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Dan Koppen, Logan Mankins & Fred Taylor, New England Patriots

Sep 25, 2009|

Fresh off the practice field, Dan, Logan, and Fred join the guys at Gillette. Dan and Logan discuss what a typical practice is like under Bill Belichick. Fred discusses why he didn't receive more touches in last week's game against the Jets. The offensive trio looks back to the Week 2 game at New York and ahead to Sunday's game against Atlanta.

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We are here at Gillette Stadium on a patriots Friday. -- -- as we get an opportunity to talk with a couple of the members of the patriots offensive line -- when we say they're right off the practice field we are kidding. Because I saw Logan taken his Jersey and stuff off of there and look there in the -- -- so what welcome -- good to see Dan Koppen Logan Mankins are here. It is going nobody's really hard or anything like that -- the normal practice -- it on a Friday here writers editors. So gives you give us -- an inside look at at practice what happens how long doesn't last what are you guys work and practice. -- 1303560. Program out there about two hours. You know walking through some things in Vienna in just -- -- what's going on them. Putting on the finishing touches offensive deep sense of special teams you know -- -- over into ours is a good day. I at all and that's a long time well what's that what's the normal practice. But the same thing just. With pads on earlier in the week into the there's no sense that's we always appreciate that. It in the normal course of events that you guys have pads on and banging into each other. Even during a normal week on Wednesday or -- there you guys out there -- yeah earlier in the season we are and then. It just depends on whatever bill wants he's the Bosnia. We do he says. It now it is this that it isn't the case I know it's way too early to talk about this and and we too. But -- you get later in the season you guys have both been here for a little bit this case we go to when you're captains and say okay we've got thirteen. We fourteen a lot of guys -- banged up. When you talk to bill this week. On the chill out on the pads would be argued is that if that was some in the capital group where. You know you it sometimes it doesn't work like that because you detest bush had a marriage bill and you know what he thinks a team needs him. Not a lot of guys question so if he puts us on the pads on but some -- on Wednesday it's. Really about questions you know that there's even if it's we too are we thirteen and it doesn't matter we're gonna there you know do we're told. Our other patriots Friday irregular Fred Taylor joins the conversation as well it actually worked -- -- that we got both offensive lineman in the running back -- at one time. 'cause man I was thinkin' I -- you guys run the football more on Sunday. I'll ask threat averaged five point two yards a carry on Sunday why didn't this team on the ball more. This game situation. We would like to try to -- -- more drive and play as balanced as close the balance as we possibly could put. Some particular reason we just kept shooting ourselves in the foot and and do into movies -- moving yourself back you really can't. Played you played a type of game that you wanna play which is established -- stop -- right so unfortunately. We made few mistakes that. Which is back we weren't able to stay within our game plan. You know some back say united could touch it fifteen times twenty times when he five times to get into a rhythm. We -- eight carries. On on Sunday are you one of those backs who needs. Multiple care mean like high carries -- really feel comfortable in the game. Not necessary you would like -- he liked to have the -- of course -- -- office that I didn't work. I think each and every place you wanna try and take it the distance no of course you wanna play. Situation football like coach moments ago -- says. -- it down and distance knowing. If it's first down which you can and cannot attempt to do with -- throwing the ball. Put me personally -- try and every play I was like this time ago -- I'm I'm kinda curious I used to joke with Rodney when he would come in here you guys that he would make up stuff. About other teams and other players he would make up stuff like I said this about my mom are you know like I was making fun of my wife create he would make up stuff to get himself cranked up. You don't have to look around much did to make up stuff there's there's enough people -- you. After just two weeks of the season that to get you cranked up but does that help your do you need that sort of thing. Meet personally I don't need -- Every time we lose a game we have -- doubters and people root against this. Well we're all professionals. And when we go to on the field we're gonna be China's -- McCain anyways so. A lot of guys that'll thing you need extra motivation enough motivation incidents. You in the same boat Danner -- Yeah I mean you wanna play near perfect game with perfect game doesn't exist so one. You know we've all lost football games -- here. It's Sox. It's a reality care you know when a mall so when you lose a new -- solve the problems come back the next week to. -- not what senator said outside of such you know how we handle it and come back from it. Speaking of that talking that we know we talked about last week Fred when you're here and and both you guys that alignment we talked about the jets did you happen. They were able to get away with yapping and and win the game what did you guys think that you like you. He let him off the hook -- and guys -- the little kid who was able to do is yell out the window and then go back in the house without getting a bloody nose you know. I had you have to feel about that. Yeah we were disappointed that we we felt we had a good game play and then. We just didn't make enough plays and made too many mistakes to really make them eat their words and we get another -- leader in the years so hopefully we can do a lot of things better and a lot of things different than we did this game and we should have a better outlook we could do this. We're talking a lot Fred -- again. I I think once they that after they came -- second half and they they went up by a point. Is when they -- started to energize the whatever we're prior to that they they just don't take few cheap shots extra pushing and there. Put into oh early in the game. The worst kind talkers is pretty quick getaway trip but I don't pay the vote was to score -- okay equities client first and there. Very quietly got a lot louder in the second -- Speaking of loud that stadium was that -- it is. And he played in recently here. Offensively you guys went with a different way of trying to signal plays and -- white boards wrist bands and all that stuff you think the communication. Well offensive from from offensive coordinator through Tom Brady to you guys was what you guys needed it to be and so on Sunday. How thin out take that question. We did -- pretty. Of fairly decent job. No. The coaches can to a third in week Wednesday. With congressman concept and -- to go into the game Sunday. And have to go through our entire protections and the plays. Shifting all the difference that person now. -- we did a fairly decent -- I think throughout the course that began to us a snap focus and -- whether it's which. That's the stuff that can -- In the line leading gamers in. Houston think we could read -- were you disappointed in the outcome and they -- -- that we don't get Everest mentally they had somewhere so little room. -- -- squinting to read it I was wondering if light got one because sometimes he goes in there is that that third tight and I would have liked what he -- tried to do and because and you. You know he'd loans that he look like build the -- -- as an effort. And he read the Matt Light green dumpster here. Not that -- Let's take a look at Atlanta for just the second here because outlook and edit the fence that I don't think will bring. The same kinds of pressure that you guys all week ago. Overloading -- But it is copycat league Gannon and I see that pressure gave you guys problems a week ago on I would expect Atlanta will try to bring pressure on. Then the minutes you know they do what they do. Then obviously is so what happened last week so -- there's you can expect anything you won't really put. You know they do play different style. Whether we see what we saw last week we don't know we'll find out Sunday about. It's a good defense they got really good players and they they know how to play their system and that's the most important. You guys that are very familiar with. John Abraham. From his time with the jets and has his game changed at all from which you can -- No he still beast out there you just watch his highlights and -- make a special plays where. He's just running guys over -- -- -- by him and making -- any tackles he is still really good player. Fred when you sit down the very first day looking at film for the Atlanta Falcons what's the first thing you want a look at. I want look at my Americans. I'm back -- usually -- look at if there's this it's that they're here so they can change direction real world. And then from there look at their. How they bits of their bull -- a little bit more finance. They're fast to slow economic at the safeties so if they can tackle how they are downhill whether they feel quickly or there are slow for those. -- -- without attention to the corner bags that's supposed to be given this brand new moon. That. That you know that a few things -- -- So what do you think of from this in your studies. What what's your analysis of this these things. I think. They have a pretty solid line backing core lot of young guys. Oh than the -- guys one Amaya college teammates as well as were teammates Mike Peterson. He's very energetic. Middle linebacker and often lewd behavior -- second year guys so he'll bring some energy just knowing he's in the shot at the patriots like. That that that question you just that's the second ago when you're down. Things wanna notebook Mac and they that you can't -- to chance this to play tunes that with once the best. And I was on that outside before so I know that a -- I can't wait we get a shut the plant so. You know young guys they're gonna come in and -- let's let's get our side you know we have by -- week after his game let's make it happen now. But I think overall there are various the. Is it fair to say Dan Logan I'll start with you guys. That at this point the offensive unit doesn't feel like it has performed as you expect of yourself right now. Of course when we scored nine points last week yeah you're not gonna win many games scored nine points and we expect to put up a lot more points than nine and last week was the every time within scored to -- and it was -- Foley go to some good field position early in the game and whenever scored a testament to kick a field goal every time and penalties and mistakes and it's been laughable to -- of those and this week we're gonna we're gonna try to eliminate the bad fumble and penalties in try to play our game and do we're supposed to do is -- one of those days too -- where. If you look at the at the stats and you look at sacks you could be misled. As to how much pressure your quarterback was under all that long. Then. You know they've brought the brought a lot Daryn you know they probably -- a few throws weren't going to order as accurately as you wanna do so. You know that's that can be -- you -- have their quarterback is and I quarterbacks that are convertible so. You know it's one of those things where we want him back there and we want to be comfortable you know we want to move around we love to see the field and make accurate frozen. You know she's not able to step and of those rose. You know that's on us. I think it was a big difference between pressure and confusion I don't get the sense any of you guys were confused by what the jets were doing it was just a lot of pressures that accurate to say. Yeah gains of Rex Ryan weren't. There is time there is free guys were. Sometimes I think there was a few plays where the line missed their guy. And then there's a few plays were the protection was directed at different ways so there was a free day comin'. So it was it was both we had we have some mistakes and then there was some word they had the right -- -- -- the the right time so. They went in and in the again. Fellows we appreciate the time best of luck this weekend we'll talk to guys next week then there's Fred Taylor Logan Mankins Dan -- and joining us. Are patriots Friday here on Sports Radio WEEI.