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Jul 21, 2009|

The Sox lost last night and looked bad doing so -- Dennis and Callahan break it down and tell you what the Sox can and will do

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Refresh my memory was that this show on this station. Discussing this subject that said. -- -- have a problem what they'd do what they make a trade where are the holes where are the Dow where the potholes that I they're going to step in good in the final 74 games of the. Let me it. First you'll give you credit because I write ups done John Smoltz is six and the -- it's stunning to watch him at -- like we did last night ever expected. And in. But the point is -- All -- 100 games the point is. Problem solving the problem is -- destroys -- -- yesterday. Tell me if they get a bat there's about a failed to give me any. Bad not victor might know me that's too good you can't do that these. IPod to be victim -- enough line by Aubrey -- Victor Martinez you know -- do they play. Jason Varitek spent to a six or you wanna bring have to catch -- were used -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you want to -- catch. And bench Jason -- right fielder J. D. Drew 163 -- -- -- stop there hold on Aubrey Huff he can't play right outsourcing could. Put in the right policy Baldelli in right whatever and bench you're guy who makes seventy million the. DH amid the Ortiz oh stop right there are licensed copy and like stopped right there actually. From promote batting percent worse it was what it was Slava and it's that was an illusion affected back yeah it's a home runs -- -- -- It's -- you know -- he's still. It looks good -- there are times looks like the old swagger and competent David Ortiz but he's back in a blog. But again if it's almost. A a problem that they have no problems -- few moments of -- remedy -- problem that they have these incumbents. That have track records and make a lot of money yeah and have had good. A moments have had good runs he'll likely day and grew and and a Ortiz. Fine. Name a replacement Victor Martinez is not going to take their -- job. Aubrey Huff is not going to think David Ortiz is job. The problem I guess would be the Ortiz and drew and they are too well established. And and have have good numbers that time. You that's fine all well and good to say they need a bat I'm still asking the question way to the -- play. So -- -- Tito is an organism I just I just gave a list of players unlike most struggling. That's not last year I said where. -- as the new -- Varitek I -- you cannot tell only that they bring in Victor Martinez which cost the buckled. And bench Jason Garrett which Ameritech -- -- -- -- that would you Tanya I'm asking you to be realistic here if you gain on the play opened. I knew how many high profile big name high payroll -- guys who are struggling. There is not a damn thing the -- Ortiz broke into this baseball team. Let's just let's cross our fingers and let's put our rally caps on and that's also -- legs -- like way in the in the inning and crops and the other way. And then -- -- -- snap out of the spot Jacoby Ellsbury somehow. Jacoby Ellsbury will somehow. -- well in the leadoff spot David Ortiz hit his head out of his ass Jason Varitek won't slump what he's done every year the last seven years and in a Red Sox who -- Jason -- I just gonna come around on on the -- -- Green because he's no longer the starting shortstop you'll recovered nicely and J. D. Drew well we know J. D. -- the greatest fourteen million dollar players in the history because it all be okay. How would you fix it. Mr. Mister general manager Judas Olivia club note I would. Odd that picks the office I would fix the pitching by bringing up buckles when the way I traded and he. Or or are you ready to release John Smoltz now I mean now I mean how could you release the guys on the first five innings last night just release them. No I would say Cameron trade penny. -- and dale makes good point leases. Once Halladay goes I mean get on the phone to the runner up and so you didn't get Roy Halladay. Like to like penny because that team is gonna need to start every team in the major leagues could use and the Red Sox have more depth that's that it pits and anybody's wish clearly gets forma bring up -- that means that has nothing to do your office. I think they're stock election the only solution. We talked about it when Hillary was a potent green was. Was in but Lycos shortstop -- he would like Miguel Tejada. But you tell or poll were to get hurt when -- in the home where genetic yeah. Leo that's a mixed blessing that for video gives them some room for maneuvering and bring in a first baseman or a third baseman. If lol were to get her old bounce back go in and stay in the game last night so. Hey I don't see a solution I don't see a solution to the office that moved there juggle the lineup the different and different Leo guy every night. It is that that the the embodiment the personification of the problem is true when you look at them. He always looks he looks like he has the plan up there he's very patient they liked the patient to agree that please. Terrific -- a good basement he plays and you look at the numbers ago. 143. Angel. What -- personal night as the leadoff hitter a very successful one yes we used it here. Not to get points apart for so moist the morning after his first night in the leadoff spot still think you could Natalie is -- their sense. But a guy that good that good looking it's posted 239. In the middle or at the top of this lineup. At this point in his career. Through eight to 39. And it guides it -- vote on base percentage is OBP is about. -- -- around 3753. Years recent movies these some. Well that's better than most of most -- downs. Another some Google BP's they'll just go. Easily defined. Argued that let me just let me just maintained the J. D. -- attitude in the -- got to reflect -- he's talking about the leadoff bought slumping drew gets dropped. Drew didn't even notice he was batting sixth last night -- MI. I didn't even block. DoubleClick that it doesn't care I've been scuffling a little bit trying to get things going. And a mindset is the longer he's already 64 mean that's that's it it's okay all its good days is better. -- allegedly I mean. But this is better known I mean -- like it. In work on things. Because he's the future Leo is in the and I -- -- told everybody would like it is the only and the legal ones lately. I think Ellsbury easily guy who wants to princesses. All he cares about plans -- appeal be anywhere you -- But if you amassing these economic big deal out of it but if you gave ms. choice will be picked -- -- quickly enough that if -- -- -- now typically -- -- Olympic. Oh but I would say second Youkilis would say third to -- its -- -- whenever and whatever. I'm not saying. I'm willing to listen I'll come up with a solution. And and sell me on what and an even come up the guys if you want. I -- Aubrey -- like recruitment news. If they were adults -- -- -- -- buckled -- -- discussed and Blaylock was -- was blocked that it was. -- -- It was so I don't black -- -- to sign -- for Blaylock yeah back in made yeah. They -- Jews -- action was June now is still the close of the close is of the deal for the third pneumonia at some point you gotta give up on the guy. I wonder -- side has not -- it doesn't look like closer this showcase game last night yeah. Yes showcase for any bigger showcase and buttons and I I don't think it would give you Hank Blalock for for -- at this point probable and just sing and play Alex available for whatever verboten. We -- to play him. He would be you universal -- -- -- you can't even make something up your leg. Good question the mean he would be first -- that's -- -- they don't. Now first baseman do they only the starting first baseman -- -- at first baseman is batting 236 and July. So. You ride him out and banished. There is that they get you -- -- -- and only answer is they go with this high profile high priced group right now under achievers Scobee hit zero -- little one job these ideals that second MVP he's. He's got some. Threes. The real last five games or so than he's he's -- to 36 in July. Four home runs tell our guys -- for equipment only days when -- Wendy's three weeks. And you know he's not going anywhere -- and Ortiz if it took his to lose his job and in May he not lose in this job now. I mean it's it's not just -- whole bunch -- guys you're gonna ride note. Yet it's true it's Varitek it's Jacoby it's but rather that -- slumping. The director's gonna bench everybody that have to rotted out you just sit under early -- -- that you wanna find a baton plant somewhere at shortstop but the problem is everybody's -- -- -- it's. And Armitage shortstop -- that listen what do we say at the picnic table -- any other any action goodness and power hitting shortstop available. The only guy you just said the delta hot but what are you gonna give committed -- -- a played well buckles for time. Our lot -- so you're at a disadvantage there because you know Houston's gonna shoot for the moon to -- forget -- don't think -- into a look at this lineup would say this is there is far too much talent there's far too hmm hmm much of a track record there's. Far too much success to have what we're watching right now in July be the rule not the exception as -- port and if that's the case then don't they have to really. Reassess what they're doing with smoltz and and -- Us I think more than any of us he BO sees the problems on the horizon I mean you Kabul Ortiz. They have another year left on them if I'm right because in two years will be freed up from all these deals are some of these deals. But they know their hands of they know they would have to deal with the problems can you imagine. That just said would bring in in Victor Martinez go play first duke was gonna play a third Michael. -- -- That would be international -- -- it one I'd like Lowell but you know yes you know. The -- Michigan moaning he would not take that quietly go back that -- offer that he turned out. Because they emit certain promises fear. I guess. I didn't know you could parse the -- J. D. Drew -- and like old seven victory. On his way. What would you do what would you do -- at 143 what could you do Angela Angela Angela is batting 19 in the lead -- spot. But what could you do. Withdrew potentially possibly impeached yes you could do anything you wanted to say a word you could never trade him and you can't send them down -- I guess he could be your fourth outfielder. He's left the city can't it's against Fridays and playable belly against right he just wouldn't. I mean you're stuck you're not gonna Julio Lugo on the need this on the MVP of the All-Star game last year in this guy we look at you say he should be written. 339. Not 239 I don't understand why he's in the through to. Are you ought to get a J. D. Drew I was off last year not at all to build on this year. While I think he's a guy that you could be good leadoff am perplexed I don't understand why -- not a good. That she drives -- the nuts when they look at video NC one -- drive this pitch to left wasn't. But he can't he doesn't hit the left well at all he doesn't use the wall while at all. He should but he doesn't and maybe they've tried. Teach him that and and and get them comfortable doing that he never as. And he probably policy doesn't care -- -- he's content. He's at peace with his mediocre self and his hyperbaric chamber yeah Andy and his news. Probably you know or some religious aspect to worries -- comfortable being himself in his own skin even though he's. -- -- about this about which to do this as opposed to pointing out the obvious of who was struggling to a slope entry pretty much everybody. Which which of the following. Six or seven guys do you think will X load. And carry this baseball team for some portion of one of the next. Two and a half months in the season. You close he estate batters he gonna he's made. It through a couple hits last call on moments ago he's Jacoby. He'll have his moments -- notes and spurt ability David Ortiz. He might the is too old to yet low long story -- I've slowed him last night when he was it follow that up on screen yeah yeah. I think present had to have another seven home run month yet in June. -- better bushes which I won't recover would be -- to do you think -- is on his way. Ellsbury you think you probably will David Ortiz might not Jason Varitek. Probably won't probably won't not a place. Jason Bay. He that is the scary that is the one -- -- the number of levels. I got a question is you guys can't answer questions Kelly B 24 I was arrested yesterday. Oh where does the what's your answer it right. Answers to let him play and choice. It's frustrating Columbia. Certainly don't know you don't bring in that lets the bench cannot bring in Potomac news or robbery you. Objects they have court bench that jets Rocco Baldelli is bench he's he's okay he's got a player backed off the bench you can kotsay. Got a good hitter Andre mr. -- what -- your finding good -- to -- -- -- benched I don't know that your job as to what is. Blah blah. -- compared with two weeks ago. Or three weeks ago month ago you know it was real sense of urgency that's in which some. Gated that'll almost a break get that five years 75 million dollar deal done I think he still hold enough for J. D. Drew money because he still Biden who -- Right now. And and we asked this a week ago. We Japan a 15000060. Million Jason -- over five years which try to get Matt Holliday for a boat -- million. Reprieve for you talk about the justices hypothetical but say. At this point that would give us the holiday would be commanding. Garrett he money debate. I think it's largely a function of the situations that -- nine and -- beat them we talk. So. He's a product Colorado. -- did last night. Six RBI ideal home runs Grand Slam in Oakland. Now this is. His season. He's got eleven moments. And 53 RBI in indie games. He's 280 forced 3760. BP if you wanna know why -- -- elected the edges. Day over day day quite the masses it's because holidays available and that's a pretty good plan B. The last week the -- exactly reluctant to pay him money they made what they call it an aggressive offer thirteen fourteen -- -- right -- base that we've. Narrow the gap a lot very nice offer still little -- -- and what they say. Will revisit after the season the basic and when you revisit after the season he -- but he generally say goodbye when you visit after the season. I mean election take advantage of that two week exclusive rights a negotiating right period you're gonna get other suitors and one of which is in New York. And is willing to overpay. Not sure they still want to use and that the current at the rate he's -- he looks awful -- I think if you watch the eyeball test again no problem do you Kalus. Or -- kind of looks the same as he's looked to me for a month or two you know sometimes pixels big swings of as connect it's not enough -- who looks. Works -- Who looks the worst to me is bay in the base pop ups to right field while balls. Or medicine balls he looks like he's press and he doesn't look like the same guy and -- Some ballots to urge his first of that fell down yeah yeah line drive total -- lead in the -- look like the one guy who was up at the plate on boy. -- -- over mine in -- and ever and my my personal hell here. The guys -- doesn't take anything like that but but today. He probably. Is picking at least on occasion they can about the country I mean have to be. The talk about negotiating during the season -- distraction ought not negotiating knowing that every time Europe there. You're either in your plan for your next contract. Some guys -- brings up the best in them and these big contract is some guys not so much. He -- might still -- IQ with somebody personality standpoint will be the first that would effective. These out and yeah and business Obama -- now -- -- yes it seems that the little J. D. Drew. Men at the -- even keel even -- like apple has said he says that the guys look easy up and down and worried about it and calculating as it's ever going to Wade Boggs before got the first based on the cost of money -- we. All all like today -- for 75 million -- for forty million which when you go I -- eyes his eyes -- But 75 would -- X why wouldn't you. Would you look across the field and say that point seven million of that guy. An ounce on the play over that I don't I -- -- over the market has changed cherry somebody look at the house says it household for. Four million dollar -- -- over five years ago during the season you only find out you only does he -- -- tank individually only confirm. Your suspicions about the market. Well in the offseason that they only time you could determine where the costs as we begin this broadcast a couple minutes ago actually saying I might have. 00000. Overestimated. What. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll blow you watch for five innings and say yeah he knows what he's doing yeah. I'll tell you what his problem is I can it's reckon he should -- should come Simi I don't know why. John Ferrell can't detectives solve this. He's he's goal is to get late in the game he wants to get the seventh right yet you know like seven innings like a real pitcher now one of these. Fragile older guys like Clemens in his final years we in Evelyn. Somebody could deepen the game you pitched to contact. You throw more strikes than normal moments ago proposal strikes in general he's throwing too many strikes. How you can stand there in that inning approach to this Texas team that just up there and and not at least try to nibble. Try to paint try to get them chase and off speed stuff -- too many strikes he gave them a chance to tee -- on him just because he wanted to go seven. It didn't even happen because they teed off and they and needs him the animal performers. But he has to be a little more. The -- Italy while so so essentially while essentially if you're John Farrell -- you wanna showed John Smoltz tapes of Daisuke. A little more Daisuke is -- I think game reports -- yes yes -- that up to me last week and I call them dynasties smoltz. I mean that's pretty children. Dot. It's on all sorts of you have these awesome is that was the break the -- But. And walked in. Here paced Texas yeah no walk and now get the balls and strikes fear in the Experian parks. It. Wait too many strikes for a small C smoltz the areas. 31 balls 65. Strikes and only -- 96 yes they seem like you -- -- -- just look so real trouble right. For five minute yeah against the good hitting team you're saying he's got a plan you stick it to. -- roses meet welcome Michael yeah and there's an example. Michael Young should have been thrown a strike shouldn't have thrown him a strike little he darted to -- and that any drinks are good -- they're so comfortable. He throws them this junk middle of the plate up -- if -- if the -- we're doing the game. He says it was too -- he missed. He misses location what do you call nerds at what has blown -- -- what we call like it's unhittable pitches act. Job area you know -- and there we hear each piece of something Lisa meets. Now says it doesn't. Darryl mean he should have -- I'm not gonna for almost like to be changed my mind you know it's a lot of little split or India to -- ago. That's easy -- that he's that was easy cheese that was a mistake and that was the beginning in the and way too many strikes you're too old to do that now smoltz you gotta -- but more. 61777. On steroids that the toll free 888525. Series fifty email address Dennis and Callahan at WEEI dot com. When we come back a -- April sport -- you'll of the -- lines and talk with you we also have via a Jimmy Fund auction item to tell you about as well stay witness.