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Oct 30, 2009|

Peter talked about Brett Favre's return to Green Bay, why he thinks New Orleans is the best of the remaining undefeated teams, the latest in Tennessee with the relationship between coach Jeff Fisher and owner Bud Adams, and having a dream come true by being a part of the NY Times crossword puzzle

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-- from Sports Illustrated SI dot com and NBC sports is brought to you by Fred C church insurance. It's not just the policy at the people I should also say. Noted book author Peter King joins us as well because I have seen him everywhere over the last couple weeks hello Peter. -- yeah my job is. It's a little bit weird great talent they're promoting -- -- a little bit but it's been oddity in Sydney is the land of Michael -- yesterday after. How about you are at his house yes. Yes all the way up early. We're hanging out at Comcast sports net and Peter told me yesterday that he had an opportunity to go to his first. Bruins game ever so here we talk about who was watching. Let's carry easily I hate I saw the brunt of the old garden on you're gonna boot might for -- my first trip to the new. To the new building and had a really good times that I -- I watched the game. REM doubles and at at a at. -- that you couldn't wait to see young -- bank make is that doubles debut. Yeah I -- I didn't even I -- in goal like that who is that he's -- You don't -- during is that is is cal Ripken for -- and now Latin. The one day he doesn't play but that that it played well last night for the devils. I thought the Bruins outplayed them now that really -- -- But sometimes in hockey that. That doesn't result win -- in you know. That was you going crazy in the final ninety seconds without not really at area -- Well let's talk football for a few minutes here in the patriots -- robbed by a weakened. Probably the perfect timing for a bye week but all attention in the NFL this weekend here and every place else is probably gonna be on Green Bay, Wisconsin this weekend. Yeah I think that. I think the big question. How is red carpet respond. New. You know it's funny you'd you'd think that that's Super Bowl -- pressure which obviously it is. But this is going to be different kind of pressure it think it ever felt before his life it. I write this morning that your -- posed together not an insight dot com about the only guy who can know anything about what are feeling. And believe it or not and -- like a tenth of what it is and believe it or not it's Ryan Longwell who say it's not you. Now well I don't think so that I didn't happen you know what -- night when I vote for bought that I didn't have to respond much pressure inside the tech for the conduct. But. Eat eat eat -- you know the the thing about art is that I think there's only been one guy. At least in free agency. Who is gone from the packers' and vikings' Darren Sharper with different story the Packers basically let them Coke and everything but. You know I think it would alike who have kept right in the long while but long while chose to go for more money in love. The Minnesota and so the first game back he was shocked that people will react to the kicker but. I got I got booed in incredibly. Incredibly loudly and but I that the boy you can imagine what the will be like our. And the well I don't know you know they have unity at the stand there are sites that well I think we both know what's gonna happen I think he's -- yet. When they did this weekend. And you know the key thing is. All all the really be pressured game. In polite they at least the way I look at it you know -- day one plane 24 hours after his father died that was in Oakland. But remember how weird it was the black hole and you know. Cheered our when he got introduced that night. -- that was one of the most incredibly gracious thing I've ever seen group and do. And then they became in Minnesota this year it was so emotional. See in essence with the home home -- so he didn't hear any clues that -- obviously but I think. I think he's gonna it's gonna be just weird I mean imagine owning a place for seventeen years and -- go back. And your traders it's it's it's going to be very. -- and all the emotions aside and in the in the soap opera like nature of this game aside. Are the vikings clearly better than the Packers. I think the vikings are better in the Packers but Michael I think the one thing this week. And maybe a lot if is the fact that. The vikings you know I mean the two best defensive players in net division. You know in the NFC north. -- Jared Allen and Antoine Winfield. Well you know Antoine Winfield. Is not going to be -- this week he's back going to be here for a few weeks so I I I really question now. How good. This team is going to be and how good it can play this week so that means is the biggest factor -- they make up. Against the very good passing. How they make up for the loss of a range right quarterback. Any gains net there's going to be a lot of points scored there's there's no question about it. What's the best of the undefeated teams. I would think New Orleans -- if I think they in. They can play a lot of different ways. I just talked to -- there running game. Coordinator offensive line coach -- early morning. And we talked about how. I mean first of all I think it's incredible that the New Orleans -- they're known as Drew -- is. There a higher ranked running. In the NFL right now and passing. And see you you look at them in the weight airplane. And they are gonna that you up. By trying to make its second three and by trying to. You know first you've -- you know he could get an upper cut of the draw with Mike Bell who. You know it's -- old -- times in his career then you're gonna get it if the -- make it has been peer comments and you're gonna get a home run for Reggie -- so I think it. I was talking -- writes that you know a lot like facing Pedro Martinez there's somebody got a really good changeup. Because then you never really know what's coming. Not talking to you last night about this Peter in we were talking about the Patriots defense. And you said. Win would Rodney Harrison was at NBC watching Brandon Meriweather make that play in in London he said there you go. Now he's playing with instinct and I'm wondering I think that's it it it's very good insight. Rodney Harrison still watching that closely -- how much do you get. Of that of Harris what is it like watching a game with him and does he give you any more insight about how things work in Foxborough. You know I think the way that Rodney the way that Rodney -- -- -- he watches it very analytically. He watches the area analytically but -- near the big city get fired up like used to with the players you know he'd audible he knows how would it matter -- you know. Egypt Egypt -- into it and he got very excited when meriwether made the pick six. In London because he did you know that you know it all not. I don't remember exactly what he said but it was it was something like you know that's what I've been waiting for have been waiting for that. For that instinct I've been waiting for that to take over but. As far as you know reading the tea leaves about what it's like in Foxborough lot of times they'll say. Boy built market like that or or something like that but but nothing that would really surprise you. You know what I mean since it's not that you and I could watch a game and say the same thing I think his whole feeling. Up out the way the patriots. Are playing. At this point this year and and all that is you know he's been consistently. Looking for that defensive presence to Bloomberg. You know in looking for. You know both a physical and you know sort of ball -- presents to emerge. And I think the last two weeks. -- -- the that I think we all our. I'm not sure exactly how that the situation went down in Washington. Maybe it was Vinny Cerrato who actually made the call elect's term lowest but I wonder if Daniel Snyder was involved. Were pretty sure Bud Adams was involved in the decision to have to go to Vince Young quarterback. Are we seeing holders more involved in football decision making in this league. Well. I'll just say they're about about the but Adam thing. Not -- it means the importance. Of Bud Adams. Or what. He's he's doing. But it is that decision. That you know it's possible. Possible. That. Yet Fisher had to be now it's okay. But I I underline possible. Because. -- this year. Is not doing this because he knows which side of the bread. -- you mean he knows liberated bartered or whatever that's stupid cliche is. He's doing it because he realizes that no -- six. You have to find out about -- yeah. And so you know is part of it but Adams. You know I suppose though. But I think the majority that is is more. Jeff Fisher knowing that what do we do and if we put Kerry Collins back in this game. You know we're basically wasting time. And so that's why although white you'd think. That but Adams. Thing had a role here. I I'm not really sure it was. The primary factor anything like that in what happens I think that I think it clearly was going to do this. You know whether or not is known expert on or not but it's part owners in general and now they're reacting now I think it's a very interesting question they'll. And one of the part that this question. Is Powell are. The coaches. Company in this year. That -- that that the potentially by coaches who wants and verbal and we're going to be. Or who have been few rubles and and who were going to be available at about the -- every act in my opinion at they use. Questions about what's gonna happen. In this in this -- the because you'd think that might Cheney in marketing going to read an interview is. The insider -- -- and say -- -- in church here and it it you guys I've been going to read some more help in. That's what I think is gonna happen when -- Jon Gruden. And Mike inning going to -- bigger want to know who's who's really the ball. I'm Peter is Jeff Fisher gonna get fired. I don't think so Michael but. Don't put anything past. I say -- about Ralph Wilson it's not that I am on demeaning them because. You know they're they're Ralph Wilson 81 and and and Bud Adams is somewhere in his eighties. But. These guys -- impatient. And a three and thirteen year that they're not if you're just not gonna stand -- so all bets are off to meet with the Tennessee Titans. If they don't read thirteen Bud Adams could use -- treaty is something now but he might. I'm having a hard time figuring out of the dolphins are for real. I see them at times. -- that wildcat offense looked like the best running football team in the NFL and I see them at other times look not that good with China. You don't Eilat I think the wildcat is that music greats. And some weeks it's gonna work and some weeks it is in its its not gonna be here all but. I've lap that the jets would make a gimmick or is that I I think I think the wildcat is really really good. And a great changeup it. For your running -- grow. You know I've -- I parked. The offensive coaches in the league I have about it in the one thing that I've heard this year is that if you even have. A slight threat which I think you do that would running around that he did last you're reading it in the if you even have a light -- of the wildcat back rolling the ball. That you he would bring that safety yup necessarily. You know to be daddy I in the -- try to stop what they think is definitely Iran. And so I think most teams will be that because 90% of the time it's going to be run but I think it's an interesting little piece that he. And it's hard to do what we are we saints stopped at last week. The jets were terrible with a three weeks ago now they face the -- again the tip of learned something. But get this far is this scene goes right now. I I I am so impressed with Chad Henne and the fact that. And that we turn it over late last week. He's really going head to head -- through breeze not matching. But he's he's playing he's playing well enough. To be an issue that would Drew Brees and so I in -- I I think the dolphins are going to be more contender and -- down -- Peter you know Bill Parcells as well as anybody in the National Football League I'm always curious as to. Parcells. Mental state or emotional state you know sometimes excited to give back to football that when he gets back. He gets distracted wants to hang out go to the track. Where do you think Parcells is right now in terms of his commitment to football. It's a good question Michael and I have not asked them that question. At all recently. That's next -- lead to Monday Morning Quarterback. Right they. -- thank you but. I you know this summer right now this. He's really excited about his -- in part because. They've really fortified their -- seven we can't wait indeed and Taylor any I think he thought that. They were gonna have a good chance to rest after which. Is only hearing your days are. And you know I think that from. From everything that I've ever known we you know. You know the new things but on things get him excited like Pat White -- excited. They get excited because I think he feels like. Pat White somehow some way. Might be a difference maker and I'm not saying maybe the difference maker on the -- -- -- -- in any way. But I think he believes that in being a mobile quarterback. In a -- that values. You know quarterback who can do things out of the pocket. I think that was exciting and it's sort of a new thing that fact that it they might get to the point is this year goes on. We're Chad Henne -- 85% of the snaps and white -- fifteen or maybe an 85. White. 10% and then Ronnie Brown a couple of -- I mean it you don't just I think just the the variable. In how they might be able to play offensive football right. Let's temper our enthusiasm if Europe patriots fan for what you've seen over the last couple of weeks with the of opposition that they played. But is this patriots team looking like a force in the NFL again. I think so but I think you'd get that the exact right thing. I mean we all Simien knowing it. The giants. Win they played the right Bucknell and Colgate you know they in the city Oakland in Tampa. Well you know the patriots have just played. You know -- they called the -- of Tennessee campus so. I don't know what it's telling -- nobody knows what to tell you Brady back with nine touchdowns -- two games complete 77%. Of the Euro the last two weeks. I would I would -- that -- anchors and whatever I would say. You know I think he is. But I I do you think the one thing to be a little cautious about. Is not I still wanna see. I don't wanna -- is the and roll and play in a more dominant why. You know against the because at the end of the day I think that's really matter what the most encouraging statistic to me about the patriots right now. Is that you know after happen a couple of -- You know they're down holding -- that 56% completion. And any team that does that even against obviously they haven't played great at thinking. The last two weeks anything they can do that consistently in the NFL. Today with the spread formations with people throwing as much as they ever have. In the history -- -- game I think you're gonna be able to have a lot of success but again I think that's what we need to see every week. Peter it's fun it's a great Segway I think we've talked about this before you just reference to the spread offenses. And how much passing goes on in the league. It's always shocking to me when when I I -- -- team like the Steelers. Who when you grow up you imagine Pittsburgh Steelers grounded out hard core running game when you see them transition to a passing team. How did this happen in Pittsburgh and is this something that is. There's gonna take over is this the future of the NFL more passing more spread offenses than traditional. Running game in 045 yards a pop. I remember Michael I think it was five years ago. Either or five years ago the Steelers were first seen in twenty years. To be 6040. That they have a 6040 run at street yeah. And we also don't like you know we get back to. You know are we getting back to sixties football you know. You know we getting back the old actor's. And I think Jeff is that was a matter of necessity. You're happy young quarterback if you don't wanna put too much pressure on you have a very good running team led by eight. A running back and just -- that out over people can -- that if I think it's the exact same thing. This year in the opposite way now you have a very comfortable. Quarterback. A guy who wants to throw it every now. Okay because it and then you also have a running game that has really struggled in fact until the Steelers got a great game out of Rashard meant that all that that's Sunday night against the chargers would make you really exploded for the first time this year. You didn't see a great running game. Out of the Steelers and so -- I think I think it's almost necessity is the mother of invention the Steelers and now if I had to guess I'd guess that they're probably. If -- 743. Pass run ratio. But I think that's only because Mike Tomlin right now. If a lot more comfortable. While libertarians the offensive coordinator with putting -- in Ben Roethlisberger in revenues in the morning. Believe me when I say we wish nothing ill upon new. But after Sunday's New York Times crossword puzzle you could die in peace now right. That was unbelievable. I guess I've made it quiet requested a column about a month ago he's. A lot to be in the new York at looked to be a clue in the New York Times crossword and unattainable that the bittersweet part of being in the times Sunday crossword. By bush in the constrictor by the way from Cambridge. -- dynamic quickly. You know so he's a local guy picked it pay it you know that that part of it for me is. You know Mike Mike might line of demarcation of apostle was Wednesday or Thursday I can't even at this but the topic. Well congratulations. You made it now. Thanks a lot guys they have -- have a great week and at that. That's a big game really ought to be on the art game. We'll be watching it Peter will talk to next week they -- right there to Peter. Peter is still there. Did you talked to a big game James I went on the other side what are we gonna discuss the business. Out that I like -- -- banks. Peter King from Sports Illustrated SI dot com and NBC sports brought to you by Fred seat church insurance. It's not just the policy. It's the people will take a very quick break will reset the rest of the sports scene for it will get on the phone calls would you guys in just a couple of minutes. It's dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI.