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Do or Die or Already Dead? Two games for the 2011 Red Sox to show what they have.

Sep 27, 2011|

The Red Sox look like the Dead Sox with two games to go, and yet there's still a chance if they can get a couple of wins. We look inside the mess and figure out where it all went wrong for the 2011 Sox.

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Anybody still feel confident out there we find anybody who's really feeling good about this. Now. Oscar's are you there are silent right now I'm telling a look at around the Roman -- Look at the call straight I don't see anybody popping up -- it's feeling good about it I mean. Just when you. I must tell you Michael. It's about the Red Sox and patriots the progress trust somebody getting to the patriot you notice that we got many are days there's gonna declare down. What do many other days -- -- the calendar this morning as the we have many other days to deal and discuss -- that monster now we can sit they're talking about. Them of being in panic mode. I I will save us. You watch these games every single night and you almost think even though two weeks ago a tocchet did not think the steam was going to make the the post season. Now I'm I'm I'm pessimistic that we're not even though to get the playoff game that I predicted last week on Thursday a macho that's going to happen. I don't see the -- losing either one of these games over the next two Neitzel. These are such you have to when Baltimore. The adult should get the feeling. As you watch these every night you shouldn't going this can't be. Just. Can't be happening -- this can't be happening against. The Baltimore Orioles because remember we had a conversation of the -- seventeen games -- one season at that point. And -- the rays have seven games left with the Yankees right and the Red Sox are seven left with your heels in got to think the Red Sox are gonna go. Five to do. I guess to yours and wanted to tell you I did not think they were capable of doing to put a winning five games. -- hear from -- here's the deal. They're worse than I thought they would pay two weeks ago on -- instead this -- Michael will not make the playoffs. There -- worse than what I thought. Because this is not like Tampa Bay what I thought was Tampa Bay with a great pitching would go on a really -- run credible run bright Red Sox would just be. You know right around 500 trying to. Trying to keep them off from Tampa -- what point slightly over 500 Tampa -- play good ball the reds are not playing average bull mediocre well above average but the Red Sox are horrendous. Terrible right now I mean. And the people keep on it on your people call -- 78 this is trust me -- live to seventy and it was on the during all of that this is far worse. -- I think. Even though there you look at this team that you say there's still good players. I think this was going to -- -- serious ramifications going full. Well how seriously mean and I think they're gonna blow up what they have got. And I think right now Michael look at they're pitching. They do not now. Pitching they won't blow up what they've got on the roster what they gonna do the first thing they do I disagree and if they -- of the economic playoffs first thing you do is. -- -- -- Stay notes -- -- Terry Francona and an unmistakable you know it would. About blowing it up what do you mean by -- blown up like the mistake I picked up while I'm not -- and not gonna blow up I think that will be a mistake a mistake number two. Would the firing the general manager -- allowing the general manager. To go take the cubs to a year ahead of the end of the expiration of his contract. And the reason I say that I'm not I exempting them from blowing. Because I think they both deserve blame in this general manager -- more than the field manager the players deserve. Of you know 80% of the -- right now we write at all of that and unfortunately you can't. Change all the players -- guess what I think they should try well. Although we applaud the exit if you're gonna blow this thing apart document Microsoft you can keep like here. In marketing and of course it that they're probably would -- if somebody would have come to them before this year's star before He knew the God's gonna haven't ERA. Over six if somebody came to him mr. we will give you. A couple of kids for John Lackey -- if they don't make the playoffs likely that the general manager in the manager here election. I want him gone I think is going to be the manager of having a minute then if they interface like the manager. And keep the general manager. Shame on John Henry shame on Larry Lucchino than they have no freaking clue about what to do one right or maybe they have a clue before the slump started. Because. They've had the opportunity to him some security and counter security they've chosen not to do that tells me. -- questions about a before the collapse of an obviously did not paying attention to the squad that the general manager. Has assembled. A guy. You went paid 86 million dollars. For right now the worst pitcher in the game. And. Otherwise it may not an exact ratio it's not an exaggeration got hurt John Lackey right now is the worse sort returned to litigate or it felt good charters. Where are you the worst. Pitcher in baseball right now He works. In the numbers bear it out. Of the 95. Pitchers in Major League Baseball that qualify now for any of your statistics -- enough inexperienced. He is 95. Last place earned run average 95. Last place in win. One point 62. And here's worst twelve and twelve record is a joke and why is fourteen wins last year was a complete joke that. Because last year because last year that. Because last year. He had one of the highest run support of any pitcher in Major League Baseball. Hopes. You -- this year. He's number one. You know what the run support is nine point 39. That's why he's twelve -- twelve Ericsson said total quality starts with winds should if He was what most other teams in baseball. It would Tampa Bay first of all -- Tampa Bay would be in her ear wouldn't man rotation that you can get under -- like most teams He couldn't get the rotation but. -- -- And in a rotation with some of these teams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we don't know that John Lackey -- when you start when you talk about blowing up the team. And you say John Lackey -- -- -- we don't know that to you move up from John Lackey let's say you're fired a no pitching like. Right so hot how do you blow this thing up that's back when I didn't dwell on it won't try to. -- it if you got if you make the mistake the assumption. And they've done it for two years now would change a which entry you're ready for this the Yankees have lost more men gains this year than the Red Sox. Okay stop it. I ate the feed into Joey and Mike from kitten and all the Yankee rats I think defeated to their rented a little game but guess what. They have a legitimate case stop with the injuries if they're gonna make an excuse it's a silly stupid excuses that doesn't work. Red Sox starting pitching now sucks for what everybody thought pick out. Let's dig out CEO. From February 18 again Andy let's get up from February if you're not a part of the solution brother you are part of the problem. Didn't tell me I just -- how problem got how that's -- of money but for all the people that are out Peterson -- gonna get rid of J. D. -- and gonna save his. Remember Adrian Gonzales has been playing for six million -- she. You know Crawford's playing for twelve or thirteen. All of those figures are gonna change -- -- the gonna bounce up and oh yeah a year from now. You gotta worry about your center fielder right now what's your best player what is He going to ask for in the. Open more teams like the Yankees and -- Red Sox. When you spend that much money when you go above let's say the numbers one and 403540. Million dollars. And you've got players like the Red Sox and yankees do not 2526. Year old stars for the most part but. Stars in their prime don't thirty years old like Carl Crawford. You know pushing thirty years old like. Jon Lester Jacoby Ellsbury 28 when you've got these guys either on the verge of getting paid or who are in the middle or at the beginning of long contract. In -- total payrolls is over 150 million dollars to implement -- massage the roster there's nowhere to go -- -- attention because because I. You gotta develop pitching other race race on the range easier team next year to effects and make better of course absolutely. The Red Sox are you -- for that seat that's why don't come -- blow out I don't get I don't -- and I -- ago I don't you I think they will blow up. Because they're gonna look at the marketing they know the patriots are going away they know they've got to fulfill advertising it innocent all the marketing. You know Dunkin' Donuts might come back next year we're gonna pay the same amount of money two years in a row and really getting. What Iain wanted aren't all of this when -- -- -- get my balls right now. Don't think so now on I think people are gonna drift away from the Steve you don't think people are loving it right now this like this team. That's not a good to have. People dislike the team but just for example. During this slump during this collapse. Bill Belichick football life was on TV most watch documentary in the NFL network but still out rated by what. Brilliance Obey you don't think you Michael. Still are written about Reynolds I'd hardly watch -- you you don't think it is brutal to watch you don't think they're watching you -- -- Red Sox are taking market. Hewitt here two years in a -- not make in the playoffs as dysfunctional it is now let me just make one point about this project -- this is what I'm worried about. Don't follow your everyday players. You're gonna be okay -- and I know I'm not gonna select Pedroia or any of these guys awful okay you've got some bad hitting and certainly bed. He's getting clutch situations they've been awful in a month of September I don't let them awful but that's not the problem with the -- You're okay with -- -- Your pitching is the problem they have the worst pitching in this month in Major League Baseball and over the course of the season it was. Less than average was lower than the league average so they're pitching is a problem. But where's the solution and how much ordered all Lackey. -- I don't wanna -- Mikey Josh Beckett. Again last night. You need him to be the case to be the -- can't get it done Jon Lester has been asked to go out there and be the stopper can't get it done. 34 times now off object itself and packets history let's look at packets sister up and down up and he's not an -- We all view them as the number three. Well and and Beckett number on your race. He can't know what for. Woolsey he's got a reputation for being an -- based on what he's in the post season twice capsule. And he's been incredible and policies and it's not 2011. At how do you expect the pressure doesn't quite a pressure situation right now and you thought He would step up. Winning games started to matter a lot in the games have mattered a lot the last few weeks for the Red Sox surprisingly. Another guy has stepped about YouTube you can. You can pretty much -- death penalty and you -- maybe then I'm capable of you could have predicted that. John Lackey was gonna struggle and that to wait for those who Waco kiowa island was I was I was gonna throw a -- because of the injuries like to see see Beckett. And Lester pitched like this down the stretch has been Shockey. And killer it's -- -- them killed them this is the reason that because let's face about Beckham's intimate -- let's face it. Even with Lackey pitching poorly even with -- and being thrown into a situation that he's incapable of of of of performing in. Even with with Wakefield struggling out there even with the -- anybody of these other arms that they threw out. Based on the fact that Tampa Bay is we played few games over 500 about the September. -- this this wild card berth was there it was there's it was standing right there to try and take it away. The reason that right now they're facing the possibility of not being able to reach out grab that while court because Josh Beckett. Jon Lester. Those are the guys that are supposed to be a top of the rotation aces let's stop. The bleeding there and they haven't done it even if you don't consider him to be -- Bass is big time basis for like one of those guys are both of them. And if you out of wraps off and the rat has continued -- -- and that's in this over and over legal come down. You're such an Yankee fan it's it's text and then why would any book. Watch this if your Red Sox fan -- obviously want this team to -- okay so the contrary is just because. It works for the notes and everything okay. And it works for. I'm sure they're tell you I want to -- when it always. Has come down. All right I'm not they don't David I have not -- -- -- say it all I'm saying and now I'm calm down I'm not -- on the Red Sox fan out there. You should feel the same should be looking at this -- saying. -- is going all of you should be angry about this am when I'm talking about next year I don't like him thrown hyperbole out on a it's a delegate. That going forward. -- the answer. I gotta go spend a hundred billion dollars for C. J. Wilson right now. And how confident do you feel He can pitch here in this environment this ballpark his neck of the media to throw more money out. You are you ready to where there's where they -- I would love audience I'll tell you the answer may -- is -- a multiple choice course you know the answer. Maybe I'll I'll explain -- gets a break right yes. I'll explain -- or at least answer. Is with somebody named Carmine. We don't have as much depth in certain areas as we'd like thank you always try to plan. For not just the 25 man roster but you ask yourself what happens if this guy assert what happens -- this that this guy is there -- our -- This combination of injures occurs obviously last year we couldn't withstand what we -- through but. They're starting pitching depth after our our top five guys we have Wakefield. Who who can start -- we have. Two bronze in May be in a position to start some games for us and we have -- -- -- who -- video we'll start some forests that. We don't have a lot of young starting pitching in the upper minors ready to step dance off I listed eight guys. The average -- team goes to ten or eleven starters over the course of the season so I don't know where those starts are gonna come from where we're gonna have to figure that part out. You need any never figured it out that's from February the eighteenth like about this you brought goes down with a -- injury a said He -- dated in the bullpen. Couldn't bring him in as a starter Chris your bullpen was so weak so you could never move him around and Wakefield was. 44. And and struggling to go out here and and win four. So what would -- me -- when I hear that. And we we've played it over and over again here in the past week. I think that was the general manager Theo Epstein being extremely honest on February 18. When people were ready to stay under 30510. Best team bar and sit there saying wait a minute. We've got this problem. Now He identified the problem of Michael beauty of a fixed. The problem. Now -- -- and fix a problem and I'm gonna tell you how how he's gonna fix it if He stays here. We refer to this earlier in the week or maybe it was last week the Sports Illustrated article. -- convert your chief Robert Ritchie. In the end you guys -- home. Though magazine -- Brad Pitt on the cover is the new money ball. -- -- which obviously spent a lot of time with Theo Epstein he's talking about of the Red Sox. Are the model now because they look for inefficiencies in the market they looked for holes in the market but they have monies and Billy Beane doesn't Billy -- had been to the playoffs in a long time in the Red Sox are perennial usually perennial. Playoff contenders. And the articles -- a lot of time in -- talking about Leo finding young talent. Draft double talent. And there was. Apparent medical literally maybe maybe three or four lines. Talking about. Going after freeagent it is there's and I am paraphrasing here what -- -- Theo Epstein if you wanna find a weakness is going after big time free agents. It comes something we gotta work on. And we go back to the rest of the story of how we got Casey Kelly how it would that come to a deal for Adrian Gonzales on and on. Go back to Carmine Carmine it's his computer that's what he's named his computer and all of this information. Annie EP. He tapped anything it to Carmine and Carmine gives an answer actually jumped like He paid Carmine I don't know what John Lackey made karma thing. And I don't know if the old has a habit of arguing with Carmine. It's time to argue with -- and maybe it was a virus that day they may be re wired him because that's the major criticism of -- He does -- know how to get major -- not have been go after these big time guys and see it flourish here in Boston. Not not in free agency he's done it via trade with -- agent Gonzales and Curt Schilling. In free agency there's a breakdown. There's something there's something in the computer. That is not really translated so you don't I would do if a power Leo and has -- -- -- last week. I would just abandon it. I'd I'd I'd abandoned free agency what He should they don't suck for the next don't know up at the way -- are you going games and actually the way he's been approaching it. The wrong approach He is going for the big hit in free agency he's done very well and trade. What I would do. Is -- should and it's a long time ago I went back what the Bronson Arroyo. This year Bronson -- here in. ERA over five remember they traded Arroyo. Still terrible deal appropriately and opening up a wreck I didn't think that cannot always look and justly but and they get a feel for cheap dollar cash as that was done. As bad as Arroyo is this year. John Lackey as worst general would you send the worst pitcher in baseball. So why not hold on to you if you could have a mediocre pitcher and bronze and I have every reason I think Bronson Arroyo would probably be. A mediocre pitcher at this point 334 years old. Have great stuff knew how to pitch year -- still. Back of the rotation guy -- Bronson Arroyo is your answer for me what I'm telling you is our next year. You go back you have Bronson -- for four million dollars think that was counter for five million dollars per season. Of the -- it was -- and Ricky started when you download that was less. So why not. Why not hold onto that money mediocrity Bertrand -- mediocrity vs experts of mediocrity what's the difference okay hold onto your guy a royal. Forget about looking at the John -- saying well. I know He was a one out there you'll be at three for a -- doesn't work which you need to do. What should have done it at all your eggs in the big time old school. Eighties basket get yourself and he's not a nice little picture. Not a guy who located. -- -- get it done and at the top of your rotation. Old school ace Roy Halladay. And Felix Hernandez is an -- -- gives you innings not gonna make excuses after the game. What they need they need a number one -- all this other stuff. Whether whether it's the -- opposition that's -- it when it comes down to with this team. Ports and Morgan your card real pace -- -- -- -- are gonna project doesn't matter. What does matter does because you're already spending almost 79 million. When you pitching this year so what 79 million and to project you wasted money before I'm -- stop wasting money line. I'm not sure that John Henry's going to have. On unlimited budget over the unlimited payroll especially when you're already in luxury tax territory. And with luxury tax this year they're gonna pay over a 180 million dollars. I know and tourism dollars have been death I pronounce his last name economic expert from. Out west things -- Williams a -- western Massachusetts. He's economic. But I would I would make a bet I'd be willing to say. That spending money. There's really no correlation between spending money. The back into the rotation spending a lot of money in the bullpen translates to. Increase increased numbers in other words. Why it's -- six million dollars a Bobby Jenks. Where you can go out and get a god of war Mike one million dollars and do the same job. Michael is it all attitude adjustment now it's it's a poor he's -- -- talent evaluating her. All of professional athletes of amateur athletes. Draft picks developing young players probably got a great track I don't believe well port because you don't get to the lowest. About a candidate just look at all of the eight if you're poor value waiter you talk about trains on on -- If you report evaluate her professional athletes you don't you can do can't be a Major League general manager. Michael He has generated I'm sorry if that's he's a Major League general manager -- he's a Majorly gentlemen -- and other a lot of work. Mayor Michael become a talk show I'll get you give to god it's been a success of these free agencies on site. You know down the entire list one after another He has thrown money out of Fear Factory -- -- the top guys suck up your number one guy out there in the market this year He signed it. Any -- not give him when He talked about the trades go to the trade this year. He goes out and and he's agent about it now the -- Gonzales deal even though by the way the numbers temperature argument. The the Gonzales is not hand. A great year he's got a very good year before. He's not had a great year. He struggled on September He has He has it poorly against new York and Tampa Bay to change you had to be the division. There's no human yet He he's been bad against him he's -- he's had a terrific year. Exactly instead of their rhetoric then or he's had a bat I thought it was gonna have an MVP year it's nowhere close to one of the pieces. He has not it'd be easy sell I was wrong I thought -- would be the MVP this year. Carry this team -- not carry this He has disappointment very good cause he's deter these are great yeah he's -- the big situations but you look at public Tampa -- over pretty and New York. Well let's look at his numbers in Tampa Bay in New York got against the Yankees 71 at bats batting average 183 on base percentage to 98. Slugging percentage 324 -- against Tampa 61 at -- one. 31 batting average to 93 on base percentage to 79 slugging it. Wins against Tampa Bay in New York count twice are there for Margaret -- like our monitors armistice hasn't been great but let's call he's been very. Rosie is right we need to come down here I think it and it techsters last week you know who you are can't remember where you're from attacks last week said it about right. He said Adrian Gonzales is way box. You feel that way blogs during September where you look at the numbers you see it on -- some years on base percentage -- 51 year was 476. Strife -- some of these six on base percentage. But I don't know I don't know -- agent based on that but you look I don't say that He was great He wasn't great to -- -- He was very good to -- officially -- and -- -- With -- Wade Boggs the numbers were off the charts but at times you felt like how was this really helping us right now we need to become a but the big hit here not a big walk. We need something so Adrian Gonzales has had those on those numbers or those check out moments against Tampa Bay in New York you're absolutely right but overall. I think it's great that you might have had terrific citizen. He said a terrific season He has not been great. He is not the MVP to meet. It's -- Jacoby Ellsbury has been great MVP he's carried this team many times during the course of the year okay end. Gonzales has not been. At that level was that it was at a terrific deal absolutely if you remember screaming for three years the -- that -- I wanna Benedict I'm not disappointed. But you can't look at what He did this year specially gets the two teams that -- to -- the division and I just gave you the numbers are pathetic. And say He can't be better he's got to be better than that it's gotta be better against new York and Tampa. He's gotta be he's an MVP candidate based on his skills set. He was not there. -- but you're your original point was that video cannot provide a Major League talent or. He's -- he's boring well no it's not he's making more and making free agent signings go to your -- His -- big time free agent signings He truly struggles. It and that's a -- Toronto pitcher when He had quit when that when the deal was available. Depict would dart or -- faster He picked the wrong god it's it's like going to it's like going to a -- and they and it's all you can eat. I'm not drawn -- exotic -- you're on I'm not but if our Lola we you know it is all it is all you can me. And -- the prices is. 99 so don't go back four -- -- -- and that's a problem with feel He has too many options he's got the resources. Is like some guy like yeah. Just what it only makes usual keeping him this claim it's only it's each. And it -- -- -- market any any makes the wrong choices when it comes to the big ticket items what I insist Herbert dark what I'm saying fishermen don't emotional cynical game. Made a mistake that is now a valuation He evaluated the got a -- by the -- Christians make it 46000. Dollars. And what does the -- making even the short period of time -- -- quickly and it's ridiculous point does not ridiculous double date that's. My job to evaluate the habit that He needed a. The same guy. Makes a mistake or make several mistakes in a value waiting players to go to to make the stretch. It took it to make that leap and say well. He can't evaluate players is ridiculous you look at. All of the top general managers in the game every single one of them including the competition 200 miles away. You'll give Brian Cashman and who he's gone after. Whether it's hobby or Vasquez whether it's Randy Johnson whether it's Kevin Brown. These guys have made Jason Giambi they've made some big mistakes do Jason Giambi was good for a -- for awhile and any follow -- well it'll choose. Okay so does does that mean He can't about -- talent these guys. I think I'm what I'm not gonna sit here and try to tell you that Brian Cashman has been great. As a talent evaluate all I know is Ramiro Mendoza -- Savard is that well Joel -- Matt Clement director -- Yeah wells David Wells is not in the same category as Carl Crawford job like him a job you did John -- to be -- the rotation guy for. He's the worst pitcher in Major League Baseball terrible and the last few years has -- though. But a big best run the support of any guy and make horrible mistake absolutely. But one mistake. It would be okay -- your -- he's making an argument and you can't make just one mistake Michael you heard his statement on February 18. When everybody else was gushing over the team and we head to dry down Mikey Adams on a daily basis about the prospects about how this team's gonna went to -- games and whatever. Everybody was excited. Theo -- Came out I believe that was on Dennis Kelly and joke and basically. Put a damper on everything but basically said. This is a problem He identified the problem He was right about identifying the problem that's not -- yet so He would. Right so He was able to evaluate bulwark and team He did okay PT correctly identified He said this is an issue we've got to deal. But He never fixed it. So I give him credit for identifying February 18 what everybody else was already poured champagne. But you can't give him credit. When the end of the season is upon us right now and you're looking at this pitching staff and say why didn't you -- it during the course this isn't He didn't fix it you know. And didn't pitch well to me this is what what He should stop doing great don't spend -- spend a lot of money you have to do it this year with -- -- want to resign but. Don't spend a lot you have to decide now don't don't don't spend a lot of money. Always you well well well hello what -- it to be finished. It's -- a lot of money on the Bobby Jenks types. On the Dan Wheeler types don't spend a lot of money on utility player. What they'd done that the past. With -- bill hall and they've made some really silly -- and I -- seven million dollars. It bring in my camera the most that a lot of money on that. It did about the all what you puny but today. Focus on one big ticket Idaho and that it is a -- stopper -- a bit Felix Hernandez. -- -- call the regular trading what you need you're gonna train your candidate you're gonna make it straight. And what are you gonna give up I would and it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter and matter what you give up if you -- so if Carmine is so proud of your farm system and you can bring in these different. I don't think are much problem for Charlotte just aren't systems not in great shape -- and -- -- well the -- three of their toxic -- well I don't I'm not much of the rest of Major League Baseball believes right now. That the Red Sox are in the position they were a year to go with a minor league system. It's a little bit different right now the Yankees may be in a better position than the Red Sox with a minor league system. To me that underscores the importance of developing your own with -- because it if you try to make your living you try to billiard club. Through feed through freeagent starting pitching. You're almost destined to fail we actually got and so we signed Beckett and Mikey back to back and and that was something that given the supply demand dynamic giving young pitching that we had around them. I believe made sense I believe wolf will prove out to be a big stabilizer this club over the next four years but it's not our preferred them off. -- I think it's it's hard to overstate the importance of cliff Buchholz and Jon Lester it's -- this team and in my -- at best homegrown 12. -- all baseball right now and and if we do some some nice things over the next four to five years that's going to be a -- reason -- She is just like it is not agree and you are promised He wants to go with these homegrown talent but where's the homegrown talent right now to take over as I can't have it go at the homegrown talent you don't have so what do you do for the next what three years if you're gonna go after -- gonna go after freedom appointments. John Lackey is not the guy you go crazy for. Gold it's gotta be somebody use that we've got to have money team I'll -- you can't go after a nice player in free agency has been a lot of money on. And they did that. Twice the last couple years that would after -- -- player and call -- efforts are not a great player. Very good player right but not I gotta have more on our roster I don't know what I'm gonna do with our core properties I want those guys. And John Lackey is not one of those guys either if you're gonna spend all that money in free agency you to say to yourself. Dammit like if this guy fails then the world is -- and because I just know. If he's healthy he's going to be great here wouldn't be great anyway here's the question after that guy if they C. J. Wilson thought the guys. Okay if he's not -- on Michael OK did you tell Red Sox Nation right now if they fail to make playoffs here in the next couple of days. What happens for the next couple years. You don't have to -- Or is Felix who brought that got no you don't have that guy. And you don't have that talent in your minor league system unless you wanna flush out Ellsbury a board or somebody like that -- -- -- multiple of those players in trades. To get that type of pitcher. They don't have pitching right now this is not just -- of everything September pitching is just blown out but all yearlong. They're pitching has failed. Why is Papelbon. Papelbon all season long has been dependable and -- through most of the season with the exception of last 56 weeks. Has been dependable. A set pieces and semi -- other than that. That it was for awhile now he's not. Lester took a step back but colts as a young kid with a back -- you don't know what that's going to lead to. And they couldn't go to the rest of the guys are also are also wanted to know what out of -- don't answer that how you win and turn it around and become a contender. Next year and the year -- Well there there's two ways you doing and one -- this is a word you don't like very much what's the one on this hope. And one -- and and hoping is solid page and let's go pray at the mangled did for a while sharp brain put. You hope that Clay Buchholz is not effective for the rest of his career with a back injury. And you hope that Jon Lester turns it around -- Every -- well of course you can tell you that bring. You better -- -- -- -- is it is an organization committed to put a 180 plus million payroll -- Just hope everything turns around what I heard the same thing what -- -- just hope that we're gonna be healthier sports. Of course you can't eat it there's no certainty and a big market like -- you about how much I'm not sure you you're gonna make. The people feel confident going in -- and get started you just heard in the clip that. Which you. I just coach I'm frustrated witness are just frustrated -- -- some Bigelow Green -- -- something that maybe you don't have too much Bigelow Green -- and takes up from two ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What did the bigger look he's not gonna do it's a wonderful -- it just not gonna do it for me right. I am not I mean. To see what is happened to this team and then to take it one step for its not like -- it's appearance a while all of their robotic. We. Maybe this is what packet is. Because over the last four years and up and down up and has -- -- he's got great stuff and at times He looks like one of the best left in -- pitchers in Major League Baseball. But sometimes He doesn't. Well that's what you wanna know something you talk about run support. Number seven in run support this year seven point 85 runs a game that's in Major League Baseball no excuses no excuses now. You talked about Leo and his ability to evaluate or inability. To evaluate talent greatly draft picks Michael what he's great young players what He talked about and that clip the last clip was. The best home grown 12 in baseball that's what He called. Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz so in other words that's what he's counting on if he's wrong. Obviously it's gonna cost him his job uses a -- -- at nine or ten of these guys you asked the question how'd they get better and action how to they contend next year. The answer is -- that clip if you're looking at from Theo Epstein perspective and his perspective is. We got a 12. And Clay Buchholz. And Jon Lester and then we get to it we can -- pieces around them but I would direct Carmine and that we can get to the calls here. I think Carmine. Really needs to evaluate. Not just the pitching coach want people talk about Curt Young to name is John -- I think that's just a small part of the problem. Oregon is part of the problem currently I'm not gonna survive but the but the did you know that He won't -- I don't know that but the bigger issue is. And it's not an -- case volume may be right it's not just the Red Sox it's all the Major League -- its most teams in Major League Baseball outside of taxes. Most teams have determined that this is how we're gonna treat our pitchers. Most teams have said -- clinic complete games don't matter anymore there -- only so many pitches and pitches arm that's true. I know it's not true that's why no such other teams I have complete -- and yet I don't tampered horse until Nolan Ryan believes in Texas but for the most part Major League Baseball. Teams have we've talked about it for many years or the Red Sox at the fewest complete game didn't individually about Dick Dick Raddatz talked about it. You making excuses for the original. It's not the rest of Major League Baseball it's the Red Sox don't have complete games if you if you are probably one more time I swear when it comes on here almost it almost did write constantly cricket got any to finish the point. Making excuses my point is they need to bring in guys. Who can't train pitchers to go 24260. Innings. In a season. Asking for. 1970s. Were guys were 2.3 hundred. 315 innings I'm asking for 250 Roy Halladay has grown to fifty and we said when He was in Toronto. Our man He can't keep that up at her for a while any bounce back any horse. That's what I'm saying they need in the mentality. -- -- -- the guy who has that mentality that want the ball you're not gonna take it from me I don't deserve to have it taken from John Lackey. I'm doing the jobs don't leave me alone skipped. That mentality of trickled down to the rest of -- -- and they need somebody who had the ability to do that it I think John Lackey has that mentality. He didn't have the skills to match it and they declined get a guy who's got those -- Michael. It's the ability to send. Editor leeward ability to stance toward. I don't have it. Their pitchers can't get them right now into the fifth inning nevermind the 67. It's not it's because they're not good enough. Pitching on this team is not good enough it's not a all league wide problem. -- pitchers -- doing. -- can't get last night James Shields went eight and two thirds innings why. Because one he's got the ability. To they needed him to do it. It's not capable of that right now -- is not capable of that -- he's not get none of them have the ability to do what. -- pitching Sox. That's their problem Jane she about it -- our pitching is. Problem James Shields has abilities that Jon Lester and Josh -- don't have I don't think so I think it's a mentality. I think it is in music training regiment. I think they need to overhaul that whole thing so this is this involves the pitching coach and the medical staff. And the strength and conditioning staff it is a new attitude -- let's do we throw that. We're up to him and sort of -- audio equipment is quick of the body -- the push the button Ellsbury Pedroia Ortiz. Gentle Lowrie will be your cleanup hitter. Gonzales said He number five Brian love foreign away will be batting over sixty will be your catcher tonight. Darnell McDonald plays right field Carl Crawford. And Marco scooter row bats ninth. Not a scary line. To the phone calls and I apologize. Michael I would get into it if it wants it wants Connecticut. In total that. Still hoping He throws that -- bleep out there you go and a new home opener is and we need a little -- like you from her yet it is crystal would -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah its reluctant I was thrown one that I I think -- to complete slush from the top down I need bald guy young. Straight all right CEO. -- direct -- yet and signed anybody weren't valuable anatomy a month. You know it the whole organization right I see trick or sit -- that that -- -- -- policy. President promptly. That is a drop I still the pressure up. And the acquisitions like Michael said they they need to take. A look at some -- approach over the top not to the top over the. So why are we talking about the players while talking about the pitching staff what is what is Josh Beckett done. When it's counted here granted he's got a pretty good season is that an actual season and then suddenly when it all counts may maybe he's not adorable and maybe Michael's right he's not durable enough to put it ordered fifteen a -- when He went. What do you do about Jon Lester should they be better news. Absolutely -- already got any political suicide it's got 200 million dollar payroll and you get it setup guy -- you about that story nine. If you got five or six or rent. Well you can say that -- when getting out of that you -- -- that you can do it to follow it honestly anyone of these guys we could we could play that game. Here's -- on a cellphone what's up them. What I allele. Couple what I think are reasonable exit that are the key moving forward and it -- chasing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that you can't. He can predict the. So couple that won an award for people like Beckett who get tired -- hundred pitches when media and throw 130. And a guy who we are now at September and a guy who ankle sprain -- -- the -- fat people. Okay here's the big I think. No one can make it for real audience it. Aren't -- Believe -- not going forward He will lose fifteen pounds. You gotta get you brought in the rotation next year you need to lose some weight. Well you need to take into by the widget now he's picking apart right it would it would -- J. -- And you make them smarter and got three pitches he's young that's the model you restart now -- getting young arguably the least integrated -- -- good. You know what I want that one makes sense -- -- no one makes sense to me it's so difficult they are in a position where. I think they're gonna find they're gonna have to get very lucky if they wanna find a good starter and that's something you probably episode of not when you do that. You suddenly have to understand that you're set up guy a very important role. An -- gonna have to spend a lot of money on Jonathan Papelbon something I guarantee you. That these. Front office people never ever ever expected. They were going to be in a position where they were going to have to tie up Jonathan Papelbon -- multiyear contract -- don't have to do. Yeah but they don't like doing that because -- great. Risk with closers are giving a lovable -- on this great risk with the most closes but if you know the guy. You've raised again which they have. I think it's worth. Spend some money on him especially here big marketing do you think they had any it's just -- just Diego can't do it San Diego can do it right now would Jonathan Papelbon because there. They're -- San Diego. Tampa couldn't do it. Pittsburg Kansas City couldn't do it but but the Red Sox -- -- they do out of the last couple years when we have the opportunity to. I think. This is probably given them a they probably changed their philosophy here or watching went to today not see over the last few years if they knew this guy they saw and did this they saw declines than they saw bounced back I don't think the point -- I think they giant ball was capable of about -- let's remember very. Offered a contract Mariano Rivera. And I don't think was a Brian Cashman trying to drive up the prices don't they really -- to -- it fits in in novels ago nobody wanted to give try to sign a forty year old closer. Right to big money. -- a bit short short short two year but it was still on money for a closer so let's does blow up that whole thing of we don't pay closers big money Michael to simply going to do it's a simple answer why they did have not done the -- the palpable on. Because they never wanted to do they do not have trust and closer and they we're not it's certainly in him. And they thought He was a loose cannon. And they -- not willing to give them a multi -- country even though they give a lot of other guys multiyear contract before. There were eligible for free agents who were wrong answers are no nice program know the reason they have to do it right now. The choice. They can't they can't let him go they can't afford to. This far too much to lose here if they do because that means they have to put Daniel Bard -- -- -- board fails. In the pitching that you already have on this team. They'll be a bigger disaster they have to sign Papelbon He has all the leverage. They have Q but suppose Papelbon gets a better deal elsewhere -- goes elsewhere then they're really scored. -- Republican happened. And they -- the bombs and I'll tell you what they're back they're gonna pay him a lot more worse than they ever thought they would have to play him.