was against us he'll be good player. It didn't happen you know and and -- been a disappointment -- first year where He was just mediocre. House for fifty to sixty million dollars a year I thought well maybe he'll do better next year but guess what. It ain't happening with him you and I don't think it ever will here within I and I think that generates a belief went but I think He. You read some respects a lot of these deals in in -- Beckett. Yeah there's something's I don't like you know He doesn't give me the 200 innings He. -- tendency to break down but still finished and it didn't finish well but two point 89 ER -- know that's not. Hefty contract is a really worth it unless you're getting a number two are realists you know what's true to Bob Beckett performances here in the Patrick you saw this He He started the season looking like he's gonna be a death. Cellular yet He was a little. Easier it was like He likes to mean that we can become those fees and and and ultimately it'll since 2007 for sending -- and hit -- tracks where blow to achieve. -- are you doing with. It would settle this I don't know him just a quarter of this -- mean to Colby I mean oh yeah Britain 220 million dollars a year but. Sure it is sickened thousands I mean obviously it hurt your partner and -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- seems little much too soon but -- ask them. Thanks for the call I just watched Eric Miguel Cabrera to almost half was sacked he's apologized 750 yeah. Immediately he's listed at 642 through 75 if he's an ounce and He just crashed into the catcher knocked the ball over their industry it is -- story was out Larry's out Russia it and -- there was the go ahead run. Right and use up by a -- it was nice posted braves play by the catcher -- really -- it was a Earl Woods looked awful -- put it like it comes blob or rob my you know here comes the yes they puff marshmallow man in the home plate. Dave's in the card Dave go ahead. Like yeah I don't ID. So I'm here too in parts. -- and -- Crocker now that there would be protected because I don't wanna and the fact it may -- -- -- art of the opera meet our contract I'd edit view. It probably about a twelve million dollar player but -- that. You know the reality is He came into an awful. -- A leader that are out to Tampa Bay for all the reports that that are now reading it -- -- -- -- Now and then it goes into this situation where a leader that pop out. Give up saying hey everybody in the game but let go eat chicken and and have Beers then go play video games indicators that are unique player or not we're not winning and it's -- thanks. So it it island I'm not sure whether or not actually wrote real motivation to work that it -- interpret -- either. She's in a scene that no. -- -- all of us copyright their debuted as motivation is to you wanna be a winning team. Right. Getting paid twenty million dollars a year economist out you know it's a rabbit you you know because you -- million times it's a rabid crazy baseball town. So you wanna impress people. You wanna impress everybody your employers the fans and guess what you're on a team that's winning that they're winning their plane close to 700 baseball for three or four months. You wanna be part of that mix so. You say what is -- for inspiration one about a great situation and he's an -- Yeah and putting September aside for a civilian. What why wasn't hitting it may or June or July a Carl Crawford V it adds his problems are because of some of the pitchers are having Beers. Mikey at what I like Syria that it He didn't have a great -- -- I -- -- and I get a lab. Certainly aren't near what it not be an eight it. I am with you I think it's -- I don't wanna -- a -- I think we've all bought in Europe are yet you know or you happen. No we're not -- -- David we're we're we're we're not write him off which is preparing. For hope and this was the worst we're gonna see from the. I regret that but I just and there are a lot of people are rated as they -- by Carl Crawford. And and let's see whether we can get rid of it in each and contract forget about it and should be I'd get that guy a chance maybe when they're a manager and the captain. Actual pulled into the line. And and and and make it feel that they are attempting being part of workplace where everybody hate each other when they're like that nobody gets along. And you're an outsider and nobody insecure about the product you're selling. Inside the -- out inside your company. Stinks and I think we've all -- part in the car the whether they're saying putting great all just because there's so many great players are a team that even if they don't care they still played great all. So be it but I I think -- -- appointment environment and that that is that much it. Re not elect as an excuse though I mean I really don't you know I -- I'd I'd take dead. You know it. Baseball in a lot of respects is a very individual sport and we saw that some cases this season it probably too much of an individual sport with some of these guys cared about their -- and other things but I think He was more He wilted under the pressure of the bright lights in the situation here. Yeah -- used -- aren't as -- asserted on hitter all the years of the whole year He used to -- it's stupid choices of pitches you know its -- to a and I can expect from a guy to pick if we gonna maybe two years leader year rookie. But not a guy has been around that you aren't as bad though that I still expect him about speckled with. And here's what's there weren't games where they were bloopers or not they -- solid you know lights smashing the ball when you only he's one -- better get off to a start because you know that will get and his head arm again here we Gordon or. -- John it turned the text she you know by mistake and or you can fix it's an expert yes -- to express my Stevens. Door right now Jack has limited you when that stuff I exit the computer kept reminding me reset in a night at a sizzling stuff turn it off to reset -- Cram it hit that -- It's like a time for that right. So early in Newport and. -- They were scorer -- you do Newport, Rhode Island. It's -- -- I was down in last weekend. -- -- came to the helmet Cam Barker on the October fest thing you know most of the would not make on musically americorps. Now being -- when they voted manual that came in there was one guy that voted to keep them that might cause a little rift in the clubhouse and that could be where it all started was voted Wednesday -- -- -- -- David Ortiz. Now also I want to say that Carl Crawford India is game going by running part of -- game it's gonna you know based first. True very true not real big on that subject just thought. Now -- relatives there. You don't speaking about reported bad behavior incidents Manny had a million of. If He did -- -- that type but guys that just. I don't know if you can't penetrate the skin can increase or will -- be like in order to those who cares -- always next year what do they do they want a World Series. Pedro wake up the bambino all drilled near nowhere. Yeah well He Pedro I don't put paid Jonas the F category Pedro and drag extreme competitive fire Pedro had the money but He never lost the fire now in every -- personally I don't think was -- I agents and He loved to hit. Aid is survived wake up rollout -- in some cases that was it that was it -- -- out there -- had never got the feeling that He revered baseball as much as He did just you know money and whenever the hell Leo seems to me in and out. Speaking of Pedro in the epic collapse you think that maybe it wouldn't wait -- somebody could at least put all page was coming back agent. Yeah it'll all did them and yeah I don't -- 88 on the -- -- You remember how we got done in Philadelphia at the end of the year and and they lost the playoffs and and I think yeah I want to steal it and I actually saw him in August and ask him that and He said He is. Doesn't want David loves loves Boston does understand what the creator trailer get all right we'll try to call in with something different completely -- coral. Thanks guys. As have been bombs. At such a great baseball award to. No I went to my first ball games sixties the news empty boat was ballpark and about 8009000. People. And there's a drunk guys -- 34 rows behind me and you sort of -- back the smoked He just kept Suarez cigars He was cocked. And I you know every time the guy were some guy would come out hit -- pitch there it's nice he'd say yeah -- guy is dubbed Bob. He's -- Bowden -- to just sit there -- that -- this is it correct well -- -- buy a ticket to beat these guys don't sector their -- blow that it was an affectionate -- way back for the Brooklyn Dodgers -- oh yeah but that's different right as I yeah they'll say era and it you know use soccer this stuff -- that then you know who's so good idea -- battle. We advocate an order happily -- probably croak a couple of days later. Jerry in Manchester you're next on the planet. Yeah our guys like sort of -- make a couple points and and see what you are they'll bottom but sure are what are they shut out like I guard disturbing it's that. Not a political -- -- -- are also Lester or Beckett or Lackey can't -- all. And actually called and actually denied -- -- this is now at what all we did. No doubt the light eager to like what he's since felt like. All I'm not edit -- kept police and -- really nobody -- -- -- up are denying it actually up. -- admitting it. The other thing is some analysts are supporters of the spark -- I mean. That's just make them evaluate like I don't know what each lol at all maybe they don't want all the money adequate. If the guy's a program player in the city of in this department want to take the chip but -- -- can walk here. Sometimes you get excited younger. That you know a template in this environment is obviously a by the guys all the you bought a book many years that spot art -- -- -- -- -- -- Well yeah the art of getting out a contracts -- without buying them -- to secure. Yes the problem you know we've we watched it happened in the past at the Red Sox soured on a guy. As they did with Lugo. As they did with Micah. Or -- to -- you know I think Matt Clement Mac Mcguirk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fifth hitter you know I guess you could say well Youkilis but they can't just put out the part numbers that Ortiz if they had a guy who wasn't the greatest or top three defense of -- book and hit a -- -- Lars Anderson -- developed in what is supposed to be He could be -- DH in the future but. I've never seen anything from him makes you wanna have on the team now yeah indeed you're gonna have to have a a -- step into the five holes not just a PH is the fifth hole that predicts that some more important aspect of because you know you could find it got to get in there but -- -- what has positioned going to be who's who's gonna replace. And and the other concern I have -- -- with Ortiz and I think it's valid. Is that. I truly believe the Red Sox cut ties David Ortiz tomorrow that within a week he'd be Yankee. It wouldn't surprise. As they that's just their type guy ago left handed power hitter Yankee Stadium a former Red Sox star that they could pull land. Page of that town and and you know Jerry and I know. And if Ortiz this year was a New York Yankees when He was -- was healthy he'd hit forty home runs yet the only other place that could potentially may receive the -- and a besides New York -- Boston but -- this will be Laura analyst would be like somewhere like Toronto. You have leno's variety of -- I think Tampa the Tampa and the Yankees lose to. You know best best choices at this point in time because. I don't know Tampa and everybody kind of money. You know they they did that little thing with David and live Ramirez brilliant last. But it it's really yankees all the way because the Yankees could take ten or twelve million and say while we got a 4030 already writing DH well -- plus right here is that you know posadas -- user DH -- -- to committee huge for them and that's I guarantee that'll have thought I would be surprised. Let's go to Jeff in the annual by the way I know it's tough to hear that interview but I asked him about what -- go to the -- -- on Saturday and it and deny it from what I could no He didn't say Norwood in -- chilling and it. Jeff and the car Jeff. That Mikey I just. A and Islamic two point 18. I think -- -- Francona really got a raw deal. I you know. I'm skinny the laboratory now she. Who's been seeing you are and allow at -- it it. In order. I can remember monitoring your -- Jeff. I -- -- is sickens him what's don't know I just okay. The aspect pale and accurate about. Yeah I know that players aren't I contract strength He you'll be out but. But and they did delay you know they like we're -- out by our will work out -- chicken or. Lackey back yet been out there and you'll make you can -- you get out early morning practice not -- days. I don't know this probably I don't know this to be true Jeff there's probably some you look you in the language that prevents clubs from. Punitive Lee forcing people to do things in there weren't -- -- is so strong it's outrageous. And it and it really is bad well bad. The manager could say. You know and and do that type of -- its sale of a sudden all right you guys I want you out there on the field an hour before and here's -- guys have to do but that. After all that just won't work as rather have the managers say you're not playing because you right now you cited were not in shape sit down for a month and then and then the owner's -- are lower paid him fifteen million dollars a year. And that is there look too bad he's -- is He sucks and it should happen would Lackey there's no question about that you know it's one thing to go out there would be bad of a given year. But it's another thing you want to beat the worst yet to patient with some of these guys the worst. It's not a question but on July output act like it out and outside that we are accurate. -- -- -- -- tech would be good. Yes -- would -- here you know and chicken. Early -- feature remote flat screen. -- yet that they could do or have a rule or a switch that goes on with the games over -- now you can play or whatever you know these guys don't think wrapped the game they're killing time direct again. -- be -- be going down have a cigarette break it Rio. Went on the express is covenants on says Petraeus said it best they just ran out of gas. Gas and other things I agree -- them on it played porous song. Mikey shame on anyone who shows up -- nobody data watch those whiny self serving losers but improving care about the game as much as their fan base those first. Now they'll still be -- and on opening day. There's road island text or no way yankees' side Ortiz they needed DH position for a rod. Okay now I'm telling you right now if they -- complain of the year's third base they doubt they'll take -- -- -- -- weird geocities and and pay images keep around case someone gets hurt Rita Ortiz. How inept ballpark He would be unbelievable yeah no they didn't even keep the road for another two years at third base. You know with the shifting Yankee Stadium on they'd have -- from B Greg from the wall. A Yankee Stadium stand right there He be right there would swisher holding hands with them. Saying you're switching. 6177790850. Kelly is in Pittsburgh Kelly. I. This is just so disturbingly. A few weeks back to call them for all this broken. And and it can expect a repeat. But you know Varitek the captain. The ultimate prize. And they were the guys that you know you and our unity they need all the the contract. They were like the Yankees let. You know all things -- not all off chair Carol Lin and -- -- -- -- 888. Our guys -- beards and they they look like Hayward you know the guys did you work next. Do it's the idiots of all for this -- -- and yeah yankees days and better gone with Joseph Torre. Yeah yeah I -- -- -- but they -- this -- The -- the there. They're finely trimmed Erica and there's no you know Peter targeting an art not art died He was right but -- -- -- You work next during the day or but late -- and this year's team and that of this year -- signature Pedroia and all these guys out there and. They're just guys -- -- -- it can kind of been polling or an outlet but you've got these guys but now you think well they're just leading bonds sitting in their. Eating chicken out you know. And there's a handful of those guys in the of the old well it takes one bad apple to spoil a whole bunch you know it takes a -- and -- on this team but it is to I think he's still totally -- for. You know a guy like Pedroia. There's there's I mean I'm not considered to say that likened -- root -- -- -- -- -- fourteen had personality. In head Kevin Allard had real popular and bad debt mark -- hard Pedro guys you -- -- this is great but you know with these guys -- they're not as likable as they used to -- and winning is the -- back apps you know and Namibia a couple of changes and. You know and you -- I know this is probably the -- now you have me and it probably also the fact I'm just. So upset about about this season in the way that entity that is the fact that. You know the it was but the -- fact that they're they're like a flagship. Of a Major League Baseball or the other eighteen. Storied franchise in everything He just wonder you know. And maybe it is that's why Topeka and eat some sort of answer for this -- don't think. -- Major League Baseball or -- you know being -- -- earlier about. Not letting them play fining them in some way to meet these big -- major. A -- -- -- them. -- that's the problem that's what's that's what's frustrating it can happen. The the iron clad contracts the hard core hard -- union. The the you know the owners' inability to hit a kind of tied and did seasonal context that stipulate if a guy doesn't perform that you -- cut him just -- happened. That's a football thing that's 11 of the things that sucks about Major League Baseball where these guys started to pampered. You know overpaid Molly coddled spoiled brats and some of NBA is a little later on and that's that I love dust of the Tories on my favorite putters of all time and I hope we always stays the same.