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Tom Brady, Patriots QB

Sep 28, 2009|

Brady spoke with Dickerson and Callahan about the Pats win against the Falcons in week 3.

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Dennis and Callahan on this patriot Monday Gerry Callahan Greg Dickerson in for -- -- with a quarterback brought to by Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan. The quarterback Tom Brady joins us on the AT&T hotline Tom good morning how are you doing this morning. Coming off a loss to the to the jets. Last Sunday obviously there were number things that you guys had to work on. Drop the course of the week there are still things problems inside the reds on the I'm sure you need to work on going forward but what were some of the things that you liked. On yesterday's game coming off the loss to the jets. Well you -- -- As a very good opponent first and I think we talked about all week that this this team the falcons really test -- -- a lot of ways I think they had that. The very efficient offense with with good guys -- at YouTube the skill positions really -- and it really physical defects. So no we we kind of looked at his as a marker to see where we were patent. And you know we went out and did some did some positive things and the ball away we cover kicks well we return kicks well. Great great defense -- there are a lot of positives to take out of it as usual there's a lot of things that you know we're gonna give back to work on this week. Probably play and the best in. We faced this year you know on the Baltimore recently didn't play. -- -- seamless tell me if I'm wrong it seem like get a little frustrated. With you're you receivers Andelman with a drop in the Joey Galloway and Sam Aiken and you said screw it. Among -- my guy Randy you you'd turn Randy Moss and the possession receiver and a deep threat -- -- to him toward him sixteen times he made ten catches. And and you guys know hooked up like it was old times. But the other guys student you weren't quite on the same page. Well where we know it's it's part of you know offensive football game in the quarterback receiver relationship is. You know we're working -- to each other and it's not that operate -- wrong it's you know we're just on different page at times but. No that's that's part of the way it is early in the year when you when you've never played together so. -- with west now we've we've really have you know a lot of moving parts and I think those guys -- put that kind of effort in and they're working partners they're trying to do the right thing. And they do do the right it would just. We're not it when not playing back up to that to the level of ability that we have let -- That doesn't that doesn't. That doesn't mean. That would not could get there and I believe that we're just gonna keep working at it and it is gonna keep getting better and better for a. You've you've always said to Russia don't blame guys you know get upset at physical mistakes he would you know you're in you you don't we'll see it to mean Andelman drops a ball. Yeah not screaming madam but we do see you walking off the field I gotta tell it on the whole world. Who's reading your lips and you said. It's not that hard -- -- it's not that -- hard -- what do you mean what's not that hard. I don't. Have remember that would particular. You know it's it's just like at city its its just -- for communication by and persecution by how often and and we've all got to be on the same page. And -- and I think that's what's what's most important in record says that I -- those guys are working hard and I think of frustration comes a time when you know you're just. We worked hard all week to get things the way we want them and you know we're gonna in the game and world on the same page. Do you have any doubt that's common do you have any doubt that that's -- in time. I think it's become an aberration of course I think it's come and I think we all put pressure on each other what they've put pressure on -- and I put pressure on them to try to raise our level of play out as we -- itself. You know it's it's it's the heat of the moment -- it is really it's such an emotional game and there's a lot of emotional thing that you say that. You know when you reflect back maybe you would say the same thing but. You know ever -- deals with. You know not -- as productive as we look like in different ways and now we're gonna going to watch the film it. And -- from evaluate it and you know I am glad we got the and we were we're doing some really good things out there. We just like to be little more efficient in certain situations but that the wind is playing great tight end came out some big play receivers are all. You know doing the best they can -- Randy had another good game with with leftover money back it was great right but for it so. Where where -- will make an improvement and I think with. Where we're gonna keep making improvements and I think that's what's exciting for me is to get back to work on Wednesday it. And you look we can improve this week. One of the improvements the Joey Galloway. Needs to improve on what's missing there. You know Joey Joey working -- work hard out there you know and I think he's. We've we've moved around with several different positions in trying to find the spot for him. And you know he's. You know he's got very -- be very good hands in art it's just about a fine way to get on the ball doing the things that he does really well for a so. Like if so this is incorporated everybody whether it's still here where Chris Baker then made a big catch us today Fred. You know world we're searching for. -- for an identity when we find it on I'm excited he will work in love and you know we get so many comparisons to the team past the reality is there's. There are proteins you know this in an entirely different and we're trying to kind of -- our own identity and and like I hope -- -- hope that the great one I think that's what will work toward. How difficult -- this offense being for for some guys who don't know who come into -- for the first time. Even a veteran like -- Joey -- Well I think it's count in progress and you know we we have built. The best coach in the history of the league that coach in and it's really tough on lesson and I expect the best out of that and we try to play very smart disciplined game and -- -- a lot of adjustments that come up will call plays that we haven't called in practice so we felt. You know that we we can't expect people to know it but you know at some ways it's hard for them because now they have never run. So it's just about. It's about that all be on the same page and as the season goes along. And you have all this tape to teach -- -- of all these different practices to teach -- but it does get better. So not that that's. That's been evident over your passes well and I think that's really make improvement as the season goes along. Not to get a win like that to get not very tough football team. It's still come out of it you know not feeling great but you know -- so excited about the win but -- understand that we can we can make a lot of great improvement. I'm guessing you include yourself in that to maybe you were -- in yourself a little bit with some of the in their and the -- -- or inaccurate throws. Yeah of course now I'm all right the top of the list and I've got to continue to have played better in and lead better and -- better attitude. And be more concerned about their further forward so that's what my role is that of my job isn't. You know all of which were considered to try to improve those things -- Like I think it's that improvement to become in practice and it happened this week in and try to put. Put put. Even more into this week and hopefully chose better on the field next Sunday. You go home or go to bed thinking about one play after -- game like that one. Like. One play you mr. one play you made do you think of the one that got away or the one and are you connected on. I used to probably I think about. You know that all the ones that got away and -- you know you realize how tough it is to win game you know and in the NFL. And record that we would put allotted to each week. It's very frustrating like last week -- we ought to did you. And you know we've we've really put it behind that of the tough week for all of us and and we went into the game this week -- we went so I don't wanna beat ourselves up when we went and we lose it. It's tough enough when you lose you gotta take deposits from that we in the and and learn from. You know that the mistake that Jamaican and really got that goes. He noble ladies and in the lawsuit should take deposits in our problem in this article on the -- battery tweak that. You know one -- does not lead to another. Unless you really let it affect you that we can one win doesn't lead to another when the following week if you know the reality is every week -- the -- you gotta start pressing you gotta put it in every week. And the best way to do that is that the court that have a great week of practice and bring energy and India. How how how surprised were you when you look over on the sidelines and you see Bill Belichick telling you stay on the field. Fourth and inches at your own 44 yard line up six and and what does that say the offense as a whole. Yes he you know he doesn't do it often so he really yeah. He really you know I think at a lot of confidence that we can make that. We can make that play that we -- we have to run the ball great so. He really count just this week of practice on the short yard situations in and we came through and now they're very critical one that. An opponent Kitna threw a lot of try to go up to -- to make it to regain -- We surprised at all we surprised -- -- hell yeah you had to be everyone was. Our. I get. I don't know. 24 yard line. I can't think another coach at any level who would who would go toward that that point on. And yeah that the twenty. Well there was a story in sports hosted him and high school coach who doesn't even have a punt team we never punts he just doesn't believe in and doesn't think it works other that I think most coaches. At their own twenty. Don't wanna give the other team the ball in the red zone they automatically send up the punt team. There -- very aggressive cost let's if it's if it's something he's so we can make him in other players didn't -- -- -- Creighton. And made the place so now we're gonna need more those issues that are critical work that plays -- -- wondering -- -- on the sideline on fourth and three so. We've we're very good short yard situations yesterday particular four down. Obviously there's a place to improve its in the red area and and I'm sure will be after this week in -- -- to get the ball in and and -- just become more efficient there. It in a Matt Light took a beating around here a couple weeks ago and Schobel had his way with them but. Yesterday and and that thankfully fox caught this on camera number times. He just did an unbelievable job to keep an Abraham off view. Yeah can you just feel that from the beginning that that -- -- lights up for -- this is a good matchup in he's he's gonna do his job and give you time do you know that's. Happening around you would you just know -- I didn't hit. Well I've I've said that conference the map further. Straight years so he's he's been over there -- Spartan and performer Michael Coppola prolonged times so I think it every week it's somebody and it's it's it's Abraham which Schobel. -- this week it's out next to the following week it's you know it's there's always -- -- Steve -- it's Dwight Freeney and they put the best guy over there you know back. Matt raises his level of play when he played those guys and no -- Abraham with sixteen aspects last year he's. He makes that that's really go so. -- it's it's important for that left tackle first have a lot of confidence that left tackle spot we do because that's where that that's where the pressure is gonna come from. He did a great job the whole office to let him with that 12 brigade. Amid desperate and with a very intently on the ball that's pretty normally or so. It's it's really a credit. That the guys who have been out they're coping Steven nick at Logan in Matt and Dante the coach or coach. No it's it's been it's been great stand back there and be able to survey the field and make the throws. Struggles in the red zone again yesterday is there is there one constant. There in the last couple against. You know it's shifted its -- little it's just little things because it's just it's just little things it's it's things that we should be doing better that would just witnessed. We -- a bit more urgency we get down there -- it. It's it's just little things that -- -- big big things. The field congested down there there's there's not a lot of room. There's that are going to be run a wide open down there so. We gotta make the tight -- got to make the -- catches. In action if that's what it comes down to when you don't get field was when you score. And you know we're gonna need it we're gonna need to obviously a lot that we do and that last week. And I don't injuries and no excuse but if if if Wes Welker and again. Safe to say maybe you scored more touchdowns. And situations. -- note from the west I don't. That really makes different it's west west is. You know lessen the cute part that the offensive is -- -- back out there. It it's 200 touchdown passes then 116 games and I can't help but wonder. Tom how much faster you get there if you had Randy Moss you know from the beginning it do you guys have such good chemistry we've heard that. Belichick sees the smartest -- he's ever coached. What what might have happened had you guys spent your whole careers together. Expect. That a bit -- a dream come true for -- -- have -- that's of great receivers have been beyond what an incredible Detroit. Ready to different kind of receiver he says he's such a -- out there at any point in. He can score from any point on the field -- in the defense really respects that's so it opens up some other things for him and think the other guys that. He's he's he's tremendous and he's so much fun to be out there with he's so competitive. -- you bring it every day of practice -- really leader and you know it's it's it's pretty cool that -- You know that that we accomplished what we've accomplished together -- short amount of time so. What do what do we have -- got a long way to go what do we hadn't been heard yesterday what happened. Mean. It would have been yeah very. There have been scared the UN UN Baghdad. I always wonder how many times and in -- -- can help us with dislike you receiver and you how many times does that receiver. Run the route you call -- run the pattern you call in the huddle and how many times. Does that change from the time you break the huddle or then to the time you actually snapped the ball. You would like you would like -- you would like the receivers to run what you call eye opener come on let's I wanna change that the line of scrimmage which. I don't know how much that happens. -- and based on the situation in the coverage but. And then the what the play breaks down like the touchdown pass to Chris Baker yes failed and that wasn't what we designed. Was just Chris. No turn turn up the field when the when -- have we're kinda hold the ball and you know kind of ran by -- he can read and by. By that by Mike Peterson and and they had a -- that's so. Same with Randy on the fourth time pro. Yeah I wouldn't expect him that -- -- at a red. You know he he says he's able to Justin and and we thought somebody like. But you know that's. -- to go to great catch a big place. And I originally thought that would bother you when I see your son on page one in the newspaper and up that committee he was mugging for the cameras that he's he's looking for. That is looking to be a stock. Bad -- it's too much this he'd love -- love that little box that he. -- you don't want anybody -- anymore. -- truth has said the dog and the kid on page one of the paper. You know it's it's really totally out of my control so it's it's. Obviously you know we we. Privacy is is the -- is a wonderful we have it and we don't know if we go to the parks and you know it just comes up so. Looking at duke it's this is the way life is now. -- at the touchdown catch by Greg Lewis yesterday and Minnesota San Francisco -- That was ridiculous. Ridiculous and that further build smile on the face that they're -- So. Yeah we spent a lot of time with Reagan and -- he did a great job for us when he was here and you know Minnesota lucky to have them he's. He really go play yesterday and Brett Favre made great -- so I was I was pretty exceptional C. It's nice and all your receivers learned to skate in the end zone -- -- -- the back of the end zone that helped. Game and it's it's -- to do your concentrate on the ball or some guys sort -- enough people out of bounds and there's they'll interfere and about the drop it it's. At some guys that that's the way it is -- you know great many great catch just civilian. It's a tough release so good at that really. One of the best and that that such a number addictive actually mapped through -- bottom of -- sideline at the end of the game at home to make this senate overtime that was. Those -- what someone who can assertions Santonio Holmes in the super. Right. And Watson estimates this this Randy wanna do something that you guys don't let him do you and Belichick I mean that team that does he wanna. Throw the ball does he want more and around more reverses does he wanna punt return punts -- so many are allowed to do. You know whatever rating yet forty usually -- success he's pretty everything. Yeah he has he has he can't he's so athletic and -- He's he's. He can do everything he can he can take it I mean he juggles authorities in juggle a soccer ball. And he's he's an exceptional athlete but whatever you want to be easily about renders you wanna do. I'll let you do of course I'd rather than I -- I'd I'd done enough believe -- my it is under present time consuming as it is. After the Renaissance alliance powering -- quarterback question of the week comes to us from my Steve -- the final Steve wants that though. Which were retired NFL receiver would you love to move had a chance to play -- Well. I would say. -- right. Grown up watching him. And then you know we kind of softened somewhat in the off season. And some some old 101 K -- 49ers practiced with -- can't withdraw to rice and Ron -- -- -- Jerry Rice and he's just incredible route runner -- great speed incredible hand. Just have worked tremendously hard that it just precise precise program so. Those broke runners to move there are -- need incredible body control and strengthen your lower body and that consistency so. Troy Brown was one of those young as one of those west is in the -- is. But -- -- -- was. And using credit. You go back to the podium on on Wednesday. We don't need a little locker punishment again. Backed Barack. Artistry. That there -- they were that. Tom we'll talk to next week after the Baltimore invest the lock pre shipment. Embrace Jack and by the way Steve. As one Reebok forward gift certificate currency Renaissance alliance agencies submit your power and clout. Quarterback question of the week as we go get a new audience was going to be -- of 49 a fan growing up of course who's -- be -- to that you gonna pick. Lance rental. Irving fryer -- -- Stanley Morgan. With a page so I got Kelli thanks so much great job to job like telling -- there is back tomorrow. Each shots great job on the other side dale and -- continue patriot Monday. They are down in Foxborough of course exhibition of the samples we assume assume and we're only watching live from where as the -- go Texas.