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Dec 17, 2010|

Larry King returns to WEEI for King's Things!

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Part of California hello Brighton Colorado hello Tucson hello -- -- Texas hello it's. Is that shot you observations and commentary written by Larry King thin red line Joan needed Perot. It's a heck of marine -- Its own sports are -- fifteen W. All right. What will you do next 45 years the end of an era. -- only 25 years went by and I'll show you push knee and what they shuttle last night the who's nineteen yet 1985. You still looked old man. And again wedeman a I was like forty years with a five on CNN he could rate them before this TV during my time from last night with 25 years to Miami radio -- -- king's things anyone else worried about the justification American Idol. Still it's that showed the dollar non. Jumped jump for you all well and on Halston. That's soon enough -- wins. Nolan Cromwell got to watch his back the next target -- the jets. -- -- corn -- while. I think it's when you -- and his wife married Jon Kyl. And that is correct and from university and the quarterbacks. And -- capitulated who haven't kept its. And channeling Larry it -- -- -- it that's sure glad that sure glad I can books Seacrest and more are from my final show. And welcome to the last Larry King Live is hard to say that I knew this day was coming these words are not easy to say. Omar. So we've got the ultimate the -- sports soup wasn't available ill monarch and Ryan's yeah Paris may overall he beat down. -- This exhibit. And it Bill Clinton on the phone one heavily the president a couple of presidents sitting in there with you that was virus so. You want him in LA UK and a big stars and -- -- All in and his uncle that live meter. It's child on his buddy's kids who was in studio was a Seacrest Seacrest tomorrow on cigarettes and beyond them beyond. I'll brought in brought in Dr. Phil. That's that's Tony -- development yeah live near the studio somewhere over against camp -- yet there it over and you come Albany would need he wouldn't mind joke about the Jerry Stiller and in Beirut -- -- Area. Resources go listen thank you very much. For doing your show out of Los Angeles out of California. And -- -- -- know it was literally Larry King Larry king day. California hopefully the work when viewing parties in downtown LA. Sure that. What is what is Larry that being gay in California. Constitute that the days of -- California. The Larry king day. So it takes to dinners were so -- carry -- during the day to marry your ex wife board. -- still haven't decided whether to watch the New Mexico Bowl. Mike to 44 year old brother in law play quarterback to BYU is starting to visit the cougars have a chance that's no lie about his brother -- I -- 24. Who is who loses yes who shards brother was a quarterback to BYU a few years ago. Mormon yes Sean and his wife is morons yes yes not a war. Urged him while she converted. -- button. And speaking of cougars Bruce Jenner has never looked better actually not. That is -- Like the white Michael Jackson. Yeah English actually last night on Larry King Live free Michelle coastal yes -- they had the car dash unions Christmas to Larry put it up. And you couldn't tell the difference between this is card -- in and misses. Of the doctors and she's slightly -- -- hands and at that moment. Improvement she movies go about a -- electrons can no fee noted there yes he's worse than Jerry Jones it's much worse and its roots as the fists and that's plastic face. Hey what's -- people Brady's. What are the name of bull after something I usually find in my depends after -- huge and a grilled cheese. What is the do you live. Eat it up that -- worth before Brady. It's a restaurant it is yes people brought you little crazy RTO Brady's. And there are monitoring all the family sports restaurant and -- where located west of -- going to be flora Mississippi. We're -- its incipient all right it's big enough restaurant to sponsor a bowl. Oh. And it's December toy horse -- and that's great news outlets and the like in 99 -- who's in who's in the before Brady pulled me this you know. It's pulled down -- and the -- -- were down though. -- -- -- wait for our next super club meeting at the crew Mario's and blow them zipper club. You know. Should put -- who said that it Bill Clinton Wimbledon Missouri brook club. You know I think people feel very comfortable with me. Malden Missouri brook club this. On his very last show after 25 years you broke the pattern of being nice to all the guests and he asks on comparable question or make them -- statement. The President Clinton and they may want to -- could and he went. -- -- -- -- What are we to do without our top talker here's an -- filled with love. And Meehan with patent from me and this locker. As you hang up your suspenders on your dressing room door I speak for us all when I say we want more. More of the show that we instantly loved for 25 years couldn't get enough. You have eight. -- that we've sort of -- a silicon. Fit into having -- but I. You're unique take on politics cultures and culture and crime never cutting off guests except for Barbara. How is giving them time. You may have to exciting and that's hard to do you are you are you gay and he scored Paris -- post jail interview. Sinatra George Clooney Clint Eastwood but calls how many stars I just can't name them off. That is taking the -- That easy and -- yeah. Auto sales so a lot the last terrorists who -- -- She's still -- the network news yeah it does and that's what you did last night as slower moments when your aunt -- can now sign wasn't canceled -- I guess you know that by now. To me. I think -- it without throwing a punch and -- -- miss California's fashion a bunch. Wimbledon is there brook club and this is -- I forgot got Sharon Stone Janet Jackson. Alas it was Brando. Who gave you some action -- presidents join you from -- and to Obama and he brought as each moment of OJ's long drama. Some startling shows I'll never forget. Tammy -- eyes Ted Haggard regret. They're guests made this crime made a slap neatest thing that he was going to be -- My manager told you about it got what I hadn't heard that before a slight look the phrase that. It's a miracle -- and over built -- To me. -- embarrassing. That's what you are not going and is -- legalized might say is the best is yet to come Larry you did it your way. Congratulations wearing red. Questions were written out for play some person behind the scenes. And he just got us that they'll all the breed and -- do go on various guests in and Nebraska's -- the city. The last nine. Out of the question was an appropriately eighty. And it was over the line would actually you have a a -- establishment of penicillin can fit into having -- She says that demands. -- -- -- -- Lists all the great -- these Hanover analyst with ideas in this that slash show he's got Katie Couric and -- secret. Straw or Jerry -- WR Brian Williams he would do it justice or order a historic third. The -- it's almost. I had sort noted real tea I told Mark Wahlberg years ago to make a movie about match smelling down finally collided got a -- All -- trouble making it through airport security with that weapon in his -- Go to the movies this weekend -- Maybe this on -- and I thought. This let's shoot did you ask permission in yes she is wants him to Obama's -- you have nothing else to do you already told me you're not traveling this weekend. I'm not hanging around and around and did not that far from the theater. -- -- -- I was the son chase king who's now about those cannon -- can be black and kid I was a kid and -- -- -- -- Regis. That letter should have been stoked by doing the deputy. We have to -- joining in. -- It's it's. New member of my life I'm going out words. Wanna thank everybody associated with this program. All the people behind the scenes as I mentioned when -- in the staff. Four people everybody makes it possible you and the suits -- the tough. Love them too. When I started 25 years ago little studio and and in Washington DC is I never thought it would never last this long or come to this. So I'm gonna go on to a lot of things will be specials here on CNN going to be seeing though places. There's some radio work. Around baseball. So you're not gonna see me. Go away. But it's not gonna see me here on this set and anymore. For two weeks are going to be playing highlight shows. -- -- a lot of luck -- -- replace them again at the piers Morgan -- Morgan to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's British teacher here expressions at home -- already -- Clinton never know Julia. No he had knowing they realized it was tough kid and hopes they had exploited they went back is that all -- in the open heart surgery yet. I don't know but I don't know the problem is that I equipment to foul -- -- Please parents first time it went for -- ever offended and that it. Our kids that's it for Larry is that it's Hitler's gone they're gone never gonna ever gonna ever again that's.