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Weds. March 10th Whiner Line

Mar 10, 2010|

Short show? Short whiner line! Nomar is back! Sort-of.

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-- the view was expressed don't know why airliner not necessarily those of the big show with staff board WEEI in general don't blame us for what these nit wits today that -- they don't speak for -- It disturbs me it is a loyalists attitude permeating here. Total lack of security. So I expect this this I'm gonna get cold apologies and now moved to safety and that's what we're talking about here in the baseball a safety issue and when people and they said throw at somebody's head at what point that. Ben right have to point that throwing if somebody said. That's all the time but WEEI. Whiner line of first of all. Last night we want element. And the media. Gathered around me and this. I didn't wanna be rude dial 7793535. I was certain. And I etiquette traders -- and I didn't want nothing particularly from. The -- that we had last night whiner line I'm embarrassed. Happened yesterday. I'm embarrassed the Yankees. Red Sox fans. The umpires and my fair. And now so I have to say that sorry that WEEI. Whiner line. And wireline and bring those days my tips them. Of course -- -- -- -- America Africa is like four years ago as a hundred -- relentless. All four. And so that's six years ago. Us. Figured you were 33% off -- I got caught him completely. Wireline -- Grossman's bargains out there what are you finding guaranteed lowest prices on home fix ups adjustments of course not the big box store. Pay dirt cheap prices every day. At Grossman's bargain -- okay Andy and I never said this before I don't think still cannot sit back. I mean. I. I didn't and you know. Guy. But I. -- -- -- And -- I -- here to defend himself. No I know. No wonder -- yeah I've got might unifil and for the big go. That I that I heard. Briefly to Denmark have figured out happy to have my. Time I am almost poignant that -- -- -- wonder why I'm so fat now that'll do them much effect. I heard you did five point something miles last night I did I did five point eight miles a sixty minutes and -- a five pound lobster and challenge computed at 4000 calories later what are you -- by the little clock on the treadmill I what are what are supposed to go by those things in Everett. Never right. Re talking about -- -- right now six miles you're ready because I told him -- messed up. Stevie Wonder raced me yours and you could make it six miles the president that you can bet you don't want. If you take one step silly of training camp and some strength of the kids he -- -- an athlete to have much to me run with them. -- retired -- big -- big -- -- -- decided that you get. That no my band then -- ended -- yeah. Don't know why did track they're. I haven't Belmont -- -- -- because pray that I think yeah and the Belmont and point out that the corporate I think they have -- what it but I had no. And message that's arena -- -- just gonna Nomar knows joke on this radio station. Until Tom made one earlier in the program the old wine with the the woman with a thick accent. -- -- -- -- -- Okay sorry it's all about the end of the pain in 2004. Years ago hasn't done anything for the Red Sox. Thought that ball on the bench now some are more retired and one rock bottom we've got to get the top of the vote. And message. Immense not sure how I'm a little behind Tommy on this guy asked -- thing every night Chris -- -- as a courtesy about the years that he performed form -- but it appeared that all those volunteer work. Paula sponsor or you might try to when he -- -- want -- -- know Marcy he had some pretty much that they -- years it's a pretty awful lot of McCain does contracts he didn't have the smart. Timing -- -- because he could've made the number there's somebody till we had its troop you know you're gonna make zillions but he had a bad deal -- available they've put you off on the table. -- -- Don't know exactly that he permanently because book you'll be -- good old days when. You know all while it would I don't would the jacket power back wall -- who was diverted to subordinate note that all all of probably take. And the message rough for sure hope that play against Omar he he would he would have been able to get over their fast enough. You know to make that catch okay and pokey Reese yes Nomar -- They know. That steroids had to finally get -- And I you ought to be Kennametal right okay what is the -- you -- popular thought in the karaoke sixty million dollars okay five beautiful. And -- and -- That's nasty. Harshness of the event. -- -- -- over the Red -- proper adult are aboard big contract because Miguel Tejada got a big conference. I'll put out by the number one pick. It's. We have one doesn't want. And then that Ashley Ellis Ellis I've felt that is located at Vietnam's voice got lower but that the. Yeah Obama. When -- it could not give up blanket -- over the past fire brigade crybaby. And -- -- should cool man you know how quickly they forget the passing titles -- forget the eleven triples the end and I got seven paved for those and origin. Yeah -- you. -- my big thing hey have a cover picture for retired illustrated. Can give it out. And message. Seek it Tommy says no that that doesn't just mean you're on steroids but if you saw in his repeated it in 1995. Are dirt during the strike yet that's what I'm I've first members and -- spring training of 95 after the strike you -- to. There were no players there except the -- the minor -- obviously you can epitomized the -- -- -- your music bigger -- -- three years later and -- and substantially -- I got a text and -- I says Solomon put -- 265 pounds and I. I mean we're talking to 205 where that guy for sure -- It's not a president as a person as a steroid guys who have potentials. -- I I'll say I'll be don't want says I think he was 92 its its -- embryos that -- -- Tuesday. And I value at that years ago somebody had told -- a bit crazy you know -- would be. Well as the report being longer than Nomar Garciaparra. What it says. Not. And that message. Who is very relevant absolutely and in fact he was down there today and covering this story of the bread yeah. 1045. This just didn't -- -- a red card -- the move will only go one big contrast. They carried a lot of back. And at that age. I didn't finish his career the Red Sox blew I think this would drive track and merit I think. Nobody has retired does it make -- what already. Eligible for the ball walked -- Spain. And the message that cloning. Mildly amusing. April good people -- the podcast thing. It's -- a pro ride that we do on the way. And message. -- do you think Omar has enough imagination. To be a creative TV personal style. Time will tell he was kind of a walking talking cliche when he was a player you know time. I don't know my congratulations on the baseball connected. That there -- one favor. Please please that'd definitely a couple of books or I -- I can't take anymore. And -- met -- -- you -- we're talking sociology stuff that microphone right yes there could be some some very quirky. Idiosyncratic. Moves by Nomar on the set with the ESPN people and. Addict -- -- big -- -- gonna retire as a member of the Red Sox and join me at the end of an analyst. Maybe he'll fiddle with his -- between highlight. And if matches that that's a repeat their basic have. But now I've got a -- -- yes people have -- you're kidding me. -- yeah imperial wizard of the kkk don't know -- the NAACP. And let them quote that might give bigger story. -- -- -- -- -- somewhat every one of the motive that would fire but I. And what was his total hand recount yet quite a few regrets I did you know. The more than -- says steroid indicator -- them. They know my brother. Welcome back to the eight the world is that you signed a contract view through the ten over the third baseman evidence that -- -- And that message there are never went through and Chuck Knoblauch they need to change position no later a world where you finish a first baseman Renton and no range. They look like they had. Hey thank you felt good -- of the shot. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Everybody. -- yeah. All my house. I in Atlanta and. -- And help people can't let it could -- That -- only that it does because good people but what it was and that it. -- -- group -- -- that no law retired red dot. The cookbook -- off. And message. Prevent -- why we're revelers were -- we have fostered some out of town. Lloyd Wright wrote a modern recede he didn't Buckley's got a good hard look at an army. He's number of those nasty venomous. I think that made -- Simpson. It. You're there. I'm back at about I'm not cut back a -- -- The stock. And a message. Yeah now. Car. Off would -- but. And Bob's been remember the only thing we have been here it is fair. -- -- -- And the message nice they'll -- That's that's this -- that'll do the senate and how they gotta do I have a shot today I'll forget so you really have the the offerings on the other one line when I brought you wrote. I Grossman's bargain out liberty finally guaranteed lowest prices on home -- of stuff out the big storm pay dirt cheap prices everyday Grossman's bargain outlet.