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Vince Wilfork and Brandon Meriweather, NE Patriots

Oct 5, 2010|

Vince and Brandon talked about the big win on Monday night, why all of the people who picked against them fired them up, how they executed the game plan, if last night was one of the most physical they've had in a while, how they answered the call and everyone handled their business, and if everyone is tuned in and on the same wavelength. Vince also discussed the nose tackle position and said he'd kill Tom Brady in a 20-yard dash.

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Joining us right now from the New England Patriots. Guy who had -- hit of the night last night at least in my opinion very nearly. Took Davone -- sodomy shoes Brandon meriwether -- -- branded -- Michael how aria. The great little good. So eloquently and did you did you stayed out of Miami Brandon. -- I think I think. I had become an update it liquor. Would you what do you think about our game played out last night he almost had two different games the first half you know very competitive very close second half fireworks. I loved that I love that I think we that we cannot expect to happen played their way. You know we gave up. It is you know it is you've been it would embrace. I think we got a reporter here we got a new guy. A reporter who who likes to ask a lot of tough questions so go let him. Reporters know that it's a printout and net are straight and Eric yeah yeah we get we gotta we got a guy who asked them pretty. Incredible questions -- -- asked you questions we've got a right here. You and I think semblance. Of. Now. Let -- go. Through our credit. Was. -- You mad at us Vince you mad at us you mattered everybody last night -- mad -- -- -- -- because -- I -- -- -- okay he didn't -- it went. Very it is what it is -- We knew. What we have in this locker room and -- ill turn. Everybody else looking mean and we're inside look at me. And you know what. The premiere Ross and par score a couple you know problem -- areas. We knew what this team is we knew exactly we we we know exactly. What we have in this team and we showed we showed so. It's kind of whore you overcome the words campaign and in your own backyard -- here you you know beat writers for your own team and they see you every day. In their last one -- gore addiction and you know be. You know they have a job to do understand that -- At the same token who you want the wire guards at the waiting it's sometimes -- with them. Because stuff like that so. -- -- Last night like pretzel you know you guys are all announces. We're gonna keep -- -- we do. And you know what this does this team that we have is a very very -- -- Houston on we respond to. This game you know meant a lot not just because of what division win -- it was yes. It was set up. For us either fail. We'll move for in -- if nobody knew. How to approach -- -- and -- were you motivated by some of the things of -- on how are you motivated by some of these folks. So elusive dolphins to -- and again. Motivated about things. You know when you when you commit to a game and you know nobody in America that you -- in this. The people that in you know it with next to you that -- alone if in there's been great but I'm you're on the go -- I loved him on. Air -- you know Karen you and then you lose. And edit and again. And they use you surprised there by the have you seen. They go to great. What is being. I'm an area and we ask you guys built this okay -- -- If you ask the average reporter would recover five is to work. Or what what its own dogs are. They don't know so why why do you guys hear what what what reporters -- It doesn't matter it doesn't -- I mean. For what we've done and where we've. You know with the revenues will be here. I don't think I've never seen. Everybody like they're gorgeous. And from a living in the -- is just that real. Debt. On the last wanna pay attention to you what -- you -- and -- that puts in the work at some point. It has come mum on his way to come you know -- for me. Somebody put the pin in and around. But as soon. And I at first I saw when I was that -- militants I was like -- you know some steps that we know what. When our when our exclusive union Wal-Mart senior on the scene of the burden. Like I say our own people -- to only use those who it's pretty accurate so. You know where. Are conceding here and then be pissed off all -- in the home morning I'm not going to that is okay because in the -- at the in the day. Born into his game I knew we had a real good chance. Of make in this game. -- uniting. America us and told my wife person in the work. After losing the place of real real good football and we wanna score a lot of points so Lankan most of what I just felt stooges. I haven't felt that way in the game. You're alone flown home loan terms. And it started with practice I mean you don't it always comes back the prices. Looked around and our senior from barrio where everybody's. Out to have fun ever Barton was asked who he will what -- -- do you know who plays and everything. And I was smart. It's abused prisoners especially division game murmured -- -- human -- or -- stage to stage set. On when was will be your physical ball game we know where we went out there and we plea and execute. The way we practice and best thing you wanna look it won't force you know women. I'll tip my hat tomorrow -- teammates and in the coached there because. We all put everything we hair -- -- -- house where the before you know now we we we rework the pool together. As a team. As in the people this in the locker room we won't have to stick together because sometimes it it may happen like nobody's. He goes to win but us what. -- -- wanted to -- -- -- -- was at with the gentlemen. And we have to was its Q and we do. Random it'll let you go here before we do wanna ask your question I mentioned to hit you put on on Davone -- I saw the entire defense to my mind. Hit harder than I've seen them hit may be in a couple of years here did you guys field that was as physical -- game as you guys have played defensively in awhile. Yeah. And oh we you know and apple apple and be it. We include adultery with you know a lot of that we may have -- system. That day. Did last night active -- and our partners and our lab -- -- Can we be alone does -- is trying to bit. They're. And bang -- to be added that that we have to bail. Randomly appreciated thanks for taken the time -- us appreciate it. There we're still talking with with Vince Wilfork I don't know I don't know whether what's -- Marty's plane nose tackle for. -- everywhere I mean -- we are all over the defensive line. And you know what I don't think Tony Sparano but it was with in the rules for -- play defensive men because they looked a little mystified by. August. What is telling out of it. And -- point play. I'm glad to apply black -- I've been. -- -- and the lives right exactly you know and you know an outdoor sport blanket. Point blank there maybe. To the way it. Used. Like us that we we liked the matches we. We we we like the game plan we we put the game plan it. In practice and when we can be. I hated the game in the initiative practice and also because -- to work -- some things there are when we go to work. If we can have it for so. What we answer the call me purpose of those that we have of the call and you'll ever bar it was -- commitment -- you know every Christmas -- On the special teams were on believe amazing amazing all for -- when they have a businessman and in defense with -- you know so. To me you know. -- -- it's always something it's always something you know pages can install. A post office. Pictures confused and so okay where. There for a certain sent out this week what was fourteen others -- so now we stolen put together. A complete day. And that's what that's what economy I mean it won't give in these guaranteed well. The Gaza Wednesday you know we have them for his take -- WM. And four. He'll look Kos was widget that we -- for so. Bottom among very fair way to leave -- -- -- -- -- away game. -- the -- did you give you to get to basically first away we. A decent team -- of dolphins don't human romance ones as part one top teams right after. On the dolphins. In the war wages. We warned that we -- -- -- so. We need to be in there. When you broke down a lot of the criticism that's been answered. At least this week winning on the road. Against a quality opponent got that. Performing in the second half like you in the first half we got that form better in the second half and did in the first half make a lot of planes. Not given up many points those things occur or answer but there's been a question about. The attitude minority has some guys this year who've been -- did you get the sentinel players playing coach is coach do you get a sense from being in that room. And everybody's on the same wave length and the guys are listening and tuned in. Oh yeah they request only because it away. You have guys like myself you -- user venal mayor Williams and send his younger. Around the boards that moss and you know -- folks do you have Brady. I'd -- open you have all these guys. They have been around before and things change. So we just got to make sure you know the guards days. Who can shuffle around and stay with us and understand what is cool morning you know from the malls or. They understand they have -- -- -- I mean they they're not power. These guys you know these guys are Carmen work work from home or determine cumulative. So. The last thing we use is -- you know who's now -- smarts. It stand now we'll send you know he's our own -- wanna play when he do you mean even at four you don't wanna play. I feel that's not the case I think those guys actually going out even more room working harder. And asked us how you build a team orders are you build a team in installs would us with a three man roster you know with you know. Does on the part is quorum with coaches there they're there so we had. That's -- -- -- you -- in the US are we there are we are fans don't get me wrong. But it in and day we know exactly what we hear you we know so and we have a great group of guys. There won't -- and in one -- game the right way so. And you win a lot of ball games like this and we stepped up and we just won't be the last and we will have to step spoke to someone else's home or even our own our own so. -- put one foot in front of them. I'll keep by Turkey for our -- you know get better each week in and I think we don't want I think if we we we do want some we improve -- often. The more games played more spears guys -- more confidence does you. And that the wound you know once you do in two weeks exterminate you know teams wanna be. They don't have reacted vehemently they that they -- not trying you know differently if they wanna know exactly what their team is made so. We we we have been nowhere else shall we live in the right direction you know when. We just have to continue. There was a there was great segment pre game last night one of those NFL films things where they had to Mike down in the buffalo game. And at one point you sit on the bench Mike I wasn't sure who you're talking to when he teammates on the bench he set. I don't have attacked and I don't have a tackle in this game yeah I mean you know full well that we don't measure the important and the and the success or failure of a nose tackle based on tackles. What does it bother you when you come out of a game and there are zeroes beside your name on the -- Yeah up like a hell won his fears opting are here don't know what. -- called comparative very competitive and I wanna have tackles in Albany stakes and humility that there edges. It is what -- is there but. Yeah. We have what's on Mark Roman misstatement of so loses. -- was right routine when they're things -- rightfully so and. We're best one in the things are total product on the field as I was when -- -- in the way and his team to boomers are. Everybody else do you know feel awful awful. It happened in the land that's one thing I thought -- don't feel -- you know it won't be too -- days are wont wont wait -- like who like -- book. A home loan was contraceptive -- -- T -- my teammates successfully and we got to do W I'm okay with more OK with so. -- of them is actually -- and Sonoma silence and then an outcome are kind of figured they was gonna have that -- -- You know -- you have you have an interesting job 34 nose tackle. At times you -- that was in the case last night you think somebody has to play nose really understand. What I knows goes through because it every day it's a different is a different kind of brave you know it especially to GAAP and. Yeah. Are -- you people know make that my teammates know what these Dan nobody really never fail. Being a -- Is wanting to know within those aren't doing some other thing in the field and almost always going through. Now but for the most quality and they understand -- VEU. -- in the trenches. You give Maine that you contact -- replace you who won three -- -- is in. Realize they don't sometimes people don't realize how quick things happen -- -- you region you know sometimes I'm green -- Our Goldman wants out of -- -- -- and the this to the backfield and I'm the scenery and everywhere. And at times but most are most likely do so almost don't. -- I like to know was -- when I'm out there for me it's details -- Rick -- Look in that you know. Is this in net. And you feel. Certain things on the view and sometimes I just feel. This can be a pair what is deal is gonna -- -- monkeys in the pool was sometimes -- see. Now what is this. You know those are these this is so what's in the way. You gotta love the place you do you giggled and then after half step in the if you never if you don't wanna contact this meant to position for you. Well that's my very low contact or low plan. My thing is always are when we hit again before you me and -- always borrow like there as it is -- You know that's what the phrase came from musician's musician -- if you were a bass player or your drum player. You look at or drummer you look at other drummers and other bass players like. You know I like what he does as a nose tackle what you look at and say. That's gonna talk on a lighter -- -- weakness we've gotten we've got some -- know stumbles they're. Case in he's he's you plan is for loan to us on Rogers now he's -- maker and he basically you term. No no -- -- to. When Jamal Williams you know he's he's in the of them a -- please -- this position where -- Even the down you know he can -- around -- he's he's he's available there. In Austin and our sorrows I'm that I'm I'm a type of clear where. -- -- two pro bull's whatever. You know been on some people's team you know. I got out announces start the case some house sit back and watched him leave that -- On wanna get a chance you know we've policy in a cast and just talk football -- -- -- A parachuted to discern if they do not talk to them asking the same thing a man. How come you do these ideas you know is like you know -- technicians to each other and nobody on the stand their legal but that's. Because we are no second -- We're talking in the Indian -- back and listen to isn't may be -- going about a abuse but. But you do have Google's servers are there now and I always look -- -- and figure somehow the fire problems. I was sort of -- That can give -- -- some most of you do. I just talk just talk to and emotion guys some time on the field when you're down and you've used most into the linebackers you must be seen some -- The sale at a place and -- -- your -- at the place got here be ready for it and -- Are put a lot of time there you know. Watch it for him to studying -- The -- For -- -- the command or if a -- look at me a certain way Erica argued at the in the known softened but yeah. Always sort of bring some to the table to my defense players and if that's the past that north -- -- -- your prayers that's what it is gonna let him know as -- -- so. Majority of the time mom -- -- one more in them wrong so what of course you have those times where I'm completely wrong. -- who have VO that was my tone is and -- a person now and Donald club is put that. It is what it is useful while we're we're I'm always trying to funny is needed some help our team. That's one thing you are trying to do that I complain to the table. Watched a lot of film studies -- plan for. Certain formation trees from some mainstream of me. And that's where news and -- you wanna tell me. Well -- -- been called -- was -- I mean -- year old loudly when you realize you were little Ali yesterday -- little -- you have been called -- and let me just say this at the -- -- the risk of taking this negatively. On the day after a big win. York quarterback. And fellow captain Tom Brady talked about it this morning. You versus Vince in a twenty yard dash. And -- And libertarians and memorable. Because cease so he -- first -- Tom -- -- ago. He running quick sooners and Leo seemed to -- so when he's running. That's first formal. And we -- -- Man he would be closed on Tuesday with them -- guarantees them a U. Whatever you wanna do we can do. Not a yeah. -- rebuild the lives out of food onboard. You -- -- So now. Now would have vehicles one would be close. Yet you get it I mean that's like photo finish. No an awful for -- I -- in the way. I'll look like you know -- look -- in Java. What enforcement act out like an idiotic he looked like. -- own though some Clyde yeah. My -- battling in the marquee and they would hear them. That won't be close there at the time with -- has star. Obama didn't -- -- their first -- a moment ago -- balls the Hugo with Bristol he's all about cadence. Our move when people move in when the ball -- last -- And he just lucky not shielded him at -- have had them -- digital media we will have a -- -- do we go on record with that a big debut that block we've moved them drag suit over the congratulations on the win yesterday. I just I just you. Have to. Let's -- -- record. Does though when beat writers and welcome -- it. They allowed to do. It. I'm looking at the matchup -- the patriots. The team atmosphere. I I think this team -- -- A big drug czar would do -- are accused McCain for -- but it got a job do what you holder here army I bet that there is you'll hold it against the Mets. That's. It is what it is and Garcia wanted to -- is damages may be as -- -- users via our it is felt so good about this game that is. -- on the stand now you know be -- maybe as many. It is that the here. But yeah I was I don't need -- yeah. They after they got they got a lot of was motivated. They got a lot of us that approved amount of people wrong on yesterday's show but it then take that if you motivate you know what that was like if you do. A legacy that's a slight. -- payers to review all you won't. You'll notice. -- duties. As the U senior every day would would would you. Okay this. Means in the house. Not not one person cannot -- pictures. From it. A man right there. Ever impact that it when he said it would close I'm telling you like Brady's that it wouldn't because and get out of well like -- Can see when you don't want her record their pictures and let us that we do with these they knew it was it was it was kind of something that was something -- Treatment. You know way. Again Michael I could tell it by the way and yet as if you needed further proof that this is big boy football you know this is the real deal. The dolphins fired their special teams coach this morning -- this morning. You would do would. Known how much we got to get out of here -- that's well Clark joining us here at Sports Radio W media idea.