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Rooke and Price Opening Segment

Sep 4, 2009|

John and Christopher begin Patriots Friday at Gillette Stadium discussing the Patriots win over the Giants in the final preseason game of 2009

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It's holiday weekend -- it simply because you know who now okay rook and price and -- -- -- an extra day off because it is the following week in and I hope that if you're in your vehicle. Your vehicle ride around somewhere and get ready do enjoy the -- -- -- -- museum John -- He's great price promote WEEI dot com and we're here with a patriots Friday we are live at Gillette Stadium. You forgot to -- sleeping bag. You know I mean that literally about 77 hours ago that Eric -- both here obviously last night football game and let me say this right off the run up top. Now I've had the privilege of working for this franchise is my seventeenth season -- for the patriots. But last night's first quarter may have been the single most miserable. -- -- quarter. Of any football game whether it's regular pre season exhibition -- It doesn't matter it was bad it was pretty bad but you know what though they almost. Turn -- they -- really did the impossible on this roller wrote my column that Leo open dot com site. That they took a fourth pre season game in the immediate compelling they did interest being that and borderline entertain it was enough I actually that was the next thing coming out of the mouth there was who was. The fact that. Frankly after always send -- we looked at each other in the Booth. Erica looking around what does that people on the clock people on the officials that are all you know hovering usually Orion rocket won't. -- yet been -- and we realized it was second and -- to Amber's going against each other promote the game with the exception of the one opening ten minutes of the ball game when it was you know. Like you know try to put out a fire with a squirt and you know you just point gonna do it against Eli Manning and company but the fact is is that pretty competitive football game and it. I gotta tell you I have a new. Favorite -- new sleeper but. I got a guy that I really liked his ability I saw a little bit of it during camp didn't get this lovable about my actual last night. Parents none can play he can't. He candidate think he may have plead his way onto it the very least the practice squad about a new premium roster I don't know the most impressive thing about note was last night though. That returned that he had lead in the second button in -- felt the semen was able to get over army field -- And he gave it nasty stiff armed awards. Eons. Awesome and titans grabbed him after he'd gotten out of -- The wrong way down. And he got the flag in use on them pop up in you fought for a second you said yourself and don't do it they'll note he popped up. Clapped his hands together at a big smile. It needed doing in Indy got his team fifteen extra yards because he -- -- anything I think it showed me an awful lot I think I think -- -- -- his way under the -- I -- I was really you know I was like meant the one handed grab that he had last night up. That was superb. And he showed a lot of great speed he showed an ability to get open in the middle of the field. At least as open as well as well forever gets it was wide open so -- leads -- -- a couple of conclusions of the sworn in this game and again. Exhibition game pre season game what are we look at number for usually east and stuff I -- it's just it's and it's bad -- it. I am very much proponent of shortening these pre season 3 games I am very much proponent of that but last night after the first you know six minutes of the game of first quarter unlike. All of a -- -- you know there's some and then. It turned out to be the football game only because I think Tom Koppel from capitulated to -- will play our scrubs to. We want to get our guys are regular guys you know couple reps tell you what good that opening series did Eli Manning -- mud it's not it's not like the meeting -- -- more prepared for the regular season and he was. You know before laughed out yet but but -- -- -- -- C. Sharp thirteen lot of -- incredibly sharp but they don't let -- of the giants don't know that went in in the game -- technique because as soon because the patriots have almost always played their second and -- to -- -- navigate the -- but there is something to be said for keeping -- fair. You field goal by preceding game even if it's just one series. You know get into routine -- to rotate and I think it you know it makes sense but -- couldn't use the makers. Well I'd just when I when I saw Manny and everybody lineup in the defensively -- for series EC. You know human urine and there and you see Mathias Kiwanuka in there and yeah I mean Justin tuck Justin -- oh yes hello just number 91 at a little meeting of the minds in the backfield last night -- and I think what you think you know with Lincoln and that appeared. I'm sure I'll get. Maybe just maybe and frankly I wouldn't blame him but. I'm thinking what this is all -- we're going to be subjected to even one quarter. Of this -- said this game is just going to be you know. It's like going to the dentist and getting drilled without no McCain and it was just an -- -- all like -- -- I told the time keepers at two seats on my right. George will go on to George. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And nobody will notice in your cup in one of the injuries but it Garrick Utley injuries last night you know that there were couple reviews in your thinking. Now is kidney -- a review in detail in the two minutes of the first and -- last portable game you re viewing this in supporting only element called I think it was in the first -- -- someone called. A timeout with 201 ago. As we've for the two years it. Will roll your eyes -- -- can -- really really. I you know what though I'm gonna defer to the judgment of the guy like Terry -- -- -- -- -- lead official mean use one of the sharpest. You know taxable ones that you'll fit medals at the yeah he's -- he's two run as the officials in the Big East Conference as well Nigel culpable for the B -- so. You know I'm like all right I'll defer to this governor -- -- on. -- reviewing its exhibition. You know. All right the things they'll order to jump into they would view because obviously you've seen just about every practice in every game and all of us -- of the season. We gotta get down to the 53 man roster the deadline is Saturday Saturday okay. I wanna play kind of like the NCAA tournament today the last four in last four out Coca okay. And I know that you've got some definitive ideas as to who'd really should be on the team and who will be on this team. And I'll I'll wager. And I haven't talked about this before we got started today but I'll wager to different list and there are different players on the list -- that's one of the great things about this amused when that is used to looking at the roster and after. After the of the whole body work in the pre season in the four pre season games you look at -- they would you know what. We had this guy here you gotta take away -- one of the guys we could talk about this today. One of the guys that are in present at the people to the very interest and problem. You know our. Problem but BenJarvus green Ellis. Is that he played very well very good pre season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Paris London I think was saved by Tedy Bruschi retirement -- economic and and his two partners when it. There's an extinct in our galaxy were playing for the team jobless. You could make that argument. -- does not -- there's lines are I haven't that'll camp it there seems to be every single year almost. But the white Becker veteran linebacker. Who comes in here on the surface look at -- music and I. I deal could be agreed deal absolutely could you and I bought out about it and the day that I saw a sign yet but you look again and then and -- open with media and this might be corporate it. But Viktor -- -- -- this -- -- a situation where veteran linebacker who comes in here and you think on the surface when he does -- -- correctly he could do some things in the event but it just doesn't speak. I don't know if it's you know I think that -- -- the situation helpers. Well we're gonna get into some of that of them most importantly you know for those of you that our roster nuts. That we -- figure out who's got to make this team who's not gonna make this team who are they gonna cut. Even though -- borderline and maybe have a shot at catching up with some -- all the team that -- about 4 o'clock on Saturday. Chris is gonna give us his thoughts on last four in and first four out -- and -- the last for a over the you know. Well basketball player I've got basketball brand of football in the rain we get everything of the brain here. And we're gonna take your phone calls as well also don't forget you know it is a patriot Friday John -- and -- reprise from WEEI dot com covers the patriots beat. A we're in here for a dale and Holley. On a patriots -- on Sports Radio WEEI.