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What team can give the Patriots a problem in the AFC?

Dec 28, 2010|

Lou Merloni, Tom E Curran, and Steve Buckley debate which AFC team could potentially give the Patriots the most problems in the playoffs.

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Others from a text there -- it is a very popular sports is Lula from Brooklyn given night. But he figured dogfight with tens of thousands of dollars and table. Part of the urban underground society. The ego barely it is it does -- a league president it's USA network presents vs vs would have that. -- -- -- -- -- -- It'd just don't know what color about the airing the Britney and whining about he had a -- again whatever it actually come until we step up hold it till the British -- Mikey advocate the eighteen -- -- we do have some expensive equipment in here Tom -- -- -- -- a football around -- and cameras around there'll -- or Julia can't pull out it's unite she's already threatened to tell me to ancillary equipment and it's expensive so mark those. Is when on the one -- it's time to do that but that the let's go back to the fullest go to Tony bridge lot of Tony a. Rare that speak speaking a nice guys happy holidays you do it -- -- -- like all like. Talk that it be -- that's -- innocent -- -- -- is not a target legitimate with this crap but all right. Doubtful that like eighteen who were at Etsy -- Iraq back losses. -- don't support it and how -- game loss to Pittsburgh on or capsule and what. Would vault the. -- she -- to less than that Cleveland team few weeks ago to. Whose government Tony. Well it got a lot like I smell or look at war since it so to I think it's great games -- think the patriots a Raleigh -- The Walt instantly Atlanta. Ticket -- being sent to. Question Tony that Tony that jump up question was which team are you afraid of most afraid of work. If the patriots step phenomenon I beat you can't say none of them. -- -- okay. Do you think that the patriots good fortune in turnovers and not good fortune do you think the patriots efficiency. How much of a how much of a component he's good fortune in the patriots efficiency. Offensively taking care of the ball defense we've taking it away. This is it's it's that blocks this has been applicants from gay won the game. Sixteen. Month. -- your 2001 I mean you gotta get breaks you have to have a lot of breaks David patent. Out of bounds with the knocked out with the sport on the on would you agree great teams make the -- All. Actions. -- But I -- as good morning good fortune with his team as well and we don't mix that haven't been picks. You know it takes great big -- okay that Tony Tony Tony Tony Tony Tony on it to them again. When you look at the the Green Bay game you know tipped pass that -- would certainly -- AJ -- missed the patriots ended up getting touchdown out of that drive. Greed based and for -- -- the red zone right here on temple and which in turn the other way. You know -- they would -- the football game. That's good fortune. It's ridiculous to say it's not always give the -- bowl. Spot on our property. All credit to all in -- Yes so good fortune means when you catch a break and a guy happens to dive the ball it's Charles what's he -- And falls to a TARP instead to stick it to -- how many balls Charles -- and drop over the course of the year. Good fortune is involved -- let's say in the Baltimore. Is a steady threat to the patriots but there is a component good fortune. Involved in turnovers. At the Tony a look at the there was -- -- -- a look at Pittsburgh for example I mean that the Pittsburgh. Wouldn't pay to play Pittsburgh with the matchup while they play that team very well look at this Baltimore team go back to 07. -- great run the patriots head that that game there they could very well lost last year diploma this year it goes over time all of -- is as a team. That gives the patriots trouble over the last few years and just just team in general. It's Lebanon wants to -- against the correct -- the playoffs right. I get all the all time all the foot speed of one side -- -- They've been -- like Renault hail Mary and that wasn't too mean it's recent it's recent it's a legal last matters right don't you agree. They have -- in the last three games it's gonna last three games -- give up -- last year Derek not Derrick Mason mark what Michael Clayton which politically -- Drop the ball on fourth down with John Clayton and mark and they got away with the patriots. Go to win there terrific excellent good job not even real good patriots in the so can we -- they get their asses handed to in the playoffs. In in the patriots had a really gritty win with a and a ton of defense stops in the beat Dallas on the ball Deion Branch. They came back from -- points to on the one over the back though so you'll seven to. The last recent USA in the theories no freaking way that you have any fear all of the Baltimore Ravens can come in impeachable of the -- -- plus -- They have read it because it's an expert at the Specter that. At all the patriots are spot. They looked awful somebody's. While we just looked up and it ought to stop that -- -- want again. Your answer -- question and -- Tony which team do you see -- AFC. This has any reason at all to think to think you beat the patriots or should do -- cancel crap all -- and the patriots Dallas now. Does not -- I'll tell us about that but watching it all again it's an option -- so it makes a nice talk but do it idiocy that that's where it gets the patriots extra. It's deep meaning placed out of despite his company Eric -- anywhere I don't pixel -- -- that called -- So January's -- So Indianapolis the team that large animal. I just cited its its like -- but he agrees that -- -- out. There's no way in the world the -- -- -- -- -- but -- -- got -- games back B I I agree with. Just not know what all the axle politically correct. Well -- hold the packets and start ward got four rookies on defense Brandon spikes will miss four weeks. Well it's thought the NFL that we all remember. These -- -- a freak -- all opened on the board meets Cindy angle was is. During the week we don't let that outlook patriots might pose that all of a sudden people and onslaught like. Because we don't give enough credit how bad the other teams -- which -- know like on a little bit right now and I do give you credit that. That -- wrote an op here are great colts Rex. We expect it look Green Bay and a couple of calls it. Several points in eleven days to get ready for the patriots with -- on multiple quotes it's. Well what about that space it out great culture is just the critic cracks jokes. -- I -- -- at -- -- you here today is fired up on something called pink candy left and right. These that -- office I don't be hallmark selling -- I don't mobile home it's in my DNA. -- -- as I've said before guests are given his team credit when it is week in week out lot of good fortune with the team that the meat opportunities to get the turnovers and again. This and they take advantage of -- will be back at the initial break its Maloney Buckley current. Talk sports and you made us number one another job well done pieces that WB -- Sports Radio network.