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The Red Sox roster moves have started, time will tell how it all plays out

Jul 1, 2011|

Dale and Buck are in for Big O and Michael today and with the Red Sox designating Mike Cameron for assignment and calling Yamaico Navarro up from Pawtucket, they discuss some other moves the Sox could or should make in order to strengthen their lineup even more.

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Or see anything like it up with that sixteen people try to get him signed into the Internet over at the first time in the building barker locked here and you know it's -- Karen's been moving -- -- between humans now. He keeps he's been in the sixth and I want to hang with you a little more I think in my view it is quality hanged at some good -- talk off there. I heard you guys talking about Maine's stuff. -- talking about your trip to the ballpark -- yes -- it all the water on. Beautiful little park yet -- place to put a ball park in the history of man and an adult one I I hope everyone goes up to public to -- sees the exciting -- tied. All of the any CBO. It's just a fun place to let baseball on the on gonna say by -- great night -- And that there. I've -- in the lot and I'm fighting -- it to say that mosquitoes are still as bad as ever I could I say that -- they have that nice enough space and I think that would be out with a fog machine yet out feel it's scary -- that's the big -- I'm glad Michael -- on vacation begin beginning era July 4 holiday a little early. We are in here and happy to be here is you guys struggled headed north up 95 for Maynor. Written down dedicate by I can imagine traffic this afternoon will be a nightmare we hope you'll join us and talk sports all afternoon long and get an opportunity to talk about a bunch of different stuff there's nothing that excites sports spends more. Then. Trades or free agents. I yes I -- you know it's it's the guy you don't have will be better than the guy you do have. You know in in the case of the Red Sox it's -- -- -- got a lot they've got to fill this hole that hole on this whole. And the release of Cameron -- impending release of Cameron is the beginning of what Theo needs to do if -- the report you'll always act -- All the time terror suspect there. That's your paper it's not mine. It. Are you -- give this big a pain in the ass with Jim Rice to politics. -- -- -- I I think he's gone now but it's hard to sank. -- but but you know now Andy -- yes and it then you -- the beginning of the free agent frenzy in the National Hockey League that's going on this afternoon. Free agency I began at 12 o'clock twelve noon. Straight up. I know I was looking a few minutes ago in the other room and and the first ninety minutes twenty some odd guys -- signed. Some of the numbers are just silly. I mean it's just. Unbelievable it's it's at the Simone Gagne signing a personal and it. No he he and sign yet know it's in the one that I took were willing to record our America not guy point three million dollars. Well one year deal Philadelphia Flyers you can imagine how happy Pittsburgh Penguins fans are right now. -- 3.3 million dollars for -- army -- The more I see about it the more I read about it the more I think. You know what leadership relatives right. I'm just gonna back away from the vehicle here you know you guys go do what you gotta do he's already told -- 21 restricted free agents. -- Cabral and Michael Ryder gotten and you know -- yourself income -- talked Lewis. The stuff that's getting thrown around here in the in the first couple of hours of free agency is just who -- money. -- Yeah that is isn't a par for the course though. Is that what we always see in all the sports at the beginning because you get. Number is being floated agents making phone calls sources being cultivated. And so forth and so on. This is the way it is by the way. President. Home -- have a place on the team next year. -- yes I -- calling Thomas was like the name that's fine he he probably would in the end and I think that the Bruins would like to bring him back. I that was assigned I think somebody's gonna payment on more money. -- then the Bruins are comfortable with I mean you've got you've got a double edged sword -- -- going if if -- the Bruins one is. You've got the increase in the salary cap for this coming year so some teams have more money to -- you've also got teams who were far below what is the salary floor. -- Florida Panthers have to spend thirty million dollars. It's it's it's like you know. Here take my Amex black card in and go to Macy's and you have to run up a couple 100000 dollars worth the stuff so yeah it's it's like Michael Jackson. What winning -- a shopping trips in Vegas I want to -- -- -- of those ships six of those over the house. That's the Florida Panthers are like now I don't take everything I -- I know Lecavalier had a couple of ball. -- around the net during his brief time with the Bruins and he was -- a source of a lot of criticism. I still say he's better than that and as the placement amnesty writer. It's funny because he was even on a -- on our minds until -- Saturday afternoon game late in the season very late this season school wasn't breakaway and all of a sudden everyone's okay. That's he the guy he's gonna dress the post season that's at the Tyler Sagan and dug into all right but I I I don't think is really a place for him. I think there is a place for cavalier advocates who resigned just -- just my opinion but. And just to give you an idea here just in the first two hours now free agency Florida Panthers went out -- gave goaltender Jose Theodore. Two years three million dollars they then gave right wing Scottie option all of the Columbus Blue Jackets four years fourteen million dollars. They then went out and gave. Defenseman Ed job and how ski. Four years sixteen point five million dollars they can't spend it fast and the Florida Panthers are desperately. Trying to spend thirty million dollars and to do it. As quickly and in efficiently as say as they can they already acquired a seven million dollar a year guy with a bloated contract just because they got to spend money -- you Celek is spending your money. Don't don't know -- I I personally taken is very per not at all I I guess what I'm trying to say is if -- -- span. Leave it leave it to the team that built the the Stanley Cup champions I'm paraphrasing -- here. I think -- to rally was right when he said you know don't look for any home runs year you know they've they've got to do things a little more intelligently and I think he's right. It is it is selling us what's going on out there in free agency a supposedly according to -- notions -- the Boston Globe. The Bruins have targeted -- ward. Of the Nashville Predators now Jewell ward as a guy who can play both left wing and right wing. Didn't have huge numbers in the regular season. Interestingly enough he was a better player in the playoffs for national but he was during the regular season that says something new insert text dale how Bob Drury I assume it's crisper -- Chris Drury got bought out by the New York Rangers. Now think about this anything left in his game not telling my opinion. I guess I'm speaking as a -- they are they are -- Getting ready to drop a great big. Free agent offer on Brad Richards. Supposedly Richards is gonna he's gonna go out shopping and you know that Maple Leafs won him. The Rangers -- -- and the Rangers ultimately will probably spend enough money to get him. And I think that's probably -- -- -- it's a drawer he became a bit superfluous and had to free up some of the money that they needed so they've they've bought him out. I'm -- -- a whole lot of game left and crisper right now. -- -- here that which old ward is -- I I I go back to the Beanpot days with him and I Vicky played on the Colorado team that won the cup of -- right. The look that up enemies just one of those veteran guys -- locker room guy raised consistent player and advocacy him. But the -- kick around a few more years Allen and you're right he's good guy him. And there aren't that many guys the -- to write about that Little League World Series stuff about and I I think comic Craig got a few of those became very -- -- just from a Republican right Texas says ball par on the -- question -- your Boston for trying to like -- stuff that's -- a hideaway the three defeating frenzy continues the Florida Panthers just gave Marcel gosh. Three years five point one million dollars at -- it's almost comical it's like Michael Jackson going through one of those those in -- places in Vegas. And and member of that that specialty did know there was. There was a there was a down on a British journalist and I I forget his name I I do remember that there was a big special but my neighbors and -- and a name escapes me and part of the whole they'll promise summit was that -- he went out shopping. With Michael Jackson and and they're going through this call this the -- are going through this place in in in Las Vegas and and I ME literally it was. I want to those earns. And I want four of those carved lions and and the I want six of those -- often I. I mean it was just like you know just spend the money is quickly is again. That's what the -- citizen what we could use Dino because Dino given notice to listen in morning Dino was always up on the Michael Jackson stuff he knew all of that stuff every way ahead everything. I think that the the Boston Red Sox have begun the remaking of their roster and I think they've got they've got some remaking to do here. I think that Mike Cameron. You probably -- lot better than I do but just are you actually had a great time that I've been around there. He he is aces I mean he is everything you'd want a teammate. His teammates Ludlum. Opposing players love him he's well respected around the game. VO -- -- credit fell on his own sort and said I'll take the blame on this now I made a mistake and he did make mystic a. It was in fact it was a bad I mean it may turn out to be a bad day overall. When one considers that they had back to back press conferences. During their off season when I had the -- I forget which order they happened but it was like Mike Cameron at noon followed by lunch which was always a welcome thing for a sports writers. And into the John Lackey Prescott or maybe -- -- in my camera forget which but they announce them both dale on the same day. And we look back on that day now is the day that millions of dollars is -- flushed away. Because Cameron. Was not a good timing as it happened and and you are correct when you say that he he he was and he is just -- a wonderful guy. And of what I pick -- home a bottom but Morris herald in which they refer to him as a regal presence because he he was one of those guys. I compare him in this respect with Mariano Rivera when he just walks into the room you know he's someone to be respected. That's that's that's the company had put him. He had a little a little game that that he would play guys he would walk into the clubhouse. In it was always he and Wakefield and it would be load tandem. And wake public up and say hello might get it was just one of those things where a sitcom I don't think it you know it it's that to what they're cousins who have the veteran presences in Allen and they'd make him. A big elaborate you know whole activity and back and forth. Guys on the team level. He's not gonna be the first -- leave this roster when Carl Crawford comes off the DO you've got some decisions to make here. And you know you've got possibility that you could just. Russa has options could send him back to Pawtucket. Obviously a Michael Navarro could go back have a feeling of borrow maybe playing short for you a little bit for a long. -- I've got an issue a -- stop right now if you denied because we work less than in an offer came up that we had the daunting discussion about the possibility of release indeed he drew. Yes I think that is a possibility and obviously Darnell McDonald is another possible often. I don't I don't think Mike Cameron is the only -- -- to drop in all in all I think the -- others. No I would not. Surprised because it was that would about the money would -- Obama his argument spent deal with the five year contract in -- have years of that deal have been paid out. And he'll get all the money no matter what happens so where we're talking about releasing J. D. Drew. With half one season remaining his contract to be about seven then million dollars which is up. Wad of money but. When you look at it they're getting the production at a GD June ninth that you know Joseph Johnson must he wrote a piece a few days back it was thoughtful and gave -- reason so. Look at the story went to prospective annual what has agreed with every part of it why did I know I don't -- it and but I'm but I'm glad that they're you know Borges writes stuff that I disagree with -- and I'm glad that this summit presented to the side of the coin all the time and I just don't think that drew based on what I've seen not just -- two weeks dale but this year last year. The first three years were fine I mean I know real mean for for -- grief he took I I had no real problem with GD for the first three seasons he did get -- Did get you on base percentage and that's why he signed he signed Europe rubble why they signed him last year the on base percentage just fell off the table and if you're always overpaid. I am just I I never have a problem with that because you and I would take if we can get it as well Allen and everybody listening to a one. I would say but Navarro is getting paid right now -- actually picked up at eight J. D. Drew was say. -- more than serviceable player through the first three years of his contract absolutely. Now last year. Not anywhere close to it in this year even worse. We have talked about this the other night after the game we were kind of guys shoot the breeze and talk and back and forth. I'm not sure he'd mind if they if they said you know it's time to go home yeah -- Yeah I'm -- I'll I've heard a lot of that and I heard a lot of that I don't know what's going on between yours and but you can you can certainly make the claim based on body English and his demeanor in in where he uses a life and and so forth and it's it's I don't think it's disrespectful to say -- I think it's just it's just kind of a globe we gives off right now. He just yet he has body language is always -- Red Sox fans the wrong way anyway. I just think that he's a guy who who probably knows that it's it's -- close to the end if not at the end. I'd be shocked if he played next year the create well -- somewhere else I'll be shocked people you rob Bradford. With a -- the road apiece in spring training at W I dot com suggesting. Quoting drew is saying this -- is like here anyway. And I think there's not any doubt in my mind it will be any one of those guys he he he lives in the area in which he grew up he's got the big house. He's. He's he's an outdoorsman. He he's got money in the bank he has activities. He has kids he had one child who had I help issue a few years. I guess the larger story here is that he's got activities outside of baseball authorities going to be signing away at Holman. In -- a priest and waiting to shoot a -- exactly and in that spirit it wouldn't be shocked if you walked away from baseball so you've got you've got several guys here let's let's be honest okay. For all the good things Theo Epstein has done is general manager this team helped build two world championship teams all of that stuff. He spent. Middling at best a free agency. Free agency has not necessarily been the best friend of Theo Epstein and a baseball ops people you look through the list of free agents and there are certainly some successes. Adrian Beltre was a success. I'd -- obviously the greatest free agent signing a ball is David Ortiz. Point is he had some turkeys in that punched you -- -- -- Korea and Lugo and I mean the back through all the doom for a genetic -- was in my to a signing. He's got a bunch of -- -- his trailer rear its its trades have been good. I think he's he's done a pretty good job trading they've done a very good job drafting and developing. They've done a a less than good job as far as I'm assessing free agency and spending their money wisely in free agency Ortiz was a good signing rates Bill Miller. Kevin Millar that was the big fell swoop going in his first year's general manager certainly Gonzales based -- we've seen so far is way at the top. And though technically this was not a free agent signing I'm gonna put Curt Schilling in the YouTube because. It was for all practical measure a free agent signing and they they they they did switch players and Brandon Lyon went Arizona and so forth but. But that involved in negotiation at the table with Curt Schilling to get him to agree to a tree right right and then once that in in Arizona looking to pare payroll. So even though technically it was in free agent signing you know may weep for the purposes this discussion put him on that list because certainly. He was a big pick up and without and they don't -- walters' final four RO seven. Sure it's just the if you if you go back through the list of of highlights of the -- Epstein regime here an urban Manning. There's a list of low lights to in the free agency signings that he's undertaken here have been less than stellar in some occasions and -- appear if you Theo to his credit. He didn't try to you know sugar coated or any LT didn't try to put up up fancy spin on yesterday he said I'll take responsibility for this one. I made a mystic. And they did they made -- they made a mistake. Out of cut their losses they've moved on. I think they've got a couple of other things they got to figure out they got to figure out a right handed bat who can play the outfield. And I know that were all fired up about Josh Redick right now and yesterday even got a couple of hits against last season and all that stuff. They need regular guy who can hooking up their right handed bat and play right field Foreman J. D. Drew not a bad guy. On a consistent basis he used to be the guy -- pencil on the line -- matter who was pitching. You know pencil and into the lineup only one right handed. Pitchers are pitching and even then you probably have some some doubts about whether he's the right to iron. Going to be an interesting couple weeks because. How often is the team with as high payrolls the Red Sox. And in the position that they're in right now and they may be in first place by the all star break on released three players and it could happen. Because -- their release or designate. For the purposes and you move move a guy they they boarding move Mike Cameron they could do we J. D. Drew in the could do with Darnell McDonald. Phenomenon obviously not the class the other two right right but still get up you get three guys being jettisoned its lack of a better term. In the interest of bringing in younger or new players to fill the -- I found it interesting that tests the was in Philadelphia as you know bucked his -- around the team more travel a lot. When their on the road he's not he's not around the team on a consistent basis he was in Philadelphia. He made the media rounds in Philadelphia even before the -- Cameron. Situation he was making the media rounds before and I heard with. He he did a pregame. Taping with Jokester -- for Tuesday's game didn't. He said something that jumped out at me he said that it's never too early to make trade. And -- and in other words you know okay were opened for business here. Here here I I've opened all the windows I've opened the doors come on and -- week and I think that they are out there right now. Working very diligently and not necessarily gonna wait till July 31 to make some sort of a deal. I think they know that they are a couple of players away from being a legitimate World Series contender. And he's well on the -- seeping find him yet. And I think he's ready to get on it right now and I think if he can make a deal now he'll do it now. I think no matter what happens is it's it's going to be fascinating sorry it's certainly not committed some of the we have last year ago when. That's separate Cisco trip the what would they lose they lost Martinez. But colts and Pedroia back to back to back the season kind of collapse at that point mineral recovered well going to be in the stress the season and I I still think that it's gonna be the Sox and the Yankees in the post season with some representative from the central. And some representative of the west and I think this is the year that we have another. Sox yankees LCS that I don't I don't see any way around that. I was dead wrong about the New York Yankees when when I was in New York to do the big game against the Yankees couple weeks ago and the Red Sox completed the sweep and were headed out of town. And I remember we were talking on down in the elevator and Dave O'Brien was there and Omar and a bunch of -- to do like the New York by the layered I thought it was a little much for adolescent age at it's a little balloon showing its first time I'd been and it key and it was a little much for me. But the but the point that we were making -- time and in all of -- -- same thing. The Red Sox have just put the Yankees in the rearview mirror -- if they'd just completed the sweep they at 18 out of nine and think about this if they hadn't won eight out of the -- 86 games back in the American League east right now they'd be seven games back depending on on what they had ended up doing but. I thought that that that was it that they work they were gone see you later thanks for comment I was dead wrong did no one ever read by an elevator he doing now about it. You know why I gotta -- this. I didn't elements a player as well as you did talk out of a few times called me from his honeymoon and get openings like our river that yeah. -- of us and I had a chance to talk to -- a few times now away from always been at the white. We we yankees and after the -- it's -- stop playing we shared a ride back. From the ball park in Philly on Wednesday night it was Dave O'Brien -- -- on myself. Pedro Gomez in -- And a you know Pedro like I -- I -- hey good stories and meet him until let -- and it was one of those fun you know talk in baseball kind of our rights. I can tell you a few times have been around Nomar this year and it probably more than all the other times combined I'd really like Milan know Nomar. Since he stopped playing eight he'll be in the press the eye opening experience it -- you know the writers yeah publish books. And the EE. I think it's clear how much pressure put on himself as a player that is believed to commercial is now and we see it it's someone has invaded his boys. Then -- knowing is what's so bad that bus. You know -- aren't going to -- -- He has no where near the uptight athlete that you saw as a member of the Red Sox in the guy who. You know institute at the Red Line around the clubhouse analysts could -- do we do we quick -- next time you run into Pedro Gomez. Speak to him these words just walk up to him and say. But by the two. Much better than guard -- -- one. -- and punch me in the face or something we had an argument in the Camden yards press books about two years ago. That got to the point where they had to make an announcement -- shut up is that word just popping people watching the game. That's how he'd be on this topic. Why not surprise the people that press box it'll shut up well it's not that there -- let it till they told -- they set up not me Matt.