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Former NHL referee Kerry Fraser previews Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals

Jun 15, 2011|

Former NHL referee Kerry Fraser joins Dennis and Callahan to preview Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals

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Welcome back. Dennis and Callahan. -- joining us on the AT&T hot line brought you by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins as somebody who knows his way around -- a hockey rink and the Stanley Cup finals just a little bit Kerry Frazier. Former NHL refereeing has worked more than 19100. Regular season games and 261. Playoff game during his 37 year career. By the way it's a must read. Website for you he writes -- superb Q&A column for the Canadian website TS and dot candidate called c'mon rev Gary Frazier joins us on the -- like good morning -- John and Jerry here in Boston how -- Good morning -- -- we're on very well yeah I know that the connection the Bruins ramping up to game seven tonight are nervous our officials. Who officiate a game seven have to battle nerves before the puck is dropped tonight. Well it depends on who -- elect certainly for this game but it having done. Number fifteen cents personally. I always. The more you get more comparable you've got to euros given with a gain. It's really important that the officials approached it from our perspective and not get cut up and all the hype and I think that if -- not. This is not a typical series. Certainly not a typical panic finally into crazies as -- -- block. And the official has certainly been under a lot of scrutiny. There's been some inconsistency. For sure. From my perspective and -- to make sure that there were well prepared and and -- -- -- that happens otherwise they're gonna be battling uphill fight. There are Sony's -- Gary Frazier we wanna get into about the series but first an overview can you address. The idea that officials are likely or ten to swallow the whistle in game seven that whole concept is it real or imagined. Well it is it got to the united because I will tell you that be that players will dictate what he officials do and how favorite spot. That beset the officials have to respond appropriately. I've found involved in step. The players just wanna play all the stuff that happened that. In the trees and -- game is over it's her -- outdo her guy. I don't think guilty Patrice Bergeron. Tried to patent penalty minutes and total. He's gonna try it put some numbers -- -- that. -- he's been great but we're at least for a guy like Patrice Bergeron. It's totally out of character then -- the kind of game where one called -- -- -- a huge difference in the outcome of the game. Obviously both sides have had their complaints we know we saw with the with the Rome hit on Horton. Everyone in Boston was upset now people in Vancouver upset that their guy Mason Raymond is down on the hit against the boards from boy chuck. -- the refs know that the they'd listened to all the complaints is if somebody somehow whispering in their ears and we have gotten a raw deal here we know -- it is time for some make up calls. Well unless you live -- -- here is an official. It would be impossible not to to pick up on everything. Especially. In both cities where we've got to traveling back or to. You know they they're they're part -- they refuse it it. There's the hoopla surrounding the Stanley Cup with all of the media hype. I need you can't get away product you cannot let it so they're fully aware of everything that god. And really in rebuking. They would have to be made aware that you know that that I wrote yesterday. All that Johnny boy check yet. Vancouver and answer period that would any normal acceptable kind of play. Twenty again. Bloody war hook. The leg. Arraignment he should have been. Two minutes looking to render -- penalty. That was yet you know once he termed them -- and our momentum carried him into the port. It was an awkward position. That all what -- -- stress disorder. They're cougars had given. That their own suspension. They're not gonna buy any that is all conspiracy theories aren't Americans. It upload the -- Deans and the approach the officials take them we saw and -- called for a embellishment. When he was gone and knocked to the -- by. Charlotte Ciara. It was ridiculous it was an embellishment but I guess they ever -- they have reputation was attic call. Based on the reputation the guy who has embellished in the past. Well I think it was not only just a reputation I think it was about direction I think -- officials had been directed at that point that. Players are seeking unity liberty there there -- big game. We need to step it up so where ever you can't wherever possible you don't think the player all actually. Brought. Whatever force was easier not. Get possible. It was it was not an embellishment. The penalty that -- and that their own and that that create some the criticism and the confusion. That we're we're experiencing style. And another said -- question when -- and was using Daniel's face as a punching as a speed bag to of the hand and and Daniel turn of the the raft was at it was a linesman said -- -- territory as a referee insists archived and F and call this or something along those lines would you do if you of that position would you. Expects to -- to take his own. Revenge is -- extra. You know his own justice here and and -- marsh and -- or trying to fight back would you. Put all the onus on marsh and make the call maybe give him misconduct. And -- him really. Well this is really telling it like it in my opinion attitude this series and moved against the games. We have that particular place there is absolutely no question. But there are reasonable set at least you know Iraq in March I probably wouldn't -- of this product quality you're gonna. But that the -- side. What the captive the leader that he. The -- of skilled player tremendous skill player not visible but sooner or later. You gotta look -- it that you saw play like that especially if you're looking at a guy like that idea and institutional order that you you've got to step up. I don't think retort that the captain. -- -- networking -- You personally. But beyond that don't when he came to the need. Although Daniel city he's their captain he's the leader where are these guy. It would -- and gotten saying hey we're gonna all work will be blocked it would want apple and yeah -- -- yeah. I remember 1988. Need to look up. You're yeah. -- the media -- won the first game our. In -- looking -- are elderly he was in the top of the propriety. We have -- real. I don't want it over and then went back and and sanctions they want. In the next one that turned out to the Vietnam War ski -- -- -- so but you don't let your captain. Hey you're correct treatment like either he doesn't spell that without that -- walk. On back home from that hammer or somebody got up and apparently here is that ever happened that really felt it was outlawed here. -- -- -- -- -- and Lugar you know it got injuries and yet suspension. Have and certainly can't back it up. Gary Frazier what is it about flopping and embellishment and faking it really rubs officials the wrong way because some might. My -- might take on this my perception from a distance is you guys have long memories about guys who like to take you well make you make it called it's not right. John I absolutely hated it I can get personally it back -- we didn't have anything to accept. Geithner. These the only measure that I could extract. Lawyers to be really stringent than in GR when he was well. You know I would I would goes to part to compromise the integrity of the injured myself. But if there was one of those you can look at what point you can bet that the the court date in the pocket what going to be apparently. The -- with with the but I think penalty that is available I don't think detected very good job. Along the way it play out that was sparked much of it. It every series and then. Hockey operations we stepped it. Toward the latter part series with the -- what they're back to the wall and say okay we're gonna clean that up we're gonna type that out and it was. He's that kind of thing like that. Like chicken -- Watson holding them stick and we any players drop at least through those those kinds of things they eat. And yet you don't you don't all of a sudden at the end of the series they now have a clean and -- -- to -- tell. -- -- -- God does whining fallen of that same category I guess the question is do whiners help or hurt themselves bag and calls from officials. They -- Recent media and you don't funny -- -- so everybody's personality is different. I think it BP official referee. Have to be strong have to be firming up clearly set parameters so that players know what they can't I can't do and what acceptable so hard that -- Then what was seen as it a lot of inconsistencies. And for everybody's talking about. There's one in it happened three and I want play. They get away with nothing but it played great all the players really have to clearly know what we can and can't do that as strong personality. Colonel refereed to say enough is enough when I tell you something I needed you know they don't get the coaches enough fighter. They're over time through this series wherever it you know what. I would go directly to both coaches and say. This is this the evidence whether it say yes and players in the intimidation and whatever that guy. The -- that it is gonna get a penalty so you take care before I'm happy that. Really of that term if they couldn T know clearly that you had to step -- and control groups. We're talking with former manager are free Kerry Frazier Gary people who follow the NBA say referees they're too liberal personalities and certain guys can be -- not hard upon the call it a certain way but lenient with certain tendencies home team await team favorites underdogs those kinds of things. A does that kind of thing exist in the NHL and when you find out. Which one of the officials of the eight who were eligible to play tonight to to call this game tonight when you have a census to which team might -- the better and the calls. Well isn't the first question is. You know Joey Crawford that are good friend and the Japanese for the end the and -- -- they're solid strong here I think I. -- it here. Back when we all starred together. We were -- personality. The -- came out of active directory. After the the strike in 93. And numbers that was more than bella there's the Atlanta -- invited Kmart. Ended up that is just being a number I had any time player than me. We're opening -- your partner tonight because I wanna call let's first name I don't believe it so that personality that we would block somewhat. You'd you'd have to happen. A string that personality should do this job -- -- think the guys don't but often times it's been pushed and and suppressed. Players can. When they approach an official. They need to have a relationship with it he developed relationships quite. That hasn't happened over. There was that you know went by the great work with -- lot -- work -- started -- TV captaincy any good to see it. -- -- -- -- Let anybody but I mean it just is that. We're approachable she knew that he -- approach the -- approach him and that's true all players Terry O'Reilly you know very differently. He had a fire in his life but yet we still have to indicate a level that would. Appropriate. Salt. That that need to -- -- you have to default kind of relationship. And that we easily copy editor -- -- -- alternate. They that are normally otherwise. You're -- but there. -- off the -- know with -- referee just tonight they look at either -- howler and oral Rourke or Sutherland Norwalk condensate one of these guys gives up -- -- advantage based on his. I don't know consistency your based on his love for the visiting team vs the guy who doesn't give us an advantage does that exist Gary in the NHL. A big player and I have to bring their game being patently at all line -- do exactly what. They don't do that. They haven't seen flat. You know -- -- is certainly. Plan -- it -- you know. Being heated by the way. The teenager -- speed up her hired -- law -- that he used utilized they're actually extract. In terms of penalties. We ever. She and other officials are out there they've -- no immediate tendency. One rep re all these other than what they might call. More something else and let bill. But beyond that I think that you -- -- as they have to keep it under the radar as much as they can't all the damage has been. As collateral damages but not at this point in this series and I didn't think that. A player like angle that he was wrecked Salt Lake -- workshop is going to step up tonight one time it happened. There's no dirty. I believe you well. Everywhere let -- -- was seen trying to read between -- -- that you think based on the bruins' style -- of the -- -- the injuries at the Bruins. The you can accept that the Bruins don't suspensions and the end of that game when nobody stood -- -- dean and said he didn't step from -- You tend to think that this might be the needle might be. Going a little bit toward the -- deciding game seven tonight. I absolutely do think that the -- equalizer here is is that. -- -- Who over the course looked well sometimes there's a rebound quickly brought -- -- poor outing. Is his role. We'll get the eight point what. His record at home it point six. That the huge difference he's played really well in that building. And so you've got the fact that it he brings his game -- -- what it takes over top. The decision see demonstrated. Is gonna be active in any it says that might run away from the caught my regards to win tonight. Even the series it and it ought. You would still like okay this guy has been like so incredible. And you know I like that we leave to elected as violent people but you don't know light hearted atmosphere. I always enjoy being an exclusive report that you play and seek additional. As we say good bye we should tell our listeners that Kerry Frazier can be seen on TSA and and that's hockey tonight on TS and two and your superb Q&A column for Canadian website TS and dot Canada called come on -- is something people should check out as well. Gary thanks very much for take some time we appreciate you -- talk as a hockey with -- today as game seven approaches tonight. -- -- Gary Kerry Fraser to Dennis and Callahan brought to -- AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. Also brought to -- -- -- to oil but sell pizza pizza the -- bacon cheeseburger pizza right that's a slight check outsells pizzas well. About DNC will say goodbye to -- fourth and final dollar over the radio site will be right back.