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Pats taking advantage of joint practices

Aug 18, 2010|

Dale and Holley chat about the joint practices between the Patriots and Falcons and look at how these practices are really good for both teams

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Patriots -- walk through today they had practices yesterday that'll walk through practice today and flowery branch Georgia. Where they in the Atlanta Falcons will play their second pre season game tomorrow night. The general manager of the falcons Thomas Demitra formerly of the New England Patriots will join us -- 102. We'll get a chance talk with him about what this whole experience has been like down there reading the stuff in the papers today it's on by both teams feel like they got a lot out of this. I think players love it. Now you get older somebody gets there you go through you go through two days and go through the same drills and and a lot of the same meetings over and over. Same scenery that your teammates. You gotta hear the same jokes from a you know all their moves primarily. And so we just wanna you wanna switch it up a bit. The you know going going on a road trip to Atlanta taking -- a team that's going to be a really good challenge form. It's great for most of the players and this is a it is going to be a really fat I don't know what they're gonna do offensively. Often should be pretty good though Obama the falcons but defensively this is one of the fastest teams dale. That they will face all year. They are not build -- in the in the patriots 34 image right are a 43. Defense. Quick. Fast guys -- just fly to the football now. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been. Able to take advantage of advantage of teams like this in the past because. They're so aggressive. And there are so conditioned to fly to the ball. At their very prone to play action passes and you can take advantage of their. There overrunning plays in their aggressiveness and get some big plays against them but it should be a challenge to see how the patriots. Matchup of the team like this guys like locked in -- and a veteran like Mike Peterson. I don't -- Robinson is gonna play Jerry their first round pick it. Primarily most of the entire year maybe. Played in three games last year he's another quick guy they're excited about weatherspoon their first round pick so I'd like to see how the patriots. Passing game really matches up but the scripting. It's funny because the patriots have now had back to back weeks where they have practiced with the other teams are last week New Orleans this week Atlanta this week New Orleans is practicing with Houston. It's the second straight year those two teams have done it and last year they had a war. Our flights every day at practice that -- teams work. Mean and nasty and the Houston papers John McClain was talking about and he almost can't wait to see what it's going to be like when the Texans in the saints' practice together this week. The patriots and ball components that they practiced with -- it's been all love and flowers certain issues. It's ignored for now for now because we don't have to walk through today but. I don't know who had a hard to picture a lot of credit because that's what I'm -- one of the great things about the NFL network. One of the great things that show was that might thing while this sounds of the game yeah yeah well. And you realize. Just how much trash is being talked. -- you don't have anybody to be talking trash but it happens during games. During practice to -- of going back and law and watching. Hard knocks again last night the jets all the new win tonight I -- -- can't you see. You know Chris Jenkins. -- -- other delectable I'd like it yeah is that you know coach usually these drills. Oh really anything to me but I need -- the goal line Andrea any been playing him so try to come back him. Like all. About. Not short. Oh but I'll with a -- Eric today's development well for -- it's like we're gonna advocate that about all you can apartment here today to. Any official -- to talk so much trash like the patriots. If you -- their practices. During the season you they hate each other witness. But when mr. us. They talk. Series to series. So. And another today. With competitive guys yet packets the packets these arms. -- your arms. Well apparently the saints and Texans just flat out hate each other you almost wonder why the coaches want to get back together again a second straight year. But they did -- -- the wave of the future especially if the NFL eventually goes to the eighteen game schedule. Teams are going to be doing this all the time. I think the of these teams patriot saints falcons Texans. Jaguars typing did it -- Atlanta last week they're all getting ahead of the curve because they all null. When we go to -- eighteen game schedule this is what you gonna have to do get all worked -- immediate. It says vents. About some -- -- exchanges with with -- Randy Moss. And practice there's went out of practice. You know -- goes over the middle. And it signal goes to the soft spot of the zone catch the pass. And you know he'd he'd throw the ball back for the defense and -- you know you bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep are. So it does it again same play. Now I get the past any spikes. Despite she hit it Wilfork space well so Wilfork says. Get complete body your -- and I think it was somebody like it was either James Sanders. Or Meriweather. Heads up play saying -- I -- whistle blow. So -- -- about -- it happens all the times I'm not surprised at all. These players go -- it -- players from different teams because players in the same teams and I'm going like. -- by the way in despite what a a text -- said it was the other day. Tonight's hard knocks will include the giants game I can't wait to see it I -- it seemed. What Rex is Sam on the sidelines I wanna see how much emphasis 'cause I think he put a lot of emphasis on the first half of the first game in the new meadowlands is an article that science. And I'll be curious to see how he response tonight. 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