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Mar 8, 2010|

Peter talked about all the moves over the first weekend of free agency in the NFL, how he believes that the Patriots need to get a standout receiver, his feelings on the new contract the Pats gave to Vince Wilfork, the Jets trading for Antonio Cromartie and dealing away Kerry Rhodes, if he was surprised Adalius Thomas was still on the Patriots roster, and what were the smartest and dumbest signings of free agency

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Peter King from Sports Illustrated. Football like America brought to you -- -- -- insurance. We're gonna go to a different technical avenue but -- on the line with us right now hi Peter -- -- don't. Dale -- I'm Mike let's Peter I don't everything's gone great thank you it was. Uneventful week that they wrote Monday Morning Quarterback. Today. Very often. Regardless of how eventful it is it and he. Eighty. And it a weekend of false hope in a lot of ways mean on one of the things about free agencies that. -- I'm archer how many people realize -- -- of the two years ago. When mean. Arizona Cardinals in the Pittsburgh Steelers. We're preparing premier Super Bowl run in the and -- the inning of the respectively. Neither seen. Sign another player I'm the player from another team in the first two days of free agency. Last year the saints in the -- -- for their Super Bowl run. Did not sign. Player from another. Free agency. On the first week and so. I think what happens. You know you've got everybody in Chicago where we're they had no choice whatsoever. You know because they don't they had a terrible year last year and they don't have a first or second round pick this year. And so they've got almost have no choice in the the word on peppers Taylor on Amalia. And then you know the paraded -- got. Specific needs I believe in war is. Lining himself up to have a defensive line. -- -- -- with April at the yen and Corey Williams and Ndamukong to that the tackle. So that would be. A revolutionary change to what they did on the defensive but. I I I still think that for the most part created the specially. Expensive. First weekend free agents the very rarely pays off. As effectively is that it hoped it would. You had a great chart in Monday Morning Quarterback and it -- it was an eye opener for me you looked at the top paid wide receivers in free agency a year ago. And what ultimately happened to them for instance and I'll just go to the topping your list Antonio Bryant nine point eight million dollars from Tampa Bay. 39 receptions 600 yards four touchdowns and right now is unemployed. Laveranues Coles unemployed TERRELL OWENS unemployed Torry Holt unemployed. Free agent wide receivers. Have a tendency to maybe not be the the panacea that many football fans expect them debate. And you know the guys who are employed right now. You'd be accurate and the and the all excited about Nate Washington and in Seattle he's sort of never should've known that he didn't. Is basically possession eateries not agree down the -- or anything like that. And you know if it. I think it is it is a little bit of fool's gold now where I think the patriots would have been smart act this year. Is they go aggressively treat. The the Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin. Who ended up go on to Baltimore and you know even though they they didn't have a third round pick because -- the field they're -- history last year. Now on the easily could've made something work which is their lowest of the second round pick. And throwing them you know getting something back from the from the cardinals thirty and out but. I just think right now you can. He can bring in the -- -- and you can. Do a lot of the things about or got state of the group these together but. They one thing at that position would really worried on Labor Day week and if the patriots. Don't happen that was the -- added in the -- -- able right now. I think -- -- and that Peter Hart I can see the upside of Eric Kwan bold and it's obvious the downside couple things worry me and I'll only get your take on -- one. You know 2930 year old receiver. Who has some -- -- ability concerns no question and tool. Here's the guy who really who who needed to get paid who needed that contract extension. I ought to go through so now you've got you're paying two receivers not million dollars a year -- Randy Moss is in the final year of his contract I wouldn't want to set the team up that way. Well it but Randy -- is used that he's in the final year of his deal though. Michael the situation is then. As much in my opinion as. You know you're making it seems lopsided. In favor saying. Because let let let let let's keep in mind. Seven million dollars. Or receiver a risky receiver. And you can structure contract if he does get hurt significantly. That. It's not really in Hilliard franchise. My my I agree with everything is said and it's why I would never did in two. A lot of guaranteed money and you know eight or nine year god forbid and million dollars the year which is regionally he wanted to be. He wanted to be paid basically what Larry FitzGerald was paid out. I think the ravens did have did a pretty smart the around seven million a year in net over the next four years in four years twenty million. And he's playing in the last year contract this year but Michael go what's your point you're right he may have. 44 games in both -- 1070000. And one game last year that means. In -- nine games due to injury last three years now. Part of that was the the horrible Haiti -- at the meadowlands. Where he got the the concussion. But he also been hamstring late. Though and you know so again I understand exactly what you're saying. But if you look at the landscape. And you look at entering the season. Where is. Terrell Owens. Are -- -- Caroline with Randy -- Julian adult men. A brand in Haiti and may be I draft Kuwait this year or. -- you know or receiver who get cut bite somebody this year is helping the. You made an interesting point in the piece you wrote in Sports Illustrated from the com line about how. The defensive line has become the glamour position you talked about so many teams going with the 34 defense and how McCoy and -- Are gonna cash in big in the upcoming draft is that help explain the rather surprising contract was that Vince Wilfork was given by the patriots. Well let let's put it this way. You know it will -- deal in my opinion. Was a very smart companies. By the patriot. Up paying for cornerstone player. And paying for what you meant your franchise. And what field will mean. Your screen. Because I would I would say this that. You know of all the guys remaining. You know on that defense right now I would say the two most important guy is Europeans will -- -- -- And so if you would acknowledge. That still going forward for the next couple years. And -- and let's just say that I don't think. 86 year. Nose tackles last versatile defensive line he's not Richard Seymour let you know we can do other things and simply played Iran. I'm not sure that that a guy who's in sixth -- you ought to be thinking. Nazis he's only a year -- I think. Where is the amount of you know with -- with a lot of good players he has had around. I don't think it's one of those situations were always its belt holder or anything like that so. I'm not sure that that I would look it you know. Right now is any sort. -- At least in the next couple years and that's why. I didn't mind -- form and in my opinion. I think that the patriots I really think they mean its part the over. Peter said earlier long before he came on and said. They paid him like a dominant player not like a good player. Let me ask you this do you think there's a huge difference between. Vince Wilfork right now and say Jamal Williams who just cut by the chargers. Well. Say they're like are 88 at the other day about Jamal Williams I think -- liked to have them back but only -- -- much much reduced rate of a and Jamal Williams. Is probably gonna go out and make some money somewhere. But you know the different Michael I think Jamal Williams is 33 years old -- mean that's what -- is what 28. I mean I looked it up recently for years younger he. And so I kinda look at it and I say. I'd much rather have. I'd much rather have been will work right now and I would rather have and I'd rather have Jamal Williams -- -- mean. Jamal Williams I think without any question is declining player. And I think you'll get drop in the NFL what he wants one. But I don't think right now credit for the foreseeable future even for the next two years. That he needed that much I just looked up 34 turned 34. IE I read a piece in the Newark Star Ledger about Antonio Cromartie -- contract with the jets according to the star ledger. He was fronted 500000 dollars by the jets to help pay for some paternity issues. That might be the first in the history of the NFL isn't it. I yeah I park my hand on the -- general manager last night and I said that and that's that eighty are you worried. The guy walks in the front door in of 500000 dollars. And so in essence. He's got a pretty big advance on is contrary right now -- as well. He goes those are the things were gonna be working with -- -- This is the -- he's gonna make that money this year anyway. If he's got a roster opening date Macon one point seven. And I'm sure they put some language in the air that said. Leave for some reason -- -- sounds stupid you're out of its senior analyst this money back so I've feel pretty sure it and -- -- does that look it. We're trying to build a long term relationship with this guy it was the best thing for him but I agree review. It's something that if you look at that right away you say while this is the appreciate you wait to. You know that it's despair -- hope to be a long term relationship. I want a follow up on that Peter why -- the charger chargers interested in dealing. From Marty in Hawaii that the jets so while the interest in dealing Carey wrote. It white -- readers it is very very simple when win Ozzie Newsome. With pockets of people on the -- after. The jets hired Rex Ryan. He's says get ready to put a lot of money your corner and they have a lot of emphasis. Placed on cover corners. On your team right now and so. He can he walk in the door last year at the -- Revis. Any other cornerback. Position. Was this situation that haunted them all year. You know they never could get great coverage in a lot of times that. You know Lito -- especially would get picked so they were a look at a different direction and they wanted. A top -- cover guy they don't care physically he has. -- but they need to -- your cover -- And they feel like they have include Marty and I think. What's important forget to do now. Is to draw a line in the in the -- party and basically today. Look if you want a big contract from on and Cromartie knows -- Ian it's good. He just had a bad year -- mediate knows he's shown he's not even remotely physical player. So he's got to have a great cover corner here in order to make a big contract. So I mean. Let's say the worst thing happens in the -- only get get one year out of them. I think you're gonna get it to repeat your -- because basically playing. For the if he doesn't play well. He's got -- chance to get a -- contract. So I think in a lot of ways he's no he's he's kinda like Leigh Bodden. In the body was really damaged goods when he went to the patriot. After Cleveland in the treat both gave up -- matter in the years. And he played pretty well last year so he's sort of salvage his career and now he's -- -- these contracts somewhere. But I do think that that -- Marty is in that position he's got a -- great if you make some big money. Are you surprised today -- Thomas is still a member of the patriots and if you're surprised -- you think he has. You know I I don't know. But I would I would have to forget. That. Until the patriot. Get somebody better. At the position. That they have over the last couple years designed for him. That they're not if skinny if him -- And I'm like you I can't imagine much of the scenario that would have him on on the team this year. I mean unless. Some events conspire. To make that happen and if your Bill Belichick. Why. Treaty you don't. At this point you don't know anything. It would Dele. Nothing at all. And so it's like if he was they can be cut any of his other veteran you know what -- do. You know who may or make -- more money -- they think. You know they're. If they're they're they're performance mayor. I I just think at this point. They'll cut of whatever they -- -- feel like it but I agree with you I think that. Peter let's talk extremes for a second smartest signings so far dumbest signing so far. Mean I like. The more reasonable. Signings like for instance. You know I like eight Tony Pashos -- at the door from San Francisco to Cleveland for three and a half million a year to play right tackle. He's not a great tackle. But he's still young enough that thirty could be good book again. You know it's so that they won't have to go out and you don't make that a priority they -- -- by the left now passive on the right. Alex Mack who had an exemplary year for the look and -- in the middle. Eric Stein back it wanted to guard they have -- they have a very good offensive line compared to a lot of other things. They they have others in Baltimore they got the best offensive line of that division. So I kinda like that. Look at I don't think it's any secret that. The Chicago Bears are the only team -- paid Julius Peppers. What they paid him. Mean you're paying a guy who. Basically a lot of people thought was gonna have the impact of Reggie White. Blood. Instead it at more as -- and you know pretty he's been an above average to very good NFL player. I mean to be in its would be voted at all pick a player available you. That was utterly ridiculous for him to be vote and all that -- do these efforts I didn't love that one but I do understand if you if they're you have to do it. You've you've got no first or second round pick you have to do it but. You know they beat the other the other thing that I thought was really really interesting. When you look at. Moves that teams may need early on. In -- I I find a little bit of -- -- what kind it would not throw role. Tell me about it guys talking on a federally that is outrageous isn't it. That the guy who was not the best safety and it -- -- -- -- paid you know in Bob Sanders now that I -- the -- in NFL history. And it -- lot of that is just. That's gonna happen you know it is is viewed as you progress in this game. And new guys -- side they're gonna they're gonna be I get paid whatever so but I just don't think I mean Kyra this morning is that I think back. And think of a game -- games where you'd think boy what a dominant performance by counter a role I haven't seen it. And I just never have seen the dominant performances by Adrian Wilson. And I guess I thought that you know and and again. I think Jerry Reese is done a very good job. With that -- but. -- last year he'd bought three front seven players. In Rocky Bernard Michael Boley and -- can't. Who had mixed news bureau impact on -- -- Now can't -- because he was hurt but you know -- a lot of pressure. On. -- Jerry -- for those players the -- spent huge money. There's a lot of pressure on him who. You know for these guys play well this here. Why the dolphins they Karlos Dansby -- he's a much money what do you -- of the pic of him as a player. I like Carlos -- yet either really good sideline to sideline peak. Players if you look at the kind of players that Bill Parcells likes and you know by proxy. You know is is general manager Jeff Ireland in his coach Tony Brown alike. What you're gonna see is that they like guys. Who can play a sideline to sideline and who worked it. And Carlos the end the FB it would inhibit. 248. -- -- to pound guy he ate these greens he's got that the height. You know like six or happy if where. He's gonna be exciting guy in his defense we're going to be hurt you to roll over and he's going to be punishing tackler. And you know he's never been the kind of guy who you know. Week in and week out -- standout but I think that Parcells wanted. New blood. A guy who has you know four -- five good years left -- twenty years old. Point seven may be it got 45 good years left. And it really big player because use static you know you can't beat -- -- at the plate for Bill Parcells. You've got I think you which really have to do it yet to be big in have to be that would be he has. I'm not gonna wear you out with collective bargaining agreement questions because I think many fans' eyes glaze over but I'll ask one simple one. Are these two sides. Inexorably marching towards their own little form of Armageddon here are -- cooler heads prevail. My guess is that there's going to be some sort of job action in 2011. Just because. The players. Why have talked to in the net. Believe. That it is preposterous. It's a financial responsibility. -- the building a stadium. That the owners have taken on is this you know since the mid ninety's. I think 21. -- means he's going back I think. Rick in in 1993 years about they think that's coming in there. What is now FedEx Field. And they use the player they had no sport in the history of sport. Have players been -- been responsible for any of the infrastructure of these. Of the game itself and work market are here now be horrible precedent that. And the owners say. The world saying. We do not have the support local government. Who wants needs 75% of all the cost of the stadiums now other things less than half in almost every stadium in the know. So there are things we we need help that you guys are benefiting from a growing gain in -- tremendous luxury boxes we need help. Until I believe that until there's some recognition on the part of the players. That they bear some responsibility. For the for the building the infrastructure of this game. I think you're gonna be trouble and the other thing that I think is. I've not heard a good idea other in the one night at. You know all this thing about how to take here retired players in the indeed -- players. My idea to take one half of 1% of the income. The designated gross revenue every year from each side -- half of the owners eight. One half of 1% in the owners make one -- 1% of the players they and put that in what I would call with John Mac on. And take that you know -- fifty to 55 million dollars a year at least. And take that money and -- start balding all the problems they can have. We people lightly very heavily all being -- 176. Dollar a month and which really is the unnoticed unknown and -- written about. Shame of the you know they'll. Peter it's always fun to talk football with -- even in March for crying out loud we appreciate has always taken a few minutes. To -- go I -- I've ever take care Peter thanks allotment Peter King from Sports Illustrated SI dot com and NBC's football night in America brought to you by our belly insurance. -- for your auto home and business here. For good Peter joined us on the AT&T hot line AT&T a better three G experience.