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Oct 22, 2010|

Adam Schefter talks Brett Favre, Little Brett, Helmet to Helmet hits, Logan Mankins and Pats/Chargers

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan as they patriot Friday joining us on the AT&T hot lines on what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible we always look forward to talking to are informed one. Are smack for an atom show after -- -- good morning -- a memorial. Our yes yes mine is John Dennis WEEI and Jerry's is. Calendar. I'm following you -- -- yet they just didn't last night -- -- -- -- yeah he's he's he's a a a a Tweeter virgins so far atom. If that would that. That is simply I've. Now followed both unabomb I'm keeping up -- with what you event footage. We're just trying to -- we have like 95 million people following you Adam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about that I'll tell you what you talked about timely and and up to date and relevant to what we're talking about here. I will just turn you loose with two sentences the San Diego Chargers are struggling. But former San Diego Chargers are not the the fascinating piece -- -- let it brought -- yes AJ Smith is gonna hate -- Yeah that's that's fine that's -- you know just -- about this for a moment think about. How much talent there it is and it right now and there's a lot there's a lot. And I applaud that they submitted and a great job rally count but take a look it's a good talent. Former charters culturally in this is that belief to MacCallum and this -- Drew -- quarterbacks. With being incompetent Michael Turner at running back -- the -- they're all suck so far. It Drew Brees went through best quarterback in the league at least Albertson's. I mean that it -- put them but when the great respect your history and looks like he did back in the day. Michael Turner's one of the top back in the leak. Wes Welker for the chargers cut 2004. People -- that. Chris Chambers used but not great but it's at moments Jamal Williams part of the Broncos defense like eagle chance Kate yeah Ben Leber yeah. Tim -- the dolphins center extension Antonio Cromartie was in what the jets thought the real -- would be this season. And drink large Kassim Osgood on special -- that's quite a collection of former short. And no matter what you think about where they rank in the overall scheme of things you know pertinent to their position. These guys are making impacts on whatever -- they are -- fair to say. That that it actually got to say so we're making big impacts some not quite as big but all in some way all our. Impact -- yes you. You mentioned Drew Brees being a top three quarterback do we all agree that may be a bunch of people Adam were premature at the beginning of this year saying. Brady Manning Brees and yet put Aaron Rodgers in that group of the top quarterbacks in the NFL was a little early. I don't think so -- I spoke don't think -- I know what to me. It's. You know I. I don't make a -- that I think Brady Manning -- A category all by themselves I don't think reason category link back to. MIT. All on that but that's just how I feel amendment to me it's like the only. -- and Brady five stars quarterback snapped by -- and then I got four stars now -- got the read an -- our routers their output over their output Ben Roethlisberger their. -- -- -- You wouldn't put McNabb there would you I would now know. I wouldn't. I liked I liked the fact that bit. And reasonably tough sell since he won a Super Bowl that is so lacquered and and so. And efficient but the highlight the fact that there's that second tier underneath Brady and and and Manning and as Rogers and that makes more sense to me. And that's that's how I feel about quarterback I mean those two guys two guys at the top five -- guys the only guys. -- emissions once. They -- category by the and so because they'd done it at such a high level for such a long period of time. And you're talking back to the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game -- Drew Brees has been great -- You can't say about it what you say about the human -- Well and now I would agree because he's off to a bad start will not a bad start up -- -- accept that. If they were undefeated you wouldn't say that right now. Probably I don't I don't levitate and they're coming up to see is the federal champions. And that's I felt like what I was going through and do what its people or dressed. I want to take into will be the first couple -- -- -- and why not support. AM at the other end of the quarterback spectrum and I think we can all at least agree the fact of the NFL is a quarterback driven league right. What does it say about the Oakland Raiders going to battle this week. Gradkowski is injured the starter Jason Campbell is injured he's probably on the bench and Kyle bowler. Is going to be their starting quarterback that draft pick for Richards -- worse look at pretty tasty right about now -- -- it. Well -- Wayne New -- trader Richard Seymour. There's no question that that defense is gonna take a hit that he's in which it did last year which we saw in the playoff game where they could've used Richard -- there's no question that. But this franchise also is going to be potential the chance to land they premiere. Blue chip player that's going to impact the franchise if the patriots -- on the deck. For the next dozen years. Okay. So -- -- people would make that deal. I think a lot of people what ends. You're talking about a rookie coming in under rookie salary cap and all probably rookie wage scale. The long run it's a look at a great move. It -- let go back to your former chargers is there any chance that next year at this time. When you make that list of former chargers -- with driving somewhere that Shawne Merriman will be on it. Yeah he's idiotic because he's gonna get. Claimed on waivers I think I think that -- -- met its -- and they're looking to their interest didn't believe that they can revive his career that he can -- on the -- think proved. And I say this. When they got word of troop rethink that was done. When they -- to -- to -- promoted itself that is best is about -- thought LT could do it worked up Michael Turner. But he -- it could afford to keep that you -- the case Wes Welker didn't think the plate. Some of these guys in this less it would put together this morning were guys that they thought just want to built. Well this is merry men make this product of of steroids in your money isn't that the in the week opposed the whispers that. Without the juice he's not the same guy. -- that's sort of questioned and that be unfair for me to answer but look he defection indisputable. He would say. Monster before his suspension. Is production and performance have formed off after inspection but. Let's also remember that it was back in 2007 or eight after the suspension pretty neat. And there are some people who think that that knee injury and -- in cost in the step. I don't know what it is but he's not been missing player he tried to get back to become a team player and if I retain an act but a waiver claim and I got to take a look I think I'd do that and and she would -- records. -- and they -- a plea related story anything new on Junior -- we haven't heard or read or learn to the last. One report -- 48 hours. Academic couple calls and that but again it was my understanding and I -- the whole story sounds very patient -- you know everybody can agree on that. But the people I spoke through an of course there people connected and associated regulated out to me that is the situation relationship where. You try to break off this girl. Knee and the great frame of mind. He was that is seventeen year old daughter's volleyball game last week you know. Real involved in this -- the lights. It didn't sound like somebody tried to take -- might make but again I recognize that the circumstances. Are fishy. But again spoke two different people about it in both adamant. One incident had nothing to do with you know now everybody complete with they want but -- -- to what I was told. This week. I give -- prediction. Not for the games -- Sunday but for the suspensions will there be any and -- so. How many do you think the over under we said -- what -- on the -- to -- guys could be the over under more or less than who suspensions as the result of it's to the helmet hits of the ahead this Sunday. Like -- behavioral. I'll take you under their because I think people have been looking out. And I know the -- is gonna be more vigilant than ever but I don't think debt. It's not often that we see suspend the -- helmet to helmet hit it's not often that happens every couple a year couple years receipt Eric Smith. Not chaotic -- older job -- clobbered Dallas Clark. But ultimately get one associates it's not like they're changing the rule they're not. Well wouldn't we have any doubt that had Brandon Meriweather done what -- do it if he does this Sunday what he did last Sunday that he'll be suspended. Correct that is correct but do you think Brandon -- going to do this and -- would do let's look -- deep in my. You would benched for a full quarter after that it. Okay so. I just don't see it happening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just don't see. I've got a -- just go deliver all the delegates and the league take a look at certain it is saying we're gonna spend Scott Altman -- predict you're -- under on the suspensions the guys predict. -- I'm not suggesting for a second at the end of -- is going to invent one to suspend somebody but in a perverse kind of way when the NFL. Welcome the opportunity to to present day we aren't screwing around here anymore moment on Sunday. -- And -- stretch they have the data with fines for not gonna. They they had done it this week it's all that anybody's been taught every time I put on my network. OK the talk about helmet on the text into me I did it. We're talking about. Perfect storm activity where last Sunday. Within about an hour time span there were three. It's that where. Wolf it's like role and because of that that night. -- -- Rodney Harrison say an NBC would they deal would -- Further light on the issue right in a data -- were already dealing heavily with -- conscience. And all the sudden this became. Story sure it will remain -- usual for the -- the week in Seoul Monday morning when. Some coach does something. Basically draw the ire of everybody nor the cowboys lose another game to restore the weight belt and firework. Brett Favre does something we -- there's going to be something else that's the issue this week. All right and an -- this requires a little speculation on your part and I believe and agree with most of much of what you say about why they're doing this. And why they're doing it now what percentage speculate. You think the NFL has stood up and said we aren't gonna take this anymore. Because they are in the process the beginning process. A trying to sell the viability of an eighteen game schedule thus you can't have corpses. On the ground being hauled off on stretchers if you consult us -- try to sell this to the fans and the players that eighteen regular season games won't be so devastating. Well. The one thing that's totally income gross to me is that they've made it a point to talk about the benefits. And how advantageous an eighteen game schedule would be. And here there are talking about their safety. And -- thank you just cannot. In any way in my mind. -- -- -- And say -- -- -- players -- -- year old or extend the schedule eighteen games I mean let's be real it's about money carries. Everybody knows it. And so there's enough money involved -- scheduled everybody thinks is inevitable inevitable even now. Even with this I awareness of illegal helmet on what it's. And we can go through because the NFL. Is that is this is this is designed to make money. -- -- make more money. Well. Support capitalists to supplement them. Eight tell me this that Missouri will give it -- and give us an update on the the -- investigation is there any chance. What you hear that he will be suspended for next week's game against the patriots. -- well -- say this again. I think where this is that is the league is sort -- handcuffed and in talking certainly go up as this week the once statement that I've heard. That really resonated stayed with. Somebody said. There's no accurate gamma computer man right here. And even. Guess as to the exact -- this area. This -- there's no shortage of speculation. But there is no shortage of facts there's a similar shortage of people were willing to be into. So we can speculate about what department can be suspended we can speculate about these things off the girl we can speculate about what she's ever gonna speak at Florida. The fact of the matter is is -- -- in itself. She has hired an attorney. Yet those trying its best to gather facts and information and it's not getting very far because she's not talking. If she's not talking. And there's. A crime that a curse. What do you -- his alleged crime that occurs. And two people were witnesses are privy to information and one of them not talking and the other with the perpetrators. -- to -- Well. One. Doesn't. It depends does does Brett that we we all know what. Well we know bunch of things about the commissioner not the least of which is he hates to be lied to. So let's assume the Brett I know this might be a stretch told the truth. And said to the vice president of security in the NFL. Yeah. Those are mine and she refuses. To get involved. In the investigation. Does the commissioner suspend -- for that -- he punishment for that. Oh. Automask media -- up the field and ask you about protecting the image of the National Football League not about breaking laws in the State of New York. Might get -- again. I wanna refer -- -- previous statement about there being no shortage of speculation but it shortage of fact that my guess is that. All to believe where this is gonna go is. -- not gonna talk to get it felt. They're not going to be able to corroborate. Some information. Yet appellate court interview bunch of people it's gonna do everything possibly and it's not going to get information it needs and ultimately in the end my guests might get okay. It's gonna say we have. Interviewed everybody possible. That is much -- it's possible. And we cannot. Include. An ideological way. That Brett Favre did anything wrong here. And so. -- -- -- That that's like that but I could -- like somebody could say something somebody can implicate him she could change her mind and get a part to this is. You're telling me you're committed to just one way like you just. Actually go with X in Colton should never spotted. Well none of the matter except the one pictured them one photo of little brat amid others a mad you can. Call and asking to come over and tell your lover and all that -- not gonna get any trouble until you sender and. How do we prove there that little -- a lineup. The dude who just. A really out of recruited that little Brett -- that there ever get any you don't. Wouldn't let nobody has said I don't out of Boise denied wouldn't you love to know what he told the vice president secure I don't know those aren't mine or yes those are my pictures. And if -- if if if if she's not gonna talk Pinochet united where every she's not a huge -- you'll conclusions again -- speculating. Why would you say. But that is that my little Brooke White issue that's not -- -- guy I called protected I think I would send pictures of little red. Maybe he doesn't like to -- Why don't like. Yeah. All right what's what's -- eat if you only watch one game this weekend out of which one fascinates you the most. I and that's that's how I based my. My game in week in the -- -- you're -- -- -- and backup I think it's like -- at one in -- because US. I would. Pittsburgh Miami. Green Bay on side agreements created -- -- it. So -- is asking a lot more about -- I and apple will read our big Brett. Don't you wanna see the final execution of the cowboys but the giants and I I don't market qualification and I'm Lou it is. About eight it was -- I would never amicably bandwagon. I may have said this. Before but when that we did that say that appreciative -- what specialties and it's not it's B a it was and they achieved one outlandish prediction it into the shelled by. You says sum up Brett Favre setting -- pictures to some women are some are now that was an. I don't know I -- that beat Dallas Cowboys finished close at 500. And they would. Playing it Super Bowl oh that's right and more left in your face and stood by your your claim they remember that. No decent system that's going to -- it puts food you order right out. This is ask more -- -- are right out of -- -- -- as -- enjoy the covers agent went to pleasure I'd have a great we'll get everybody bought it. We'll be -- -- you -- would always we'd leave it 306000. And there aren't animals show after the democratic. -- -- with the and it's a little. Bit habits and Calais and on the AT&T hotline by the responsible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T -- possible.