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Danny Ainge on BYU's Brandon Davies and the Celtics

Mar 3, 2011|

Celtics President Danny Ainge joined the Big Show in studio to talk about a number of issues including the Brandon Davies at BYU situation, the Kendrick Perkins trade, and the Celtics new additions.

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The unemployment though you. Just thinking seven. And you move along will be okay the most fun and I'm grandfather. -- -- McConnell and for those things. You know -- best I can you know. Everything openness the healthy group of. Big baby Glen Davis -- -- way along with Michael -- in the -- joining us live in studio right now. Is the president of the Boston Celtics basketball operations Danny Ainge missed -- range. Great to have you studio so nice that you could stop and drop by and say hello -- it's going to be here. First of all what brings you an area -- want -- Act and talked in the phone is good to see emperor and I come in occasionally did visit but it. And it is at some time they're doing a BYU along party down there a federal that's Americana that's what it. Allocated to -- -- Michael I've been talking a lot about that the last album let me ask you the breaking news. With Glen Davis I take it that's good news that we're talking three to five days tendinitis is that correct. Yet he has ten minutes than he's been he's he's been bothered by it all year and now. I can relate I mean advocate fourteen years of continuous tendinitis and in my means but eEye has the key just. Aggravated it last night that last play but I think it it's probably good just to give him rest I'm sure he'd be playing if it was a Matt light for death game for us but right now I think it's good to give him some time off. How we don't want to talk about we'll get into the acquisitions and trades and everything else with Cuba since -- -- fresh from talking with -- BYU story and secure regret at BYU. And I take it you know were subjected to the honor code. When you were playing it at BYU. As it as a along. How do you feel as you look at the cougars right now they're 27 and two going into last night's game looked like they had a great job of being number one seed. Out in the -- chance to win. The national championship. You take away Davies and this is a whole different game and got loan out last night by New Mexico to school. Stuck to their principal of the honor code. And put that up first and put basketball second how do you -- -- I don't feel like the school has choice. You know when when you when used go to be way you. Let me be quick story just about myself my choice would -- we use I was recruited by a lot of schools. Play a lot of different sports went on my recruiting trips and most of the recruiting trips to turn you over to a couple players and usually ends up in the you know some fraternity party in you know girls and drugs and alcohol and you know partying like it goes on it it it most colleges in the country in. You know I didn't feel comfortable in the in those environments and down cheers -- did you go to those other schools. And that's what -- have yet that's what you're there as they were recruiting. As they were recruiting me yes Andy can show me around this is what you know our school is like. And I would to be where you when there was a party and there was root beer floats in cake and ice cream and music and in dance scene in you know we would snowmobile lenient. You know went to movie it was just you know that was what I wanted to deal. So I had a brother that had gone to be where you for years performing. Who was put on probation for smoking pot and you know he ended up leaving school. And so I asked TM and sadly never thought of going to be -- you at that time and them I asked him. Said you know I'm really thinking about going there went there and I just had this great feeling. About going there and -- when he said hey if you -- -- the rules its greatest place general to go but if you don't -- of the rules stumbled. And you know so I looked at the rules that looked that way and and I said I can do that. And I signed the contract in every year you're asked. By year year church leader you know what you adhered to the honor code we've signed the contract you sign a contract. And you know and it's red it's not like it's fine print somewhere that you don't know you sign a contract of the honor code. That I will adhere to this. And so. I think that now having said all that. I think that first thing is is in the Mormon faith. The this kid will not be thrown out on the street and this kid will be supported he will be encouraged to stay in school. He will be encouraged to you know just sort of pay the penalty and you'll come back to the team and stay with the team in any and all those things is the tradition and but they have to I don't think they have a choice but to an and I don't think that this what's been reported -- I know for sure we don't noble story. And down so there -- rumors that the girl from a right. The -- right -- so I would suspect that based on that on the consequences that are happening. I don't know that I would to suspect that that's the case in in the Mormon faith. You know sins against life and irresponsibly creating life our our sense in the violations of the code. Danny you know what was the most typical part of the cold for you to honor when you're -- when you're in school and just to be clear. Oh what ten -- the most what did you struggle with if anything. I didn't struggle with -- anything any part of the honor code I mean I think that. You know when you have a a steady girlfriend. And you with a girlfriend in places that are attempting that's always gonna be a temptation. And so -- I would say that that is always the probably the greatest temptation of college kids. You know as far as the drugs and the alcohol and and you know that was really really easy but I think that. You know that the immoral behavior with girlfriends is probably the most challenging. I think the reaction is out there. From the fan base because there was a lot of excitement this was a very good basketball team exciting team. There really was viewed by many to be one of the contenders right now is the community. So entrenched into that lifestyle that. They're not gonna get worked up about it or will there be some people. That will be upset with the way BYU handle all you know there's always going to be some. You know dissenting voices but I think that the culture at BYU in the in the fans be where you and any of us have gone to be where you understand the culture. And understand that you know the school doesn't have a choice I mean that's this is this is what has to be done because otherwise there's no honor code. You can't dismiss another student or he might as well scratch scratch set off the honor code. In them so this has been around and it'll stay around it's an important part of the school. Can end up by the way be way you I think has the second most. Applications of any colleges in America and they turned down more students to go there there's when he students that that wanna go to be way you. Repeating there's even amid talk of you know building a BYU and east. Because they have so many applicants right now so. I think that this will stay in there's a BYU Idaho. There's a BYU Hawaii. And they have the same on codes in and you know. No one expects him to be perfect -- been in we all know that there's violations of the honor code. And -- on their in their handled you know in different ways each case is handled and in its own certain way -- that's why I think this from was probably a more serious violation of the honor code. Where. Well did you have when when you play it on not just when you played but now is is part of the code. Is it your. Responsibility. To point out when you know somebody has violated the code now what is your responsibility as someone who he didn't participate in an. Participate in -- which you have knowledge of it. Are you supposed you. Confront that person are you supposed to go to someone in authority and tell them about it what's your responsibility law and regulatory. When I was an athlete there and and I knew that members of my team more friends of of school were violating honor code I would -- talked to them. We bees talk as friends and say you need to. In key to life in order you're in your face consequences if you get caught -- -- that you were aware people who were Aaliyah violating the co chair chair and but. -- you know personally I wouldn't go in and cattle on somebody and I don't think there's much that that happens that. I think that. It you know I felt a responsibility did you know worn my friends of any dangers that they were facing. As this code changed at all -- -- -- up. Dated. I don't think it's changed much as it's interesting because as you know. Life from the world has changed an awful lot the last human out of college now for what. Since 1981 -- of the let me tell you something about the Mormon Church is that in and he was in 1840. Issue. Joseph Smith had a revelation of what's called the word of wisdom which is a lot of the honor code it's. To abstain from alcohol and coffee and in tobacco. In you know substances and and it also gave -- you what he should be. And if you were read the word of wisdom today in 2011. That revelation is pretty astounding because it's what every nutritionist we'll tell you what you should be. Of fruits and vegetables and grains and not excesses amounts of meat in and things like that so. -- -- -- everybody wants a new diet plan go read section 89 of the Mormon doctrine and covenants in will be a pretty good revelation. About an 1840 of what we should be eating in and what how we should be living your life today. I thought the story told in your brother was an interesting one because it was obvious and you. Gave his what was going on -- his life that it wasn't the right place for him and I guess that's what the sizzle out is that. You -- party go to the University of Miami every year. There are magazines they come out with the top ten party schools and if you wanna party I guess she go one those -- they're probably got these Florida Florida State Clinton Miami sort of my result party and not gonna Florida State would be up there. -- -- -- far too much about the party -- -- show prep for what I but I would guess there were a lot organized over being recruited the same time you're -- at some of those other schools isn't meant that schools. BYU this is the one for the. Right and I tell kids you know we have you know legal appeal -- his his nephew went to be where you to play football. And -- you don't set down talked with Jordan his football 37 a great experience out there and you know I told him -- Mexico said don't go. If this is if you can't do this and he said I think this is goods is the principles I've been taught my family this is the sort of in a way that that I have been grown that I've been taught and so I can do that in and I think they should do that and that's that's how I won a list Soviet opponent. And you referenced that earlier it's it's pretty interesting you said we haven't heard the whole story and that's probably a 100% accurate we'd never hear the whole story. When these things come out which he said as serious violation of the code or deeper violation of coat pocket ripper are you phrased it. So that makes you wonder that if there are first time violations. That don't result in say a girlfriend becoming pregnant. Or or something that. They're really makes the problem. Well a lot deeper than just. Hey that's just a violation here that is you know of this this kid had some tears this kid had some top some coffee he should know is that viewed differently. I think every cases is all right as it is a case -- he's our case by case and is it kids sorry for the -- won't do it began in or -- -- you know kind of arrogant about it in you know as I don't know if I -- while I'm even here I mean. Yet every individual their repentance process there their attitude. Toward what they've done the responsibility. Or are they taking for what they've done. -- this Brandon Davies is a great kid. And regardless of what sort of thing he's done to violate the honor code I mean I think he's a really nice you know I met him I think he's trophy kid. -- and I'm certain the school will. Stand behind him and now I and I believe he'll be back next year and it will be hard formula to be there and sort of publicly you know and let the team down that's going to be that's going to be the toughest thing for him but I think in the long run. You know it's all about. Raising men it's not about winning national basketball championships. And you know that's what their goals are and so he feels like he led his team down -- it. I think that he'll be a better man as a result of you know depending on how he deal. As with this do you get disturbed. A lot of the misinformation. About your religion easily bring that up as it's analog stuff over the last 24 hours. With the Brandon Davies situation where -- in the polls with Mitt Romney where there are a lot of people would not vote for him because of his religion. And caused a big love show on HBO probably due to the religion and it could either. I've known -- for a long long time you've got one wife you've always had one wife he did not say my my favorite quote in the whole campaign was that Mitt Romney was made by him at Romney's wife if she said isn't it isn't it ironic that the only popular politician in the race. Is a Mormon it's only had one -- -- think that's why does -- -- -- -- that -- not really -- people. It's much different than probably your life I spent two hours Wendy in the locker room talking KG is his favorite show was big -- Ha ha ha -- and doesn't surprise. After -- KG was like he was intrigued by this whole concept -- that's your view I know and and -- -- that's not -- -- with our faith -- matter of -- -- that's completely frowned upon and there's no polygamy in the Mormon faith there's also to branch jobs that. Claymore mechanism. I'd you know Mormon if -- practicing. Plural marriage did you tell all -- so at that point KG said on the odd convert from. But think about it. You deal with that you played in the NBA and you heard all sorts of language not to feel what that now when you I see I see where you sit. And I know you can see what I can see and hear what I can hear when it comes Casey's -- -- things he says in the court of the cage he's gotten better that it -- knows that. And not really yeah I know he was silent last night that I'm -- -- tonight for the game you know he pounds yes you know. He -- wasn't he wasn't personal notice that -- again knows what I don't whatever reason I think as you know he was going to translate. His game out on the court to Channing -- need to its. It would have been better if Channing Frye probably would have rather head and throw some of bonds before the game as opposed to -- it was -- plus a little bit Albano. No I mean listen I've been in professional sports with 34 years okay. And I don't think anything makes me blush and I know the world and I know what -- goes on and as -- and let me tell you quick story -- I won't mention names but flannel -- a -- piece together says as he was there. With this but when I came out of -- way you when he came into the MBA yeah married had two kids get married after software your college. And so. As as I was playing in the NBA all the guys are saying hey you know money house you know must -- the MBA life which has seal all of our young guys try to warn them and but come to no avail most of the time it. The -- I I don't have never -- strip club but never been to a nightclub it and I just don't do that that's not my lifestyle that's not. And so one of my good friends who about my same age and had children and you know and all -- said you know but you just no fun you're just not having any fine. And I looked at him and said you gotta be kidding me I'm having more fun than anybody could possibly have them and -- complain in the NBA. My lifelong dream complain and the Boston Celtics. I mean AM happily married two beautiful children at home and I mean this is the life are you kidding me mom I'm happy as could be in -- uses you know you know fun. So. About a year later. This friend of mine was going through some struggles with -- -- And it had to do with his lifestyle. There was another player -- team has gone through a divorce another player that was going to alcohol rehab another one that was going through drug rehab. And another player that was brought a paternity suit was against him and he was going through that. And -- -- knows all the names -- guys are where they OK that's an aunt and so and so I said that's the more common. And so I said I said that players that time said. Now who have. I mean there's there's there's you know it there's a scripture that. That I liked wickedness never was happiness. You know happiness is like being loyal to your wife being loyal to your family being honorable public integrity. Not just having fun you know party time. And -- a difference between happiness and fun and down -- So you tell me Charlie Sheen is on the mormons I would tell him I'm telling you -- that doesn't seem like that doesn't happy though. Thinks I look we take a break we gotta do this disorder were backed up -- this was fascinating stuff especially in light of what's going BYU and we're gonna get into. Even more fascinating stuff worked is that transpired this past week. With your Boston Celtics that's coming up next to the big show -- shortly and Ali. Any -- joining us live here in the studio our number three of the -- -- with a power play and holly let's get to all of the personnel changes over the last week. Now that we've addressed only issues with the church we can move on. Com the trade made over the otherwise we'll have some wars is deterred from the -- in the campaign's -- mean. We will have in Arizona to Huntsman the more news about running in Mitt Romney rounding -- we're gonna a lot of and an -- have any questions -- -- the call I do -- come out of that of the world will bring you want as normal cholesterol but you don't like -- Huckabee conceived as Melanie about the the Mormon. Going to be our political expert. I can't you can't read this expert care yeah. This expert didn't you to only three weeks ago. When I -- to the question about making deals or whatever. That I love my team. I love my team at a July element noted something happened in three weeks that you had to change and take one of your starters and deal more way. And make the -- well some things changed but -- I did love our team. And I didn't feel like I had to do anything other man. You know find a replacement for monkeys. So the -- -- public domain changed but I did Albertine and -- feel like I needed to do this trade. This trade get an opportunity came that I thought was gonna make our team better. We could replace -- keys with Jeff Green. I'm with thinks terrific player he can now provide a lot of versatility to play the three complacent for. He defends a preliminary defends the pick and roll he can switch pick and rolls and guard ones on occasion. We don't have a big get it does that -- you know he's just a young 24 year old kid that that has 37 minutes a game. Three years experience with great success. And those guys are defined 69 athletic can we needed a little bit of juice and bounce into our our rotation and I felt that it. -- and perk was not what I was trying to accomplish but I felt that at the center position with. Bringing in Krstic who I think was a very underrated player by -- but in most people's eyes and he's proven that just in these four games. And we had Shaq and Jermaine. And Glen Davis and shaft this year when he started in been healthy. Com in our offense has been. Did the best offense that we've had in in in in our time here with the big four. And defensively we have mr. -- either and a big baby has proven to be the finisher. Even with her. And you know and then on top of that you know I was I was I was little we talk about Shaq -- help I was worried about perks. Perk was not the same player. Coming off the knee surgery the mideast he had been the sprained knee ligament in the gaming it's Golden State it was gonna put enough for few more weeks. And so and Elliott both knees that word in -- needed to shape up so there was some concern there are so I would say those things changed an opportunity came around. And I think our team is. Deeper. Better. More versatile. And more suited for a long playoff run and I think it also with the same time which you don't need to do very often is. It's as helps us and sets up for the future -- Michael has -- discretion the other day in debating this trade. Who got the best player Celtics kept bass player Jeff Green of the guys -- talked about is the best place. I I don't dispute that at all. But don't you take tremendous risk -- -- you are -- six weeks away from the playoffs. And you've got this team established and you know that you win this thing on defense and you take away the bears' defense supplier would only six weeks. Means you've got to ramp up you've brought a lot of new personnel and your model new players. You ducks got a very short window here. To get these guys ripped up for the plan well I I mean first why don't think we got rid of our best defense of player misty did the player by far is Kevin are not watching and your beat dusty track where a say in the best defensive player out of this deal. When elsewhere. Well that could be but Jeff Green upon Jeff Green well. And I don't take anything with emperor 'cause I allow perk as a -- feel like I've raised that kid in spent so much time and blood sweat and tears and in trying to develop him in in in getting him into I'm a man and a professional. And it and -- absolutely love the kid but I think. That we can make up for his lost defensively -- that's what his strength was on our team was defensively. And but I think that we can cover up for that does it by committee I think Jeff Green can be in more personal more athletic. A different type defender. But I would I would dispute that Jeff Greene could be the best defensive player insects are seven weeks that's yeah like I have no I'm not I'm beginning -- on the wrong I mean like today. I mean today yeah like our team is we mean we help Phoenix last night in the first three quarters that mean I think they had sixty some points. I mean our defense was fantastic and a second -- the second team in the second half there was no right I mean I mean Kevin Garnett Paul ray Rondo. That -- those four guys play great defense would they mean when they want to Lockheed down and they gave going to mean that fifth guy. Whoever it is that it's baby if -- Shaq if it's Jermaine if it's semi certain of its Perkins it doesn't matter if it's Jeff Green. I mean dugout that guy will follow -- and they play intense I think it's led by KG. And and Rondo I mean when Rondo really wants to turn up the heat and pressure the ball. In -- he's in the mode that he was last nightly he wanted to destroy Phoenix. We're really good in our success this year is going to be determined more by those four are for all stars than anything else. But now doc has stopped you know we could tell doctor Craig don't competence and -- Great deal competence and -- severed crucial times of the game it looked on the bench and he try to. You figure a way to take can juggle it around and a different -- rather than more just to put in a senator as if someone's hurt. Now doc looks to on the bench and he has a three year starter it's 24 years old Jeff Green. A guy that started two years ago on the team with the best record in the MBA at point guard and Delonte West. Troy Murphy who's been a starter his entire career that's only thirty years old. That's been there done that. And who whom are forgetting a shaft in and Jermaine I mean he looks to on the bench and he has. Nothing but stars -- and they beat -- and a big baby and big baby who started for KG familiar so to -- -- coming back right username is coming back yeah he's going to be able apply. Yes you know as you mentioned Danny. That there are a lot of factors in the Kendrick Perkins trade -- contract if he had one year left on his contract. Would you have been. Willing to make this trade or was that the fact that. He's gonna be a free agent we have an opportunity to bring in Jeff Green why not give something for Kendrick win at the end of the year were probably gonna lose them for not. Right so. Yes I did play a part in it in in in that in the fact that Kendrick were under contract. You know I probably would have -- probably would listen to deal still but. We tried to extend -- contract from the beginning of the year to the to the extent that we could under the collective bargaining agreement rules. I didn't anticipate that they would. I sat with -- agent for two hours on Saturday at the all star break and in Los Angeles watching Paul and -- in the three point contest and and you know we tried is in -- tried to convince them that this was you know probably not as much as you can get -- its security and you know but they really wanted to test the open market I knew what the open market. Had its corporate Kendrick Perkins. Because I know the value of our of the players because of the teams I've talked to so I'm not shocked at all that Oklahoma City gave kindred the money that they gave him. That wasn't something we can do with a payroll that we have that was his completely out of the question. So what you're basically saying though is that so that so that played into it but I would never done that. Had an independent if I thought we were taken a step backwards for this year with this unique opportunity at the you know with the big four. Well there for all stars trying to win a championship right now if I thought we were taking a step back I would sacrifice that to win a champion. -- -- -- did knowingly guy. Did he come to you. Or did you go to him and say -- exam. What to imitate give Jeff Green. -- salmon I've had conversations you know salmon I did the deal with Ray Allen to get re here. And does so we have a history of doing trades that have benefited both teams. And I think that the mom we just did a trade again that's gonna benefit both teams. So it's you know it's easier to it's easier to make deals when they're sort of a trust factor in. Things turn out in in things turn out to be as you said in. -- what I can explain to him and what Kenny kitty is and Jeff Green turns out to be what we think he is and and I think this trade does benefit both teams I think this trade in some ways helps I think in the greatest way it helps. Them is Oklahoma City is that. It moves it -- to before which I think he's a true for. And I think it adds it opens up a great deal of minutes for James Harden who I think is a very special player. And I think that. That frees them up a little bit and so. I think that they'll be a better team as a result of this trade I think will be better. Wanna give back to the point. You're talking about the the money England obviously you had a good understanding of what the market value was and wasn't 22 million over four years which was the most. You guys could provide under the collective bargaining agreement. He's got a little more than that bid that's in the ball marker at personable it's about halfway between the 22 in the thirty that's been reported so let's say 28 and 25 or six. Approximately BYU prayer leader and a -- that. Why don't have exact number but you know because the because he had incentives in his contract that we could make you know almost -- -- 22 is a guaranteed -- so it's like okay so viewer his position it doesn't make sense for his agent to accept that if everybody including you knew that its market value -- we found out what is market value was -- traded -- the -- 36 of 35. Over over four years but they gave it to mean dollar bonus now -- and yet so they raised his -- this year drag so. It makes sense that when you're looking at your nucleus and the possibility of a hard cap on the horizon here. You're not gonna be able to keep him for that money going full. The question -- so maybe you don't keep them beyond this year anyway you let him go the question on avenue brought it to a little early. Did you questioned whether physically now. He could do would you needed Kendrick Perkins to do for the rest of this season was that something you were questioned yes so you know. There's one thing that would never question with Kendrick is his integrity his characters work -- he seek re young man in individual. But you know I've never seen again -- come back what they were especially as quick as he came back so he came back quick. Which is to his credit that tells you what kind of character yet. And that was an amazing feat for a guy his size to come back as quick as he did he didn't just have -- he CO2 there. He had an MCO partial tear he had a meniscus terror. I mean in in the same knee and he came back in as quick as any NBA player and histories ever come back. But he was not the same player. And then he had the injury against Golden State in on the other -- And so yes of course there's doubt and I think that we all knew going in which is why I got Jermaine why we brought -- why we brought -- in. Because you know we were wondering if Kendrick would it be able to make it back in and who Kendrick would be when he came back. Those were concerns from the first -- training camp the fact that he was on the court playing was great but he wasn't playing at the same level. But that's not a knock on him the fact that he was playing was pretty it was pretty amazing. -- -- -- Used to have street that. You have the size to match up with some of the teams in Western Conference and that's it's on the teams were talking about one team the lakers. In the offseason to pick up -- to pick of Jermaine O'Neal we've taken along with Kendrick Perkins. That's pretty good trio there that can protect -- program get rid of Perkins don't have really anybody who was known as -- That is good solid one on one defensive player. That's like that's healthy right now among those big guys is that fair to say you don't have a a perk like guy. Among. Amateur Murphy is that is of reverend Arnold drive. We have second Jermaine. But if we had perk we don't have any of them healthy right now because perks not healthy so we have -- and Jermaine shaft is is more physical. Jack is but there instantly but he's -- you so he's at times can be a liability on defense right but who do you think that who do you think that they would rather play against. Because you have to play both ends of the court. I mean you don't wanna guard Shaq Shaq -- when he's on the offensive -- are -- percentages is you know of the best in ten years in the MBA. Because people don't leave him. They stay on at -- 36340. Pounds whatever it is I don't know at least I mean I don't even know what it is about although he's he looks great right now -- lost in about fifteen pounds lately but -- coming back to shore. Well I mean he looks great he looks better now than he did in training camp. And he feels better I mean in Jermaine was talking about. Retirement wondering if he added in was really worried and we had just out of our retirement this year yeah I mean tough decisions -- you know going back and forth in in regard to. You know the surgery should begin that he really wanted to just try to fight through this year and I think now he wishes he'd done answered a little earlier. But he's his spirits are and use. He's put in the time in in -- do you think will the club good Jeremy. What's the precedent if somebody playing with what he has -- -- can you compare him to someone who was able to do it and play in eighteen minutes in the playoffs -- -- where else is there anybody coming a -- -- -- -- there's been a lot of guys that played with -- bone on bone for. A few years. I think the last person I remember I was amazed because. And watch you run in his leg was always in a bit position -- system means he's still playing and playing while was Jeff points. But yeah I know lot of guys have played the bone on bone for few years. And so it it's not what he had -- it's that his knee was sort of mysteriously swelling. And when that and when that when the joint swells that prevents his quads from firings so you don't get lifted you don't. You know he can play with the pain it was just. It was just that it wasn't functioning right so now you know we feel like we've we've come up -- -- reason. And it looks very. That he says he hasn't had swelling return and that's it's in the longest without happens in return and workers are time limits cigars have a minority. I think I think you know and and another three weeks ish you know to try to you know just to get as much strength as we can in his. Lay eggs is -- his quads you know before we -- you know he gets back and others -- when he comes back is it okay look we're crazy if we play him more than twelve minutes tonight or fifteen minutes tonight as he does is he went by any type I don't think so I would I would say that you know realistically just with. Conditioning and where he is you know and having not played the whole year. I mean I think you'll probably crazy consider that he was gonna play more than 24 minutes and eight. By them you know for all healthy that's you know you know that there's lot of minutes that we have too many guys to play I am just Krstic has been playing great. I understand and and Krstic is gonna sheriff gonna talk about I understand that offensively you look like you're better team you're capable mount scoring more points and every single -- You have any fear at all. That when you get into the seven game playoff series in your dollar works it really becomes a matchup situation. That against one of those -- order length. Teams that you might have some difficulty with your interior defense does that worry you at all forty do you believe that the offense. Well offset. Well. I think that we were were every bit as big down as we were before the trade of which are not as physical you're not. Krstic is not as physical as as well you know he's -- nobody but again that's a strength. No he doesn't have the strength of the one on one defense but he has agreed knowledge he has great experience and easily 27 years old he's actually. You know three inches taller than -- but he's not as good -- shot -- expert. But you know perk is not as good a shot -- -- used to be either. So and you know we played against Orlando week. So before when when perk was out we beat Miami twice we beat the lakers who beat Chicago twice we beat we beat Orlando. You know when perk we we saw -- -- and win the game we won the of the day against Orlando. I mean Dwight Howard had fourteen points in the first quarter against us. With regard him it was you know that's not the -- that we had. In -- -- was concerned but I always have a concern about guarding the big guys mean because big guys typically get in foul trouble we need a lot of bodies there. I think we have four. Very capable senators and and we have a fifth sinner. It's not really a senator but I mean how is you know -- Dwight Howard try to check Troy Murphy. What he's up their you know not -- 50% at three point shots from the top from the from the straight on line. To bring in him away from the basket with those so that's when I start thinking there's things that we can do offensively. -- that we haven't been able to do before I'm like last year we had Rasheed but she just didn't shoot the balls while we hope to mean. He's that he was a good three point shooter but until the playoffs he wasn't making shots or she's not from America. I don't have a roster spot for the flashes of that question your judgment that they. It was it's amazing you know that's what you love about Austin immunity of their people I mean. Rasheed you know coming back to mean after all the all the crap that we heard about Rasheed last year and I don't think we obviously go right even -- you know Leon -- coming back I mean everybody at its its a credit to the Boston fans to some I mean did they really love their players. And and they get attached to them so I appreciate them. Cost is this a tough job for dock in the next six weeks because there are so many new and bodies I think you're right a lot of what you sank. -- Mark Murphy could change things dramatically opened up the lane for for Rondo. There are a lot of things you could see happening but it's a matter of these guys buying into the system understanding the system and they -- from Murphy getting into the you know -- basketball condition. There's a lot of things that have to happen the stock -- eight. Tough job here over the next 56 weeks so so I think ducks toughest job. Is. The Jeff Greenpeace. I think that you're -- will be back and you'll be able to fit in the back of Rondo and that'll be pretty easy transition because Delonte is part of us he's been -- before knows our system. And then we have you know one of our senators to back up whoever starts they -- the back of Krstic I think that those are easy transitions. It won't be difficult at all I think the most difficult transition. Is gonna be Jeff Green. And because Jeff is so capable planes so many different things to maximize his talents. As you as we've seen in the the first three or four games doing hasn't played a lot of minutes we've seen some really nice highlights. But he's got so much to offer. I think that that's stocks probably single focus. Other than you know give everybody healthy back but it you know see the things that he can do and how to best utilize him. Well post pre split four mainly in Oklahoma City -- if it was so it's a grandparent here you can see him as the three already. Yeah that's that's where he fits in our time right now for the SP alike no nonsense question of the week brought to you by SP -- This week's question comes stores for -- Myanmar. Our bubble Lewiston Maine India -- besides matching up the dollar amounts. And the overall desire to improve the team what are some of the other factors you consider before making a trade. We discussed a lot of enemies -- is trying to make their team better. Do you -- you have to think it all about the possibility. -- what happens going into the future here with a new collective bargaining agreement if you end up with a hard cap as opposed to. You know having allowing. You know how to go over the cap a few resigning year old players is that something that you have to think we give an example Jeff Greene has got he's got a yum. He's a restricted freeagent basically and I you can pick him up for six point oh whatever next year. Krstic is a freeagent. You have to think about how you're gonna make that work if you end up -- A whole different set of rules here McCourt to bargaining use our -- Sure so you know -- Jeff Green you know we can give him -- qualifying offer doesn't mean we can signing for next year. We can give Jeff -- qualifying offer. -- Krstic is an unrestricted free agent so I think the system will dictate. You know what we have to offer him -- -- with the new rules will be whatever whenever that may be but it. We've talked a lot about it internally but none of us really know. What's gonna happen qualifying offer a way -- another Jeff -- could another team command. And offered him a contract that we would be able to match you'd be able to match -- -- -- the in the qualifying order offered in order to maintain our ability to me I suppose the other team gives you an Africa's -- well able to cap and there are some teams that are going to be. As you know well below the cap at the end of this year bank and yet you're not gonna be able to facilitated because you could be over the capitals and our hard cap absolutely. An -- that could happen to you could -- -- blues and as we could share. There's your SP -- no nonsense question of the week is brought to you by SP a lot of the no nonsense like insurance company only view this. Somebody actually wanted to know if the BYU -- -- Allowed you to get into fights and an NBA court and byte another NBA. How a man wanted to be a -- -- our -- our majority there but did well it's. -- Soviet. As the ice by my of my favorite story there was when Glenn was sitting on an airplane Wednesday. A guy came up to him and said it was was tell the story that that's the funniest stories of when you told me that I made my documents -- he makes up our. Robert that perhaps he was sitting in the coach section of the play we were sitting on the first class section and and a person was describing him you know there's rob repairs Holland achieve it. Sort of describing to his his daughters -- -- side and what was. The team -- as Larry Bird like one of the greatest players. A ball timing goes ignorant at best in means he once been a man -- -- off I think yeah. That is teachers. So people -- tree Rollins that Danny. When it got twisted around it and -- it but you real -- that would be a violation of maybe -- -- -- -- -- -- I like it we'll talk in actually a bottle by any week you wanna stop and Ali just said to me is an agreement in humans and we -- dropping plenty of freedom of the school nothing else going on hard -- and I expect any change president of basketball operations for the Celtics. Quick break and we're gonna take your phone calls at 6177790850. You -- -- more. Risks on the.