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Dale and Holley Opening Segment

Sep 28, 2009|

Dale and Michael talked about the Patriots win over the Atlanta Falcons and wondered if anyone watched or cared about the Sox-Yankees Series over the weekend.

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Have a water expensive. Have people column down just a little bit if only for just a week he would think. The -- a sixteen point went over the Atlanta Falcons has got everybody's nerves off the edge a little bit. For the patriots yes. I think now the nerves of the owners of shifted -- view more to the Red Sox. Sorry I can't get cranked up over a series I basically -- watch. I'm how much of -- public baseball do you see this weekend how. -- not much at all more football than baseball or college football more pro football. But you know how it is around here -- He spent most of your life here in the in the New England area. You can go into his series today. You know buying. They're going to the playoffs anyway in the yanked it when -- -- is in them nothing in life unfortunately all good in don't want to go into that series feel that way and then. When the series ends in the sweep. And the Yankees clinch on your watch. There are about but -- -- I -- I got somewhere I got an important I think we. -- As a as a fan base I think Red Sox Nation has matured over the years. To the point where they do realize that all that matters is being in the ornament don't think Bill Parcells phrase don't need adult supervision anymore no they don't -- adult supervision anymore and and I think when you a look at it. The way Francona does it drives people crazy sometimes. But he understands it's it's the marathon not a sprint he will not change the way he approaches things for the sake of winning this game that game. His his feeling it and I'll tell you this. If if a line drive Jon Lester had been worse than it was then I think by hand wringing would -- yeah. Once we realize that and I didn't think when when they helped him off the field I thought. All I had this is there that was when I did happen to be watching blame Sean McCadam. That somehow this comes back to -- McCadam in the story of the Boston Herald he jinxed it. But. That I think you're right overall. Most people are pretty comfortable but the patriots today not only did you did you beat. Defeat. A quality opponent they came -- undefeated whatever that means to know but. -- handled them pretty well as a matter of fact if you had done a couple of things differently couple things better. It's gonna run away with this game. The cash and once again in the -- on them more easily than than the score was there at twice its attendant says it's pretty easy but. It could have been even easier. Couple of a couple of keys and then look we're not breaking new ground here doesn't figure figure the stuff out the number is always thirty. And that's 11 thing Bill Parcells taught me back in the day. When you have thirty rushing attempts in the game you almost always win the game they had 39. There was a commitment to the run from the -- at the beginning of the game to the end of the game. We knew going in that the had a run defense was not very good now granted they had they had. You know played a couple of teams that didn't impress you much but. But their run defense had struggled all season long and and based on what I saw yesterday I can understand why. And I think it was drive and Mike Smith gracing the pages that they're not very good defensively. They're not good enough to BA championship caliber team that's for sure. I don't know but I don't know if I wanna say that because as I told you yesterday. Their defense reminds me of the Patriots defense. You know they got a lot of new faces there on defense Weathers Brian Williams or Mike Peterson. Or or. And I you know who else I know they -- -- to new defensive lineman doing in rotation. But. They they don't they don't quite have an identity yet on defense and probably the patriots the patriots are. Are playing pretty well defensively they've given up 46 points this year better than you'd expect -- -- better than expected. But. Would you say right now after three games that the patriots have a championship defense deal -- caution right so -- they have -- their very similar. I I I will say this and I'll disagree with something hurt Callahan said this morning now disagree completely. I think Bill Belichick made the wrong call point four on fourth down from his own 24 yard line I don't even in the aftermath of knowing that he made it. When you look at it and you look at what the downside is the positives don't outweigh the negatives for me now it worked out great. Thank god and they were three for three on fourth down yesterday thank god but I I just. If if you don't get that you art in Sammy Morris. Didn't get it by much. If you don't get it there I think you just you put the falcons right back in the. I like it though I like it and -- you know this is where -- come from the -- deacons and not always consistent on on arguments but I'm consistent on this. Ongoing Fordham -- down when you know. You have a very talented team and you've got a good offense. And you're playing the percentages -- like I like going four for four down now from Iran Tony -- It is if Bill Belichick of how the rest of me -- that he has. Okay we're all over him today report but it got. You know he's got brings that to back up his. It is his brazen. Nature when it comes to calling plays. I got a lot still that the confidence he had absolutely and I still. And nobody I don't think anybody in a win win. Agrees with me on this but maybe Bill Belichick is the only person who agrees -- -- on this. And and he made the call in the Super Bowl against the giants more than thirteen which you want us to do kick field I like it. I like that call. -- I -- I didn't like that call and and I and like call yesterday now he made it okay he's a genius dominating. But I'm like I'm like Troy Aikman when I'm watching the TV and on sand. You better not miss this I mean it was a week ago we saw Fred Taylor stopped on third and one. You got stuffed on fourth and one Iran 24 year just begging Matt Ryan a score on. Yet you -- but. If it's almost like you're you're more upset. At what could have been then. What actually happened what could've been as yet they -- missed disaster that could have been a four yard loss but it wasn't. So what I senate in hindsight he looks like Eugene this -- say this is how all fourth down plays work. And you know you go forward a controversial fourth -- play. If if you go forward you make it it was a great call you have tremendous confidence in your team you just knew he saw something in the film you knew. Your guys are gonna be able to get it. And if you go forward and you message you're desperate coach in your out of control and yeah you you don't even have you don't have confidence in your defense you can spend that a lot of ways depending on the results highlight the fact that. He went for it it was fourth and short like to see coaches do that every every now and it. I love the fact that the patriots go for it on fourth down almost more than any other team in football now more than any unity. I love that aggressiveness has got to be the most of football on your own 24 is the issue for me. And and -- and I I understand as I said because he made it I looked stupid even saying yes. To meet you when you wait at the positives and the negatives the negative outweighs the positive on that went from. Well what was the what was the positive. Well as it turns out but they they didn't actually score a touchdown but they -- -- kept the drive alive they have a long drive ate up a lot of -- got three points at the end. Related to -- yup so that's the positive. You make it it is organic. How Bob how -- the that there -- fuel alternatives here so you punt. On fourth and short. From your own 24. And they get the ball where. Forty I take -- 4540. Somewhere in there. In your only up by six points. They come down scored touchdown they got they got control again. They come down scorpio gold at three point game. I looked as as I said. By even saying it I sound like an idiot Kassim he made it they went down the field they scored the three points. I think they're good gamble to take I don't think on Euro and 24 good yeah well I think it's a good gamble again. Depending on on the competition on this case. You felt like he had control idea I thought they had control of the game even though at that time the score didn't tell you that. I felt like they could. Outside of that first drive by Atlanta where they marched on the field than they stall right. And and kick a field -- other than that even after Atlanta scored a touchdown I was I was quite -- they only gave up the three on that first process they looked surgical yet and what -- But I felt like the Patriot -- control of the game -- you have control and you can you can get where you wanna go and use -- winning. The battle at the line of scrimmage -- -- Gulfport. So I am glad they did that. I was godsey a lot of things and again may have a lot of challenges. From the falcons a very good team coming in some people. You know about the falcons. It would say most patriots fans would you take over 50%. The patriots fans thought the problems we're gonna win this game yes I would say that's probably -- -- -- They also all of them will deny it today damage so that calls we had here last week. And you you thought this team would win another game this year. So many problems any idea Michael Turner -- and got Matt Ryan. Got John Abraham what does Matt like -- do against him. -- -- their undefeated. There -- good team they got Tony Gonzales well. They and a lot of challenges and -- dealt with all the talent is very well but mr. I will say this. I think -- in the market for a wide receiver I don't think it worked out five guys wide receiver last week just for the sake of keeping the Rolodex full injuries. Man and I don't think just for the sake of injuries either. I have. And I heard -- talking about this earlier today on the NC and I agree with him Joey Galloway looks like at 3738 year old wide receiver. And he's not the same guy. The frustration that Brady tried to downplay when he was just on a few minutes ago. The it was so evident. You know how bleak -- hard is it. I think he was actually on that exactly was almost more frustrated with Sam -- when he was with Galloway but Galloway it was in the processors as well. I think -- that. Wes Welker looked more valuable each and every day that he sit on the sidelines that's for sure -- I know we got to take a break we'll talk about another side mean there's more to that story too. We'll take a very quick break we will get the calls as well it is a patriots Monday. That means we're scheduled to talk with Sammy Morris. Our Chris Baker I can't wait to -- Chris Baker about how they decided to go with a -- that they hadn't worked on -- practice all week long. And how that came about were also scheduled to talk with Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork. I hope we get a chance to talk to both those guys. You know what it's like down here I am not promising Wilfork but I'm hoping we get a chance talked. We'll come right back we'll open up the line to bring you guys and as well Galen -- and patriots Monday Sports Radio WB yeah.