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Jul 7, 2009|

Stephen A talk with Dickerson and Felger about Rasheed, Basketball in Boston and what is next for the Celtics

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Welcome back -- Dennis and Callahan was -- -- and Greg Dickerson. Stephen A Smith. And on the eighteenth tee up line. Here is Steve and they spent longtime NBA commandeered joins us right now. On the program Stephen Gloria. What felt so good why are you don't excellent things have taken the time you think Rasheed Wallace works in Boston. -- I don't think there's any question about it. I mean I think that ultimately elevate the ball consultant to be in the favorites. Of the world championship as far as I'm concerned -- he had a lot of teams that consider me into the wall title contenders. While Cleveland Orlando Los Angeles San Antonio and obviously Boston and you know conflict -- me. One when I got the call and you know -- to me he was coming because. It was very very extent because I know that -- affected or are you while the wanting me he swore to me. Was said he did not want to go to another cold weather cities you know obviously he's on the east coast others who have watched and played in Portland. You know ultimately went to Detroit. They've -- and is now off that he wanted to be in the wall what this city so when he elected. The profitable. Felt that I've gotta laugh that you can vote they could about how cold PP it's -- you know obviously -- -- KG Ray Allen Coulter is the eighty -- Doc Rivers. Other companies in the -- god go on that Detroit or to really try to war. Did a great job and doing so so. -- -- here it is I think that ultimately -- although elevate the Balkans -- the end of favored to win a world championship. What does it say about the culture of the city of Boston and and no wing -- that a guy like Rasheed Wallace would come here inside here when. 56 years ago most of us were led to believe that that. Very few players want to come here. Whether it's ballot bowl -- Warner I don't mean I certainly don't mean to be insulting in any way -- You know of the cultural whatever the case -- be because that's not particular topic it has anything to do with that I think it has everything to do culture. Of these particular book the -- it's coming out nowhere street wallets for many many years -- And I can assure you he's not coming because that the city he's not coming because. You know of the culture of that they real or anything like that he's coming because Doc Rivers Ray -- KG -- Paul -- Guys that motivated him enough. So want to come aboard the heat coming because of goals individuals he's not Coventry and Hillary's. So does -- still have a stake while I know Michael will bond. After the Kevin Garnett trade or maybe even before when Garnett first balls tennis before you know said that Boston's history racially. Played end of that is that still a hurdle with Boston and NBA athletes. I I think it's it's it's a minor hurdle I think it's still live obviously you know Boston and that area along with various studies throughout this country. Arms still have that issue to some -- certainly don't want to -- -- Boston ordered Google England area where it will would've would've with a brush like that but. But the reality is that Depp plays. I have still met -- -- com the conflict you know you've got individuals and that the Greek god that I meant to go along with Doc Rivers. That do everything within their power will let people know that it's not what they think that this city will employ issue especially when you win and all it cares about the is when excel you know a lot of plays you know are able to dismissed beverages small. Almost always that what would you say players have mentioned Steve -- What they specifically said to you about Boston. What did what would you what what what what you port I mean you know -- racial tensions. He held that the -- to -- African American things of that nature I mean they beat that thing that I've experienced myself. 1000 area for the most automate it was something that was prevalent was something that happened that every street corner but unfortunately. You know in this society of the few. But I think the medic and you know you can experience something and it could be so while -- top. -- and ultimately. Risky issue than in stills of the effect being used at other places made that and it's really really that simple which certainly don't want recipient -- everybody -- -- -- or even so Fannie and Freddie. Can that a majority of people are in the north Glenn and every elected because I certainly don't believe that -- will take you. There have been instances. In my professional -- real quick it was extremely uncomfortable for me to be in that area as opposed to -- southern India a city. -- -- -- Saying privately about his experience -- since he got here. Well none -- eat eat grapes about it EE raised about it but -- I'm that the different breed Garnett doesn't really hang out he goes to work he goes well that's pretty much giving dog that you -- want. I got a lot and -- you noted expert give the culture and climate aware that he's not to say. That they either we close to -- that the itself -- certainly a situation where it's. You know he doesn't hang out as much as of the Gaza may be like -- pulpit to whatever and -- this has always rage. About being an abort this sculptor could be that everything only comedies ever had a problem with city of Boston. Other than it probably had the stabbing -- -- years ago valued at years ago that and that's certainly what it. You know racial issue the only other time we've -- had a problem in that area was -- and the Celtics will lose big if he thought that you know they were finished and they want to win anything before gaining eight straight if Torre Alex and ultimately cagey -- is the only comparable period is ever did anything negative. About Boston and he was talking about credit god he certainly we're talking about that. Stephen A Smith got a lot to the salt in a viewing this topic but I edges what must follow you mentioned you've experienced it here. Can you be more specific what happened. The outlook and I was walking down the street and you know there was use about six to seven. So white guys you know they would it was it was late at night neighbors you know one of the -- which rock and you know he was he was he was talk and a lot of stuff you know call me you know use of racial epithets it. There really come -- that in the -- that way in you know his friends we're doin' the same thing and obviously accurate walking because I was outnumbered and what have you and you know I thought that something was really really gonna go down a bit one of the guys in the crew just stop the other is certainly Malone -- go. As ever had to do whatever that would -- well -- it as it is that inning like that ever happened to you in any other major city like. Yes yes yes yes yes it has been -- in Boston. It happened to me onto a three occasions that was many years ago that was that was over that was about a decade ago what it hasn't happened to me in recent memory number one. -- and then number two a game you know I was a great you know mom mom and dad it's about right wall and all that stuff that you know mom mom and dad always taught me dad and you know I recognize that obviously. They don't speak for everybody all I'm saying is that you know you -- -- be just like they want Mike Mike will wanna looted to some of its past. And what have you when you experience something first and oddly you experienced this morning you've experienced -- anyplace else you don't unfortunately your reputation features some comments so. That doesn't mean that I -- accurate in any way about that area what have you but I do know what experts I want go and I do know what experiences. All the players have described to me and the past but they've been defense of that area against. It is not something that has happened recently. But in the past that happened with me. It's happened -- there -- several players and it's something that they mention they don't mention it now but I do think it's something that they they definitely match in more reveling in the past. More so than any other city. Any other NBA -- spoke let me get back to Rasheed Wallace. Any concern should there be concerns among Celtic fans with some of the warts and and on the court issues the technicals the group the blues sort of closing out a little bit sometimes or or or fading out of play the we -- -- over the past few years. It only want Billy -- -- are you -- how would Rasheed Wallace and that there's issues with the efficiency and no national spectacle out of that's what Doc Rivers along with KG Paul Pierce or Ray Allen comment because there are veteran squad and in you know and that very focal. Common terms of their leadership and I think it's you know it'll clear the ball well for Rasheed Wallace not the most -- all the promiscuity and and believe that Mac guys despite the technical what have you. He's actually getting a little bit more mellow that he'd been in the past because let me tell you I mean that we can't whether it was Dean -- was there was -- Larry Brown -- -- -- you have got one with. If there's got you to go to therapy in people at the top of the like -- just to find out. And discover what is it with -- administration is that how -- the situation be rectified. That is only concern that you have -- ultimate team player. I mean he's saying he's these -- six feet eleventh. He's one of the better defensive front good you know from law plays in the game. On the obviously he's one of the best shooting big men in the game he opens up its reportable you know -- three point shooting games. Significantly. And when you talk about him in KG down low. Defending against the polls in big -- is gonna be extremely formidable until you eat he was so important that he made death what's the difference whichever team got in the LA got a they would've been the papers. If Cleveland got and we checked with the blog they would've been the favorite if all -- would've gotten and I don't think they would've been the favorite but they definitely put of the pool. If San Antonio got on the clear alongside them -- he -- been afraid they would have been the favorite so the fact that he's a Boston soak in especially with the last -- you've got to stumble. With the lead a light Kevin Garnett would a motivational -- like Doc Rivers I don't think that's any if any questions that that elevates. The -- to talk to the BM and apple wants feeder zone and in the NBA torture pictures. How can it does the ultimate team guy get thrown out of an elimination game in the Eastern Conference finals to the point. Where he -- he was out of game six against Cleveland in 2007. You have been suspended for game seven to me the ultimate team guy. Is find the way to stay on the court and fight to the end and doesn't. Why elected two year old on the way off the court because he's got a thing for the officials that's moderate ultimate team guy. Well first of all I think I think that you comport to open is that there is that you can say steadily can't argue which appoint you have a right to feel that way of thinking about the totality. Of a you know of everything that he's done I'm thinking about the skill -- that he had a big impact that he has. And what coaches like Larry Brown of told me -- -- what coaches like Flip Saunders has told me about what coach like Mike Dunleavy senior. Have told me about have. Throughout his career when they talk about how he is so willing to sacrifice. Eighty saying did he have to sacrifice in terms of his game for the betterment of people you have a neat place called would have he's not looking for. You know who received the spotlight on talk about things of that nature when you talk about his actions on the court. And the oldest is instances of particular you have. Have to remember there was a guy that psychologically. Has been perceived as having a very very real real problem. When it comes to keeping his emotions in Teaneck high that is -- -- Betty he did say that can be chopped that there's a bit but that doesn't make him. Eight selfish play at that means he can't they -- Visit different if you don't have to problem and then -- just all of which -- -- choose to be a troublemaker York journal which used to be a brat. It's up to you control you can control which you refuse to do. Then that's different that's selfish but when you have an inability to control yourself and that has been the case. So ensured days in college with Pete Smith what did you do leave school early because it was that issue we have Portland -- Troy watch it to people what that. Ultimately both felt that it was an extreme concern and obviously you know you and I look at it differently because not taken with the -- have they crop. Loyalties to them on the -- I said it has ordered a make sure he's well medicated and there will be five C sought out the counseling. As far as you know. I -- it to my knowledge not. The my knowledge if he had he's been very very low key about that. If something that some usability looked at me like I wouldn't -- public ever but Leavitt says that I never bothered to ask that question is simply because they had won the championship. That season in Detroit is that ultimately vehicle on the in the Eastern Conference finals could the six consecutive years so you know Heidi revisit that situations -- David quickly before we let you go. Between Jack and Cleveland Vince Carter and Orlando when the east do you think did the best for themselves and look at the Celtics the hardest run next year. Well I think you have a Cleveland simply because LaGuardia but to in the last year that contract -- pressed up against the wall there's no denied that. My I think Shaq make anything better but I still think that the Cleveland Cavaliers in the -- their biggest need which was getting a big got. Maybe -- small port is still look logic is still trying to talk trouble readout of miserable commitment to the Houston Rockets. So who knows but I think they need. Somebody with that size that it let it does -- to ward off Orlando and airport but the issue is because Mo Williams Delonte West -- -- -- was simply too small. Ought to be formidable defensively against your lab nomadic that they Cleveland as the bad shot but I still don't think it's good enough. To beat the Boston Celtics so let that you would say. But that's the case because there's cars went -- his -- but I just don't believe that are believed that Cleveland still has the pressure got to knock off the court to stop it. Because LeBron James is abroad can't deny he's got a big board the middle that can do some damage. Bob as well leave it though he's not be easy got a spotless. I still think it can't be enough to beat the Boston Celtics as pleasantly as double the abroad is that they get another big guard or small forward I don't think they've got a -- against -- to. Would you think of reasons claim that. LeBron told him staying past 2000 intends that just the recruiting pitch. I'll show. Sure that's what I believe you know I. I have -- -- well I could do is tell people you know what it what the people who LeBron James can't there's Meche in the Al Q what they say what they do not what they admitted that matter -- make. You know from I understand that LeBron James just leave it at you know after next season -- all these Jenny said in the New York City. Okay -- the people around here are smoke and some wacky weed because they think that. The Celtics have a chance to land LeBron James that when the -- -- on Rondo trade came up the green timbers of the electrical. So the -- they're doing this is the clear future salary because they have a shot at LeBron James. Your opinion on that. Are they are smoke. Filler as -- resident green -- -- Alitalia. Had zero chance thank you zero show legend all right Stephen AY New York. Bob you know just you know obviously you know it's the Mac -- and a lot of people are they're not think that he had about an opportunity. -- to come here and be a savior let's be real I mean -- absolutely fantastic that the book itself it's a championship contenders. But the Los Angeles Clippers -- world champions the the last two world champions come out of Boston LA. But the reality is is that you know you the NBA you've got Joe all this right off that Babineaux and you've got a team in New York media capital of the world. That hasn't been at a post season and eight years that's a problem the united dad made any noise in eight years that's the problem. All of 788 -- eight consecutive losing season. That's the problem that's not the that they know that they need to rectify the fuel quality and obviously you can make money wherever you go what if you're New York City the belief is not only can you make a little bit more what you want to be an iconic figure and I narcotic plant. Not just somebody that's associated with the game of basketball what he wants to expand as a lot of as he took all of those things into consideration because for the fact that he comes to New York City. And he'd be a savior that elevates the prospects even more. And that has a lot to do with this pressure imports from leave this. Bob you know what I don't think so I don't think MBA is the ball that that they have their wish they have their desires. But I don't think it's -- case -- you know they push somebody to do that you know and they have they would deny it today killed anyway so there really doesn't make it different but they clearly love. All major markets seems to win well they want Chicago to do well possibly won't fault them violated -- -- gospel. They definitely want New York -- hi -- they work and folks get to on the web. Body gets me is even a dark come Leonardo much would they cannot FaceBook got up going all that stuff. Man I gotta get rated on a MSNBC and an hour to talk about Michael Jackson -- that's. No problem got tickets and go okay Steven -- the good stuff.