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The Pats break the bank for Vince Wilfork

Mar 8, 2010|

Dale and Michael talk about the Patriots shedding the myth that they don't pay players the big bucks as they shell out a huge contract to Vince Wilfork

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I was pleasantly surprised. That I mean I thought in and I said all along I didn't think Vince was going to be playing under the franchise tender I thought he'd get a long term deal but I have to admit that. Kind of surprised me a little bit. Not surprising I guess I guess got a change of the argument a bit on the patriots. We talk about the not paying knowledge that they pay I think they overpaid. No paper for overpaid for four events -- like events you know that. We like fans love having him on the show -- get one. Sometime soon today tomorrow. Com. But you know you look at what -- the guaranteed money that they gave -- NE patriots hater you can't say they don't pay their players know not even Randy Moss can't say -- how not got to change your argument that. I changed the arguments you. They -- they paid the right guy. Jack I know you know with free agency in a lot of teams are active you look at the bears. Officially pick of Julius Peppers and they pick up Chester Taylor look at the ravens trading for Anquan Boldin they give him a new contract. The alliance become Kyle vanden Bosch all these guys on different places Aaron Kampman goes -- jaguars. And you look at the patriots and they're not players in free agency yet. They went out they paid their own guys. And they pay the old guys big money that paid that's -- yeah corporate money and they paid tele Banta-Cain pretty good money. I was surprised. So now. You can't say the patriots will never pay. I guess if -- at any criticism. You'd say well they paid. Wilfork and Banta-Cain when they should have done X. -- -- a problem with them resigning events events is a very good player but they paid market dominant player. They paid him like the best nose tackle in the game I can't think of -- of the pure. 34 nose tackle. With a better contract. This of of of of pure at 34 fat guy. With a better contract events know the eighteen millions out of almost eighteen million upfront. Forty million total. That's a great contract 45 overall guarantee -- Now Albert Haynesworth is out of his out of 34 nose tackle Albert Albert -- where it is eight. Is a 43. Defensive tackle. And and is not a pure knows so. Let's take -- -- out of the mix. You pick another guy one guy got cut and what got got got cut what because a good player Jamal Williams gets cut out Casey Hampton. God. Anywhere between nine and eleven million guaranteed. This got 25. So it's twice as much as Casey Hampton and guaranteed money this is a staggering contract -- why. They love -- I must say they thinking is the dominant player. Well AI I agree with you that they love them but even if you'll -- them yet it's like. I used to joke about Tim Thomas you know contract he deserved to kiss on the cheek but he didn't -- focus on all for a home. You know did did they give -- a kiss on all fort -- yeah here and why did they feel compelled to do that they feel like he's a dominant player. Is there any possibility and I know -- the immediate answer even from -- is it never enters into his mind. But is there any possibility that bill Belichick's try to change the perception a little bit here. By overpaying. Now. You know why because he's he's a well he's an economist. Yeah that's doing is ability not only did he major in economics but that's probably has lived his. That's how he's lived his professional life. He's been that as -- as they head coach is he thinks like an economist especially with the but in the free agency period. So this is not this would be a total. Soviet total this is. This would be the action if he did what you sandy rice saying given that these would be the actions of a completely different person somebody would. Would have to up possessed his body at the at and make. Let's what I said my my would normally my first instinct is always simple of course Bill Belichick doesn't care about the perception of anyone. But if you got guys in your own locker room taking shots at how you take care of people. I I wonder if if they felt that they had to change the perception a little bit now. I agree with my first instinct is obviously not but if they overpay for a guy in other words we think that something less than this still would have gotten it done right. Well I don't know I I would think so but maybe baby events was. Was saying to them the whole time and and his age you can. This is what's what is what is gonna take don't don't mention Casey Hampton to a short it's a five time pro bowler. But he's 32 years old and he he doesn't do the same things events that. So we're we're looking for an entirely new contract and it better be. So maybe you know fifty million dollars guaranteed or seventy million dollars guaranteed wasn't gonna get it out. Back when the Bruins begin this new regime and they went out within about an hour of each other signed both. Both Marc Savard and Zdeno Chara we said at the time that they had to change the perception of the entire National Hockey League about the -- and they did it. In 11 hour to hour period they changed the perception of everybody not only did the Bruins pay they went out and got the -- of the two prime targets that were on their list. -- Dayton you know paid maximum money. This sort of feels like that to me -- I mean I think the bruins' first all of the Bruins had to do what they did and they still didn't change the perception that you still hear that -- -- Among Bruins fans -- right and that's that's who you're you're you're focused on to focus our Bruins fans for for marketing in attendance purposes and your focus on the rest of the league for obvious reasons. But can I have one championship along time and the -- completely different story than the what the patriots are going through the patriots. Have won a championship in this century the Bruins have not right and they have paid they have many examples of paying players. Many examples. So I think I'm I'm inclined to think they paid Vince Wilfork this money because. They really feel like this was the market. And and this is the player who was -- They've made -- make tough decisions before despite the despite the comments from players and our locker room players from other teams. Made a tough decision -- you know you go -- with -- -- all right all -- -- thought I don't know. In this case it felt like -- Richard Seymour was another controversial decision overnight programs or trade in this case it felt like this again we're keeping. And and they were gonna they're gonna pay up. And they did they paid up and a big -- look I'm thrilled for events I'm happy he's gonna stay here he's obviously going to be here happy and and contented and not you know on and I always hate this term you know the we're gonna make him play for -- seven point some million dollars but. Franchise tags just make people lancry. In New York anymore -- he more than tripled what the guarantee was going to be. In 2010 yeah more than tripled. Does -- guaranteed money there was uninteresting piece who were talking about this earlier today Peter King wrote the com buying story in Sports Illustrated last week. And the them. Basis of the story was and -- can sue and Gerald McCoy and and -- you know. 34 defense is gonna predominate in the National Football League and guys who can be that run stopping in it run stopper in the middle of the 34 defense have become the new. The new hot commodity in the National Football League. And this may be another example of of Peter being right in the patriots -- knowledge and they've got one of those guys and they've got to pay a premium to keep that guy. But boy they paid a big premium based big shocked me and I think they surprise you a problem. I'm stunned by -- I'm really surprised. That these were the final numbers of the deal what the deal would get done. You can see that coming because. The rhetoric went down about 45%. 45 to 50%. What that that release they put out when they franchised him was just so on patriot like if you go back to what that's why I'm saying I wonder I wonder what's going on here beyond. You know what we what we see the obvious. That the release they put out when they franchised him was so on patriot like. It I mean they. They were kissing all four cheeks then and and rightfully so by the way I don't have a problem -- it and convince his rhetoric it was obvious to watts that. They had made some real progress here because events by way of Bianca has Twitter had toned things way down. Yet they've they've both both sides did I -- doctors had said anything they didn't respond to events is comments here. On the radio station on on the dale and Holley show comes on and he says. I don't I don't wanna play under that franchise tag. You're telling me that common ordinary player not become an ordinary player. I'm a little something different Arnott didn't like the six year contract wasn't gonna be happy if he had -- -- but I those terms and then a few weeks later. A completely different story from the team. And from Wilfork. So so that changed so I wasn't surprised. That the deal was done I'm surprised by the numbers I'm not surprised at all though. The patriots. Didn't go out and make a splash in free agency about the one guy they might do it for was peppers but what you saw the numbers and a contract. You can say okay. I can understand why they wouldn't sign Julius Peppers to a contract like that. Did you think they did make a play for Anquan -- I did an area of great need I think on this team yet an area for need but -- I think computer didn't if you're gonna get Anquan Bolden. You've you have to be prepared to pay him like one. He sees himself as the number one receiver. And you gotta pay him. Morning 930 years old. With some injury problems the last couple years yup great production on the body of work reproduction but last couple years -- not shore. You've got to pay this guy. Like a number one receiver. Don't think there are prepared to do that all things considered you'd take off five years met while -- and maybe they're in the conversation but Anquan -- at thirty. Expecting a three year contract extension my prediction is this. -- -- Boldin is gonna have a very good season for the ravens. In 2010. And they'll probably -- in two years. I he's going to be cut. Let me ask you this it's possible that the Seattle Seahawks are willing to give up the sixth overall pick in the draft. A trade for Brandon Marshall sixth overall pick in the draft. If you with a patriots would you look at the possibility look they get up the sixty realism but would be -- with the patriots would you consider. Training for Brandon Marshall same issues about contract. But but but that -- so. A couple things couple couple huge differences Brandon Marshall younger. It Anquan Bolden. Obviously. Has has been a number one has been the guy in Denver. The last couple years. It can handle yup you know covered just rolled to him whereas Bolden. -- Bolden was a good player before Larry FitzGerald got there. The lyric and got to admit Larry FitzGerald. Takes the blame if your team in your game planning for the Arizona Cardinals one guy you try to take out of the game is Larry FitzGerald. Everybody else is gonna get their stuff but. You don't what Larry for right -- to get his. Brandon Marshall has been the guy that defensive coordinators game plant where that's one. So that's a positive and negative though. Got a lot of stuff going on off the field. Huge he always -- yeah stuff going on. Now they've taken on some guys with stuff on on both you have. They've taken on Corey Dylan a surprise some people -- took on Randy Moss that surprise some people it would look at the difference. Both those guys what was their contracts that is very much much different parent and a bright red must. -- for peanuts. In 2007 for the page is -- me out of here it was great. Also are on their terms Brandon Marshall you take him on -- -- Pam a lot of money. He will be an interesting guy if if the patriots beat if you can get him for a third second or third round pick I'd do it that that can happen. And of Pete Carroll actually gives up the number six pick overall. He'll be back in college football -- I'd be shocking to me if you give up the sixth overall economy stupid that's what it would be stupid. We'll take a very quick break out when we come back -- last the not so rhetorical question. Is -- possible Don grapes Jerry could be wrong about me along Lucci too but right about the entire team. We'll get to that more Peter King will join us at 12020 it's -- holly Sports Radio WEEI.