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Alex Speier, Clubhouse Insider

Jun 5, 2010|

Jon Rish spoke with Alex from weei.com before tonight’s game.

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-- -- let's start with a move the Red Sox made a roster move today calling up Josh -- for some. Insurance in their outfield with some other guys banged up Scott Atchison as an option to -- it. And the simple fact that they've called up Redick should give you a little bit of an idea of -- where they're at with Mike Cameron and Jeremy Hermida at this. All right they have very they definitely have a depleted outfield Jacoby Ellsbury is obviously on the disabled list. Mike Cameron is improving steadily but the earliest that they really want him back. As a starter would be tomorrow against a left handed pitcher for the Orioles. And with Jeremy her -- having had the second collision of the year with Adrian Beltre he's he's probably out today. -- is hopeful that he's going to be okay for tomorrow's game he had a CT scan that indicated that. He just got a bruise rather than I would rather than a fracture. I think he checked to make sure that he didn't have and -- very condition. But but -- the Red Sox are definitely short of bodies and so they needed to make a roster move in this made a lot of sense because. In a couple of days the likelihood is that the Red Sox will be calling up Boof Bonser. To add him to the bullpen Scott Atchison was going to go down at that time anyway assuming that group is called up. And so having Redick can set about to send. As as that last time -- roster made sense especially because they have to put Redick straight into the starting lineup. What's the solution here I mean you put some like kind of Orange vest on Adrian Beltre or like a proximity -- I mean because. He's taking guys out there on the right team. Yeah Jacoby Ellsbury is perspective on it was I think that we just need to start letting them drop or like agent have a ball I don't think that there. There is the solution does that -- of descending up in no man's land. No one can call them because if it no one can clearly make the play himself. This is the case in which tells me in which felled trees freakish -- criticism and make no mistake yes no business being on those balls as far down the left field line is they are. Has has actually had consequences for the Red Sox that's said he did make just an extraordinary catch him on that play yesterday and Beltre is out of the lineup today. But -- -- in he is a bit sore and banged up but he really wanted to play him in Terry Francona had to fight his had to fight him to keep him out of the lineup. The one thing about the lineup that kind of raises an eyebrow so to speak is. That with Beltre nodding there Kevin Youkilis slides from first to third he's done that a lot of past but he hasn't done it this year effect for every call Terry Francona said. It was something is going to try to avoid. For most of this year if at all yet Mike lol is there could play third will not tonight against a right handed starter. And while it seemed like that I -- a couple of weeks ago in New York. It turned out to be exactly right he doesn't have a role in this -- It it's really it's really pretty narrowly defined for Michael at this point. They want Adrian Beltre to play every day with reason he's been one of the best third baseman in the American League his offensive numbers are basically identical to those of -- right now. And Kevin Youkilis you want to play every day. And then you know against right handed pitchers Victor Martinez swings so well as a left handed as left handed hitter. I'm I think -- he's you know one of the top guys it's not the top guy in the American League in terms of average no yes against right handed again batting as a batting is a has a right handed hitter it's it's becoming a bit of a roster crunch for for -- to -- playing time in. You know he's absolutely right there there isn't much replace on this team for him at this point. It's into he's just kind of resigned -- back so it's it's a pretty Dicey situation form. New manager same result as. Clay Buchholz mowed down the Orioles last night and now tonight Jon Lester takes the ball. And I don't know if you would have thought it would be the 12 punch line it up at the beginning of the season but that is the 12 punch that is the Red Sox rotation right now buckles and Alastair. I think it's no surprise in terms of stuff that those guys have 12 punch I think that it has been it has exceeded expectations how fast -- has come this year I mean. That the adjustments that he's making and his willingness to just attack the strike -- at times with different varieties of fastballs we talked this we talked about this last night but. He's no longer just going to off speed stuff in and afraid to throw this fastball for strikes yesterday he was just pounding the strike zone. He had 71 pitch outs which means that he was really efficient and able to most through his his second career complete game shutout. Lester I think there's no surprise that he's one of the two best Red Sox pitchers because he's been that for. Each of the last two years in fact you know I think that he's been their best picture over the course of the last two years and in now. This is into three so he's kind of the horse on whom. You you think you're right you think your your success but but -- is certainly LeapFrog a couple of guys who were expected to take on a greater role responsibility. Finally Alex -- Orioles have lost forty games they're not going anywhere but do you see a sell off imminent. There is and it's a Dicey proposition is that the few guys that are playing halfway decent for the for some of the veterans they're not going to be here long term if you let those guys go who knows what to -- in terms of wins and losses. But is the time coming sooner rather than later when they start to -- to pick these pieces apart so to speak. Well I think that it's inevitable that if there's interest in in. -- members of their team especially the ones the short term veterans the guys like Miguel Tejada. Or you know may be some of the other veteran guys that Mike Gonzales comes back into each -- he can throw I can see them moving guys like that because clearly. They're not you know they're not going to contend this year in almost certainly there are going to contend next year. So they've they've settle on Orioles GM Andy Macphail has been very clear on the point that they need to build around the younger talents and if there's a chance to add to that group. Then they have to do it I think that I don't know. If it's a question it's a question public of when not if I don't know that were at the time when they're going to start selling off the parts but to have to start listening. All right Alex thinks is always a -- -- thanks John.