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Pats Jets preview

Jan 11, 2011|

Mikey, Lenny and Ryder discuss the Patriots Jets game coming up on Sunday and what they think will happen.

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What I hear of Malaysia. On Eric Harding. Ted Baxter the Google -- Megs here and ready like many of our guests. Sometimes -- At the illustrious south then -- rose on Columbus avenue -- yes all right next door afterwards and Jolie's. And he's got the best racket going. He's got three -- you know what we'll talk more about this in the near future happy new year friend -- From ponds in the north and jock wasn't so that level of maybe Francesca and his baby girl which is we get the artist haven't disturbing conversation -- security guard. What about Izturis right is -- is secure our children. But Tom -- -- -- listen to on the big show it was a TV show called quick slant right all of us up with us here on the picture. -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess he was leaving and getting as it is parking ticket validated. And he -- and then -- In her direction. That's -- have a leader for her out. I mean I understand it hard to suppress bounces sometimes depending on -- -- doing and you know if your out of breath who would you get that story from her. She said this -- like that everybody has it. Brought to my face and he blooper to that blow my face I see it's I sit there or is it had to be enacted -- and so. Which you'd think he what is said geez sorry about that there for. I didn't mean to share of that in them and we supposed to keep from myself in the car just came -- -- -- counted -- -- season not guys know he has -- -- We like there has -- yes six point 7779. Missouri 58882. -- -- 5050. 211 line open for you right now -- talked everybody tonight about football because that's were talking about pretty much. All the Lenny. In the latest issue of -- You ticket back Netscape like knowing that -- I wanna read it. And we. Always really showed us don't show at eleven rematch -- stupid you know we. I am gonna take this thing and it is gonna take it real leader but I did want this year oh -- okay. Region though he's got a copy peace in this week's in -- -- -- London based Al said the pace. Dick christianity whom you know from the -- -- -- 39 is here he knows everything that's gone down for a Frontline interview with him so. -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanna mention that on Friday -- -- first of January -- will be hosting well I've read the -- of an event that's always great to hot stove thing down Brockton rocks. You go to their website if you want tickets Bill Buckner. Bill leave the space men and Jimy Williams are going to be on the panel. Jimy Williams Jamal Williams and we are gonna have a have a good time talking baseball that night. What the rock's website is -- -- rocks dot com -- -- would Google woman find it fighter tickets to we're gonna have some fun to talk to Jim it was a buzzard like. -- -- -- asked about the time we hung up on me and and the big show when I asked a question about. Jim Leyritz you -- buzzard luck out there it's he hung up on its -- soap and she's on how I want -- -- that -- that. I'll -- I'm -- -- you're gonna like luxury ways to realize the flat -- And it's always great guy George guy that Jewish character she heard about today cutting her. Eight it is like the bus impressed and a lot of you know outside I told Greg -- school. He was and he defeated monetize anything he didn't and mostly he did new -- kind of use it's sort of like. Belichick if so -- Belichick. With a snarl. Jamie was have been I think it's he's got older he's he's mellowed a -- on -- -- you he has to have mellowed. I use and beliefs. And have fun and -- dose can be good very very -- hardcore baseball talk 'cause when they signed a -- they said you know. Mike Adams is going to be win -- and Jimmy say can I get active -- at and apparently sockets it's happening this suggestion I scrapers Friday great you know let the last summit that a couple of years ago it was a Dan Duquette. -- Smith. And Mike Beck and bill facts on who's out who's the got a to have that Disco or maybe I'm not -- -- the auto parts we had agreements are -- always fun out or read it down January -- well we'll see -- I really good elected rich -- -- whose finally got the champ -- quantity to reckon with the it would lower -- -- if he wants is that they wanted to death for awhile and death although I would love -- Iraq's against the tornadoes. Our Barbara into an Edmonton and yeah probably only pitch and that would then -- in the -- Mike you're next on the planet Mikey show -- you know it. -- would Saunders say don't read got a -- chime in on the coming up on. You know I want perhaps as I say ninety -- the -- -- going to be huge features tent camp but but listen a lot of people called in the last days. There are given the jets and the respect and I just think that. You know if you look at that key that we want 45 to three -- and as a barometer I honestly think you're more well only thing. Like the biggest fans might be thinking that but I don't think the patriots players are well Belichick's not let out -- you have to weigh everything -- with the person at the time. You know that was a big showdown the jets were nine in two. The jets had won four in a row they're committed to the big Monday night's showdown with the New England Patriots as. Borderline they weren't favored but they were it was a close spread. OK in that game so the world was thinking of the says a really good match -- it was certainly hyped as such. And what did you get. You got eight at an old fashioned ass wall opened. Over the last thing people remember is that that's gonna play into it has to know article -- taking even psychologically the jets seven on their mind. Well I think that's did you look at their body work in the clips of last week four years ago they give -- credit in the sense that they've they've. -- -- just keeps -- -- want to get all caught on in the broad and it won on the road sort think that Rex Ryan. Has the ability to buried a key to get them taken that listen guys you know what you can you export playoff games the last two years right on the road. You gonna do more on in the -- -- patriots team. You know you you what he's an example in. You know 2007 they went into giant stadium put Turkey point to a potential New York Giants and a monthly expenditure Romney could barely -- fourteen points. Against the same defense on this you know it's exactly so you know in the NFL usually don't see one -- blown out and then three full weeks later when they play again or 21. That's true however that the jets and giants the giants and patriots weren't you know -- teams that are faced each other two or three times every year for the last ten you know 2030. This is a got a familiarity thing as much as it is anything else. -- except that he -- -- -- even more that's what's key is that that we've seen as we see the patriots all the ultimately seemed. That's. Tied to the vast ocean of Brady this that he might not tournament to attempt. Are you. And you see that's all I did you just blow up the patriots. I'd just what Norris is week to call a blow open a -- it to a pretty good -- -- and also how they integrated. Want -- they were losing at the half they won the game 2814. And the final analysis is it's not 45 to three. My point being that yes they play each other a lot there's -- -- wins and losses on both sides of things. But you've got to take the last game into consideration because that's the most familiar personnel group of people that are going to be a gutsy job. Well listen the patriots yet it. It figured well and I just think that it but let me ask you this question do you honestly think that that that they have a chance coming -- -- you honestly failed in the NFL debt debt debt at on any given -- -- such a cliche but you know presented its jets yeah exactly like just say Tom Brady might not corporate -- But I read Michael and I might would you -- a game you don't say well turnovers they can -- that's just like -- of course they can win if there's to resist the substantial difference on turnovers. But that's that's a that you analyze a game time. Of course is that okay well then let's analyze the -- to turn the ball over ten times all year in sixteen games you'd think that's going to be a big part of this game. How many times -- huge huge spike got -- to last week. Each one -- -- -- which even at a -- between the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it happened at jets and I always went out and it gets canned and you mentioned three and one and -- -- -- inches of -- at three and one of the playoffs last four games right well you know what guess what Pete Pete Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks are one and oh. Like our ultimate double -- porno is trying to make and the cassette and the patriots and a -- except as an -- it's all lopsided like you know it's it's it's -- someone embarrassing hatred against. Let you know what that is your I don't England Mike you know that's that's that Collison the fans really hatred the patriot of the jets they're not talking logically such hatred that they can't even its head of the logic that may be the patriots got close out. If you'd take your guy out of it an in kind of market take it out of you know sandusky Ohio. And it was a football fans bring him into the mix sit him down say here's we have for facts he's gonna say -- ten turnovers. In the whole year that shouldn't be an issue. 453 last time they got -- yeah. So. -- it you. You know I'm not gonna go and the smoke though and and make that be what what Bruins might weekend Mike that's the problem don't understand how to. -- again and birds and monkeys could fly out of my ass. -- -- -- The -- and at that I heard yeah thirtieth three -- you know warning whatsoever. And air traffic control didn't know anything about. Mikey just said a football fans from -- desk in Ohio. That's -- we have a great football towns in America everybody who ever went through sandusky is that that's really high school football NFC. It -- -- -- summer Saddam Hussein becomes the -- -- he wouldn't give a rat's ass who won't swat now that's not his preference of it I've got to -- I can't see myself general worked up because the patriots could lose this weekend I just knocked out of me in my place. Now I'll get worked up if they lose yeah boy okay. -- go vomit for hours you won't have Andrew say Monday Ingraham is excellent service services as a nine Missouri fifty were talking football night here. Mike Adams likes to think to himself is -- charming witty and catchy I like different chat. That it's letting Mikey when Mike Adams on the WEEI Sports Radio network at W -- EI dot com.