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Mar 5, 2010|

Vic Carucci joins the Big Show to discuss today's opening of NFL free agency and what moves the Patriots need to make.

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Let's find a little bit more about wild first a year in free agency in the NFL -- NFL it's from the field on the film network anybody else. But he victory -- mr. for a GO -- I'm doing great great to be where the guys have got to but it kind of an interesting start to all of this which -- Interesting. Yeah I don't know phone call wild I think it's pretty tame and I think the whole beginning of this thing is. Six. The market was pretty. Sparks of of those big ticket guys obviously -- was there was all kinds of focus on where peppers would land and it looks as if that's going to be Chicago after a lot of spec for real speculation and use -- you're crazy money from the Redskins and I don't think they goddess is crazies anybody thought they would and then. Apparently he had some offer on the table to consider from. The patriots and -- yeah. And the Eagles in addition to what. Was up their for the bears but the bears word the most. I think aggressive and preemptive and trying to make sure. He wouldn't get away from them in and and there's a team with no first or second round actually make the -- And really the day's news is and that's that's going to be the headline I guess once that's done him. If they're -- happening imminently. But the headlines of the day are involved trade right jets getting Antonio Cromartie sort of that's not a free agent move -- but it's a trade that today. And and the colts another final fourteen. Keeping Gary bracket I mean that's that's the goals -- the big developments and frankly that's that's. You know if you guys stick a free agent. Opening days past. We're talking about a lot more signings that we. Iowa also are hearing now today the possibility that Seattle. My idea of a sense that offered now to restricted free agent Brandon Marshall which might open a door for another tree. To get an index and that was the other thing about this this this the weirdness of of this free agency period. Slash you know on -- Year slash. New order of business in the NFL because it's it's it -- is nuts and in teams that's that's the part I guess that. Everybody sort of struggling with and and that includes the people doing the business in the league because. They're perceiving cautiously. Their proceeding. We with a new set of rules and and exactly and and of course with the night toward the possibility of no football being played in in 2011. And and I think. The fact that that so many of you know what would have been really a remarkable market of free agents. That that didn't that didn't happen because this -- One way and in no agreement on CB and a collective bargaining agreement was reached by today. Effects you know who isn't available to free agent Alex Brandon Marshall now becomes more of the subject of a -- possibility. And and I think that makes it intriguing I think the the news that we're gonna talk about a -- you know they'll be buzz from today's stuff in the primary simplest. I think it's it's though over the over the next several days of the potential deals that are made us about. Now that it looks like -- choose preferences is going to be a bear and preaches -- eighties here's what you say is the next guy. That can come in here and help this team. Yeah it is you know it's interesting you say that obviously on the heels of the news of about -- Banta-Cain -- 'cause I know that that that's necessarily represent. You know all while big move but it but it is the best that I guess that they have. And and -- you know I think -- team that. For falls wise to to to to do the most -- I -- of the words convenient but do the do the most practical thing in and keep a guy like that. But it doesn't solve all the problems in your right I don't know where they go from here because for their scheme. You know the next name out there in in in pass rushing. Capability. Is Aaron Kampman he's not we know all fit for that defense so he's he's out he's he's eliminated by by the fact that he's 43 and who who who -- tried in Green -- to make a 34 outside linebacker is one of failed miserably right. And many got -- on top of that. -- and and yeah I you know what I don't know because there were they go other than maybe the draft because frankly. The pickings are slim I mean you do you look at you look at what's out there in in the free agent market. And and it's -- a ball -- to an unrestricted free to market it's an abundance of guys who are war at that age where you don't wanna make investment and you know there there there just. They're reaching a point their careers where it's more it's it's riskier than ever think deport a lot of money it. Now did you mentioned the jets trade and what is that too. In the overall scheme of things in here in the -- teams you know the -- I think this is very interesting. Bit. I think first offer from Marty. This could wind up being a great career revival for a guy who's who's obviously got some issues and and his playing. Which has been has slipped we know that. And I think putting him in that defense now and putting him next to Revis where are your first -- for Marty. He's gone he's had only five picks in the last two years but but this is a guy who excels in man to man coverage and I think the way the jets play that scheme. They they wool and in the in the way Revis can hold up. -- his side of the field I think they can trust him behind that blitzing or an aggressive. Scheme that Rex Ryan runs in a way that he can he can do what he does best he is a good. In cover -- and you know it was only while it was there was only it was a few years ago I guess that he had that ten interceptions season and -- he's. I don't think he's -- there was 07 right now he's got that player. I don't think now. But I think he's still a player who is who is significant you know who's going to be a significant help to the content -- it and yet. Your question is how does it tilt it. Number one defense -- Antonio Cromartie. It did jets yeah I think the -- take a big step up it would. I think we all do at what does -- tell you though the last couple years -- those numbers down. And I know there -- some dissatisfaction in the way that he approached the game they made a big deal last year in a playoff game that 53 yard run by -- everywhere he gave up on it. But how much is it safe and that the charges. Real problem here in the last year -- is the lack of pass rush did not putting enough pressure on right could that not have been part of the deterioration of his game here. Well I I think that's what the jets C or sought I think when they look at Ed you look hard. And him and and I talked a couple people within the jets in and knew that they had. Some some real fascination in the guys. And and thought that they'd have a chance to maybe pull this off. That's what they were seeing there were seeing a guy who had a may be a better game than it showed I think there was also an and this is another factor mean. That that he has. You know the it's now seven children by six women in the next in the last however many you know apart from -- spent but it's not been you know it's been a situation where his his character his judgment. All those things off the field are are things that. Concern the chargers. They do concern the jets but I think there's a feeling that new place new location. And new opportunity in in this scheme. That he's he's gonna. You know he's gonna he's gonna improve or he's gonna. Fun and be closer to what he was a couple years. Yakima -- happened in New York City -- -- it's not a major outlets are quietly you know compared to San Diego global crime and it is maybe you'd like to be maybe you'd like to be father of the year age difference so that's a possibility. Work ethic. The receiver issue for the patriots okay because I think it's gonna become an issue especially Wes Welker to combat the halfway through the season right now the tight ends well Ben Watson looked like easily and they -- -- one yesterday. Not every tool -- the -- but can you address appeared to receive the prospect David that is thirty. Five -- it'll -- British Columbia for somebody right. He he does by the way. The jets jets are located New Jersey nothing bad at. All anyway -- except to drive back and mr. -- Back to back to what that the team tied and it was to receive these Patricia -- -- yeah I I question this to. And I and I wonder if someone asked me today on a chat and and public comments okay well what about the pats making a move for Brandon Marshall said not gonna happen -- it's it's not. Fitting I don't think it's gonna -- him all of of how they want to you know subpoenaed that. Values its -- and and doesn't wanna get involved I think it -- too much. In in and a single player and especially the receiver position. On the tight end. Position yet doesn't have that that tremendous value in in that scheme that you what do you stupid used to but it but it doesn't brightly and and we've seen them get away from that. And I think they're gonna stay it's my sense is they stay true that quite obviously. What we've you know letting likely letting. Been watching -- -- the question becomes you know can you. Are there enough receivers to go around to where again you find the answer in the draft I think teams are struggling so much with that position here are the Cincinnati angles today. They need some help that position their best answer might for -- beat her own isn't going to be unbelievable. It won't show soil and audio sync all my guys got to be cured and anything and that's and that to them you know is the best solution an -- I looked at the ravens and and I thought they might. Do something and had that you know they thought they had him one point several years ago before in the to put the Eagles Owens and and they you know they kind of they kind of backed away from -- and I and I don't know where where they're going because that's another team with a with a receiver issue is well. He talked about the free agent pool and it's half of what it is then and previous years obviously because of the uncapped year in the owners of electing to bow out. I keep hearing that we're gonna see a lot of players. Who are going to be cut by their teams guys who did not have bonus structure. On March 1 of march 5 that a thirty to 3334. Years old and just making too much money. Is that the patriots have to go. Is that what you think Apogee that they go and try to pick some of these guys up on one year deals. I Glenn I think you're and it's -- fact that I think this is. The fiscal clinching year of the NFL and the Carolina Panthers gave us agreed indication of that today when they said good -- to -- the law and -- so put your money almost thirteen million dollars out which they don't care and think about it now you say okay thirteen million you know I -- talk about -- it's thirteen cents but. It's in the in the real scope of where the Panthers where they were on the hook for this so this isn't like. A case where they are saving that. But what they are saving is the hit that they would take. By doing this in an uncapped year by doing this now the penalties are gone so teams can clean their books. A whole lot of cap mess that's accumulated and I think we're gonna see more of that and in yes score I think they go back to teams in general not just the patriots. But I think they go back to. You know real careful fiscal structure it which is. Been pretty much the pets animal right along but I I think even more so now. By them and other teams to to go to these one years because again. You're gonna have what we're. What is really terrific situation for owners and teams right now having this -- go away having the ability to have no minimum spending. And and really have all these create a big ticket free agents tied up with I'm not restricted deals this is deal that overwhelmingly favors owners this year one next -- -- next year the question is going to be. What about one about 700 freeze or. What I said they know that if you're sending guys to one year deal. It leads the dual wide open you're not put yourself into a situation where the collective bargaining the new collective bargaining agreement. You may be handicapped by -- you dealt the wrong way in this case. You're gonna be free of all these guys it'll be a wild free agency you're right. But you're not handicapping yourself without knowledge of what what's what's in this new collective bargaining agree. What is it it's it it's I mean there is certainly we -- talk about a totally in the unknown except that the one thing I guess we do know is the parameters of where the owners are with. We -- what they know they believe they need. Two to make it work and and and in their mind they're already there. The the players association won't -- you may never be they're but they're certainly not going to be they want their. By today which is wanna deal was -- so now forget about it there's no need there's no urgency now. To do anything for for a good. Where were talking more than a year right about. Twelve for but maybe maybe sixteen months of -- or so where something can be resolved. And and bitch I would think. That's that that's enough time to come up with something wanna bring this reckless Obama again talked about the patriots in their right next to address to receive about -- In his situation with the -- and -- go after running. That would that would seem to be like a sensible move I mean as I look at where they are it at that running back position. And I know they've you know which it's clear their their history it's been. To you know make it make it a year by year right sort of right a year precedent year by year basis and they've done that well so. I don't think they necessarily have to feel. Like like they can't get away with this again this this is an interest in draft. Because I don't think it has any overwhelmingly great acts you know great players at the position. But I as I understood it based -- that and who people spoke with a combined it had a lot of solid players in in in some reasonable depth. At the position running back so I I would think it's possible that they could go that route in the -- -- -- -- by the patriots. I'm looking at it probably be drafted to be the place for this may be. I mean you know you -- names like okay what do you do with. Hello mark -- the things house in order to do with with -- whisper. Those guys could there's history where this team mystic in the -- player certainly in and made them fit but you know when I think of LT. You're really see a guy do you see a guy who couldn't be a winder -- is that what the patriots have -- he doesn't cry. He's he's hitting his his game has been below one hole and golf and and you can't he can't do that anymore after nine seasons which interest in the pinkie. Why would you why would you even spent anything -- -- in in Brian Westbrook I think too many question marks with its its health. And and amicable it's our first laughter and yes exactly -- -- controller Johnson's name and I don't think he's worth any any investment boater Tom from the news rooms son receptions. 3800 touches that mean. -- you someone that a lot of which skis get some mileage and and I think that's what is it wouldn't surprise me those three names I mentioned. Tomlinson and in Westbrook and Johnson that -- if they go along without without anybody. Given him even sniff that maybe we get even -- even even LT I watch out because there's no urgency to why would there be any urgency to bring him aboard now until you see with the draft is right. It see how you help yourself there and then. You know he's saying the right things he's saying look -- complementary fit LP -- fit and an. I don't doubt his word that he could do that but that's not in him you're you're still you still have to take. Take it on faith can he really do. A testament to -- it getting back to the the jets deal yet. The jets deal was even more impressive and I know it's a conditional third or second but it's 2000. Yeah it's not 2000. Right noise -- -- exactly so they've still got there there there ammunition to deal with. For this year and the 2011 is that who knows right. And you're right the fact that they were able to get San Diego to make that move. It is impressive what it tells you also that the chargers wanted to see divide Marty. And and and it's so it's helpful to them to clear him away they had no interest in keeping him any further AG Smith didn't. And as I said. I think the other element to throw in here is that the mix of how these players follow what Rex Ryan has put together in terms of how these guys sort of well with the words but he's you know that edgy thing that he brings to it was edgy but not out of control I I thought at one point might be a actually they're some of the of the voices within that defense there's some some pretty good mix of people kind of keeping each other. Level in in in line I don't think to get a no coupled next popped off and said it's a couple things but I don't think they work. They were out of control as again as a group and I think they played the structure their defense pretty well they. They're not worth it if you don't get to the AFC championship game if that defense wasn't as disciplined as it was playing as well as it did. -- -- movement or approved of that with the jets that your the first of the misty Prince William now they have the best defense league. You know it's all of it but what you gotta keep it a -- but are you gonna be better if Lito Shepperd is is that the other course opposed to. To sure party mark my point I don't think you're saying okay you were best with shepherd. But I don't know if that continues. On a -- of -- but mighty mighty oh with improvement over where where would fix another place and -- about -- quarterback. Yeah all but told yeah -- suitable -- all yeah. I agree. Totally agree and you know I I think. There's and that's the big that's the big what if and that kid shows that he's he's got a lot of growing still do a lot of developing -- He was he was solid enough you know but he wasn't but he you know they didn't. Alternately and gain in the AFC championship game. Does he does he not -- -- come up short sure but I think I'll live by and large I'm impressed with the fact that that the colts defensively. Were were better than I think -- could be in that game and also the fact that they overcame an eleven point deficit so the -- was good enough to. Put his team up by eleven points in the AFC championship game this puppet for. You could say the Darren Sharper turned around and defense this year. Where's the interest in -- -- up -- in age yeah this is a guy that if he were to three years younger right now based on this year. I would think we get some serious a consideration that. Would you go what happens here you know veteran guy I don't know why but I look at that guy and I and I do -- patriot all. -- -- -- to take a shot right this guy you know think of his experience it did the smarts the experience that the right fit for leadership the leadership. And in for a team that is clearly putting less emphasis on a lot of coaching voices around its defense wants to lean on and I and self coaching I think I mean I don't and I think that's an overstatement but but it's not too far from the truth I think you've got to have. More veterans like that he's perfect I think because of of what he knows what he does. That's team is very similar -- in its in its in at least in theory concept in terms of how how well. You know the the amount of of thinking that's involved the amount of adjusting that's involved. And and he came from that and he just he handled that I think exceptionally well for nor loans and of course previously. A Minnesota. It's so he's he's I think he's just at the right spot -- that do the work that the worry of course is. The -- the investment -- -- that he can hit a wall fast he can decline fast is his coverage skills and everything else that he showed. -- you know that remarkable ability to always I know he thought himself into right places and and that helped offset what he might lack in its effort to but he could lose another step. But because of all that he may be great value because it yeah teams are going to be. Afraid he's a risk out there yeah. Yeah at risk so Brooke Anderson a writing course it was a crisis occurred. You talked earlier about. -- Banta-Cain puts the patriots basically back to square one. I'm Leigh Bodden was -- it came in here try to resurrect his career with a one year deal. -- patriots wanted to sign up for a longer term deal. He doesn't like new deal -- slap the franchise tag on and now he's out there and free agency I -- it's quite a bit of interest and. There has to be heat heat heat heat heat kind of hit the lottery because he played -- at a high level. It played extremely well he was more than one of the most consistent defense of players. At a at a critical position for them at a position where they need need of the guys step up. I and you know he had it in him he came in pretty pretty much with a modest deal to begin with. On the knowledge that he could maybe play his way up and he did. And and there is interest and there is a need for quarters of this is that now the the only offsetting possibility here. -- when you're trying to play the market and engage the market. The draft you know offers some -- has some pretty good corner. DB offerings but I'd still say that if if I'm interested in. In in getting some some good some dependable help and -- known quantity. I go to this guy I I put on the tape of what he did in New England last year and I am impressed and I I'd wanna sign them so I'm thinking. There's some play for him in the market and he made the right move by by turning down the patriots on the -- that he can get something better and it's a risk when a guy does that but I think he gambled when Mike went. I do you see. Vince Wilfork it and anywhere else other then finally agreeing to a deal I mean we know the parameters now Casey Hampton -- we know what the parameters are. All these other guys said Franklin they've all been pretty much. Locked up -- -- into franchise yes Jackson -- Alison Jamal Williams is out there rate who's out there you know -- CeBIT but but but -- seven million dollar franchise tag is. Is going to be a good first wallets that's a good amount of money even for one year I know the guy. You know would prefer obviously more a longer term deal. And and all that goes with debt but for for one season at seven million there are worse situations for players to get tagged that's why don't think this is this. It's onerous that tag her as ugly -- tag if you will effectively be applied to seven million bucks or any minute any million bucks. You don't and bits I mean I think he's I I think that the worst case scenario is he gets that and he will play and and and played fine I don't I don't see. A lingering problem. With him not getting I think they work toward it like you set the parameters. Might be out there but I think admits his case to. It in his agent they're gonna bring to the table the idea that while these other guys are are good nose tackles on the best. You know -- argue that he wants to be number one big guy at the position and you know -- and -- you say Franklin are are are probably the two best that the position. I do think that we're gonna see a lot of these one year guys -- going to be out there and as you said -- a lot of the NFL teams are going to be ligament but it makes sense. For the patriots and you've got young. Upcoming promising players on the defense. You've got four draft picks now in the first fifty say you might be able to get a couple of other starters out of that this makes all the sense of world. That you bring in some that's right now and give this some leadership which iPod. The biggest problem of the patriots let's do they lacked that leadership that allowed -- many of those you know. Real character guys and. All there's no question and and it and it cost him dearly and I think 101 other thought on and I'm wolf for her and it's not just. Him it's it's it's a nose tackle thing too is the there's -- factor that that teams have with regard to the -- these guys scary. The wear and -- that brings the fact that they're you know they're not players that are encouraged him to to sleep down at any point and I don't think it. As as a rule they find themselves you know in in like the offseason being able to to really get trim and lean and you know it's not it's just that and it's not it's it's it's a position it's -- shelf life. And and it's rare to keep those guys. Did you know to keep them and keep them active and and you kind of go through and and they they tend to be a little bit soldiers of fortune that's why these Jumbo and why Ted Washington jump from team to team to team. Because there were very few guys in that marketplace and and another thing of that that -- Vincent and the other nose tackles existing in the NFL have in their favor. This draft offers. Very little in the way of good 34. Knows that tackles you're talking about the -- those names you know Ndamukong Suh and and manager of quake and and the other names you hear a defense of -- are real. Are are not are not. Three for -- -- I -- great stuff and -- afforded to all right you guys draft time again. The good -- as -- -- from NFL back on the NFL insider he's as good as there is.