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Alex Speier, Clubhouse Insider

Jun 4, 2010|

Jon Rish spoke with Alex from weei.com before tonight’s game.

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Alex let's start with the biggest news of the day out of Baltimore and that is the dismissal -- probably the manager he has been replaced on an interim basis by wants him well. The Orioles of the worst record in baseball expectations were a lot higher for them this season. And as is usually the case the managers the first got to go and no one was really surprised it would appear. No one was really surprised I don't think probably including Chamblee himself who has -- Frankly was more surprised I think that he that he got the job in the first place a few years ago in the fact that he was fired at its conclusion. But it was the case that does -- Orioles GM Andy Macphail said today that the Orioles needed a spark and he wasn't. Blaming -- per say but he recognized that there is in need. To go and a different direction mostly I think because the Orioles were expected to take a step forward this year on the basis. Of their young talent nucleus they have a lot of really good young players guys like Matt meters and Adam Jones. And in the mark take yes unsecured some guys -- lot of potential. But and make fails words they've kind of taken a step backwards and it it looked like. In terms of their commitments of the game in in terms of their ability to compete that they had they've gone in the wrong direction and so as a result they wanted to kind of changed the changed the dynamic but. It's kind of interesting because -- was hired because he was a player development guy. Who they thought could help the team move in the right direction. Forward and instead you know now they're they're. Kind of turning in a different route but trying to achieve the same thing get their young players to be better. You know -- Orioles have been a mess for a long time there was a point in time where you couldn't get a ticket Camden yards now they can't pay people to come it would seem -- the Red Sox and the Yankees. Are in town having said that. There seemed to be for the first time in a long time some glimmers of long term hope last year even with the Orioles losing all those games especially in the second half. They had some young players to be excited about with those young players haven't really played that well this season. You can get it on term earlier not but Matt tweeters Adam Jones guys like -- those guys rather have -- continued development that was expected of them. Yeah precisely so ends you know -- talked about this about this at the press conference to discuss -- police firing. He said look you know this is the path that we have to go on if we want to compete and Yale least you just can't make up the talent gap. By going out and free agency you have to get elite performances from young from young guys it's a formula that was successful. In Tampa Bay and that to date. Hasn't been successful in Baltimore and you're absolutely right they've gone the wrong direction they're fifteen and 39 they're offense has been a -- this year. And so they're looking for they're hoping that Sam well it's gonna be able to. To impart a little bit more discipline to some of their young players and to get them going back on the path it seemed like they were heading on last year. One of the young guys will see tonight Chris Tillman goes on the mound and he'll play. -- -- opposite Clay Buchholz rather Tillman came up last year and he started this season in the minors a lot of -- body would make the rotation. Out of spring training now he's getting his opportunity. Is he a guy that could be a fixture in their rotation. He was supposed to be and a couple you know last year he was the the starter for the for the American team in the world in the futures All-Star game. He's a guy with tremendous amounts of potential has a really nice delivery really big frame you know pretty good stuff. And and he looked like precisely the sort of guy whom the Orioles should be acquiring when they don't to get him under Macphail but it has been a weird last. Year or so for instance that teaches game it's almost as if his son has development -- development like that of so many of his Orioles teammates this kind of gone in a and a straight line poured down rather than up and so. He he is young enough and he does have the kind of presence and in the past -- on the kind of stuff. That he could ultimately be a very important rotation fixture for them along with guys like Brian Matusz. You know Tillman only turned 22 I think in the middle of April or so we've seen a guy in Clay Buchholz. Who has developed and is still developing before our very eyes and again it wasn't one of those development -- that was a straight line always up there have been a lot of bumps along way. Yeah there was a huge bump in 2008 I mean we're talking about very few guys who have had that kind of that that kind of rocky you know he had the brilliant start whose career in 07 of the no hitter. In no way his season was disaster and he lost all confidence and then in you know attack and lesser he started showing. That he had turned it around it now he's been as good as anyone in the Red Sox rotation save for Jon Lester. He's showing constantly be ability to manipulate his fastball. In this hard stuff and in different ways he. You he had been using with. He had been using a fastball and slider he's kind of reworked the slider a bit to make it -- kind of -- it's been a very effective pitch -- been able to command really well. To get a ton of ground balls so. He's he's honestly. Back in 2008 a lot of the struggles or that he wouldn't trust anything except for his off speed stuff. You could just bank on him when you need throw strike throwing a curveball or changeup and he was terrified to throw fastball now he's a fastball dominant. Pitcher -- throwing a two seamer four seamer or cutter slash slider. He's succeeding on the basis of that and then in his pocket he still has really good off speed stuff so it's turning into a terrific combination. Aren't Alex thanks as always -- -- assume sounds great John thank you.