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Dale and Holley Opening Segment

Oct 26, 2009|

The guys talk about yesterday's day in sports including the Patriots win over the Bucs in London, the Yankees winning the ACLS, and other Week 7 matchups in the NFL

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-- sell only credible but don't you is they and it is anyone of those people. Like these actors who were who were typecast. They wanna be serious. -- comics. Jim -- pulled it off one of the few yeah era you know -- he was typecast he's a funny guy makes all the faces he's -- journal thing. Then he wants to be series. That was his knowledge and make that at at. I think but but he he actually pulled off. He just where's that John Sterling now if you want to play it straight. Even though much nick will be disappointed if he -- -- yeah I've asked this question and and New York convinced that a New York bailout. Just like in Boston we loved Johnny most and in the rest of the country they hated him. You're convinced that a New York they just think he's that because they went. -- there were losing. And he was on his act. They lost year after year after year after year I don't have really bad and equity would get old real outcome I'm done by 74 and 88 bad. Then you know he's got to go somewhere yeah you're probably right. I watched I I stayed up to see the last mountain. See the rather subdued. The rather subdued Mariano Rivera. Little this -- you know little fist pump there and just walked calmly to the I've been you know plays and I've been a better rodeos in this. Big deal this is just not that big to let the mail we're going to the we're going to the World Series we've been there before. I'm close out World Series games I -- eight Qaeda strike in the -- quadrupled at that but. -- look -- -- the best team in baseball I've made it pains me as a lifelong Red Sox fan. You know who grew up in New England pains me to say that investing in baseball. We'll see I hope I love -- Philadelphia gives them a series I'm not convinced they will -- below premature under par I know they might be the best in baseball they might be I think they are. Economic reports browsers I'm looking forward to our hope this happens game to. Pedro Yankee Stadium. And pretty -- would be high drama. You think back -- 2003. ALCS -- Grady now bring in Pedro back with a menu that lets us that what justice Pedro versus the Yankees period. I'm I'm sure most people in New York don't like -- not because he was dominant that -- because people felt like you had honor people but like he was. A little a little bit of a punk. Hitting hitting guys on -- not just. -- -- who got -- going I have done my you know hitting that one game he has he's hit Derek Jeter and guided. I can't remember who was like two or three guys are following. Going to the hospital. Because inside pitches from Pedro Martinez that should be interesting I didn't really believe it if you're Charlie Manuel. You wait and pitch Pedro in Philadelphia the supposed to Yankee Stadium why I just I I think there are times when Pedro gets a little too cranked up. And -- -- you know he has a seasoned professional -- great player. Great the one of the all time great pitchers I've ever seen maybe the greatest pitcher I've ever seen a Red Sox uniform. I just wonder if you're better off throwing him back home as opposed to New York I don't know. Not he's a kid yeah but Pedro. If he gets pumped up. That's fine is not a problem you know you don't wanna take away. One of these motivational techniques from Pedro he's one of those guys who is looking for this -- And who and who has a long memory and if you've done something they have you sets up than him if you've ever doubted him. He puts in his back pocket and stays there forever that's why as part of the reason I think he had a great start. I against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium still won't back to today. -- and Tommy LaSorda said William never really be a starter because you're not big enough to right right right at the line of shields and he's never forgotten that. Yankee Stadium. I think keys. Gift wrapped up I think we can get excited to be on that stage -- in that team so I would take advantage of it about Charlie Manuel and he's my best option yet. Game two I don't care in New York. Almost anything it was on for sports yesterday and I watched a lot of different things almost anything with more exciting -- The football game we watched -- 1 o'clock we get sick comment you guys are right. Last week we talked about it we did receive one phone call. About the game both said last week not not a single caller mentioned a single name of a single Tampa Bay -- I'll come out. Malcolm Glazer owner in -- mentioned him. Mention Iraq anymore snow did mention Josh terrific job Johnson. As. A champion to you of the pitcher for the Marlins just Johnson to OK. OK Josh Johnson. Other jobs jobs throws better than this thing does little more likely to get a vocal about the other jobs Johnson. Tuesday through the quarterback -- choked up there for percent of the court and the -- For the Buccaneers. Another back dollar Cadillac Williams Michael Clayton Antonio Bryant not. And you guys are right there we go there and there was no reason they are a nondescript. Team there's there's nothing. Exciting. About the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have no personality whatsoever. I I would be hard pressed to say. This is what they're trying to do this -- what they're trying to establish -- well. And I'm not always a huge body language guy infect many times I think it's overstated and overdone. Honest to god they looked like lambs being led to slaughter. I mean every time you sought Josh Johnson he had that deer in the headlights look Raheem Morris that look any different on the sideline. That it's it's like they knew they were gonna get their asses kicked. So let's just get this over Witten get on that plane and fly home. They didn't quit the way we saw Tennessee quit the week before the way we saw Arizona quit last year. But they just -- artists like their many co conspirator not I don't think it was. And only had anything to do with them being -- just not good well that's not good they they competed they tried. -- does not get enough to keep up but the patriots. So if the if the titans have played like the Buccaneers did last week. The final score would have been -- 41 a fourteen yeah instead of 59 enough. And I don't know if Brian Morse is just trying to put on a good show for Jim Nantz and Phil sands. But they said during -- broadcast. He was convinced. That they can win again. It was absolutely -- I guess that's why isn't his own seven welcome to -- -- I mean if you're head coach in the NFL and you tell the the broadcasters that. That you don't think you can win the game probably won't have the -- lands day you don't say we can't win it. When you go out of your way and say. I think we can I know we can win this game we do we do these three things we will win this game yeah. Yeah that that might speak to some type of delusional. Behavior there they -- thing and that it has nothing to do with the game on the field. In what the plan -- a -- -- does -- I hated hated went CBS does things and not to CBS but on networks. Do things like yesterday. During the game Roger Goodell comes into the -- I'll have to interview. And interview I think it's an infomercial. Right and is off and they basically ignore the football game while look I've had to do them before. You know I've had Gary Bettman sitting in the both with us and and you do what you have to do. -- and you hope to god that they're just watching you know that that they're not the other room listening to the -- some good -- What's happening on the field this is secondary to the infomercial -- -- -- interview. I mean that's. You know very challenging Obama -- rule he can ask any -- questions no uncomfortable questions. Our commissioners is quite in spite causes quite a space movement. -- elect gets it is -- titles with the territory got to give you. Wimbley -- -- great moments in at least it off let's have. A kid -- might enjoy it for terror. I thought Tom Brady put it perfectly after the game he said yeah well this'll never happen to us again and he's right up -- play at Wembley Stadium again. So they they tried to make it special and they did in and I guess they did get a chance to do a few. You know sightseeing Taurus the type things not a lot but some my favorite story was a Friday night I -- bunch guys -- not dinner Brady trade. The offensive line in that makes total sense it's -- wide receivers in Brady treated to a a very posh expensive dinner. And Wes Welker said everybody thought that horrible -- a patent. The biggest -- a boy bet he would act. In -- Ever looked Atlanta aren't yeah. Which five you guys are on base. And Asia. Based players over here. We got about four drummers. And as a couple of the a couple of days answers here west -- one of the dancers. Well that the line we used yesterday and I'll repeat it today just because some people may not been with -- yesterday morning is that you know the non conference schedule is now over for the patriots. In on now you get into the conference schedule now things get a little tougher. You know you don't get to play -- apple -- satan and those I mean you -- played that the big the iron and you look at the schedule coming up here. And and I I think couple of these teams may be a little over rated but retires I do -- Miami's a bit of a paper tiger I can't I do and you know he he -- you blow a 21 point lead at home. Well when you're playing that team that quarterback. Is very possible yeah I mean. That was of the tough loss for Miami but if you look at them this is why I don't think there there -- -- I didn't say well that's why -- don't think they're they're overrated. They've got they've got two guys. That are just really difficult to tackle. And if you're not up for it if you've got that you're out of position. Or barely on the stat sheet -- Thomas. It's gonna be a long day for. There was at the Padilla -- had one tackle. Versus the dolphins. You may be an actor for the rest and it. Because there's no excuse I mean this is the team. They they are creative. Out of a out of Iran first set run first mentality. It Ricky Williams can't get you Ronnie Brown well vice Versa. And and they go Brian -- -- the entire game they're very they're Ronnie Brown is very tough to bring down so. Event at the running game going I think Miami will challenge new England's running game unlike any other team this year but about the what what are the team is like Miami. In terms of approach to running game. I can't think of it I -- a result -- that is just so committed maybe Carolina there's just so committed. -- running the football. Now and outlook I I I think that generally speaking if the team does something really well. Bill Belichick and his staff are pretty good at at that negating much of what you do really well whether it's an individual or in this case. I think he's been licking his chops at the opportunity to play against that wildcat since they got embarrassed by it the first meeting last year. Now they they had a second chance -- -- then it pretty good job with a they've got a bye week to get ready for it I mean I think all things considered when they play Miami here. Two weeks from yesterday I think they're gonna be well prepared for now you go to -- the week after that. I mean you got some serious issues to try to beat that team I think they can't wait to play the jets here again. Second time but here finally I think they can't wait for that you gotta -- I don't know Portland's. I mean if it gets a little tough here. Yellow with with Miami I think they've perfected. The spread offense that's gonna -- record called the wildcat as the spread offense they run and they've perfected it may have. They have a lot of different parts for -- they don't bring in Pat White every now and then exit to be the quarterback and their spread offense sometimes it's Ronnie Brown sometimes it's Ricky Williams pretty amazing now. -- like basically running the option and it fails -- I mean it's just that may have may have worked. You know when you're in college West Virginia generally don't work here at this level and it didn't now as far as the colts. Damage are really good yet they are good I wonder what I don't know what the word is on Donald Brown went down yesterday and impressive rookie. But you got Joseph Addai. And the question is about these other guys you know Gonzales out -- you have Austin Collie and here -- You know what what those guys gonna do if the patriots now if you get. If you allow them to go off okay yeah you're right -- yeah going to be a long day but I thought they played. The colts very well last year without Tom Brady had a smart game plan against them. And and and because of some coaching mistakes. And some coaching conservatism. The game I actually hope they're undefeated when the patriots that they -- few weeks. Might that be high drama could be fun for all of -- will be regarded direct I want -- -- the undefeated as it charged in toward the patriots record. We get taken very quick break we'll open the blinds -- guys in early on we got a whole bunch stuff talk about patriots win yesterday. I interestingly enough and John Kerry did the legwork on this I'm shocked to see. That the yankees went last night at a higher national rating on the football game. I'm so I'm surprised and I -- facility. We'll talk about some of that stuff Donnie Wahlberg will join us later on in the show. An old friend of the dale and -- show and -- is trying to help out for idea of very good cause we'll talk in bottle that later on. -- talk to you were ninety seconds away from not setting the rest of the table for you dale and -- Sports Radio W the.