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Francona Vs Showalter..."Hey, that's my boss..."

Mar 27, 2011|

Comments were released last week from Orioles manager Buck Showalter in which he basically questions Theo's credibility as a GM due to the money issue, and Terry Francona takes issues with this and makes some comments of his own.

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What we brought this up earlier today I swear we had no idea what Terry Francona was gonna say later on and today. When we went on the air at 9 o'clock we talked about how forthright and forthcoming I should say Doc Rivers was after the loss on Friday and how he. Specifically called out. Of the attitude of his team called them selfish. Didn't do it by names specifically but was obviously very disappointed. We said -- there aren't many coaches slash managers. -- -- -- -- made the point that you know Terry Francona almost never says anything about specific people he did say something about Ozzie Guillen. In the whole Bobby Jenks blow up and basically said okay attendance this whole thing well he got very specific today. The the Red Sox are in Sarasota. Where they take on the Baltimore Orioles you'll hear the game at 1 o'clock here on Sports Radio. Before the game today. -- Francona was asked specifically about some comments made by Orioles manager Buck Showalter. In a story in Men's Fitness Magazine for those of you missed it the week or so ago there some of the quotes came out and basically am paraphrasing here. What Showalter said is you know it's easy to be smart talking about Theo Epstein it's easy to be smart when you can just outspend everybody. Basically saying that you know any BO all he did was go out and spend more money on Carl Crawford anybody else how -- yet to be to do that. When when Tito was asked about it a couple of days ago he kind of laughed and often laughed it off. Today he didn't laugh and he was asked about it today rob Bradford riding on W -- eEye dot com. I had the following and this is quoting Terry Francona prior to today's game and Ed Smith Stadium quote. I got asked the other day in Jupiter I hadn't seen I got it like third hand so I kind of joked about it a little bit then I read it. Actually I was kind of aggravated a little bit. I don't think that's anybody's place I mean that's my boss. I was actually kind of aggravated a little bit but it's not the -- it's not the end of the world I just bought it shouldn't have been done. I can't say I sat here -- bought about a lot I can't see a reason to do that. I don't remember him meaning Showalter I don't remember him beating us that much maybe he was looking at a different schedule. Bradford writes when told the Orioles did go three and three against the Red Sox down the stretch of the 2011 season Francona quipped way to -- He then added I just thought it was a little bit out alive. I don't think he would be appreciative if I said something about Orioles GM Andy Macphail which I wouldn't it's not -- my business. And for the record I think in -- really good on -- -- -- -- World Series in 1987 points so yeah Agassi's but he and Francona points that out by the I mean for Terry Francona that's practically a broadside -- Yes it is and I'm actually trying to look up the tool to be exact quote but. I disagree that it's a -- Francona. I think show opener has a has a right to make comments and let's be honest this Showalter said anything there hasn't been said. In the press box on the field on talk radio among fans. The last five or six years that the U Epstein. Is just out of bright kid with a checkbook. Now I happen to think the feels pretty smart guy. And I give you the 2003 season his first -- general manager. When he went out for pocket change in acquired Bill Miller David Ortiz he would -- a part time one dimensional player the twins have been on tendered. And Kevin Millar. And they don't go to game seven of the LCS against the Yankees in 03 without those three players. In more historically important they don't go. To win the World Series in 2004. Up those three players. And that clearly was not a case. Of Epstein. Choosing the Chinese to Bobble the tree. And bringing third player -- on the same token. The reality is that he does have a big budget with which to play and his missed which he has acknowledged himself and that's my whole point. And if Showalter were trying to started turf war here. And I wrote this in yesterday's -- You show up there was trying to stir up some dust. -- of assembled the Baltimore media to gather in the dugout and edit it at Fort Lauderdale and say heck am -- gonna take them. And he got opera's grand. I find it interesting at the comments were made to a reporter a Men's Fitness Magazine. And I'm certainly not suggesting the comments were not accurate. Because that they were in that magazine I'm simply saying that he made flip comment. I don't think it was. Premeditated. Don't think it was something he woke up today's the day im gonna go up that the U Epstein. I -- was taken back at some point and -- in the interview was done before spring training you've started given the lead time it takes to get magazine out is that Britain magazines. It was probably made during the winter. And he made these comments they were flipped. It's not something has -- that before and it's not that big a deal. As as Terry himself said quote it's not the end of the world I just don't think he should have done it I don't see any reason to deal. As they text or points out here a moment ago I wonder of -- was ashamed when he managed the Yankees. I mean he'd he had the exact same situation except he was the -- not the have nots. Now bodies you know the manager of the Baltimore Orioles he decries the the theoretical lack of intelligence of a guy like -- I well I mean you'd you can you can. Go point by point on shall does -- in the -- been with the Diamondbacks the ranges the Yankees and now the Orioles. The fact is he's a two time manager of the year so I'm not saying that bottles -- I'm not saying bucks not a good manager he is a good manager he has he has managed teams. Perhaps meaning he managed a rotten Texas -- That ridiculous contract that the Texas Rangers had given him and he managed the Yankees. Cell. I I just think that in Terry's I think larger point here is what tipped to try to do. What -- in -- even if it was a flip offhand comment. Even if it was you know I didn't mean you have just -- we as he actually tried that this week what he tried was you know we were just talking a couple of guys talk him. And then when it came out it was Michael and think that was going to be in there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But either -- it works either way. I have to admit when I read the comments from men's journal I was like try to do what you. You try to show how tough PR I mean what. Do you buy my premise that that it was they -- a flip comment made. Who reporter probably during an hour -- interview in the east -- our. Camp like deceit and again. Wouldn't what you wouldn't you agree with me that's home of the quote. Is is perhaps as revealing as anything else. The tone mean yes I know they don't play -- simple and real is that text and thank you. That it is it. REE you know he's got a little. Pumpkin -- some policy. Between his teeth Italy Casilla is that rates are are just kind of being a wise yes. Lately maybe that's what he had maybe it was tape and and and and it in I'm not suggesting that it was an off the record comment. Earned on the erected by yet to his credit he didn't try to make that Kasey yet and -- it has been a flip comment for him. I am I have no issue with that and I don't. I don't agree with that. But I agree with the principle behind. Back to the matters we have not seen you Epstein manager small I'd general manager small market team we have seen him. General managed the -- like the two world championships and by the way. OK he's got a lot of money to play -- -- of the Mets. How smart is Obama knighted during the images when he was running in bringing analyst plays -- for team that was a calamity down in the in Queens. So they give it in those terms the Baltimore Orioles spent money must. The Dodgers have spent money -- the Rangers have spent money they won last year right. Teams do spend money and lose it's how you spend the money and that feel -- credit. He's done a really good job of finding. Diamonds in the rough. Also because he surrounds himself with good people Allen -- -- -- the former general manager of the royals who's from New Hampshire. He's the one that went out and recommended they signed Nick -- a few years ago when he was languishing in Tripoli for the Yankees. And BO said bring one. While this guy -- -- playing and adding nearly a hundred games that shortstop a couple of years ago because it could find anybody to -- position he wasn't as good it is. The fawning media may about to be but. Was pretty good pick up. And sometimes. It Aaron Small Erik added that frank Cassell picked up a few years back but nothing in it up winning about two games it was -- just putting a lot of money. Sometimes it's dial it's perception. It's inspiration it's it's it's reading scouting reports it's making extra phone call. Deal does all of those things got. A -- ideas in the end he does a lot of way to play.