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Bob Klapisch, The Record

Dec 22, 2009|

Yankees writer Bob Klapisch joins McAdam and Frede to talk about the Yankees trade for Javier Vazquez and what the team will be doing the rest of the offseason.

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When he odd degrees outside snow on the ground here in Boston in the hot stove has been on since John McCadam in myself Eric Reed started here at 10 AM -- conceded the conversation. With Bob clap issue writes for the Bergen record and foxsports.com. It's American Shaun of the Boston Bob are you today. Mark thanks for joining us what can you tell us about the Yankees trying to strengthen their rotation by acquiring Javier Vasquez from the Atlanta Braves. Well that the that you have pitched in New York before and coming off a very good view of the Braves last year -- -- actually in the Yankees were looking for help the back in the rotation for two reasons. One they were concerned about the innings total -- that's for CC sabathia. AJ Burnett and at all three -- heavy workload lecture and what concerned about the -- residual effect. In 2000 and they really needed somebody you know -- the proven innings eater. And basket is that pitcher -- the world court -- applaud. And clear his career -- but there are definitely. Dependable about the count -- -- -- updated 200 innings also the other factors involved in the trade is that the Yankees. Don't want to have both Phil Hughes Joba Chamberlain. Is one of the two. After -- and he. Possibly is the heir apparent Mario Rivera. And I have a feeling the Yankees are you likely to be that person that you really think he's -- reliever -- starter. But the feeling right now based you know based. You know barring anything that means is that the report spot in the rotation would belong to sabathia Burnett. And it Vasquez and probably would use with Chamberlain going to the ball as he's in a. But club so we've talked about how this impacts the pitching staff but I think a lot of Red Sox fans are saying wait a minute. Is Brett Gardner going to be the everyday left fielder in all probability no so. In waiting for the other shoe to drop one of the Yankees do now having traded Cabrera what do they do in left field could they be lurking on balloting on holiday rather. That's the questions aren't the first first question I have. I'm Eric and social. With the Yankees they had -- this open the door for holidays and I got back in that help that they are not on the market they really do want try to keep the budget and the 20200. Billion this year. Like cash you're going to have done that I don't think you'd be. It take on it either holiday or Jason -- I think you're more likely to see somebody like Jermaine -- ought to Rosa and of those elected roses the leading candidate period spot and let the -- with Indian. Even on the body and help but like that I don't think it be on -- Not and also Johnny Damon I. That's -- trust him as Johnny Damon is he does it seem more tied into the Nick Johnson. Acquisition than anything else. Yeah he's he's -- Yankees gave him -- like shot at two years about 1415. Million and he was told. They Yankees were told that we know they just could not afford him and Johnny and that's got sports haven't entirely different viewpoint it what is worth it. And the other try to make. Understand it is not four years ago it. They can not take that David Cook Patrick approaches his fortieth birthday at thirteen fourteen going down you know they gave one last chance for the may did you concentrate and Boris and David made one last session they come down to about eleven or twelve million dollars -- year but they had that the Yankees would have to up with a third Europe with the contract. And that no wait two years and about. About 87 or eight maybe nine but they were -- bad not bad about negotiations over that was over even before the trade for that can. We -- we knew that the Braves were marketing some pitching they needed a bat. -- we also. Knew that the Yankees were looking to run. Four. Pitching knew there was talk that there was some discussion with the Cubs over the weekend for Zambrano. But the the Vasquez thing comic comes out of vote left field. -- what does this -- what else had you heard about who they were in on in terms of deals. And does this now oh shut the door on one of those may be reclamation free agents like Ben Sheets. I can't -- the -- -- -- -- that he's you know there was some talk about them going -- it is -- but -- -- that over the weekend not to go to -- user. I figured -- has had their mind or at least -- door open on baskets for quite some time they did not include done. It's great for greatness in I think they use it the Braves won it in. Interest in that they kept that trade a lot the possibility of baskets at a lot by withholding done in the grants and B I think they've had in the -- now for apart so I don't think. It would popped out of nowhere because of a few. Hours. So I don't these seats I just don't think she's happening and and I think marquis. And came -- at the last couple days as well. What was the reaction around there -- the Red Sox signing John Lackey I mean around here it was surprise I'm gonna imagine it was a shock in Yankee land. Well I don't think the Yankees reverend John Lackey like on the it is like up at the gate bidding war I think it had more shock effect with the Mets the Mets departed lackeys and -- they had to have the it would. Johan Santana and they never even got in the ballgame would that it was a preemptive strike but by the Red Sox. At least in the mets' side and the fact that they could even start negotiations there it was a it was a real setback to them but turned the Yankees I don't think that had it on that. Did you get a sense -- Bob that the Yankees were intent on upgrading the pitching staff in the rotation regardless. I mean we tend to see a lot of things that the Red Sox Duke threw the yankees' -- and maybe vice Versa. What do you think was. An offseason goal of there is even. After granderson to to improve and get better starting depth of regardless of the Lackey signing here. All the about on looked exterior looks like the playoff format is on the change I think it the need more compact schedule I don't think -- have as many plays all off days in the playoff. The point being I don't opening accusing -- or another series just restart the way they did this they're going to have to have people like with starter in the championship. And it just wasn't a topic that -- you'd ever Joba Chamberlain. -- where it could fit that role they start the Nazis would've liked giving it fourth guys who. Who could withstand the pressure of of the policies now the question is. Is that is that guy having. Has impressive statistics throughout his career but the last time he was in the are did not go well at the remember how we pitch in seventh 2004. L championship series chronicling upbeat view of that Grand Slam the Johnny Damon. In the second inning in the you know but the finishing touches on the greatest choke job ever. The other is some question as to whether a basket can handle this role -- I think the basic comp days -- weeks to -- The other the Yankees have yet to -- they brought back -- player right pitcher. Who although durable. Has shot helped weakness of the handling big markets strapped into what would the Yankees had -- concerned about that is on the Indians as well -- Chicago so. With the Yankees hoping though is that this time around by -- that into the back into the rotation. Not to be counted on the way -- Arctic cat bella first it is sort of hide the shadow of sabathia and Burnett and it. And without that pressure they're hoping that this will be successful but. The truth it and so he proved otherwise -- -- that you had not done well in the big stage on the big stage against the Red Sox and he can be of any worth to the you have to be able pitched well right. Kudos Bobby know your audience here at some of the key words 04 collapse that scares games have job Damon choke job headed all wants him to. The Beatles -- -- now that the New York market as well a couple of years the people do remember hobby baskets for the way it's that final game and Kevin Brown. Live in infamy in the market that is gonna have to work hard to change that legacy. Bob -- from the Bergen record of foxsports.com our guest here on WV EI you mentioned that you thought perhaps the yankees' hierarchy think that maybe Joba is better in the bullpen. And use as a starter certainly Hughes. Is coming off on a Goodyear and when we saw it Joba Chamberlain from afar he seemed to be a lot more comfortable and suited more for coming in. Out of the bullpen no matter how hard they try to make him a starter in your opinion what do you think is the best move for the Yankees when it comes to those two. I think physically he's a better reliever I think emotionally he's better reliever which is not pure adrenaline and heart sustain that over seven and he comes in and he is perfect for fifteen -- -- -- interpret stop but he just broke or it got more electric stuff. -- that the 95. When he can back you know from first pitched the last inning he usually start out over 8590 pitches a hundred pitches and that the 1991 he's just not. Opposite pitcher I think the Yankees have finally coming out of that it dot EDT change that because they've really propped him up as the future Johnson all that other team as a complete portrait pitcher but the gap between. His stuff. Leave it started so great and so obvious I think it's finally coming up -- that idea now they're open to putting in the bullpen depending on how does return. Club let's talk about the other team in your town the Mets and there are sort of protracted negotiations. -- Jason Bay who doesn't seem to have anywhere else to go now that. The Red Sox have closed up shop for big ticket items the Angels and Mariners seemed to be out of the way the Giants can't give four years. Does this get done eventually and what's taking so long is it urban and they tried to get other teams into the mix here. I think with what polling out on that they'd really have wanna be met I think ought to be mad at any price that's what he's asking for more money. Hoping the Mets -- -- reasons just to get that account the trouble is that he said there's nobody else out there for his services it is very accurately market right now. And they has there's lot defensively. Challenged. He's not hitting it well -- it not ballpark and and for him to be talked about it if you would anybody is great at -- I don't have -- appetite the platelets in the coming up 92 loss season. Well yeah I mean that does a guy that you know kind of wasted away in Pittsburg before he got sprung and came here and then took part in two post seasons and you would think he would be a pretty hard thing for him to go back in the prime of his career. To a team that looks like it needs a couple of years to rebuild before it can contend against the Phillies. Exactly right except the Mets to China itself. I'm sure that China itself they on the idea that they're not that far away that they have a hard they have a local court superstars in the before but he got hurt they were a bonafide contender in the National League east I'm not sure about that I think they're they're placed team. With a without pay and you really you know point is that the guy who has awful memory of what would like to be -- loser. With -- for the Mets are not going in the right direction despite all the -- -- unless -- -- it is very top -- Organization. With -- no infrastructure would help minor league system and saw what happened actually got hurt it completely collapsed. I'm -- adding they changed the calculus much. Like -- it not a hitters ballpark. A lot of negative or apple -- about -- organization and they're really really sort equipped now -- in -- -- really. Yankee count. And I just don't think it's a bad attractive for -- come -- let the ethnic is unbelievable blowing off would be stupid things now. They're not at that point at which is what is that there's an impact. It the Mets aren't that desperate yet it seems like they've got a -- some silly money somewhere to kind of save face because they are on the going to be behind the Staten Island Yankees before too long I mean out. You know what that's exactly where they got up to me if I'm gentlemen -- Obama. You know I'd pull back he offered it -- you wanna be about what about the three years I mean they've got people. -- the -- upping the offer he's got overpaid or go and play well. A negotiated out of what they really should -- done with low late John Lackey that but I think -- Now what they should view it exactly blow away -- -- think it's happened that the kind of pitcher. He followed that to retrieve but the capitals went next year they have to build that well on. -- like Chapman -- -- have on it -- for six years that it's an investment. They need to make it. Now Italy catcher he really epic its younger. It's gonna take appropriate in that the people -- well considering the Yankees well but it -- ever going to be. -- -- -- -- I just sum up no Halladay. To the Yankees may be a Jermaine Dye type perhaps but who do you envision anything else big coming out of by the Bronx. Like if -- -- are probably action leaning more toward the ought to wrote that I've been -- but no holiday. -- note Johnny Damon. They really do want to keep the payroll what was your really do think that it's been too. All right Bob -- thanks for your time appreciate -- -- pat Ellis experienced. Bob -- perish from the Bergen record and from foxsports.com.