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Jul 20, 2011|

Today in hot & muggy Baltimore, we've got Joe Castiglione, Jon Rish, Dale Arnold, Terry Francona and WEEI.com's Alex Speier...getting you ready for today's Red Sox/Orioles Matchup.

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Good morning everybody and welcome to our network studios. Matinee affair and all the are Red Sox and Orioles on -- For the series decider and what will wrap up a six game road trip it is the Herb Chambers many pregame show. Andrew Miller -- get the start for Boston today the lefty is on -- opposite right hander Jake Ariana shooting for win number ten with an earned run average over five. For the -- coming up on the pregame show will check in the with manager Terry Francona will take your text and 85850. Your calls toll free dated eight. 5250850. Would get two separate busy afternoon and evening. Around Major League Baseball with -- our trip around the majors and of course. All of WEEI dot com's Alex -- live from Camden yards for the clubhouse insider that's coming up in just a short bit but right now. Let's take you down Oriole Park at Camden Yards and -- game. We've joked mystic -- and Dale Arnold. Guys are you -- at least for the moment. You know how in April John Joseph would leave the windows closed until the very last minute -- the cold air couldn't command. Today's leaving the windows closed until the very last minute to leave the hot air out there. At and whether any debate Joseph are they gonna open up before -- -- -- -- I don't mind He you know and that that it's going to be. Heat index of 109. -- -- -- damn well which which leads to the question when does it become something that is interesting and noteworthy to something that is potentially. At least dangerous and can affect the guys in the field and we saw what Roy Halladay leaving game in Chicago the other day due to the heat. If brutality has to leave the game due to the heat you think it could affect anybody. That's right disease probably the best conditioned guys in the games certainly one of the hardest workers and we asked if Francona about that -- -- hydrated today -- the trainers so. Watch guys very closely -- did cramped -- a couple of nights ago when. They'll just have to monitor things very very closely -- got to feel sorry for is port Jason Varitek yes. You know the sixteen inning game the other night Sunday night in Tampa. Has the day off here and then now today He gets to catch this game in what will be heat index of about a 109. Varitek is in the lineup. Josh Redick is in the lineup and He is in right field J. D. Drew -- in this game should we read significance into this as we move forward. Possibly we'll see what happens Friday that'll be -- much more run telltale I think. When David Ortiz returns. Today game after Nike -- You know drew would doesn't always play in those situations. Even with a -- going today but Friday I think will be yet pretty much good indicator. And probably we should also note his spot in the lineup He is hitting -- -- David Ortiz serving the final game of his three game suspension. Enter Francona has taken the opportunity guys to use the DH and spread a -- that over these three games Jacoby Ellsbury getting a slot Carl Crawford. Today it's Adrian Gonzales has turned it. Who played but get a bit of a break I was actually curious about that the other day I wonder when the last time was a DH in the American League hit lead off. Because I'm guessing until Ellsbury did it the other -- it probably hasn't happened. I think got a game ended it but -- this past week to -- DH is a lot leads off for the rays for remember right that's correct. But yeah usual and now. Although of you know sometimes -- when the National League teams player that an -- Specific the H of course since I don't have a role but He had a lot of guys that there would not be your prototypical. DH is and then that's happened on occasion. And we'll see Kevin Youkilis played first base something He hasn't done very often this year but I think he's played there what maybe once or twice all season long. But He looked comfortable there forever call the one -- went back. Yeah I started July 6 against Toronto this just be a second start over there but. He has been seen was making that transition I really think it had as as as much to do today with traffic. Give Gonzales a bit of a break I don't Joseph and and -- have talked about how Gonzales has struggled coming out of the all star break up physically run Downey was with the travel. Not given him the day off today but at least He doesn't have to stand out on that field in the heat all game either. Well and you watches swings and their very -- Adrian Gonzales like swings tentative swings. Check swings and we're so used to the exact opposite from him. I was Terry Francona -- Telus shortly he's been swinging it's a bad pitches he's left the strike zone more often than they've seen. But he's not gonna be 360 hitter in the you know this might be more realistic. Finally guys up a thought Andrew Miller in this seems to need to be somewhat of an important start for him given that. In his last two starts He didn't get a lot of swings and misses no strikeouts in fact in either of them. And the walks which have been a career long problem for him creeping back game. For two starts ago five in his last start in his last start was his toughest as a Red Sox player I was against the rays down at saint Pete. I think he's faced 43 American League hitters so far and hasn't struck one out yet. John you talked about the lack of swings and misses and and that's been really evident -- him in these American League games. I think I will be watching today and I'm sure Terry Francona -- Young will be watching control issues because that was a real problem his last outing. Alright guys thanks so much stay -- -- -- back to so -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- and -- although the called us from comes your way just about an hour from now in Baltimore it is the rubber game of this series. Red Sox took two of three in Saint Petersburg beating the rays in the rubber game. Early in the morning on Monday they'll need a win if they're going to have a winning road trip if they drop the decision today they'll drop the series and they'll come home 33 -- -- six game swing. If making get the -- it'll keep the streak alive in which they have -- every single road trip since their season opening road trip of course when they went 06 but since then they have -- every single trip that they have departed on but the only the victory today Andrew Miller has -- are now sitting at 56 -- relatively small sample size the last couple -- not particularly encouraging. Against Jake Ariana and -- right hander won't get the ball for the Orioles this afternoon. Well -- match were taking a telephone calls dated 852 fives nearly fifty won't get to some your taxes will be 5850. And we are Wednesday with the non. Waiver trade deadline a week from Sunday and LB you're running theme. As we move through the next week and a half what do the Red Sox need to do. What might the Red Sox do and -- of the Red Sox. Draw all the law and we're seeing things play out in right field. Essentially before our eyes we just discussed -- is their significance in Redick getting the start today. I think there's probably less significant -- -- getting the start in right field today over J. D. Drew as there was by watching. Where Terry Francona batted Josh -- in the lineup but the last few games what happened when there was a pinch hitting situation played the game wasn't -- to his penchant -- He was J. D. Drew -- -- but as -- accurately pointed out I think we're going to see even more when the log -- becomes a little -- there's no DH to spread around come Friday night David Ortiz will be back in that role in the Red Sox return home to play against the Mariners at Fenway Park. And we're going to have to wait and see who goes in right field than I can tell you the Red Sox will see two of the three better pitchers that the Mariners have on their staff. This weekend Felix Hernandez will start on Friday night they have not announced a starter yet for the Saturday night game. But on Sunday it'll be Michael Pineda an outstanding rookie righthander for the Mariners so you're going to see the two best. In three of the games that the Mariners have to offer both right handers in terms of pitching Red Sox will go with Lackey Beckett and Wakefield Friday Saturday Sunday this -- game with Jon Lester set to make his start. On Monday I against the royals well on. Tuesday night it was a frustrating night at least offensively for the Sox. And -- put out of reach with a consecutive shots in the eighth although Fred Ellis Davis turning a 321 run game into a six to Baltimore wins setting up the series decider in the heat. At Camden yards this afternoon when we come back we will visit -- WEEI dot com's Alex spear. That's -- clubhouse insider and that's after this delisting of the Herb Chambers many pregame show all the WEEI Red Sox radio network. Yeah we're trying to would be even out. Trying to balance. Keep our lineup intact and also given -- guys from -- who we have have some. Some longer nights and some disjointed schedules. So -- -- to -- DA's move you go over to first voted tomorrow and his fresh legs and -- -- there. The Red Sox will be without David Ortiz for the final time at least for the foreseeable future this afternoon in Baltimore off day tomorrow poppy expected back. In his usual spot in the DH. In the lineup on Friday night at Fenway Park -- him He gets Felix Hernandez in the -- first time out of the -- it is the Herb Chambers many pregame show first things first Red Sox and Orioles this afternoon. Andrew Miller gets the ball for Boston he'll be opposed by right hander Jake Harry and it right now it is time for the clubhouse insider and for that we will demand that. WEEI dot com's Alex -- And I guess in this case in Baltimore Alex it's not really dry heat isn't. Oh god now it's look at it it's a sweat box here it's pretty impressive but it it's it's kind of what is also impressive is not only to see. A couple of the Red Sox throwing throwing bullpen sessions which is meaningful. Well I guess Jon Lester threw a bullpen session -- buckles was just kind of doing some. Shadow throwing in the bullpen by some of their teammates actually made the schlep out the -- and just to hang out while they were throwing their side sessions so I give them I give them kudos that was that no small feat to weed out through that the. Title planned for clay was a 120 feed off of flat ground today with the bullpen coming up on Friday a ball went well. For Jon Lester this is what this is the last regular bullpen session many would go and throw a side. In preparation for his scheduled start on Monday. No He would probably have one more one more side session they do need to rebuild him a little bit to get him back to the point where He can. Where He can take on you know a reasonable workload when He returns to the mound on Monday they'd like to be able to have him. You know confidently throw 88 and ninety pitches. In that start on Monday and so there there'll be a little bit of rebuilding that needs happens so. There'd still be time for another side session or perhaps even a simulated outing or something before between now and then. It is a daily occurrence we talked about it every day all day long it seems sometimes about trade possibilities and it's gonna stay that way for at least another week and a half. I get an interest in peace and Carlos Beltran in an opportunity to talk to him. At the all star game -- you win back a little bit which I thought was somewhat revealing at least in terms of how He perceives the Red Sox and how He went through the possibility of being treated last time around. More so about. About how He perceived the possibility of being treated because the last time that He was traded. The interesting kind of commonality with the Red Sox is that his general manager in Kansas City. In 2004 with Allard Baird who's now who's now in the front office with the Red Sox and Beltran enjoys a great relationship with -- they kind of came up through the royals system. Together oppose Beltran as a minor leaguer and in -- kind of into positions of growing responsibility but. -- kind of set them aside at a certain point when the rumors started affecting. Beltran and -- Look tune everything out if something's going to happen I'm gonna tell you what's going to happen. Don't pay any attention to anything else in so Beltran felt comfortable about going out and playing. And He played is going to be a very very valuable chip that summer a guy -- in the Red Sox had a lot of interest in at that time and really. The Red Sox have had interest in Carlos Beltran on multiple occasions. Over the years but when He was with Kansas City and when He was with the Mets. But they weren't able to consummate a deal at that time they were in you know they they were offering Kelly Shoppach in Kevin Youkilis. And at the time you -- didn't look like He projected to be a middle of the order hitter He looked like a guy who might be a line drive hitter who drew a lot of walks had a nice on base percentage but wasn't really. The middle of the order run producer and so. The royals ended up taking on Mark Teahen and in John Buck in a three team deal. Beltran meanwhile ended up changing teams in just being a force of nature when He got to the Astros. Less so during the regular season and during the post season when He hit an incredible eight home runs in twelve games so he's a guy who's shown an ability to change. To change the outcome of a pennant race and of -- of a post season in a year in which He was traded but. I'm it was interest in going back in talking about that time with Beltran and how it managed data and what it meant for him to be able to take part in a post season race. And you reported just a short time ago that. Beltran has not been asked to waive his no trade clause at least at this point which. In and of itself might seem like not a big deal because He probably would -- it however. It does give some indication as to where the Mets are in terms of possibly making a deal if they were close that would've done that by now you'd think. Right there are still sifting through suitors and he's not going to be asked to waive his no trade cause until there's a deal in place. So it remains to be seen whether or not as much as He said He would love to go to a first place team in the Red Sox. There's still no guarantee that He would do that without any kind of compensation. Typically even guys who you know Mark Kotsay couple of years ago. I've got I think you know a hundred or 150 grand out of waiving his no trade clause to come to the Red Sox is -- bench player. In the middle of August so. Guys like to use these military causes towards towards you know. Ends that are very beneficial towards them -- and it remains to be seen whether or not Beltran would would be any different but. On the -- the Mets are still kind of sifting through their offers. He is the best bad available on the market this coming days yet in this trade markets. In so and so they're going to shoot high they're gonna be shooting for relief prospects in return for a guy who's been a very very good hitter this year. What about the Phillies have been there another team that is rumored to be in on Beltran and aggressively pursuing him they would seem to have a bigger need. -- in right field and be in their overall offense than even our. Sox -- let's not lose sight of the fact that the Red Sox have the best offense in the majors so that kind of -- their needs a little bit. They also have a guy in Josh Redick has been. Outrageously good in his in his time in the majors and of course you have to qualify that by saying you know it's a relatively short sample and whether or not it's sustainable for the longer -- another question but. You know you can see them getting production out of right field now which is something they weren't doing earlier this year when. The interest for them in a guy like -- might have become more acute. As for the Phillies yeah I think that it's a situation for them where. And I think for other teams for that matter as well the need is just going to be greater for a guy like -- and so it'll be interesting to see whether or not. Are -- whether or not supply matches demand with the Red Sox and the Mets because. I I think that there's a big question about whether or not there'll be a fit between. What the Mets ask for and what the Red Sox are willing to offer or even if the Mets -- the Red Sox having the kind of prospects they would want. At all in not in a deal for Beltran how about the star. And pitching market near the list of names available in the starting pitching market at least the name can figure would be likely to be available. Weren't that impressive and then you hear of although Jimenez his name pop in there and now this morning. And -- -- only had a piece for ESPN in which He mentions that the rays of quietly made it known that James Shields would be available. Now all the sudden you think wow James Shields he's having a pretty good year and he's under team control. For relatively reasonable dollars for the next several years. That's a name like command as a Wii game is signed to a reasonable contract now all of the sudden. Things would get interest. There's no doubt that there that the closer we get to July 31 in his -- kind of have a reality check about where they are in the pennant race that you might see a couple of other names. Floated around that said you know they're going to be they're going to be just that floated as potentially available but the cost of acquisition. For those guys who suddenly become interesting. Is huge because you're talking about the rays looking at you know looking at a couple of seasons in which they have in which they have -- -- use shields is the guy to help them compete. So in order to part with them you better give you better be giving back something that's really really good. And and so the Red Sox are gonna check on all those guys let's also keep in mind. Those bit with you know deals inside of a division against you know potential competitors. As would be the case with the rays and Red Sox oftentimes you extract a little bit more of a pound of flesh that you do with with other teams that are outside the division when. Your guy doesn't have a chance to come back and hunt you with quite the same frequency so. I have no doubt the Red Sox are exploring everything available. All of the names that could help them but that is no that's certainly not a guarantee that they're going to be able to do anything in I will break this news I talked to a source. With knowledge of the situation who said. That the Red Sox do not have a trade in place for Felix Hernandez and Ubaldo Jimenez. That's -- -- -- year ago and people ask it seems like it's a -- a yearly thing everybody Seattle about Felix Hernandez and every year they say. No we're not interested in treating him and it seems to be the case again this year -- there again. A team that is not in contention. As far as the race goes I mean from what we know about Tampa Bay. Nothing that happened right before the all star break this week -- against the Red Sox were happening right now against the Yankees. He has any of that altered their thinking moving forward word these guys whether it's opt in -- shields. Those guys always in play because that's just the way they do things there. Yep I think it it was really interest in reading about the way in which the -- approach that sort of thinking in the in the book the extra 2%. About how they're willing to move guys who they have. They're willing to trade and trade assets who are very dead. In order to get better they believe in this in the idea of a symmetrical valuation and finding you know finding guys -- other teams value more highly than them even good players moving them in order to get better for the short term and the long term and they've been. A really good team at accomplishing that goal in in meet your trade so. They're kind of getting a reputation as a team that you you deal with very carefully because because of the kinds of returns they've gotten on guys like Matt Garza. That -- by a bit of you know been really really impressive. Now that's very true all right Alex thanks so much we'll talk to assume senator John thank you WEEI dot com's Alex beer. Not recover from Baltimore this afternoon as the Red Sox and Orioles wrap up the series. In enemy shields an interesting one you think -- the pitchers the rays have let go cast -- let him go exactly the right time. Garza they've let go Edwin Jackson and other guys they've let go. Now maybe this could be the high point to sell on James Shields is having a great here He looks like a top of the rotation guy but is He really. Where would this be a case of selling high on James Shields and interest in want to think about. State tour when we come back we'll hear from manager Terry Francona we'll get some you're -- 85850. Rollover trip around major leagues as well socks and those -- the way from Baltimore and Herb Chambers many pregame show. One WEEI Red Sox radio network. Well commander network studios everyone and welcome back to the Herb Chambers many pregame show -- the Red Sox and Orioles get ready to withstand the -- On steamy Oriole Park at Camden Yards rubber game is on the way hander -- lefty on the mound to make a second post all star game starts. He'll be opposed by right hander Jake Ariana coming up on the pre game show we will hear from manager Terry Francona. That comes your way in just a few minutes would get to set free busy afternoon and evening of baseball. Yankees memories plate tonight we'll have that in our trip around the major leagues but first. Let's -- ten seconds for station identification. On the WEEI Red Sox radio network. It is Herb Chambers many pregame show -- short chance and -- Herb Chambers experience the difference giveaway visit her chambers giveaways dot com. To register today we'll get to some mortgage -- just a couple of moments you can text to -- 5050 but before we do that we had back down Baltimore. And check in once again -- dale Arnold and -- obviously between now and a week from Sunday will be talking a lot of trade possibilities a lot of that we absolute baloney. But when you look at this Oriole team. DC any pieces that they could leaving move because. -- it's obvious that they're not playing forward this year probably not next year or maybe even a year after that I mean. Is there anything they could do with peace is that they have that could help the long term. We'd like to think that that they'd be looking a little more long term as you said John and -- pavement playing for anything for a number of years here in Baltimore I've got to think that there are a number of things that are available for teams. But everybody's looking for relief pitching I don't know how much this relief staff here that's been one of the things Showalter is undertaken -- Complete rebuild of I don't know how many of those guys they'd make available. I -- you start to look around and and they players that they have that they don't even wanna touch. Guys like Carty and mark -- -- Jones would be very attractive for teams but I can't imagine Baltimore would be interest that. I mean Reynolds at third base may be if you if it's an all or nothing kind of back that you're looking for but I'm not sure that He be available later. After had a spot may be -- DH is not a particularly good defensive third and Koji -- harm might be a guy and the pirates have been linked as maybe being interested in him. But it is it's it's kind of that kind of caught in no man's land mean. Maybe Jeremy Guthrie but now he's just average but it's a very average starting pitching market. There's not a lot they can do we even if her team that -- really isn't going anywhere. And you look at this team and you've been around Baltimore now for a couple of days and it's so the Red Sox fans on our offense. You know I was saying to these guys so I walked over from the hotel last night about 6 o'clock and three of every four people and I was walking -- is on the street had Red Sox gear on. You sit here in the in the stadium during the introductions of starting lineups. And the Red Sox players get more of -- hand that Orioles players do I'm looking down their on the third baseline now over near the Red Sox dugout it's all red. You don't see much orange and -- pilot to the other side of the field I don't see much orange either. This is a place where He used to be 40000 people every single game. They're hard pressed to get 2829. And they only do that when teams like the Red Sox and yankees come to town I -- thank you and do your best to stay hydrated. I'm gonna do that and keep these windows closed and to -- first pitch. We're taking -- -- and a 5850. And one text that's pretty consistently most people want Josh Redick in right field right now a -- more often and and that's the position quite frankly it's hard to argue with this point one thing though that I am curious about it and it's to some degree unanswerable question me think back. -- made a brief appearance in the major leagues back in 2009. And while when He watched him play back then. Very young 22 at the time looked like He had to kind of talent but was also a little bit. Overmatched at that point Tommy was there a little earlier than I think most people expected -- last year in 2010 and Ryan Kalish kind of LeapFrog over Josh Redick in terms of where they stood in the position rankings that'll necessarily look the same we look at them physically but in some ways. They are similar types of players in terms of their skill set now this year obviously. Calif who spent the ball of this season injured if you would have asked most people entering 2011. Who would have been higher on the chart in terms of prospects would have been careless and then would have been rhetoric. Maybe there's not much separation between the two but you probably -- ranked them that way now moving forward. If you don't make a move that is probably going to be erratic out there more often than not until He gives you a reason not to play him. Every day moving forward by. What if the move that they're looking to make. Intel's trading a young outfield -- most teams would be hesitant to touch Kalish. Because he's been hurt so much this year erratic could be peace. -- -- -- Good enough to be an everyday outfielder for contending team like Boston would probably look very good. And a lot of other teams that are not contending this year a young outfielder with some upside and depending on what you've got back. Would you mobile and I think this is where comes in with the Red Sox being able to identify and of valuing their own guys because if you think that. Hey you're not concerned with the long term future -- should his injury the shoulder problem and be careless really is. A better prospect than Josh -- and you have an opportunity to upgrade yourself this year than you trade rhetoric. He can -- both sure you can but you know we replace him both. But you keep both and going to next year and trying to figure out okay which one is better for you. Long term and short term and you probably whichever guy does not win out you devalue him and He doesn't become as valuable piece. And moving forward. But that's certainly one way you can go to keep both make that termination later or if you're comfortable. And -- these guys in your system for awhile so nobody should know more than knew which guy is better. And you can identify that right now the next -- long lane determining how you approach whether or not you move rhetoric at the trade deadline. It's better than kill bush is not going to be better than hellish how worried are you about -- should shoulder injury and think those are all interest in things. Moving forward and how they try and figure out right field just for 2011. But which trade piece who's gonna be right fielder in 2012. Right now it's time for our conversation with a manager Terry Francona is brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care making health care work better but that the -- let's talk healthcare dot war. Here's domestically -- But they don't final day of this trip. And really -- pretty long one when you consider what happened with the sixteen inning game my was -- a little bit of the fatigue factor last night do you think. While I think Google but -- Guthrie factor viewers through ball well. Idol bye -- and that you know lose tyrant on you know the guys they play the game the -- before. -- their -- ninety point tool blurred and other flights. But I lethal but score runs Rio we just we we complain about game we didn't put enough probable. Adrian Gonzales has been in a little bit of a slump right now for his standards and and I know people question a home run derby but -- this is gonna happen of course disease. I don't know how many users can go to a season hit 360 you know use it was such a torrid pace that at some point. The law of averages kind of catch up with media who's right now He chased some balls out those old programs in due for a while. -- lucky at times and -- well line six inches while. Battle full plays into it sometimes you get a -- you miss it and and you don't you -- it's chemicals like but. If that's our biggest war room and today Iain -- a little bit of a break is a DH. We're trying to would be out. Trying to -- Keep our lineup intact and also given -- guys from us who we have some. Some longer -- and some disjointed schedules. Or gone -- DA's move you gold for quoted Navarro is firstly there there. And -- -- in right batting fifth easily swing it well areas system whether Friday's -- right now he's just about been on everybody's probably deserve to -- -- explore. The heat index is gonna be over a hundred today -- He was so rare to see may be the best condition pitcher in the game Horry -- day you have to leave the game cramping up but what do you do to try to -- You know medical staff really tries as they found that it -- guys not only today's game with the night before. Curriculum -- not now all but certainly -- watering eatery things like that. And during the game of the ammonia water route there. They really try to keep these guys you know keep some liquid in him and keep refreshed -- rightful figured it was career numbers not much you can do -- -- starts. How about the pitcher -- and the catcher course they're right said. There and it's -- us army uses so you know again we try to prevent it more than anything -- blogs are kind of battle appeal. Andrew Miller got a win last time -- faced his club Bob but He has had a lot of walks lately. Does He strike one of course is always critical. It -- for any -- again you know. Team with that lanky body and a delivery there's going to be some moving hours. But the more He pizza delivery of the mortars using pitch -- arms flawed and Hughes and more consistent success. They have Marietta going out last time He worked for walks and they got him out of there before the fifth inning. The whole idea of usable and before they wanna do -- and normally your producer battle through it. -- -- -- -- -- Let's go back. Alright Joseph thank you Terry Francona has brought to you buying any AT&T -- that was possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband networking AT&T rethink possible Red Sox logos on the way. We'll be back with more in just a moment almost into the Herb Chambers many pregame show on WEEI Red Sox radio network. I pitched well luckily unfortunately reading in the rest for the -- anybody who want. You battled his tail off and force him into one beneficial Reynolds and -- payment and pay for it. We can -- enough. Kyle island as Josh Redick notes did indeed at least give the Red Sox an opportunity to win them. They were unable to pull it out in Baltimore last night looking to bounce back this afternoon it is the Herb Chambers -- pre -- show stay tuned after the game for the SP -- no nonsense post game show. SP alive affordable dependable life insurance made simple quick look at our league leaders feature we're gonna look at walk rates -- will do in terms of percentages. And by that I mean the percentage of batters that a pitcher faces the deal to millions of walking the best in the American League is Josh Tomlin of the Cleveland Indians only three point 1%. Of the batters He faces and of walking. Dan Haren three point six Jeff Francis of the royals four point four Carl Pavano four point six David Price. Four point nine they round out the top five best for the Red Sox among qualifiers. Josh Beckett 31 the American League seven point 3% which is a little bit better than the American League average the average pitcher. In the American League walks eight point 2% of the batters He faces now if you flip it around and look at the bottom of that list. In terms of walked percentage you'll see one of the pitchers pitching today -- nine -- Miller who you would suspect because. He is among the non qualifiers Jake Ariana is a qualifier and He walks a lot of and a half percent. Of the batters He faces the only two qualifiers in the American League with worst rates than him. Francisco Liriano with the twins twelve point three. Tyler chat would young pitcher for the angels twelve point three after Ariana comes AJ Burnett. And then GO Gonzales rounding out the top five Jon Lester. Has the eleventh worst walk great among qualifiers even though. The rate is just a tad bit over the American League average He walks eight point 4%. Of the batters He faces these naturally talented players -- brought to you by Poland spring brand 100% natural spring water. The official bottled water the Boston Red Sox Poland spring -- better only from carefully selected natural springs please remember to recycle trying approved -- These text quickly a lot of them talked about Josh Redick one asks. Are the Red Sox showcasing Redick in anticipation of treating him my answer would be no. Could trade a short but I don't think they're playing and showcase him I think deploying him because he's their best option. In right field right now another says don't trade -- is only going to get better let's not pulled Jeff Bagwell. I don't think he's going to be that portable player but -- you know with a -- Good player he's going to be. And certainly you would expect him to get better. He's 24 now. What He turned out to be a Bagwell I don't necessarily think so I don't think that necessarily going to give him away for a relatively. I am pedestrian middle reliever either. Will be -- system that we still have our trip around the major -- to go and we're getting set for the Red Sox and Orioles finale of this three game series hot and steamy Baltimore's the Herb Chambers many pregame show on WEEI Red Sox radio network. First pitch Red Sox and Orioles in about fifteen year -- -- -- -- pregame -- and it's time -- -- trip around -- major -- which -- sponsored -- -- sports authority. -- -- the American -- the Yankees and raise the match up from saint -- Freddy Garcia David -- the pitching match -- New York. Trails Boston by one and a half bettering late today they leave Tampa Bay by five and a half games in the wild card standings. Now Joseph Maddon whose team has only a couple of wins in five games since the all star break but He sees things as going well. He said the same effort level you said the same kind of intensity said the same great pitching. -- a bunch of judgment and over the field and unintelligible were one was for six innings. But my point is -- about the process we played really good baseball three nights in a row. One afternoon game and -- today that's the Indians and twins in Minnesota Josh Tomlin Nick Blackburn the pitching match up. Cleveland enters play today tied atop the American League central with the Detroit the tigers will be home to the east tonight. Also this evening Seattle tries to snap a ten game losing streak they play. At Toronto White Sox and royals the match up in Kansas City Rangers and angels the match up that -- at Los Angeles of Anaheim. Texas has won twelve straight they've opened up a five game lead over the angels. LA Avaya is lost their last three in the National League today plenty -- afternoon action including the reds in first place pirates Dusty Baker Cincinnati manager frustrated. We had an accident can in their two. Some runners on base early in the game and I assume you can get it this is trusting -- enough score ignorance. Pirates have won three straight daily Milwaukee by a half game the cardinals by one and half the -- find themselves five games out three games under 500 also today Washington plays -- Houston. But adelphia goes at Chicago the Phil's lead Atlanta by three and a half Cliff -- with the start on Tuesday night the bills got the win. Minutes on -- You're down by two runs and it's ending its and get a win that's that's big so. Was huge. -- went so I'll take it anyway we can get it. And the world they Ryan Dempster the pitching match up today also today Dodgers and giants in San Francisco plate incur show opposite Tim Lincecum. Dodger to drop their last for the giants have won their last three they lead Arizona by four and a half may have placed Miguel Tejada. Onto the disables -- a McDonnell string cardinals and Mets the match up in New York Padres and Marlins the match up. That is in Florida Atlanta goes -- Colorado tonight they send Tim Hudson of the mound in search of win number ten at. Milwaukee plays and Arizona -- trip around -- major leagues is sponsored by the sports authority. The official sporting goods retailer of the Boston Red Sox will get to the starting lineups and the first pitch next it's the Herb Chambers many pregame show. On the WEEI Red Sox radio network.