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Jun 25, 2011|

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And -- and once again everyone and welcome to our network studios for the Herb Chambers Bentley Boston Lambert Danny Boston at. And Rolls Royce motor cars have New England pregame show Red Sox take on the pirates. Middle game of a three game series in Pittsburgh tonight. And Boston is trying to snap one is turned into a little. Three game mania losing streak we've got a lot to get to on the pregame show including our conversation with manager Terry Francona will also hear from the the original Tito Tito senior Terry's -- jokes -- Leo and catches up with him. That comes your way into a little bit -- also talked to Lisa sure over the -- lady from the Jimmy Fund. And the Dana Farber Cancer Institute there have been there. Trip in the many of the patients are in Pittsburgh this weekend to watch the Red Sox take on the pirates that's on the way as well as WEEI dot com's. Rob Bradford on the clubhouse since signing your telephone calls at 8885250815. Your tax questions and comments at 85850. And you can email us -- Sox with a WEEI dot com you can also find us on Twitter at generous jail and are high as but first things first take -- out to the ball park and checked in as we always do off the top. We joke mystic Leona and able -- and guys I you don't believe me. John beautiful scene here at the PNC ballpark talent looking over the Allegheny river fans lucky roster Roberto Clemente bridge but -- reveals on today. No -- -- While that's good up and it just -- to put a different take on this John years ago when I was a young braves announcer working with Don Sutton. The hall of fame pitcher. Don used to like to run around the Allegheny river when he was pitching with the Dodgers he he ran by the river one day across from the walkways who's about to cross the bridge and Andy looked down in the water and he saw something floating in the water that looked like a human body that. And immediately got on the the phone with the when he got back to the cellular the police and indeed it was it was a body. So not everything in the Allegheny is is worth screaming chilling video -- follow up and find out how the body got there apparently he did in and he was told by someone in the police force here in Pittsburgh that. That it might have had some mob underworld ties to that the victim was was a member of the underworld we gangsters -- longtime fugitive. -- -- gonna go there. Whitey but no -- at this that was one of those deals where -- done so and so you never know what you're gonna find in the Allegheny river that that was back in the day. I'm sure they've cleaned it up now. I'm sure. And they're expected another sellout crowd what it's going to be their sixth of the season what would you say the percentage of the crowd this weekend a Red Sox fans. I would say what 30% maybe yeah let's have our our fans certainly outnumber them it's not like Baltimore. They're excited here John and -- 500 they have had a -- teams and might be too. Well you know in its interest in I was looking because those looking back at Tim Wakefield first appearance for the pirates back in 92. And the first his first Major League appearance they had just over 20000 people in. -- Three Rivers Stadium which was gigantic compared to PNC park in terms of what they can hold but. Back then even 9192. When they were going in the national championship series. They didn't draw great then the it is that the park -- it's been so warm they just kind of forgot what winning baseball now the interest of again. I think that -- I think it's exactly it's been so long since have had a winning team yet although effect in 92 and wake was pitching for them and you know and when it's that long when you're talking about eighteen years ago and very few times they've even been anywhere near 500. In the month of June since then in fact this is the latest since 99 may have been over 500 I think it just sort of it it knocks the enthusiasm a lot of a great baseball city in this is a great baseball city. When they are even marginally competitive and that's probably what. What has happened but I think it is a football town first -- -- will always -- football -- let's hope by the way. That this is not a repeat of what -- did in terms of pitchers thrown in his very first over the prior to a 146 pitches. But he had a complete game win that's right that's right it and I -- because they're all over the 32 win over the cardinals all the offense that Dave Barry Bonds with a two run home run. And Jay bell hit a solo home run that was all the offense for Pittsburgh 32 win. They beat the cardinals in weeks debut which was on deadline day to trade deadline day. In 1990 to July 31. Right here and he's talked about how special it is. To come back here he says displays will always have a a special place in his heart. And you know they gave him his start and almost ended his career they released him remember just a few years after that it looked like Tim Wakefield was done. And yet he is obviously put together an incredible career with -- Boston Red Sox and it all started here in Pittsburgh when they drafted him he was -- first baseman. -- eventually converted. Infielder converted to pitching and what a success story. Absolutely now he. He -- you so that was nice to your first -- -- was 91 with the Braves -- 1990. And he does nobody does nobody left then he's the closest probably to a guy who was actually playing when you broke into the majors as an announcer yeah notices there's over the Bob Walker was talking about this the other I think the only other guy who's who's close who's in that area. And he was just cut by the St. Louis Cardinals as Miguel Batista. -- -- is such a tiny list looks like Matt Stairs. I don't use of the big -- and I -- many -- up -- the other that was close to him it just gives you -- another side how long Tim Wakefield has been doing what he's doing. Day ago. All right guys thanks so much you should be going with wake on the mound tonight occasionally -- -- joked mistake -- and Dave O'Brien the call this one coming up in just a little bit first -- is scheduled for 705 in Pittsburgh as we mentioned the Red Sox now have a share of first place in the American League east because the Yankees won earlier today. They beat the Rockies so the Red Sox are two and that today's play in sole possession of first place. In the American League east they will need a victory tonight against the pirates they have lost three consecutive and last night followed what was a familiar script recently. Frustrating offensively. It is the fireworks in the background at PNC park the pirates -- game over 538. And 37 after the win -- They've won three straight the Red Sox have dropped their last three basic thirteen games over 544. And 31 heading into plate tonight. On the road at the Sox -- 22 and fifteen in the month of June they are fourteen and six. And against the National League they are five and five -- lost five out of the eighteen games they played against the National League. In all of 2010. But there are five and five through it ten interleague games so far this season. In fact that is the same record that the pirates that. In interleague play the pitching matchup tonight Tim Wakefield goes back to where it all began that he will take the ball opposite right hander Jeff Karstens who has pitched exceptionally well as of late. Right hander foreign or in the -- of 2541. Other quick note if you are wondering. The Adrian Gonzales experiment right fielder does not begin tonight. If whatever -- he begins at first base David Ortiz begins on the bench so Ortiz out of the lineup again this evening. It's not a surprise Terry Francona pretty much told us with Tim Wakefield -- pitcher on the mound tonight. -- not expect him to see Adrian Gonzales in right field starting and he is indeed starting. At first base in this 1 this evening stay -- when we come back it's the clubhouse insider or W eEye dot com's rob Bradford. Good time to get telephone calls and an 8885250850. And you can text us as well 85850. It's after this and Herb Chambers Bentley Boston. Lamborghini Boston and Rolls Royce motor cars and -- with pregame show on the WB ER Red Sox radio network. I think will be special tool but I think wake smart enough to know we go out there and when the game and he's good at doing stuff like -- this should be funding for. Should be a fun time for Tim Wakefield against the ball really -- old stomping grounds those -- that was Three Rivers park -- and pitched -- long for the pirates but he broke it with them they gave -- the opportunity at the big league level tonight. He will take the ball in Pittsburgh albeit at PNC. For the first time in there against his old team we didn't want to start against the pirates not in Pittsburgh in 2005. -- in the Herb Chambers Bentley Boston Lamborghini Boston and Rolls Royce motor cars -- -- pregame show. Telephone calls want to were taken those rather dated 852 fives early fifty amber getting your text as well late 50s50. And we get the clubhouse insider and for that we bring in WEEI dot com rob Bradford in Pittsburgh rob I don't. Great guys wanna warn them chock full information today I'm bursting all right well we'll get to it. Then there's one piece of information I forgot to get to yesterday. Whichever you're gonna get to be for a forget again did you drive to Pittsburgh oh come on. We drove to Toronto. That you isn't it about the same distance. Die happy you know -- have prevented Pittsburgh before when the patriots play at UC championship game eleven hours. Toronto is well so yes that before but not this but it's all it's so it's pretty close at about the same distance eleven hours twelve yet you look at front of -- straight shot listen this is big time this. Particular -- reporting. All right and one of the things you are reporting which I notice via your Twitter feed is that Kevin Millwood had the ability to opt out of his contract. He's been pitching very well for the -- at the numbers would indicate. But he has elected to stay with a Red Sox correct. Yet his opt -- was actually June 20 them a lot of us were trying to figure out when that opt out was. I was able find that out today is June 20 he chose to stay with the organization. With the understanding that they could revisit any possible scenarios that if if he feels like there's a better situation out there. And and the team is gonna go through the Red Sox to talk to know what about it. Then they can revisit that bad right now he remains a member of the Red Sox organization been pitching very very well. And you know -- you look down the line. The same thing John we we sit there we say how in the world could you ever possibly see another starting pitcher getting involved here because you already have enough. There's you can never have human. I guess maybe the better question is how long is he willing to wait and and that's an interesting one because he doesn't wanna pitch for crippling anybody wants to pitch in the major leagues. And this probably isn't the easiest rotation to crack but. Only a team that would think themselves in contention would even probably take the time with a guy like Kevin Millwood. Yeah absolutely I mean you look at you if you do get. Further along here in the season it's only natural that if a guy like Kevin Millwood if he continues to pitch the way he has been pitching. That some team is gonna stay you know what will popular right now our rotation not think twice about it but. You know I think it's a credit how much he enjoyed being the Red Sox organization going make five starts. But still he said after that first one he's pitched extremely extremely well as a given up more than two runs in any of them. And in I think that cute he enjoys -- he enjoys the process that he's going through Pawtucket. And for the time being he's gonna stay there all right what one of the breaking news do you have Northrop truck below it you Jeff Karstens the pitcher who you -- focus on Tim Wakefield but the big story today. Is it Jeff Karstens the pitcher who's starting for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Actually lost a bill can't cow milking contest Jonathan Papelbon and single label the -- and there though. The head to head Carson as part of the Yankees organization. It toppled -- has gone on record saying that was the moment he knew the rivalry was brilliant up by the reaction he got when he -- -- down on the -- -- the props got all kinds of connections here -- played with Paul Maholm and mrs. Elizabeth City State. And the number one pick that the pirates out -- the -- last night is that correct their yeah team yes so. He's he's running around we're doing all -- acquaintances and if you wanna. Look forward to tomorrow is this giving through the B got conceded Darnell McDonald's actually first cousins with a pitch over the pirates tomorrow so. There you go. Right we do have time for some telephone calls and dated 85250850. And Bobby is in Cambridge hello -- Hey guys later probably. Arctic -- You to. If you time it felt honorable. There're certainly I'm. I just un American not gonna break down below that and the other is who is now. And glad. Bracket here. Is it. You know. No way to put him in the outfield recap -- TV you're controversial or injury. It's been a long season with its schedule it tonight tonight but he's -- got a couple days correct. They have -- up there on Monday let he's fight for it based. Tomorrow and then it and -- and packet outside since two days off. Tomorrow on Monday no matter how hot they and I mean I don't know about you gotta think about something like that I mean why -- You'd make any big -- professional athletes certainly imply any position but there's no way it went bad guy in the LP of them are. And it if I don't know what he's had a two gave up. It -- about them who gave up an account back rent it because that he has gone through between extra singling out. And did travel schedule it's been a pretty -- It is amazing. How polarizing this issue has become and you raise all good points. It should be noted that care for Doris said that not only as an agent Gonzales gonna play obviously right field tonight but he's not gonna play there tomorrow night. And the way he's leaning right now is I don't know if he's gonna go down that road he said if he's -- he's not gonna do it and right now he's unsure about it. The one of the things that he's been citing and you touched on this was the injury factor if he goes out there and injures himself. Then that's something that you can't take back. I talked AG Gonzales in the dugout just before the game tonight and I asked him about that as it does this on your mind. And he understands why there would be a concern. But in his mind they shouldn't be. And that was telling to me he says it knows this shouldn't be factored in if you wanna say that I'm not a good outfielder form going to be detrimental that team out there that's one thing. But he didn't wanna hear about. Him going out there and injuring himself he did not factor this into the equation. So you know that's a way you think -- you know I think that most athletes probably think that way regardless. Well I mean we've had so many in this has been the debate the week it's gone on all week long and it's probably going to continue right up until the end of this road trip depending on what happens. Her people are very passionate very punitive one way or the other. I'm down the middle admitted it was up to me I probably would -- at least try him out there right field for one or two games and see how -- but you know what. If Terry Francona decides to go the other direction I understand I mean I have no problem with whichever way they go because. Each side has definite pluses and definite minuses to meet someone who says -- they have to do this so they have to do that. Is it really looking at -- from both sides it's not clear cut decision. Now it's not and I I feel the same way you John I think that they're for gore has every right to say -- You can disagree with that but I'm not taken this chance just to get some games in here. And in about possibly. Messed something up down the road and you know another thing to -- be factored in. Okay let's look at J. D. Drew tonight keep it but if he gets three or four hits and he plays well out there. What if some of these other Alfie restructuring in the -- well then thank and it takes equation that change is -- little -- I think that I was leaning to the fact that I have no problem -- -- Gonzales go out there for a few games. But as as you said is that they could go either way and Terry Francona certainly he's the one that would have to live where there's something Webber went arrive out there. -- next up we've got Dennis who's in Massachusetts hello Dennis. I -- guys I Dennis. But if -- only one question and I'll give options and listen to your answer why can it not bring up Millwood and -- Lackey down. -- -- -- they can't send Lackey of the Myers. You would have to accept an assignment. And you know this it to be honest -- you you still wanna see more Millwood and you wanna see more of Lackey I know that's not the popular thing to say. But every time that -- he's gonna have a bad outing is going to be magnified is going to be talked about. That much more so than the two starts he had Richard good start but -- have to see more of what you have with the -- And see if his health holds up few if you'd be productive. And in you know if if Millwood willing to. To buy some time here. And he already went through this opt out and he he seems to be okay in the right down Pawtucket then you ride with that why you -- what you have -- Well and the reality is. Whether it's because of the contractor the track record however you want to look at it and less John Lackey gets hurt and -- he really gets hurt. You're gonna have John locking your rotation for the foreseeable future. That's not going to change if you get the end of the year if you get to crunch time anywhere start talking about putting your playoff rotation together well -- that's a different story you can pick the best three or four pitchers. And that may or may not include John Lackey but for now he's going to be on this team he's going to be in the rotation because he's either in the rotation or can help -- Yeah and John and yet I know the -- it's the flavor of the day it's Kevin Millwood. He's pitched great the last four outings his stuff has been pretty did he has a right attitude he's done in the past he has lived under the big contract. That the kind of John Lackey from what living under right now. But still he's done in AAA. The last couple years hasn't been accurate he have to show some stuff here. And and John Lackey as I said before if you look at his last three starts to the -- a pretty good the last one hasn't you have to give some more time. And I don't mean to throw cold water because I think Tim Wakefield is a fantastic story -- he's been able to do over the course of his career is admirable. Why you never know when that's going to go way. I mean he could throw his back out tonight and not pitch another inning for the Red Sox this season. I mean it could happen to anybody but I think because of his age he's a little bit more fragile you have to have back up contingencies for the Alexander Miller Kevin Millwood or whoever. Yet they get they get them they get some opportunities for some patience here minimize lecture sized. -- rob good to talk to you thanks so much too talkative our we well thanks John rob Bradford. Is in Pittsburgh you'll have recovered on WEEI dot com be sure to check him out there we had recovered on the pregame show as we continue along. Rolling her way to first -- Red Sox and pirates on tap from Pittsburgh. Forty minutes from now -- at this and underway and Tim Wakefield back on the mound in Pittsburgh opposite right hander Jeff Karstens. The loser in the cow milking contest apparently. -- to come here from. Terry Francona we'll hear from Terry Francona his dad as well. And we'll take a trip around Major League that's all after this in her chambers Bentley Boston Lamborghini Austin and Rolls Royce motor cars into England pregame show on the WEEI Red Sox radio network. Every line and allow the menorah network studios at his or her chambers -- Boston Lamborghini Boston. And Rolls Royce motor cars of New England pregame show Red Sox and pirates game two of three in Pittsburg game two of nine. A nine game interleague road trip. It continues in Philadelphia wraps up in Houston the Red Sox looking to snap what does a three game losing streak. As they send Tim Wakefield to the mound. I against the pirates tonight former Yankee Jeff Karstens gets the ball. He pitched very well as of late for Pittsburgh coming up in just a few minutes we will check game with manager Terry Francona also on tap we've got a trip around the Major League. A conversation with Terry's dad the original Tito Francona Josie also sits down at least -- sure but the plea lady from. The Jimmy Fund -- Dana Farber Cancer Institute they have their trip. With patients in Pittsburgh this weekend that is on the way. As well. Also tonight Bobby Jenks is making a rehab start he is pitching for the double -- Portland sea dogs and interestingly enough he tells Portland broadcaster Mike can't at all that this is going to be hit as far as rehab starts -- he plans to. And rejoin the team when they play the Phillies in Philadelphia that's series starting on Tuesday. Mike caught up with -- before his start which comes your way in about half an hour tonight. There's the Torah -- strained. My ribs. Human fossils and -- me down a little bit but luckily right now because this could be an entry where. It takes two months in her fortune right now on. The last 1516 days just in time just you know treatment and had just played it day by day this last week. -- sounds he is like he is very much on the right track in could be back with the big club as soon as Tuesday in Philadelphia for the complete conversation. You wanna click through and going to -- -- dot com and you can hear the complete interview with Bobby -- that is available right now right now we had back to Pittsburgh and check in once again. -- Jokester glioma. Joseph good -- -- Hi John this is out finally and it's a beautiful scene here overlooking the confluence of the Three Rivers statement on gala and the Allegheny needing to form the Ohio there you go and I guess the way it works is. You just wait until David Ortiz is called upon to pinch hit in the skies opened up. That's all that that was around around this last night and it turned out to be very cost because he had the ball hard. And they've been played the over share the money gone through knows that's kind of the way it's -- -- for the last few games for the Red Sox they've gotten hits. They've gotten base runners they haven't gotten a lot of hits -- runners in scoring position. But maybe in -- -- this during the broadcast last night. They haven't gotten extra base hits a lot of singles. While they haven't had an extra base hit two games that's really our character and it's really been a problem that's when they're leaving seven men around him back on. 31 runners in the last three games of one of those games -- we batted seven times. I don't know which is worse is -- more frustrating for a team to not generate the opportunity to not score risen more frustrating to have lots of opportunity tonight scored. Well either way the results this game it's just it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference in the batting averages are higher when you get more hits and read more men. I figure you probably a little closer you get more hits and we Mormon and if you don't get any opportunity go to hell yes. All right Jill thank you get back to assume. All right prankster and -- -- -- of the call along with Dave O'Brien that comes your way in about thirty minutes right now it's time for our conversation with a manager Terry Francona has brought to you by. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care making health care work better but of them that let's talk healthcare dot award Tuesday of O'Brien. John thank you very much and here at beautiful PNC park Red -- trying to get back into the win Colin. -- is it a special night for Tim Wakefield he hasn't pitched here in the city of Pittsburgh since he was apparent in 92. Hampshire it is you know we anybody knows wake knows how much he thinks of things like that -- nostalgic or deal with the Red Sox for the pirates and -- first team. An awful long time ago. My goodness I care. And so I think it will be special tool but I think wake smart enough to know we've -- and when the game and he's good at doing stuff like a solution before and people. 44 years old and everything he's done all the big games he's pitch he is really good at taking emotion out of things even though this might be an emotionally or I was gonna say maybe take an emotion and use it to his advantage -- -- the wrong without an emotion. He just wanna make sure that you take it and haven't helped him do well. Not in the way of doing wanting literally go. -- tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates who are having an interesting season they're 3837. This is the latest have been over 500 in -- long long time since 99 -- and you can tell the -- their play and they -- themselves. There they're paying attention would be guilty of some enthusiasm certainly you know when their ballpark -- the place was packed. And hasn't always been that way here. And it's a shame because it's gorgeous ball park and the city deserves team to like beacons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just hope we can open when tonight open when tomorrow but I would like you have a team here that is -- -- the fans are really care about the sports teams. You grew up just what 45 miles from here not even that idea about thirty minutes away thirty miles away up the river that that's incredible so when you come home. And we walked in to the same area that they leave Europe passes by the way. And it was one entire role last night and we Kaman yeah I think I've made -- tough night for some people. I if you know I'm not to say no. And half the town had -- tickets but passes a little out of here -- be broke and I think aggravated people. Well now to -- obviously you wanna grab a couple of wins in the process and tonight scheme to Uga Josh Redick in their audio. Yet they got ready go in and they're pretty good split solo residents to force. Completely Ian Wright -- -- and we certainly have Mac and -- they wanna bring in one of those lefties. But I think I think red -- helpless once came in yesterday off a lefty pinch of that man got a big hit forceful kind of exciting want to play. You've had as many big decisions to make in your tenure as a manager Red Sox as any manager in baseball more so with two World Series. Has this decision whether to play David Ortiz. And Adrian Gonzales the same time in the case last night not to play in the center has it been one of the most difficult decision you've made. If there's been some anxiety. To Dave yes me -- I can't remember last week level last year but. I will say this until I'm sure I'm not gonna do it. And that's. If that's on the fence that's right ormat and a bomb on the fence I'm not going to launcher because this is too much at stake. If somebody were to get hurt I would have a hard time for myself. While loan not a real long. Other people but I have a hard on myself all it would not and is due tomorrow. And get the day off that would on the filling them maybe you'll revisit it because I do have an obligation today. And because again he's more or best hitters we gotta keep him sharp not only winning game but it for the rest of the season it's got here. And obviously an obligation Adrian Gonzales and you know the players not talked to over the years to change positions even for a couple of days. They talk about I just don't want to embarrass myself and it makes all the sense in the world you've made your naming your profession playing one position and and that's in the you know normally I'd I'd certainly agree we do to you -- beauty mystical ball at the about four -- -- More on his way to -- work our team. And balls are flying out there and he's there felt terrible. If he wants to block -- help team he's offered to do it which is tremendous it's just the idea of some happen it's my responsibility on me. And I don't just not convinced. If you could promise me you wouldn't get hurt I don't -- it but again that's. This format right now your guts been pretty good over the years as this one of those where. You're you're going by your gut your gut is telling you you know I just don't want a chance it what it is I think more than that like. He. The ever growing got. I just. I don't always know what's right but I think I know what might be wrong until launcher about. -- -- good like tonight here in game two in Pittsburgh it's gonna be great to be back home and see so many friends but I know after Sunday computer -- mumble on us that there is they fervently that they're Francona let's not subjected John -- All right Dave thank you Terry Francona as. Rock you by AT&T find out what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband networking AT&T rethink possible. More of all idealist with a Herb Chambers Bentley Boston Lamborghini Boston Rolls Royce motor cars of New England pregame show and delete the Red Sox radio network. It is the Herb Chambers Bentley Boston glamour hitting Austin and Rolls Royce motor cars and New England pregame show would like to remind you stay -- after the game for the SP -- line on -- post game show SP ally affordable dependable life insurance. Made simple well before chair Terry Francona was Tito Francona there was the original Tito Francona Terry's dad. -- earlier today sat down with -- seen here. We can either real Tito Francona that you got to be -- -- on that is called by your nickname. You know every time I walk around him as a mythology goes it known and we went the smaller. Well certainly yeah he says achievement in his career and to be in his eight years of managers Boston guys are unprecedented got to go back to Joseph crumbled into. Who had to have somebody who had that and ten year end security guys last at all. He's been. I'm like please dornin is -- became continues. Where you most proud of is -- people's skills. You don't. He he learned to be pretty good speaker he's done very good. And seems to be -- the press pretty good. And when you winning I guess it's easy enough. He knows how to deal with players to that he thinks some of that cancer growing up -- -- clubhouse psyche that following you around yeah I think so because you spend all diamond club. And I think -- helped him out. And thank you think when your working in a club bosses that kid down or hanging around that you're not awestruck like you would be yet. If you were just somebody was an expose the baseball. Yeah looking around here now to -- these kids of my relatives to first time they've been. Their own job you know. The you don't get used to it because then you'll you'll see this human. Have you been following and the team every -- and TV. Where everyday we're wise that I like to watch veteran QB neglect the game. You don't have to -- forward by traffickers get is -- going gets on the and home improvement -- I was -- 7 o'clock for the game. And you pretty much agree with all the strategy -- -- Human and sometimes -- second -- But there's not too much physical of his winning so -- and what are your questions in this thing I'd like to -- like offensive team they do very well there. It's exchange now with a series interleague play story. No one of the guys -- think it's time we can't put him play you know poppy good theater. -- -- -- That's radios. You had a great career as a player that remembering your great year in Cleveland now when he hit over 360. What kind of a manager was at the Eaton -- get to the plate enough times to qualify for the batting title I had a hard time in line up when I joined the club over there because numerous that the guys. They and it -- out of the Edmund you know so Jim appears solid Iraqi television out convict -- first -- Nearly I got into its plan obviously. I pinch hit well for about 67 times. -- batted it begins at 651 games. So then we're gonna doubleheader played -- one day and you beyond the shadow comes over Jim personals that I can't play. And Joseph Gordon imagine if you can you play center field I think you know yeah you put Jim -- it back and fashionable but coming out of theaters. I got him ever gonna ever got out of the lineup and if you had enough that -- to go on the battery time now. While -- in -- only she -- help -- it's always great to see here that Pittsburgh or Cleveland or spring training and Joseph thank you very much always an honor being reviewed. Good health DO book to see in the World Series again I hope so. Let's go back did you. All right Joseph thank you Josie was the original Tito Francona and Joseph -- busy this afternoon he also caught up. Where at least assure over the plate -- there with the Jimmy from patients enjoying their trip watching the Red Sox and pirates and Pittsburgh. And of course we've got our Jimmy Fund radio telethon coming up that comes your way later in August -- caught sat down what Lisa just a short time ago. Well Lisa this is a biannual event then that always a lot of bonds of players command and meet these teenage patients. This is an amazing -- -- -- that we that inherently in the morning last night that. Delay of the flight that you would never know by looking at these kids' faces and when they see him you know and ethnic oriented pop becoming an. They deal with and we're excited. Introduces that this young patient this is -- -- tank and he is one of our. Favorite team -- we decide to take on a trip and and just. We can make them happy here. You're thinking -- of the players coming -- -- Week. Smiles a lot that they -- it at. Big poppy see me sign it looked like it was look at. Where you from and from there is union from -- that it happened. And I feel like and if you have. You're doing well. Here. This is a big project that the united take powers to underwritten. Well we have quickly and they support us with these very tent and is just unbelievable feat what they do for us. And then they're here sort of thing when it does -- so we're so appreciative and could not be any happier with the bank and smiles on the faces of priceless. Totally totally we're really happy right now. -- by popular that would fortieth and I. Gotta get him in the game first. In the NCAA. So Lisa we're all looking forward to the radio telethon coming up and question be a big part of that. We our look at where it's only compliment the way it's hard to believe that we're really looking forward to sharing the stories of these kids confident. Know making people really understand what these kids go there and why every dollar counts so we're really -- rain -- for. We hope to see you too heavy and the -- for radio telethon thanks for joining us and that we wishing you now think it. All right let's go back to John. Alright Joseph thank you a quick look at our league leaders today home runs Jose Batista leads all of the major leagues with 23. Then comes a group of 21 including Curtis Granderson Matt -- Paul Konerko mark to share each with 21 home runs Prince Fielder sits with twenty these naturally talented players have brought you by Poland spring brand 100% natural spring water. The official bottled water in the Boston Red Sox Poland spring mourned literally from carefully selected natural springs. Please remember to recycle. We'll take a trip around the major leagues that's after this and her chambers Bentley Boston Lamborghini Boston and Rolls Royce motor cars and New England pregame show. On the WEEI Red Sox radio network. It is the Herb Chambers Bentley Boston Lambert gave Austin Rolls Royce motor cars into England pregame show -- it's time for a look around the Major League sponsored by. The sports authorities Sox and pirates on top from Pittsburgh earlier today in interleague play the Yankees had their way with the Rockies. That you want. And they won an -- to three Michael Kaye with a call the S networks CC sabathia an innings nine strikeouts for his tenth win. Yankees and virtual tie with a Red Sox atop the division RAZR two and a half back this and wade Davis to the mound. In Houston in San Francisco the giants scored the only run of the game -- Miguel to hair met Miguel Tejada rather. Coming home and Justin Masterson balked in the seventh inning one nothing giants their fourth consecutive victory the Indians now lead the tigers by a half game. And they'll be without Shin-Soo Choo is out with a broken thumb maybe six weeks top that I mean you'll play the Dodgers 61 Vernon Wells with a three run shot bottom of the seventh -- A fourteen to related Texas Lucas stood before it's four RBI -- belt -- Three hits and three batted in Washington looking for a fifth consecutive victory about the same Davey Johnson their manager but they traveled Chicago won nothing in the bottom. All of the eighth on tap Oakland at Philadelphia Trevor Cahill opposite Cole Hamels. Cincinnati players in Baltimore Arizona goes out Detroit the marlin had tied with the giants atop the division Minnesota plays at Milwaukee the twins getting Jim Thome off the DL you've been out with a strained left quad. Cubs and royals match up in Kansas City Casey has dropped their last six Toronto place. At Saint Louis it's says Seattle at Florida but the games are actually being played in Seattle which means it's weird for Eric Wedge Nazi DH and home. There that did -- this this definitely different home. What. Nationally -- and particularly -- -- -- and that really just didn't didn't -- weren't born that's beautiful music. The one National League game is Atlanta and San Diego the ponder is looking for a fourth consecutive victory -- trip around -- major -- sponsored by the sports authority the official sporting goods retailer of the Boston Red Sox will get to the starting line up to the first pitch next. It's the Herb Chambers Bentley Boston Lamborghini Boston. And Rolls Royce motor cars are doing in pregame show -- WEEI Red Sox radio network.