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Sep 24, 2009|

NFL.com senior writer joins the Big Show to break down the Patriots loss to the Jets and preview this week's game vs the Falcons.

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I speculative Schundler by its British Protestant -- -- -- -- Perillo on today's make -- it's time Ferraro weekly visit -- art in in the -- in such as the time read from and kind of felt that development viewers if he's all you need an NFL and NFL. Network victor -- who was actually at the meadowlands in India. He's this this masterpiece up close and personal. You know I I was at the meadowlands when I'm still upset. With a bigger one minute studio either because it's just a hold on a stand in line okay I don't on my way back here by not building here before Maury Harris the -- -- ride literally and zip code by. I I've I am I talent he doesn't really know that he has -- right through intuitive you know comes to my -- my city my home my place. Where were I have hosted -- since he was a kid. And any any doesn't even lake city can on the top you know for the celebration wasn't gonna come -- -- It's the fiftieth anniversary celebration the Buffalo Bills he's on the fiftieth anniversary team. I helped put him on that team. And the guy there's -- even acknowledge what's coming through you know what I was I can tell you because he's I know you know what -- up -- very well fragile little insecure. On Wednesday he thought they were gonna replace him with OJ Simpson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was comin' up as my senator game Saturday. On long hitters both -- always on Friday I was at a state for the game. But guess what because it was George W they've played on 7 o'clock -- -- So I couldn't go that's -- I can't go on knocked on. -- five the last I went. Eight and January period if -- -- -- -- -- buffalo was pulling a bit sad afternoon down main street here's what's appropriate announcement that you -- opening -- the doors that we could learn more but for his personal life is -- Obama off now I stories. It that's what everybody wants to know done by my -- guy got parents on credit the ho -- he's simply put this up with this cheaply which I always I would that was Richard about it and adds about a little -- -- now Scott virtual all's well that helped me get a Hall of Fame. That rated at all costs -- -- on my ballot by the way to try to get Saddam of them to the final 25 sorted -- little punk. Right now this is why you have no shot -- -- It won't always is what it is that guys I don't look at the good about -- Italian holidays like plants artist. Another -- like I usually more people on either -- a little goof ball right. What -- -- have pitcher the only guy that's engagement and about gays like about him but. Engaged with another guy -- half let me get blocked off in the -- -- -- it. The -- with more hello -- I'll recognize you. -- However that -- the proper. In the it has looked at me what you gotta get a little closer to now. I've got -- support you gotta get together -- within the -- let's let's let's get your local ballot at your own world I want it to you elevate its statement he was at the -- -- exactly I want to get your take on. On what you witnessed on a week two in the you know we've we don't want an awful lot about -- too but right based on what you saw Rex Ryan and is. Is this -- problem for the patriots going forward absolutely that's a problem because they didn't have an answer for the entire game and -- and I think the real. He watched desperate call myself -- -- -- By the reason that you -- The real answer to this is an excuse me the rookie this is that they didn't have an answer right to the very end when. I was thinking as as a lot of others weren't sure okay it was bad you know it was it was frustrating was tough. For Tom Brady for the office you know it'll come together now because it did. Previous Monday and it it has for a long time. And they're still -- answers and and the best part for the jets was. They brought it and you and you credit Rex Ryan for raid unit for for not fearing. The consequence of -- would not -- this guy around the entire game. Not them around you know with the with those various packages had him befuddled he doesn't look right on top of the pressure that he got -- I I credit. A lot of the jets' defensive scheme which was outstanding. And consistent persistent back and a lot of it to Tom Brady also not be numbering that we now. No for a traffic him almost 200 to office to fit right. -- retired the jets out of ignorance and then I'll put anything in the school but the Justin Williams and -- at all that the jets or even that's right there was any vegetable of some Mark Sanchez right I agree rightness of saying all the difference -- office missed opportunities. But watching that game. And Brady for the ball in areas that -- -- -- was a brief format receivers not be in the spot in the second half. He's got us Russia have something to that the -- as a plus renewable that's the way to stop the blitz is of more guys common and have blockers. Is that it's like treatment that the guy. Open now execute cover everybody we can't double up their -- demanding so someone's gotta be open. He's going to areas where guys are now he's he's missing the spot -- the missing the cut so. Right they're not -- how much is Brady. How much is settlement was a quarterback question for kids stay in Galilee and discarded as I agree with you but I -- More more grass with him to apprehensive at the ball fly in Ryan ticketed for president. While he he I no doubt. He doesn't when Wes Welker is an on field and and you're trying to deal with that. It's a different game but I give -- so much credit and and the patriots are much credit because they did fine. Carbon copy Welker and elements going to be that player very soon and he threw a -- thought he look like he was doing. You know a lot of things the right way obviously had no clue as to what. If he was lost -- they were I think he was doing some things the wrong way and a wrong way there there's no question that that would also bring hesitation to Brady so even if Brady was even a -- if that was the case of the execution not coming off. It was also the hesitation that led to probably something bad but you know what. And given more credit to the jets. They won this game. Physically they won this -- beat a mop handle the patriots. In ways that for two weeks in a -- pitchers have been handled physically by football -- achieve a good up and NIC strategically. I give Rex Ryan so much credit. For for the better plan and and the pats always thinking okay they're gonna just this plan they're gonna find a way they never found a way. Because the site to work this thing worked very well. I say this earlier before the game. This is the very worst possible time that Rex Ryan's defense comin' against office to personify -- with. The patent to but I thought -- to have a struggle in the game because Rex Ryan. Because that defects challenges you and if you don't -- on the same page and excellent I would give it has brought a -- -- -- really really well. You give good analysis you willing to. Go on to the other side with the analysis. But the when it comes to pick and he'll always come back to what -- yeah exactly did you go straight into default setting is they took pictures of certain great night and went right. I picked again I picked Allstate for the millionth time for them to win the Super Bowl I'm model and I don't feel -- anywhere near as good about I didn't feel good about their -- Monday. Again against the bills and feel and obviously worse about it now I do think they'll be a better team. As I only if an and I am trusting that. There is either both. Physical and psychological. Healing the -- gonna do and also. A some kind of timing thing that's going to be built up but the -- the season this training camp are preparing for specific games. And the time to get ready for the season's long past right so. When does it come together what opponents are gonna allow them to. They face a tough one I think Sunday although this this one I think looks more winnable but I thought last one last weeks that but it will be. You know it will test them again and are they ready to be tested it does and here's the question that's got ahead keep everybody up at night in patriot land. This time. Willing to take you know is is he as willing to take the hits as he wants -- -- and start to question that I don't know -- you know if he's. As comfortable with being hit as he looked to me like a guy. Before it was an unflinching. Tom Brady and that's what he's at his best. -- which is now I agree I think he's tentative and the other thing I think he does where before he would hold onto that ball he knew we could see. That the blitz was coming right out of -- he waited till the last second just completed the past. Like nothing was going on Andy can we take the unit I thought he rushed it a lot last week almost an idea of that he saw that blitz coming and he he had to get rid of it too quick as he was Brady's gonna take it let me ask -- you just -- you'd think this game is more winnable and Sunday. Then the jet -- was last week. Don't you think Atlanta is a better teams certainly a better -- -- what why do you like what you like. Why is -- more winnable because I because I think I don't think defensively they're going to even though John Abraham. And Mike Peterson are two very good players and they'll do certain things that will be difficult to handle specially because this is opponent patriots don't. See -- Nolan and don't have as much ability to researchers thoroughly because they they obviously researched. Rex Ryan it and multiple levels most of level being Baltimore. I think it's different -- NFC team. And I think it's gonna be different when Matt Ryan even though. He's showing a whole lot in terms of of being ready to play year to you this early -- to better than I thought he would but. I do think that. I do think that there will be a little bit of a balancing off here I I think the pets. Have again for for all the criticism that that I'm delivering others. Even more harshly or delivering in the direction this football team which critique if they're still all right but they're still in. You know what are they they're they're engaged in games they they they have a chance to win. At the end and and alternately that's the most a couple started Asia there public ties to the chance. They they had the chance at the end against buffalo and took -- management the way the patriots almost always do. And so I I'm not counting them too far out of anything but I just all I don't think the the I think the falcons are more conventional with what they do defensively. And I think Ryan is a special guy just as we talk about Bill Belichick and and the scheming that he's done and does. As being special. -- category he was in that category before he became head coach of the jets he brought the same suitcase with them using the stuff that his players know. And that he knows he said they that you know I know they work from a lot of they didn't they didn't go lot of their way to. Reinvent their defense to play the patriots they did what the ravens have done with -- Ryan and in control. And did it with the jets and did it effectively and and there's an attitude I don't know about the falcons I don't know that team as well. There's an attitude thing that the jets have analyzed the wedding it's different. Well -- but I mean you know I hear I -- hear from like a Bart Scott and you hear what he talks about relative to. The mentality getting over the idea that it's you know when Tom Brady who lines up. It with a minute forty whatever years ago. And and an and you say okay it's gonna be boom boom -- can have his arms race on the sideline gave over he says or. We're gonna attack we're not going to be a free network attack attack and then he goes in May be. We shut him down four times and comical warm up the bosses pick us as I like. Emmett Till -- -- -- published buffalo didn't do the week before exactly it was a real contrast that the into the game -- -- right they went after all five plays it was 11 down and and for a complete passes and oral blitzes all five plays. I -- don't you look Fred do you love that -- like if it helps to help his fourteenth spot check if I'm Ryan. Right and I'm seeing the flow of the game and uproot their papers and that a lot more the patriots not producing the receivers. But the flawless games like it is in the papers are having trouble getting the ball the right guy. Why would you look at Miami to do the same thing against Peyton Manning. That's on top of his game and it -- that it works so well so that it took a lot of this is the patriots -- I'll get a little bit -- and -- went. Don't you have to have the personnel much she's got some personnel had to be able to do it all got. I'm not -- -- you've got -- personnel to be able -- well he absolutely does but give this is where I I think the credit is earned. The plan of the -- of the assembly of this football team. Was very wise it with his scheme in mine in other words he knew what he knew he had to do was was sorted out who could play. From the previous team which is so difficult for. People would do especially when he got -- cap issues and all that. He overcomes that. And then inserts that the three levels of the fence the people he -- markets Douglas on the defensive line. To help guys like Chris Jenkins and others know what their responsibilities are in this new scheme part -- in the line backing core. And in the real. MVP of that -- defense Lester who didn't get an -- -- it was wonderfully -- -- that kid he was in buffalo for awhile specialties and nobody April was sick. When he when they had -- when they lost dispute because he said this guy. It's a player and a half and in special teams coaches will almost always identify the guys that they don't get to keep who are real players before nobody else -- Pick a wanted to ask you about the he has the comment you made about Brady always standing in there and -- you saw maybe in these first two games are certainly Sunday. A little bit of a flange yeah I assume -- in the locker room in the jets' locker room after the stores that did any any of the players talk about that at all that they saw maybe a little bit of a different. A difference and Brady at all. The questions are asked and they did there is probably the best job of of answering that one after Kerry Rhodes got over the embarrassing. But I still in this remark the bearish remarks. And I think they were they were actually -- guard because oh yeah they've got to play the -- rattle my -- yeah you know you don't want to rattle Tom Brady cage and he more than you wanna you know I mean you just don't. And I know it's got sets -- -- about it saying that that's that's the Brady that they've seen it in its its -- that Bart Scott played against them blood was Baltimore and 07 and and then this one on Sunday. It was kind of the same radio -- and really put a lot of pressure on any governor Arnold. Stated a little heavier is it here's the thing to have Fred I mean you you don't there's a pattern here there there is something to be said. Four what. If -- able to bring it not everybody's able to bring it now if you're able to bring consistent pressure and that's different that a guy who -- up three or four sacks in a game. I'm that they hit state -- have a single second decade yet we are talking about the jets pressure and and in glowing terms because it it merits being talked about that way. It's it's about Brady. Feeling that more than he felt that or when he does feel it. He's not tough with the giants brought the Super Bowl and it was decisive and it cuts the percent. But they all a lot of money to become an approach -- let's also look at -- this -- they had the personnel and they had a personal affront to be able to with a four man wished they were able to bring them right right wherever however you got. The person and I answer I just review -- If you've got you can bring all of that. In my should be okay not everybody -- just that you think Miami comes out if they're faced with that situation of the charges this week they do the same thing -- I'm I'm not sure they do that. With rubber based on what happened this past week. And again I think it worked for the jets until they get burned by a really good quarterback. Who's able to take the pressure use it to his advantage and then you wonder how they react to that. Well here's the other thing they've got to face the jets again and they've got to face a lot of other November 22 look -- them we have an excellent. They have to face other teams that -- better already contemplating their various pressure packages for operating the question becomes when. You know it and maybe this is -- both a -- for the same reasons a compliment the -- for going after Brady a compliment the patriots. For trying to maintain the integrity. Of their passing game which is to say that they didn't overcompensate protection that they did they really start to prepare and and and and trying to say you know we gotta do do we gotta protect him because once you do that you're not. Office and -- if viewers are you're not there and I beat the blitz. Element in Galloway cannot run the right routes if -- at three receivers active for the game. Those guys with a bullet have to be in the right spot right tigers Brady's ought to -- be thrown those spots if the patriots play like that. -- not it was templates is going to be successful if they get to the point where that while it's in there and their rights Watson in got -- is not the path. That blitz -- brought if you watch it again so Brady were guys who wasn't where's Ryan to the wrong spot on Super Bowl. Not all the pressure got to that was guys -- you'll put the pressure in this one. There was guys we would rule of all the throughput for oh the guys up front for the giants were able to count Gaza blitzing sent four X seven guys -- bring before they were -- but evidently inspectors -- rose a whole different kind of it wasn't a straight up. That's also why a lot to -- -- up with the with the jets it was 46 and seven -- -- most of -- in recent will that was going to be guy opened. If the patriots on the same page that -- kill if on the same page the play again log -- but those plays. Just like with the culture and -- the going to be big plays instead of Austin Baltimore on about so. If they don't step up its docket anticipate it will blitzer and it'll be different I Vick terrific stuff we'll talk -- -- I -- at what. The porch door open in the back just yankees' road -- and they want more just one quick thing I saw a photo of Fred. We like -- smiling is arm I'm Allegheny Geoff Dixon what was former teammate dissident political rivals -- kindness. And you obviously have to. And -- was a purpose but here's the beauty of the picture for its violence that is arm over just shoulder just it was normal for it to look at that Fred. This is right over his fists clenched. -- That was the best -- for different in my right out of the back of what the name of Jesus left is what goes always has -- -- -- so lefties almost right. All right he's also I think it's acted as an umbrella of a and it felt like on the NFL network are NFL in sent back to the phone calls next the public you know.