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Who should shoulder more blame in the Red Sox collapse?

Oct 7, 2011|

There is plenty of blame to go around for the collapse of the Red Sox, but who does the majority of it lay with, ownership, Theo, Tito or the players? Mikey gives his thoughts on it.

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Given any any other. About. Bet on the planet -- show I don't tonight given good Friday night probably weekends we nice weather here. Some text messages from all over. Mike you love the show thank you excuse my ignorance but why is -- the catcher short stops are not -- it. And how is that you get power from certain positions -- here's -- usually the biggest power hitters are not using the most of nimble of foot necessarily. Which tonight and every shortstop who can get blocked and put outs on the board. That normally would be hits you take a guy like that is that well okay so maybe only it's 200. So for every ten at bats during its two hits is there's three. But for every ten balls hit -- home it's that should be base hits He stops half a woman there and they become out. It it's happened time and time again in baseball. You know where you can support 8212. Hitter in ninth to your line up. If he's a great glove guy and includes catcher especially now there's a drought of gritty characters. But in those positions were defense is -- -- on every play -- at tech catcher every pitch urine -- And then not when you're the infield here and on the -- -- infield -- yet and add to part of it too was. A lot of times the frames those guys just aren't the biggest guys like you said it -- company at a port -- -- -- -- you gotta be a little more delighted that catcher. Yet so worn down I mean -- behind the players most demanding position so I think that's a big part of you is you're gonna be slower to Richard these new it -- it is that interest in Mikey how it's changed since the ninety's remember. You know of course when -- was that showered yet Bill Maher Miguel Tejada you know then -- -- broad changes nobody -- do into my well we and I think part of that is just that I was just gonna touch on that. I think there's still some. Funny business gone on with some get warmest Nancy -- but not to the extent I've taken lawyers. Our position wife for -- were complacent not used in discussions about the Red Sox hitters we've used about a thousand times I -- is is a very good words describing we're -- we're here. The -- just text the two words Steve Howell. A lot of promise you know you know what does the saddest wanna I think got a problem is Dwight Gooden. -- would have been great nice to get through the I don't -- as the other part that bothers you because. I've -- for a nice guy very -- guys -- Ryan Sandberg well you know I don't care about a meter ways manager. I love we'd beer and broads why also why hasn't was the pitching coach fired He blows love Connecticut. That's for that might be coming and even like -- Siena -- -- clean and house and I think Connecticut 6177790850. North Hampton Sully. Yeah I don't delights and hey. Promoted him amassed tremendous mentor the women's German. Debt and who opened -- -- -- Sox and yankees are looking embarrassment to baseball -- embarrassment to sports in general or what. An embarrassment what kind of embarrassment. Whole -- embarrassment. He's had African. Update is chicken for to -- on my favorite issues. Pop out William too late to blow the entitled and clearly bloated entitled you know -- with these small market team got two teams playing right now battling it out. And it's just a joke to joke how much -- understand why they spend money into player development. In an effort to go backwards and never gonna stop spending money. Is ever gonna. No well I mean that the problem as I've said before I think it's ballot. Is that there are few teams lead the way on this and what happened to the American League east to Soviet you know there's nothing you can do really about your Red Sox there won't go back to the old days they have -- divisional thing. It's it's free agency started the Yankees have been poured money on players high high payrolls. Not guaranteeing themselves and they won twelve out of fourteen division titles or something ridiculous number like that. At the guaranteeing themselves in position in the playoffs now the Red Sox in order to guaranteed themselves -- and it doesn't always work. Opposition to play house. Feel the need to spend along with the Yankees because the Red Sox ownership and fans and players all know. That is season without post season in Boston is a totally lost season and they wanna avoid that like the plague. As -- thought they spend money they try to keep up with the joneses you know but right. -- I think that I think they care that you ownership cares more about marketing the product. But they care about -- product on the field. And so I just they said the opposite more I disagree I think it they go hand in hand. It -- Larry Lucchino also mentioned that evo they've made mistakes in free agency it would deter her from going out there and and and spend money -- and that's why just because they have to. They have to what they've got to get otherwise been the go to C. J. Wilson okay. They have plugged well what was their noted biggest criticism lawyer long but -- Voight which is that number two behind sabathia. They're gonna go after C. J. Wilson they're gonna spend the nominally ethnic -- not -- give a rat's ass about how much they spent because they have the money haven't even if the Yankees didn't spend money Mike don't you think it's pleasant thing to -- twelve is what is -- big. But don't you think the Red Sox who still spend money. I think the reference I was spent as much what is the need to to feel the competitive with the Yankees yes well I mean I think they're still has always -- case. Now which is always the case it's always about a minute -- sisters of the pore over there -- going to stand up what you think that they that they just like spending money that the -- they feel they need to from that marketing and success perspective that's what I think. I -- the pressure's on them because every year you know the Yankees are going to well even more so now -- Third place finish -- two years in a room. Let's go to -- in Plymouth next planet Mikey then we'll have a quick break for the flight could John Ryder agent in here to do -- I don't talk enough go ahead Dave. Did you Mikey added element and one name -- -- and help them from PB He opposed an addiction. Problem of OxyContin and opening a mean game double -- an intimately. -- all that and waited till. In reference to what guys that never reach their full term goal of every. A lot of them around and I'm one of them. I want to bring up a point that when the NFL had a lock out -- a lot of pressure from the get back to work them from everybody including the government everything else yeah. We have heard a peep from the NBA. No actually yeah well others there was some that I just came out tonight about. Ten minutes ago or so that they've canceled yet another meeting so. Looks like at least the first two weeks of the season will be -- -- -- time marches on they have less and less time to prove they've had in what was it 98 or nine and had a fifty games C 1990 a really sock -- the spurs beat the -- Well they're putting it up put pressure on them to get back. Talking and everything else. When -- you know restaurant -- the biggest problem here it is unlikely. Unlike the NFL. These guys have places to go places to play the united in the big -- over now to the gonna make MBA. Money but they could still go over make decent money yeah hold up -- in places China and other. On the got an -- -- and around the state and in a lot of money. Yes -- you know it agreed it you know you find read them both sides of the table on and in these talks certainly. But I just I I have a hard time. Feel bad for any ball player -- -- Major League Baseball football. Basketball. I guess the most of the might have is for hockey player four or any NFL player because they'll get a guaranteed money in the huge gigantic ridiculous money. In some cases -- the end of walking away from some but for whatever reason I I I just can't stand it agreed these players. -- take a big hot -- shut the bleep up you make it 10121518. Million dollars a year. The plain stupid game shut up and play that's my opinion. Well I would just like this an -- -- more attention a little bit AOL has nothing to talk about believe me I care about David affects me -- the great -- my -- now it is and I I like the takes -- calls a huge NBA fan I love doing the Celtics shows after games so that you know bothers -- I -- all four major sports sometimes in BA's last summer enlists must display of.