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Vic Carucci previews Vikings @ Patriots

Oct 29, 2010|

Vic Carucci from NFL.com joined the Big Show to talk about all things NFL and to preview the Vikings @ Patriots this coming Sunday.

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Back here at a big show we'll get back to phone calls and a couple of seconds Steve Deossie is in the house tummy curry and it is announced. It's time for our weekly session with -- our NFL insider from NFL that come NFL network. -- -- -- Mr. -- wrote Cheney -- area. I'm doing great guys that you which game you. Attending this weekend I am going to be at the Monday night game in Indianapolis. Dolls we all had been told I want them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This whole Brett Favre thing this past week it's interesting we're just talking about this on here enough to hear that. In this week we expected nonstop Randy Moss stock has been far more Brett Favre doctor there has been -- must. There's something about Brett Favre just. He takes over the headlines. Well yeah he's he's a franchise. We we know that I mean it's -- it's not have the vikings and then really at a certain point what's in the -- it was. The far. And it's it's still the Favre. And as long as and it doesn't even require. That the hold giants surgery thing to make it go far which still be the Favre on on the health issue alone. And whatever gamesmanship. That might have been going on with -- Brad Childress and trying to maybe get the -- patriots that think of something other than Favre starting this game I mean. We we know it's not happening because we know this isn't brits call that this is this is Brett favre's decision I mean that everything pertaining to that team. Has been favre's decision and I don't know if it would matter who was coaching. The vikings whoever whoever was there and whoever would accept. Being coach of the vikings while Favre was the quarterback would accept what goes with that and that's and that's Brett. Call the shots and ultimately I think that's why. You can look at a lot of reasons why -- no longer wears a packer uniform. But I think it's that mindset that eventually that ultimately led to his economic doom his teammates. Understand who's calling the shots of the coaches in control. I mean I think so I I don't think. The relationship though is that of teammates looking at at some sort of feeble in this with with Childress I I believe that's been overplayed. I but I I think when it comes to Brett. And and those decisions yeah I think they see. I think they see into that and understand that and and sort of accept. I want I want I spent time with them in mini camp there last mini camp. I knew it was very clear when it was still up in the air officially I guess about him coming back that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we you know he gets the he he will come back we expect the comeback and he gets to do this and I and that was the question I asked the lot of several a lot of their players Federer employers. No one else gets away with -- right -- and everybody pretty well now is -- if Brett can. But because of the capital he he had from last year that that was part of it and and I think the other part of -- of what was said about Childress is. Quote throwing him under the boss or making a comment regarding. Where he should've gone with the ball interception. I found that to be interesting too but but understandable from the standpoint is what else can -- to. To sort of defend himself because again he's this isn't. He he he's not dealing with the but another player and -- another player I don't think you'd you'd find yourself in that situation where -- another player would understood that that would have been resolved. Between coach and player. I don't know that he's had that relationship we saw last year where. Threats it gives the -- agenda one -- in front of the Mike and then Childress has to give the the other parties -- rebuttal. As you have you heard him if you -- gonna -- be. That critical of post game press conference before. About Arafat I thought that was as critical -- you don't usually hear from coach -- anybody's quarterback. I mean off the top of my head probably I I can't remember. You have to line -- press that I really studied every transcript of his post game. But I would tell you that. It struck me as being different yet it struck me as the kind of thing you don't see. -- hear from coach did it also -- you pick a couple days -- win five I mean how often have you ever a professional football players it was coach he has NAFTA Tellme would need to work and nose -- and which goes back to what we I mean what a lot of of this is I think pretty clear and obvious to most but but this is what has to be understood when the questions raised. Wire we always talking about the right well. Where else do you have this going I know what other word what other team in this league. As this weather situation when the time comes abroad doesn't play anymore that would probably not likely to see something like this. Again while I won't say ever but you know I I don't see it on the horizon. And at this interest because I thought the thing that would make this game so unique in and and and otherwise nine. Conference scheme for the patriots. Really interesting is that is that moss is coming back and that is this footnote now it's reduced to a foot. It's by -- -- is officially be officially questionable on the injury report he practiced. Limited practice limited participation hill book and then I had suggested to me today by we didn't do it Chad and Manitoba comical or saint. Well boy you just think. He'll go up their 41 snapper or series or something. And then and then they'll decide well yeah his you know foot camp -- up but he but it's got that start and keep the streak going. And and I wouldn't put that behind. Favre or the team to go along with -- but it once again. I think it's I think it's more brits decision that it is -- it's an event let's got to say you can't tell my foot mine in an hour or -- enough for me -- Double when that happens that usually something that's coordinated between the player and a coach at us that you're not well enough to go out there -- like but I want you to keep the Iron Man streak a lot. But the most embarrassing when I ever saw. Was years ago with the Celtics would Gerald Henderson who had a streak going and they brought him out into the starting line if he could not play he was injured. And and I mean streak going bill Fitch was the coach at that time. Puts them up there on the floor and then calls a timeout before the jump ball. It takes about a well I think what you did to me you don't see that's -- and we knew when you keep streaks like that alive. In their manufacture that way yeah I I think they're gonna look. In if your Favre and you want you want I I don't know what I trying to get in this -- that is insane anyway but not pretty and it's not a pretty -- -- now did to think that he would have some problem with. How the legacy might look like maybe he's got to be well past that but an -- but it was -- -- Musharraf. -- must step up. Favre and and Michael Strahan right the -- the sack yes that that was a -- and he's part of a -- play they are. Possibly error or allegedly -- a PS Michael and although it was. But -- you know and that makes you wonder Michael -- ideal when you look at that record that stands forever. Do you feel good about now. You said this is probably going to be up to five more than it is Childress I honestly don't look at -- outside and I think the children seems to be fed up with five and I a look at all cannot a look at this is an opportunity. Him to say okay no blood I can just say it's that we're given the team the best chance to win. We have all -- -- and not you're saying. Yeah he puts in Jackson absolutely and I don't start -- well and at some points this break you wanna get in the first map in the third quarter when it's important game. TV get anything going on and then -- put five in the situation. I had to knock wood fires in the situation now of T -- could put random on the on the point of them of the night. Brett you're going in and not take steps that restrict tobacco. There's a lot of stuff that -- stop stop stop she'll ask him do this week. You know Tommy yes the answer is of course and and you would think in most cases coaches will do it now will say this if with with two wins and in a division that. It is still there for the taking for everybody and it. If the agenda. Is TV -- from your best chance to -- -- -- I think then as a coach that's where the the real you know to me that's where the responsibility -- to stop you if he's if it if what you're saying and I'm not discounting what you're saying it's as a possible chance for him to sees an opportunity take control the whole far situation. But if it becomes that and and and it's instill a gain is is lost along the way another one. Then your your fan base your media or break. It is now that real reason to question Childress even further so it's a delicate walk whereas I think as head coach. You know yes if people already question your authority which they are with regard to Favre. You know for Brad I think bread bread sitting there saying. Hopefully some day in you know it's not this year but what somebody I can be coaching the vikings. And and I can have a quarterback whose response of everything I do not. -- challenging everything and and and feeling in a position to do so but. Again it's the rarity of far it's it's where he's it's his lot in this career that nobody gets to get in this game that very few if -- when -- again -- coming -- A question about Randy Moss and coming into town this week if the vikings lose this game. This could devastate their chances here of getting to the post season. And teams everybody had such a high hopes to them at the beginning of the year could be that -- last. Pushed the wrong button here and really did damage to his career in that he might be playing with the team. That's going through some changes during the course of the season that he can't excel out there on the field because he doesn't have a Tom Brady throwing the football to all. And that it hurts his chances of going and getting into. As opposed to any but it could campers here. Played along with the program a little bit -- Brady throw the ball to a few looks better when he gets into the free agent market. Well maybe. But that that. Assumes a lot that assumes that that the final army weeks left when history was made. And thirteen. -- that that assumed alive that that those that things would go in such away. They say while he was a patriot. Ought to be in a position the fact is when you don't see your future with the team your line. I think it makes a little hard to to to sort of build for the future right I think it was clear. That he couldn't operate that way that he needed to be somewhere where he was hugged and embraced and and with the idea that there would be the potential for something beyond. And the ever having an overestimate or -- up to the overestimate. Far off favre's health farce because look. What's the worst idea in the world to be deep threat receiver with a combined with a big armed quarterback and a and a code system. That wants to take advantage of stretch and feel more times in the patriots do. So the answer that is from from. -- standpoint that that looks pretty attractive I don't I don't know that I fault him for picking for an -- fare well the only sane and feeling good about that initially now what if it's Dumars Jackson for the rest of the year -- Favre playing. You know hurt most of the time wherever. Yeah -- case can be trained. Elements of this and I assumed. That wants to get to Minnesota they were gonna give him a new contract that you guys think that they -- Williams gonna get new deal on. I did or didn't he got apparently. He got a provision in the -- they can't franchise a rat's ass so to you that was kind of strange that he didn't. Get a deal -- Minnesota so that you didn't feel confident going forward that he could he can get himself a new deal source -- trial here. Yeah about maybe maybe so I mean who can technically so he has yes from a country standpoint but I think that revision is one thing. The absence of afraid to giving him that that opening to do something else. And look I mean from from where he seeking and and because of his if his. Demands weren't going to be. As as high end is is we clearly expect them to be. He still with the patriots probably figuring out maybe there's a waiting even continue this because Tom Brady still going to be around here. Knows Belichick's that the success could still be -- going forward he he steps into a very uncertain situation in Minnesota. You know -- I mean it do we know for sure who's coaching that team next year if things go really bad. We -- -- not going to be around next year and this even finished this year who's quarterback of that team. And then. On top of all of that the economics -- the League One you know what shape what shape financially are any team's going to be in two dole out. Big contracts if in fact receive football plate so I think part of the uncertainty and that's saying that explains everything with him not getting a deal but I think there are some some. Cautious. Brian you know cautious alarms remark -- arms and that might be blinking at least that say hey we gotta hold off on this -- we really know where things stand. So wicked and all that being said with with Randy you move through betrayed everything. Is this patriots offense puts the receiver corps they capable of doing. That much but they would with right with ruby. I I don't I still say that you you'd have to be missing something. Something substantial because that's where I think he mos is and and I and they're not there isn't that other thing that says this is moss this is what that you took -- but this fills that imperfectly and Deion Branch certainly isn't that. And what would -- -- is we already has and we know he's part of and that first game that Baltimore game. Was reflective of what they hope it'll be more times than not was so much with him or anybody else that San Diego game what I am interested in. It's Sunday one of the things were ethical -- make such a difference in this game if you see -- you've seen the vikings struggle to get to the quarterback because teams have. On such a good job of of short drops and and quick releases and quarter just get rid of that ball. I mean that's the patriot offense right is that that's their that's their model. And I would think that this that that the real key to this game will be their ability. To have that success against the defense that you would think otherwise when you when you think about the the pass rushing. Ability that they're supposed to have and that they don't because of of the way teams have just been able to beat them off the ball. I see that -- or beat the rush I see that happening. I see that apple wants. Micro question because we only have about forty seconds left it patriots -- five and one. How good day and that we figured this -- out yet are there answer for a league teams -- do we have a bunch of all there. They're that's reform three or four and actually it's it's the Steelers I think the jets on the patriots absolutely are part of the three I fuel. The best about and I think pretty much in that order because -- still have my misgivings about obviously about on the fence you at all. You know not erotic -- they throw oracle. -- throw Craig Carter you throw rookie starter out there and and its second his first game seventh round pick I think that's that's duties reflect you know. An indication of where their office -- weather team is in their defense. And then beyond most. I don't know I don't know how much fellow Baltimore I think they're good. But in and there's no one in the NFC Yemeni -- terminally. I'm not giants. Only think early I think their better team on the one point on the street here. Real yeah. While there. There Libor proven space and Mathias Kiwanuka is injury take something what Jason appear Paul tell you this if that kid becomes -- that's the I know you know what -- if if talent he's -- believable but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I'm I'm believing and have enough to say that that could be sustainable. In this season in in this season in this league. Where the Baltimore Ravens allow the Buffalo Bills. What -- -- this against interest rates go up and down African field if you will make it makes it look mentally for they have done that twice now pay that was the. Bill that for the record right now right that Ryan Fitzpatrick Harvard guy -- number two ranked quarterback it only opens windows on one of the best defense in the league -- -- last week in Baltimore and to open them that's example. So I like buffalo this fixed at around us against -- What do you dress up for -- Steve. I've answered with Fred we -- -- all going. To say how they nominated by you know bill and Hillary Clinton it's over how well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Integrity our affiliates -- -- we'll take a break we'll get right back locals republic.