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Vic Carucci NFL.com senior writer previews Patriots @ Steelers

Nov 12, 2010|

Vic Carucci joined the Big Show to preview the big Sunday night showdown, Pats vs. Steelers.

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Let's check -- -- our NFL insider from the nfl.com NFL network. The -- he joins us live mr. -- -- -- Now -- -- right at the Buick and I you know the Cleveland Browns well it and we generate the that we that if we have we underrated Cleveland Browns. I think I did 20 yeah I I was there on Wednesday and and my feeling. Was that may be. What we didn't. It's the in this theme was how well. It would work with Eric Mangini. Functioning with the Mike Holmgren there with Gil Haskell coming along -- Mike account oversee the the coaching operation but not really be coach. And and to have you know Tom hackers get new people in the hierarchy of the team. And the same coach and it just look like a bad form look like it could really be a problem yet to some degree. You could -- -- Chris is man is is perhaps auditioning for for something else because. Of the of the widespread expectation that that Holmgren may eventually still. Wanna have his quote own guy there but he did give him why did -- given this chance he gave -- this chance to maybe do exactly what he's doing which is showing. A very high competent level of of of running this team and and the response and I think the work that's being done with Colt McCoy. And how well they've brought along -- kid who who was so bad in the summer that that there were -- who's gonna be cut. To have him come around Brian -- -- the office quarter reserving those of from his time with the patriot as well. It has really connected with this kid to -- and I spent some time -- all of them this this week and I I see. Something. Growing Garcia I see a team that's believing in this young kid who looks like he's twelve. And and and put plates with with true really good poise and instincts and he's got a lot of schism. It's making good decisions and OK yeah he. You know shouldn't the winningest. Collegiate quarterback do that the guy from Texas do that but the NFL has been a whole it's a whole different experts different playbook different. Everything and and he's -- it away and defensively. Rob Bryant's. Doing to an Oprah pretty damn good job with what yet. Hey before you saw what happened last week in Cleveland who do you think was the best team in the years. What do you think it is now. Maybe the Steelers I change week -- week as possible -- us again let me ask -- of -- the change remind. And I would have babysit the ravens have -- what I thought I think if you go back to the last 56 seasons and I can't remember a time. Where it's been this different lashed. Through the course of the season. Everybody pretty much said colts. On a wall and -- you know what to expect -- rather thirteen and all right but you know what to expect when you're watching a game on Sunday right -- you have any idea what to expect when you watch any of these teams that you think. By the the the top notch teams in the league. The sound. Funny you should mention that Oakland because I never felt that come. That's exactly -- about ballots direct -- shifting back and forth between these conferences in this league and so -- but the topic is basically. What you're saying who to who holds from we've we've -- not gonna play a mean lunch and I don't you don't you're -- you're don't know how. You go in with -- an expectation. And then in the in the games played and whatever your expectation was forget. The Buffalo Bills and 08 don't wanna know they're like this is why don't we re -- all the way this week -- arms when I want one I want to make as. What they've done the last three weeks against three winning teams picking them all of the break. Teams that won many more games and they have. Of course any game is more than but -- -- teams that actually have winning records. Look at those performances including the ravens -- how do we explain this. I think one thing that I thought it means that the margin between good teams. And what we were called mediocre teams are -- bad teams is tinier than it's ever bet I mean you still have a look at. Two years ago Detroit couldn't winning game. Two years later they're beating when I guess everybody thought was you know the AFC in the Super Bowl choice it in the -- you know taken at a game they -- one. And that's another thing I think I think that the coaching has really leveled off around the league I think that you. Really hard to catch anything new on coaches at this point I think all teams have. With the except the palace really well coached these days. I I Minnesota along those lines and and -- Obama. I -- -- -- I think coaching for -- -- bad teams that are very quote. Coaching comes into the equation even more so now vote too because there's something else that that's it goes -- Teams absolutely. Are going with younger rosters that they they are driving you look at the number of players underclassmen. That come into the NFL were not accomplished. Football players from the collegiate level by who by and large their players who are still in their first. Couple of scratches their first season but their first couple of seasons in the league. Are still learning. How to really play the game at a level. Mark Sanchez is is -- senior now right now he's not so he he's not really a second year NFL player even though he's the second year in the league. And I think would with the abundance of of youth. In the league. It's it's affected. Quality of play this mean these are talented players who can't be really good who don't have moments of greatness but but the coaching. It is it's it's. More imperative than ever. To try to. Acclimate these guys to play the and I think that's another reason -- special teams are so bad your your lowest common denominator. On teams you've got players who don't have a clue who never seen special teams every war on a college campus long enough to do that in it in you know most of them were star players as young guys. Had nothing to do with that there are lost on that that's been a part of of the entire league that's suffered greatly because you got guys who actually know quote they've got to be coached. Well it's funny because you you hear people talking here you just said the for the Cleveland game is up patriots were the best team I think a lot of people in New England. -- kind of underwhelmed. By the performance of the six and two patriots but I think you could find that in any one of these cities. Where they have a franchise that probably is in the mix to go to the Super Bowl. Well here's and here's the challenge and and I and I did say I did think they were my standards for four. What accounts for top team now. You gotta you gotta adjust those from what. We had dominance last year animated -- okay and all of us I think and two -- little bit with the idea that this is pretty clear you know. Sounds like -- -- all of OK here I think you're dealing with the season where. You you you look at. -- the offense -- you look with Tom Brady does say they've got that and that's special and that puts them -- no weak category and you see the Steelers they've got. That plus defense -- in the -- special category. And now you -- the giants and and seeing what they do and and maybe not as easy to define individuals who were were dominant players for them necessarily. But as a team they seem to be functioning. Of course they're beat up now to -- functioning reasonably well as it teams so. You gonna put him in the category that right now I have them at the top of my list for sake of I don't I don't. I don't have I haven't the fall it's like the default -- I don't know where else to go out I don't north of Pittsburgh is under its first underwhelmed me now and -- yet. They found a way to win against Cincinnati had a stable and they won that game and they work. They were pretty clear but I -- I'm interest and I'll be either in Pittsburgh Sunday night to see how how this goes -- I think that'll tell us something of about about this so called aperture and now Baltimore what do we what do we make of the what do you make of that defense what do you make of a secondary. That it that -- got a bench guys for that one. When you think of the greatness of many defense defense being outstanding in the tradition they have. Players were routinely benched in the middle gains that's that's that's something different. Hiked -- that that the not delivery it's about that if you look at the schedule this what you're going to Pittsburgh brother. A couple of other really intriguing games this week Tennessee with -- -- a closer drive to go. She is set to start -- Tennessee. Tennessee where moss Miami with. Heading to desperately needing to win. And a fascinating game to me is that at Washington. Which it here and it happened story yet they're the. Good story lines with those games. I don't and they might prove to be really good games that I did see the Eagles I was in Philly last week and got a good look at -- victim in DeSean Jackson and just that to all alone just may use to jaw dropping experience to watch these two play watched the speed -- And and what they force defense to do you -- -- direction place you can't if it's it's almost impossible to defend that. Because of the worry that you have the second the balls and -- and or the second might end up in Desean Jackson's hand. And against Washington whose defense has just been horrendous. I'm not liking that matchup for them the McNabb story is is interesting I think it's been so poorly handled by. Mike Sheehan and that that which is unusual -- -- which is I don't think that's spoke well. Yeah I guess that his MO usually doesn't take you down that road but. -- for whatever reason this thing looks like it's been botched. And and the dolphins game that was mentioned. I saw this move coming I I thought it was gonna eventually happen because I just had sought downward spiral. With Chad Henne and I and I and I could space -- seen by the week. Look like you made huge strides that Sunday night loss to jets right in Miami and then it went downhill from there at least in terms of my way of looking at. And not to go to Pennington at this point of the season. That you you've crushed it with with him either islanders in -- coming back from that. They really built for Pennington because I think they were supposed to be built for a big armed young strong quarterback. To throw deep. In the other getting yards enacted in the end zone. But Pennington I think it's not going to be as necessarily go to fit he's a manager write that turnover thing global decline but how many big. There's Boston built for big plays it it's going to be an issue. A look at that and and Olympic tanking got but I look at their best offensive player right now in many ways is being Davone -- Yeah amber and it works under an apology especially harsh with the so I mean he -- -- he just can't throw hard for would no reason he could but he can just throw hard you get intercepted by -- it and the field. But it is the central velocity. Of feeling that that the stories -- -- about profits for -- being reborn after his school. Preakness then -- -- I mean teammates. You read the stories that you know suddenly become history teammate and a great leader and blah blah blah -- like buying -- -- is that is media -- I mean I wanna be sort of properly skeptical on this but by. Part of me is accepting that the efforts being. A part means accepting that there's an effort. Generally being made -- tell you this it's it's almost. In a couple of guys comment on this when you go in the steel locker room. He is Tommy I don't know if you've just receiving expert yeah Emery world summit EU. Its its its -- it used to be. Just even afterward whatever yet addressed it you know just keep your keep her back everybody yeah two to almost her head down. And then when he emerges in the media room that's when you get that he's gone. Now he's trying to be -- -- -- at his locker day today with Eddie and I don't look at employees and activity Mars like like it's it's very much a it's a different guy and he's in he's. Engaged with like it's teammates there and this is as -- ordered by the so this is a different guy. So what but I'll tell you this if it's gonna sustain itself and wrangle back to the skepticism. Different -- become normal. Yes and that's the thing with these guys -- is just. Is he doing it take to regain his standing in -- -- he forwards and it is it isn't it sure does he feel one dollar and McDonald's I I don't know and I can't hope -- -- I -- -- Vick committed -- maybe he's figured out that it's the only way it's gonna work for spurs got a rebrand himself he noticed I saw the -- they've listed the the shorts and if you saw that ethic but yes always on top five shirt now he's like. But even in the top fifth. Except -- up Vizquel who don't remember I was gonna say -- -- -- you don't that's just one of us. We don't know what seven those meetings of that meeting but you have to believe that that he got. -- -- It is much over ride -- could be read to them or warm within an inch of his career is that mystery is. You don't like look you you you've got to go above and being being OK you're or staying out of trouble isn't enough for you you've got to go above and beyond. Now he -- either ignore that and as some players have. Or taken at heart he's clearly at least so far taken. I would try to figure this game out. The offensive line is in disarray right now from the Steelers with -- all of the injuries how she looks like he's gonna play but he was beaten up the last week. -- -- Point now for the Steelers that -- bill also like coach now don't they of that -- They go I'm Sean -- Andy did a good job up there with a lot of injuries Sean is good shot was meant toward by you know by Jim McNally. To subject Sean I think is it's got some very good teaching through his career. And he'll bring some good knowledge base by your ticket where players and Max Starks is -- is another one that it's gonna hurt and look they did they have great linemen. And and could be a there are you missing greatness know -- to -- the very best at it tells you something when rookie takes over as senator. 11 more complicated or positions to handle. And handles that X is as well as -- like the least the leader of that line as a rookie so that may tell us everything but. They're still about. -- improvisation. Ends. Difficulty to bring down. I don't think the patriots get sufficient pressure we know that that's not an bulletin that continued now continue with that and that -- and you can't run this offensive line right now. Yeah can you put pressure on. Well no I -- I mean the answer is. Have the patriots put pressure on any quarterback even with pork -- I mean I think that buffalo sporadic buffalo game was sporadic should they have done more with with. Ryan Fitzpatrick have had good DA's -- but it it has been desperate tickets just. So -- I wouldn't lean in the direction of probably not just because they haven't done enough to convince is an open possible. All of open the -- sure the but the bigger thing to me too is those Mendenhall or does this morning game. Get rolling and if that happens. Goodnight nurse as I think I know I've really taken rubio a huge problem for it. I Jerry Jones is claiming that before he fired away. That there were Super Bowl winning coaches who came to him and says -- I'm liked that job. Onto and he put Ali into -- and so. Is this Jerry Jones just trying to boast right now that everybody trying to make his cowboy organization looked good -- everybody wants to come. In coach they -- because if that's the case that you've got all these Super Bowl winning coaches that want the job. What does Jason Garrett thinking right now well Jason Jason Garrett has the thing that. Mrs. mrs. Oh watch for and to stay in the seat it first all the history in two coaches cuts how many stay. You know I don't know our hearts that on this but I'm gonna take really good guests and stated that it's very few and this is the guy -- and picked to be sensitive to -- And -- it didn't work out and I and and I and I can understand that you for the buses that have great popular move their Brokeback. To -- I'll take him at his word on this because. To this extent I mean this again he's not gonna produce a list and hold the -- you know is is he seeing something that makes your organization look good. I don't know that he has to do that at all because think about it it's the cowboys as a brand right -- to be attractive. It's an attractive that's an attractive job because it's the cowboys. Beat it's Tony Romo when he's healthy you've got yourself for a legitimate. Top something quarterback and and whatever it is -- on top ten top five or what he is but what he's healthy and how much repair and that defense if it actually plays if you -- a you know they should've been playing better for Wade Phillips and I don't know why they didn't put. Their defense has got some extremely talented people who have under chief. And I think you mix of repairs to the offensive side you got yourself a really nice situation the drawback is. Will someone except that job with -- wearing the second -- the GM at. And then and then the the the problem for Jerry is is it better for his business because this is all about the business but the policies selling everything it needs to be sold around jury world down there. Can't can he do all that. -- -- -- mean kitty kitty put aside. Can -- accept hiring someone who you know. Who has the Super Bowl credentials is gonna want that clause of roster. And the blitzing and the only guy out there really Super Bowl winning coach really use his power -- -- Obama not John Burton -- of right I was gonna assess our Billick but Caribbean island Brian Brian Billick put none of them my when my -- my organs -- up -- list the -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- Home homework so president of brown is not laden or he's got he's got just externally. Suggest last week that he may pick a coach but if it does that he would probably do with the team yet locked dumpsters that was barrier -- was a good -- I'll leave you -- this one. Do you think that the gain the Super Bowl game in Dallas might be the cheapest ticket ever seen in the you've got a 100000 seats to sell. And the cowboys are not going to -- And certainly that would have been hot ticket down there. Yeah so a 100000. Tickets when the people in Dallas might wanna stay away from especially if like the John Gibson team and well. Well. I don't know that in my. Time and justice the Caribbean routes -- balls and what you -- but it doesn't. The patriots didn't have to play in. Foxboro in order to that for that become hot ticket right I mean you know what you got an -- you get a much bigger crowd because normally a look at that -- -- sixty someone. I'm all right I -- I get your point -- it's a bigger venue but I think about what how many tickets could have so did the did the just. The canal waters to the patriots sell them the maximum number of tickets they -- sold to -- others -- rubles. Course. They sold they sold any other words of one of gentle people would have Martha yes and bill it was all -- all Philippines. Now Philly fans are but it's not well I just I mean maybe I -- the bad example I just think if you get. I think it comes down to what it comes down to every year or who's the matchup. What -- -- that two week window and it's the place to be. Whether or all the you know as Dallas going to be as attractive as some other places that maybe you know it it that offer that that maybe that golf component. But I but I think that that high roller. Element that's still part of it. You know I I just don't know the -- that the locals. Necessarily are are completely out of the picture yeah there's a parochial fought that happens where it's not my team I don't care. But if you give if you give a pretty good matchup and again. You give people were able to you put enough packages together from. The respective cities whether it's New England or whoever Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh -- -- -- Super Bowl. A third time the chance that extend that record of six to seven wins the Super Bowl. I could see I could see that one selling pretty well I've picked the docket next week have a good one here -- or cheek nfl.com NFL network -- back edge after this.