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Mar 16, 2011|

Jeff talked about how horrendous the First Four is and that they should have kept the tournament at 65 teams, that he believes Kyrie Irving will suit up for Duke and that makes them the favorite to win it all, how it was a down year for college basketball, if this is a good year to watch the tourney for NBA prospects, how far BYU's Jimmer Fredette can lead the Cougars and which double digit seeds he likes to advance.

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Jeff Goodman foxsports.com. Joins us AT&T hot line. On talks in brackets on the eve of the tournament Jeff like a little -- It -- you can't pick western Kentucky to win at all. Listen that's when I lost though -- all the attention this NCAA tournament. Arkansas little rock and western Kentucky coach Ken McDonnell Providence on my old college roommate that bounced a -- tournament. You sure you should boycott and I am a petition. At the it's all right guys Soria with -- -- good but. Old world watching Butler -- practice here in Washington DC right now and you know here -- new router here I've seen them about a hundred times already so much reported seem -- Old Dominion tomorrow and then Ahmad. My bounce around the country a little bit out that. Two Chicago on Friday. Sample on Saturday Charlotte on Sunday because it busy stretch for me. Jeff gimme a hit on what ominous still call the plane around last night tonight. Over on true TV boy if feels like its participation ribbon. For some of these teams what did you think of it and did the NCAA. Make a mistake with this expansion. It's horrendous it's ready to sit out again on the biggest cause -- -- -- find it garbage it should be kept its 65. But having said that I will say the same god they didn't expand ninety's ship in May have been expanded 96. This year especially I mean its market here for college basketball I'm not saying that's gonna. You don't directly result effective determine accurately could impact I think -- -- true. But there's so much mediocrity right now. And talk -- on -- it's certain the NBA and college -- It doesn't just prove the point that no matter what the number is even if it went in 96. But they're still gonna be that team on the bubble that's pit stop -- it -- No doubt and that's why don't you say this story it is still. Arguably the best you know a -- around the country you know certain new best three week event there is -- -- 65. Why change it I mean I know why they can -- -- You know more money money keeping coaches happy but you know what it works don't change -- go back to the way it was. Jeff the biggest news -- -- the last 24 hours involves a team that people that love love statements do a key re Irving. Why she chef. Has not played since he's a game changer Jeff is he going to play for duke and his -- Yet he's gonna play it you'll play Friday you watch I mean all sides that I've gotten outside the report different people all practice yesterday. Said yeah this time it's a little put off. All they need basically the final go -- from -- father brought she played at Boston University. -- -- -- So that's all league -- stand in the way and it's been out he's gonna he's gonna sign up audit. Because they've got a second doctor -- specialist well look it is so. If Nike built the most special shoes. Protected. So and he's gonna -- I'm gonna play my guess is somewhere between 1542. Minutes. I -- can't they just don't wanna throw -- -- called widgets like the Tennessee or Michigan are now outside. If he plays is that make them the all of a sudden the favorite to win this thing. Absolutely. It can't and god I've -- the -- it to win it all be would be okay I love our. I still think our state like one feet. But carrier ring with better than any of -- expect it -- the first big games it's risky conservative convention naive and old split up the ball. How similar. Is much better because she doesn't have to do is much on its own up triple Irene Nolan commit. It gives me -- -- million -- all -- he can -- but -- you'll. It changes the complexion of the scene of the oil into public term. Let it's a lot better goodies because I get duke repeat in my bracket I get them -- a damn thing I think I got. You're wrong what you didn't know you were wrong to. To be honest without carrier ring that it no. I get inside inside in -- -- mean I know some people down there down and in Carolina so I knew we'll go one on. I was speculating. A one SQ you talked about the year and the college basketball hall it was down at. Our other top foresees at above everybody else how many teams -- action as chairman do you think really have a chance. I think the top three talent lies are bug everybody else I would go with now through -- carry Ohio State in Kansas there was you're top receivers now. Up expert support number one they're good but they're not unbeatable by any of these. We saw that when they got the biggest urban. -- you know there's no there's no killer team there's no flies sought your wife -- copiers Dolan at you know or five throws. The best team -- about the best in my notes -- Carrier ring probably will be -- no more pick in the draft cute about it and gets it and you check out single and maybe top 5026. And -- get to the first round. Jeff Goodman foxsports.com. Jeff is this save real good tournament to watch potential. NBA prospects this year. Well pick to draft is about as bad -- it's gonna be in twenty years while. Probably not I mean now there's a lot of good players but not a lot of of franchise changing guys so that doesn't. Bode well for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Like a senate victory you know even though they apparent there's a profit or take your carrier -- if they get to know more. It's -- potential guys. But he and one of the best potential Gaza countries it ain't Perry told at Taylor Taylor didn't make the postseason -- So no I gotta watch it like it -- soldier Ohio State. Big -- freshman. You know we've seen enough -- Campbell walker obviously it -- be -- it in Austin. You know Morris twins also down. Our guys that I think will be dropped at the top 226. From cancers -- parents are really good players but not a lot of MPH you -- Kevin Durant to a project -- I think what you know a lot of people look at his BYU team despair you know Brady Davies off off the team now. How -- and Jim -- actually take this stimulus and talk about do the other number one seed with Davies off to meet their team I don't see them last along in his turn. All the way via -- way below -- listen. I know I I've heard you're just got a report and you played picked up about your tickets one yard chip sets up. I had no shot there would be no question you could get by it couldn't guard anybody. Nobody doubted the best foreign countries are no. He's terrific she's on the watch you from. Up 35 -- no problem Egypt in the whole blame it finishes. I love watching him but he came -- tree and without Brandon Davies or you do if you smart is they've played mostly -- Do attack -- out of its own and there's nobody I'm over up. Jeff last one for me around here it's about the brackets. Is there -- a a double digit -- your mind it's got a chance to to make it to the second weekend the term this year. Yeah I think there's a couple I like Missouri -- Missouri a lot of think -- -- style the way Mike in some plays about forty minutes or else. And just for a change. They don't know how to prepare they -- it or make seem curious that all but -- there one I know I like Richmond a lot of -- -- Japan. And I don't think global all that a particular you know whoever whichever it's a big game I think not stop global as well. By it'll be finished a Breck out or not give me real quick final four break -- down from their who wins. Well now I at Ohio State Texas I do lose you expect the street it's -- it carries LP. I'm gonna go with chalk him and I'm gonna go to our state. Duke Kansas and Pittsburgh and now I've still. I'm gonna stick with my pick him appreciate Thomas stick with little -- -- nobody else -- Don Imus say they went at all. Jeff is always great stuff again the Washington region first and may be -- -- -- you what not only on Twitter -- good men on fox is the Twitter account of course foxsports.com. Jeff we appreciate it -- the terminal built toppers. Doors right out of the that I. Happily that ninths thanks Jeff. There is Jeff Goodman joins us AT&T hotline find out what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible.