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Ian Rapoport on Tom Brady and the Patriots

Nov 10, 2010|

Boston Herald Patriots beat writer Ian Rapoport joins Planet Mikey to talk about the Patriots and what to expect this Sunday night against the Steelers.

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-- quite a -- from our coach your the last couple days and well deserved. And that we need to start playing better. Where you know we've had a lot of ribs and his -- -- all of the studio to leave here for John Dennis the morning I'm sure it like that I threw my note as the voice -- summary. House -- we don't know I don't -- might Novo. Ian Rapoport the bit of Boston Herald beat writer for the pats. An abandoned those pretty much everything there is to know about patriots football. That the pressure the impact how we don't put the pressure on the road grade a little bit at. When he makes is here John. So what's the residual effect of trial last time the answer pertain to this week and -- and I've city can't play much worth but the plan -- team. How do you figure. Well. I think some of the players described as kind of a wake up call a look it was it was ugly ugly loss I think everything that could have gone wrong. Did go wrong problem. -- to. You know players talked about receivers making a route which usually something you don't hear very often. Welker was double covered in -- could even get off the line. He then was bullied in it's our image. Of course the -- is awful -- the big violators -- akin to running bad routes you know we are who we saw we saw the drops in the these silly. Things like you know of the Gradkowski fumble we you know which were really we should -- the -- went for -- -- yards and some guys competent way at the ball hammered away at. We saw to take it hit and the number nineteen the ball dropped but -- the guys that were running the routes properly. LA it's not entirely clear you know players don't need gains -- -- from re re watching the game. The precision just wasn't very others. -- there was a route that our Rob Gronkowski brand in the flat -- like Brady come over Rome went right up its fingertips. But -- look again it was kind of like gronkowski round it out middle of the that the C instead of kind of cutting hard. You know he's precise. That all -- and. And maybe bring him maybe Brady was even touch Terri through the back of the end zone was wondered if it was was overthrown a little bit too -- music companies -- letter. You know both got both both about the quarterback and the receivers not being a absolutely precise in his when he and. Well yeah I'm -- you know Brady was was not great either -- -- now outcome comes out he has little political foot sprain which are pretty serious but. You know it's such a precise thing you're talking about. In choose. You know as far as putting economic as fingertips in the additives. During an out of his reach it you know you wonder what great mechanics haven't looked great navy uses a reason it is like in. Still little that often and I can remember it -- has. -- that audience. They had no on the sprained foot. Any word as for -- when that occurred or was it to the entire Cleveland game was before the Cleveland game during the good the game and reports. It it. Not clear when he had an ugly looking slide. I just went back in and looked at it in the fourth quarter -- them. And in play after that Arafat -- -- -- take just taken about putting lawyer in by. Maybe that's what don't you know it's tough to know all noticed some walking around they would smile on the look confined. Why he's got to do that anyway you know that but I mean -- be -- look like with wanting at all. Now it -- now. A commitment that as I mean even when I'm feeling that are able pretty fine walking around on the pretty pretty smiley pretty groovy but there aren't. In you know let's say you give even in our quality team you know -- -- -- again on the game like that and yet. You know eight weeks into the season it was suggest that a bad day or is -- the fact that some of the principles involvement in negative side like in taos ski. You know they young and they knew and their Randy Moss the -- I mean I don't use it as it insists upon out of the fact that. Well actually there's a couple things one and they are young and it's a lot and I mean there's too tight end. Both rookies or -- it's -- more taxes than anyone. And you know it it's a lot for eight -- better to do little -- think you know it. Mentally I think it's it's a lot. Something to do it no -- mosque opened up a lot of things in the offense -- -- read the throughout the western great. He took a safety and cornerback with them you still have room to maneuver that basically losing box eliminates the margin for error. But I also have that they were down ten nothing so quickly that the you know you gotta figure that that gave. Of -- home team a huge boost psychologically is welcome is. Now all of a sudden they got they you know that tires spreads wiped out here we are up ten -- before Tom birdied it comes out. Yeah and emotionally is it's -- you know. It bring the crowd into the next that's good crowd and that hamster who's really. And you know legally -- take Garrett game can't really patient. They tried to run the ball but it wasn't working on active. A -- -- a little bit just takes you out of what you're doing then -- -- the team didn't work. I really ready to play anyway and that just make things worse. Or worse I think Cleveland's betterment tune five team anyway just overall -- there I think -- Capel surprise of people and you know you think about in Cleveland they got home game going the patriots are in town. You know it's made -- it's -- checked and also they're upset nothing it's like forget about the brush -- let's watch the game. And the you know what I was also impressed -- is. Critical -- you very well coached meaning only if they will click into the picture is doing thought it was telling that. No Belichick came in the cast and old players. The -- Belichick couldn't stop the First -- as something completely new in the second half. And then they did you know that game plan as far as attacking the picture he's cents. The records crappy but are not much regret that. Lately in the Arab. I think there on this time especially if the moron McCrory leaves -- leads and learns you know that's that's could be pretty good team met a young not navigate to designate the pats this a favor this year because they get the jets this week. And but -- you -- 62 teams today they are left some baggage you know even even though it's. It. Would yeah an and that you know I think that kind of thing we -- not just let patriots lost ground if you want to Steelers in the angles. They were dominating. That are just. Attacked it and then you know. It's. They were barely able to -- escape with a victory -- cheap and easy. What I think what we know now. A Catholic or everyone's flaw page introduction to run the problems. Absolutely -- Connecticut they've got two banks still in all crossed the boards -- You know stuff like coming prepared and being ready and be precise. And not turn the ball over at the kind of thing that'll really. Make a difference and -- -- -- -- -- question -- would you say. -- had giants the best team right now after eight weeks. They're playing the past right now you. I don't understand can't wrap my head around like that so that early. I know it's a consulate quiet after the two weeks as happens every season at least the past couple in states across syndrome and her first few first 56 game can be awful in. I'm -- got an amendment in. No -- right and they're essentially spending award kidnapped -- early on beaches -- -- -- You know it's part of me wonders if that he will return so I'd say right now Steelers and jets are flawed obviously. -- okay so that's that's a big responsibility for the PageSix greet them so bad that steady in the U think you know you give -- that's a good shot this week. I think they're still. You know they need to play a lot better. But the -- the Steelers you can. Secondary is in great cornerbacks aren't great patriots in all the all the some consistency. Stake in. You know it. Have a little more of a rhythmic passing game not -- run on but you know they can sort of do it with short passes like they've done in the past. I think he'll be able to move the ball. -- if they can get you up -- ones and got. Not good Alonso now last time I -- into this boss Max Starks and the patriot weakness -- in the past -- America so we still think. What about Fred Taylor he practiced for the first time today do you think he plays on -- they're against Eddie claimed that. -- I think he -- I don't you know it'll depend on how it reacts tomorrow but he's been out so long it take and so cautious. I -- I've got is that you want -- today equity would have been ready to play last week. My sense was it was great. Six I think the further go to the season this is true with everybody -- certainly with -- teams that are well -- have good I'm good coaching -- to the more tape they have available on this -- roster in this year's players in their current -- The more they can properly game plan. -- toward trying to win you know what a game against these upper Echelon teams noted the Pittsburgh Steelers. You know they they certainly are flawed and I know that they're you know that they're considered one of the quote elite teams right now because of their record. When I've seen a very very humid it. There are no way juggernaut and -- like the page used it against the the ravens I think that pages can step up and and shock the world in this game based on two things. One -- me it is that they're they're pissed at themselves. Yeah at the way they play and they got something to prove they don't -- who you know come off like a bunch of losers and jerks. So they're gonna to concentrate real hard this week what shoving -- -- against Cleveland is that valid. I think their emotional mental part is incredibly valid especially with Christine. Which Yahoo! which can't really management of a veteran team. You know they've heard Belichick -- over and over it's tougher to manage I think the can't you know our wrap around a little finger. Constantly saying it but. You know spell check -- Can we get to vote this week in you know one thing that helps. Roethlisberger obviously tell it. They could you know relate your taxes and try and trap on the page it's all been pretty accurate in that he's gonna OT. Chances in the XX. Is a great quarterback by. He wanted to kill themselves sometimes to win in the patriots -- this -- can really take attention that it in the coming in changing plays in. You become the pitcher's stuff the run in the scheme. You know content. It is what they were bad last week is no doubt about it but as the first hundred yard rush was a major Peterson under four. I think they can't. But I want it -- I predicted that B twelve and for you and that's obviously still really yet the patriots yeah it's six number I mean you look. Again when a -- -- is the schedule any. Yeah absolutely I mean Matt Wright and how I was gonna get critical I understand that in fact they got a better chance to -- -- Then they do guiding the Packers with a steel is or some even and the you know they got a tough schedule -- this I don't I don't. It looks a little more frightening when you see Steelers and and colts and jets and all that but guess what I at home against the jets just a well thought out -- -- -- -- look at the remaining remainder of their schedule follow the combine those teams' records -- the first half of the skeleton was alliance that that bad anymore. Well I think a lot volleyed really help from the line gains after it out and it really could it be Rangers game yeah how. -- -- -- you know you're surely not worried about search and yet -- L right it can explain so. It's stuff but you know the colts aren't difficult trees in either. So. I would have left to twelve or will receive a lot of those crazy -- -- created more. You know you gotta be able to be one of the guys named Peyton in this division -- -- That I didn't think it and that's pretty got taken out one more thing on this program via -- was doing all but you'd -- yeah I'm really cocky when it comes to my stupid predictions. And I make a lot of them. Like 73 and nine for the Celtics here and so forth but when it records that. When Beckett opened for patriots prediction I'm basing them not just on. You know you're -- and no knowledge and -- which I have none virtually non talking about a reputation. That Bill Belichick Kerry's middle whip Tom Brady. At that on any given on any given season. That no matter which personnel or there or not there that he's going to be will look at the Matt Cassel year receipt that's got to be the most amazing coaching feet. -- -- don't sex Reza made -- bringing that team to eleven and five and say I'd say 2001 was more porous. Our. I mean last in the castle. Not as good. No but you you don't think that did them winning this horrible no one -- Tom Brady is or more impressive than Matt Cassel and that season. It was impractical at that time that has turned out pretty nasty that the guys who we can know about then. I'm not a pretty good. Tough question. I go dad beat the rams and a team they have. I -- that for bill Belichick's. Markey -- Radiant and recovered Alabama Crimson -- so you probably know all about Tuscaloosa and all that stuff down there you know almost all of -- Alabama -- my dad was at that Alabama analysts where where you're from originally. I'm from New York who was born in Boston. Grew -- in New York. And then moved down to Mississippi for two years and Alabama three years. That's going to be quite as you know quite the flip flip culture shock to ever get Saban talked about Belichick. -- I did actually. And meet you would talk about him. Quite a bit -- you know obviously their friends and you know David -- remember last year. At C. And yet -- tend -- game Saban walked into the big speech. And do your job is the it is is the main. You know in its. And it 8600 -- -- treaty could be typical defense from about it pretty much in wonder like Alec -- that are. Seventh -- can comment. You know we're pretty good news let me actually. In college so. Yeah I mean I think there's a lot of the best artists in the message. They're all checked just. It was a little louder and crazier politics little more -- reserve. Well if there's quite a fraternity they know the Iowa coach in pat -- our friends I always I -- that's you know that's quite a group of people that -- -- and influence nominees kind of -- Belichick's kind of god father of a field of you know really well known in a college coaches. Yeah and I mean it it's funny cause all thirteen. It'll say and then you know Texas struggled this year but what must champ is that he and scored his days and start hearing about. I'm pretty -- sort of the next. Prodigy. You know -- pictures that guy Florida State where they've been in. Knows Belichick's suddenly it. It's it you wonder in the draft immigration another guy -- -- Belichick. And he picks the guys eloquent patriots now command and pretty -- pretty amazing system. Yeah and I'm I'm I'm -- in bam. Thabeet so often because that's going to be the BCS games were you know for grandma so they're gonna be an obvious. I I think it yet and already is. -- -- you guys have been reading about it and I know a little bit of a little bit of an issue right now yeah yeah the other quarterback but. I think it's I think they've been a little distracted and and you know -- -- -- just like Belichick what he's amazing at doing stopping the best thing. And so it would induce. He's not gonna let Cameron Newton quarterback. Now unfortunately it doesn't now with rookie anchor of last week the best thing to Brown's statement get off the bus and after -- -- downhill for the past I don't Jim I mean those those guys have those that reputation is no question about it. Ian Rapoport of the Boston -- and tell me about the rap -- now how often. Who -- time today since the old I think it was written note a lot of a lot of information up there are you know I mean. Ten times a day that's got Chamberlain be yeah. I thought I could put. And believe you have to remember about -- -- -- if you don't do too much depth there. We do a great job -- nice talking you by the way Edwards and you look like finally animated series younger brother. Whatever allred and it's a good have to Google well they're gonna pick -- and about the go to that right now you'll only get stuff like -- do you remember that. Nice target via. Thank you let me get the have a good night. Intake -- -- -- Boston Herald beat -- it like I think he wins the contest for collars stay on the -- now we have is that against the dividend which is unauthorized guest I don't videos that are getting killed -- I wrote it affects your phone calls in just a moment -- -- once haven't. 7790850.