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Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated

Feb 5, 2009|

Chris talked about a wide range of NBA topics, including Celts-Lakers

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Course you know it's Celtics Lakers tonight at the TD BankNorth garden. Talk a little NBA basketball now with the superb NBA reporter from Sports Illustrated. And SI dot com -- last name sounds familiar it should. Chris man X joins us on the line hey Chris I don't. Think it's gone on Chris. We're kind of -- -- hours still. -- Kobe and KG and everybody tips off at the garden tonight. In are bound to watch the highlights from abroad game last that I swear to god those two guys -- we LeBron have that sort of anything you can do like and you better mentality with each other that you know it it's almost -- -- Matsui last. Do you think god this speaks to the greatness of Kobe and LeBron artisans who does that speak to the court defense that my -- Tony has with the next. You know it's a little bit of both but it obviously the next vastly no interest in playing these that mean like it is. You know pretty open -- fact that they'd like winning games 1251. And you know those kind of -- games they have a lot of offensive players on the team and very few. Because the players speculative but the play -- it probably happens Jared Jeffries that the reason he's playing. Consistent meant that article that is by I think you know obviously you can take nothing away from. Individual out of Kobe LeBron but I -- -- -- -- at street course. Ironically. On the on the SI dot com website today you write about. A Knicks forward who's actually you know shown himself to be a pleasant surprise for the Knicks this year. Eight differently running -- it is a real player you developed. Tremendous. -- -- -- off at the game. Really stick to the time this summer adapted to life and work on the things that would be. Necessary to play it might get it does not like a pick and roll which -- -- in Phoenix Amare Stoudamire heap as he Chris Duhon. You know I was told by scout direct federal laws or anybody outside of Chris Paul and -- -- the world but I mean. And he's done a great job developing a fifteen foot jump shot and you look at the free agent market guys 2009. It doesn't have the height of 2000 and the they're a lot of big names out there were -- you know Carlos Boozer. They'd of Rasheed Wallace Allen Iverson product that I think vividly giving it agent at it upside to beat cream of the crop. Let's direct the Celtics Lakers here protecting Chris. How the Lakers gonna respond since wilt Chamberlain is out for a twelve to jumpstart our -- our schedule by now. What they -- do without bumps are tired to hear about this kid what are they going to do without him. Q we just laid out there and now got into Bynum is not coming back this year I mean this guy is slow healer first -- saw that last year I don't think anybody. And that Laker locker and expect and come back to the the Laker team you're going to be. For the rest the seed and you know I have the only way to get a response they've waited plastered going to rely a lot of Lamar -- to do the things that he. People doing a target by igniting fast break by itself you know the ability offense. Not being under Bynum but maximizing the things he can do that you've done over the course is currently he's got to beat a threat from the outside got a cute -- And it high forty -- from from the field Dem nick the the reported that I think he's going to be a big big -- that that the that's -- -- -- got much much tougher than it was last year and that's not going to be to cut cakewalk and -- -- you guys talking about sought to -- -- pointed to meet sought to build is the out of 33 MVP race right now behind outlook chronicle he's been not. Instrumental in changing Denver's that -- complaint I think they're going to have. They're going to be a factor in the west you look at the New Orleans. Ed O'Neill is going to be healthy this year they took on a -- Antonio team. I in the conference finals Clijsters I think it's going to be must've -- to get out then to do that they're really need big forward tomorrow. You brought up the conversation we had earlier and I'm curious to get your take I and I thought Michael's point was a good when that guys like Chauncey Billups. Where were NBA finals MVPs but not considered great a -- players why isn't Paul Pierce considered a great a league player after his NBA finals MVP. You know he's he's getting there at least in the minds of people around the league I mean look at all -- to keep him on. With Shaq into. 2000 it's not a complete player I personally think that he could've done the exact same things. Pickle we did with Jack with that lake it seems just a matter all -- played you know in relative obscurity with some bad Boston. But he was -- -- or you know the Big Three was what was they'd be Antoine Walker into -- want to delve into. And it's systematic and getting the recognition that when I think that age doesn't have to have that kind of that was big game -- we played -- playing in. What big playoff games -- -- seventeen years old and he's been in the league can do and I think for very long let's think of the matter of of not being able not playable and the spotlight early district. -- -- the spotlight now mean. -- didn't get any bigger than Lakers Celtics last year. At that game turned around when they were down by a bunch early -- turn around when Paul Pierce decided he was going to guard Kobe. If not now it may never happen. And keep up there and accommodation -- like it -- and everybody are totally respect him and and indeed giving him -- about those beacons are as the game being at an elite player I'd think that like it that it just a little bit. Too late from ever be considered a conversation -- -- in the -- It's not what the great players Colby is. Without question in my mind the most skilled player in the league right now I'm in the broadest most dominant off but the player no question about that. But Colby is unbelievable the -- play humble but the ball I mean no -- Michael Jordan has done that I think that. Fact the pop is never been known as the great defensive play or even not an above average -- but the player really well last beat that the -- well. Obviously in Boston we're excited about the Lakers and Celtics on that it. But we know that in in the Eastern Conference the team you have to watch out sports Cleveland you're convinced Archie Chris that Cleveland has another deal to make. Liam I am completely commitment -- got that deal is going to be market can't market down right now you comic back when it's done. But I've firmly believe they're gonna like get market and what the Clippers you know officially militantly they look like the million right now but at what they officially decided -- over. Because that they're getting -- -- production now that three man not -- with Zach Randolph and Chris Kaman. And I can't be -- I don't think that they're going to be cost cutting mode trading Camby -- -- but he million dollars excuse for a guy like Wally Szczerbiak immediate guy like it to get in. I'd just the kind of move that I think is that rep Mike Dunleavy valiant run at don't sterling LL EQ if god watch out if they get Marcus -- I really. Biggest idiot posters -- anyway because Cleveland so much better in their backcourt the lot is given them a lot. In -- I mean he's just spent nine with -- respect right now there's it. -- always not need the All-Star team. I've played Jameer Nelson. It's camp because that -- it is actually ridiculous that these so. If they get mark came out of that on court to bring another that the presence in the big tackle than law. Anderson carried out -- doubt it I mean they're going to be almost impossible not to play. What's the deal if there is one for the Celtics tonight. Yeah and a good question I still think that Boston hospital waiting on Joe's net. If if I'm impressed you at Oklahoma City but not right now told that they're leaning toward not buying market -- not making it. Put up spot not a guy -- Politicking about getting out of the contract but he's been a pretty good influence on the young players out there's so what it's nice to have him around but I think that. You gotta be the number one target that right now he's that kind of back up they they have PG a row last year is the elect. At a politics and indeed he kicked people playing you know ten -- fifteen minute these -- people playing thirty minutes. If you really need it is I think he's the guy they're looking at right now -- not been beating the drums for the and they can move -- the Ottawa dump like that it -- link to deal him. And ninety it just that kind of outside -- they need in Boston a much reluctant to get them the what I think they do need a guy like that struck the perimeter. And Chris were talking about this a bit yesterday comparing the stats. Of Mo Williams versus Ray Allen it's very close to that as a matter fact Ray Allen wins in a lot of categories so why do you think it would be a sham. If Ray Allen gets the nod over -- Again I think no disrespect competent mean. So that's. Inside if you let them target -- that aren't. How do you have a Cleveland team that that could not don't want an All-Star. One all are met it's just a matter of numbers guys have to do them a second -- started the Detroit game last Sunday. What brought that out most of what quarter and it was Mo Williams put the game away for -- there was smoke make it jump shot -- -- consecutive jump shot to which were reporters. Beckett this guy is tremendously. Still player. -- -- in Milwaukee it -- playing much heed that back one not coached who who happily at what he told the only time to replace the it arena. Opera the way he acts that played. A pretty good that are all you want -- -- it deserves that -- Cleveland to being the number two that you have to have to Walt start looking that good. Did Orlando's Eastern Conference challenged if they -- even more were able to -- one and when Jameer Nelson went down. Yeah I think it I was never bolt literally and it went red goodbye for the he's not a point the team coming back -- special graduate brought more to definitely has the he really looked like I got career really out and at this point and at what point but he just then. And spent Shell of his former self is pretty good player possibly really been. I really and not factor but and down their B yeah I don't know Jameer just killed the till magic entirely I'm I'm I'm thinking up here. These leaning toward having -- surgery but he's young he wants to come back healthy. I think he's in India are that nucleus for -- -- become so I think that that's totally destroyed them but it won't try to make a deal offered my game. Around Tyrone lose in the -- W talking about. Replacing Jameer Nelson having a phenomenal he'd be shooting the ball. -- -- -- athlete has changed the weight played that well this year in the past he's -- he's focused too much and trying to beat. A Chris Paul or Steve Nash type player Alan Embree in the -- that he had the sport oracle point private people putting up. Big numbers any night I think that that's really helped him out and the way losing him like that is that would devastating whirlwind of. I asked the question yesterday if the Knicks did buyout Marbury. Would would it be cool Orlando look at that direction. Good yeah take -- what I take a look at it over what possibly meet that mark Marbury is sold each. After we got it will destroy he's attacking destroyers with you out like -- On a team right that you just completely. Hurt stick the chemistry of the team make you the -- the last five years got up with a New York five years now. The last five years he had 82 teammates and actually want to talk to any given night mean -- On that seem like in the -- these guys are no all the support that he's not with the team so. You know maybe -- -- do that but I mean of first and foremost but it that I don't think Margaret -- -- out of his contract I really don't think it's gonna happen why would James Dolan. We just vindictive in order there are out there while he by Marbury out of his contract so we as we signed with Boston. He can play ball in the first in other than nick complete bust in the first round and he can and they sweep them Marbury will be celebrating human knicks' on court and it. Have to -- Heavily and don't mind right now like I think that if he's just stick it to Marbury may be by -- after march 1 when players are allowed to. That compete in the playoffs that I'm teams but -- stop it after the. Chris I'm with -- Marbury I can't stand and shelter don't ghetto but you said none of his teammates couple teammates like them. I know there's a former Knicks intern who liked him a bit. I I don't I don't even bring up that trial and -- that we in my life on the to get back last. -- it is awful. Now I -- Chris I saw this in person telltale white Jo-Jo white but the smack you around. So I thought people a shot if they look like you want -- probably didn't let. I had this fundamental belief I think that any team from the Darrell probable pop on a team from bygone era you know Joe just seems bowl -- teams. -- like that we got your argument studio whether the it's go to made some good point that the skill level India. And the chemistry was probably better but the sheer athleticism guys -- Domonique. Added some degree at the league and there's so well coached -- back and read outback steak it would take to read I'll back to the team. Now you have the debate -- was the world QB coach the quicker rate the big man coaches to get coached for every single thing out there and good nutrition. -- -- is that they have like seven strength coaches last year I mean you have just a a completely different that'll now I think that yea it's just it is my belief that any people that are it would probably you know handily beat any team from aggregate there. Not Joe Jones -- -- the tie on got a little pocket I wear it and yeah he's good you know he's revenue hands together smelling good can't tell Monty he smelled good and -- -- So so Chris has anything and then Joe Joseph like slowly move him back from the -- like. -- young boy here. You a little fired up there and I always felt great players would be great players in any I agree to you know that part would be great player today in KG would be great player back then. But I do agree with you Chris that that the -- schism and the defensive abilities of the teams to LA is so far beyond what they were playing back then. Economic -- point the other day that the rules are hurt eat do you talk about the the follow rules we -- -- the Mike in the days that you know that's. The flagrant -- that. Kevin Garnett gave the current Rem wasn't actually later I'll back in the yet with eighty or what would actually like about the personal file in this stated that have been suspended for the year for all like that it needs to. Yeah plus Kendrick Perkins 10000 dollar -- net. That's the third to let me -- at this moment -- -- this is too much protecting the players -- technicalities part of the game -- and you know. That it hasn't had he taken you gotta go up their play about what got beat up out there and I I think the NBA is really doing that all the debt service but not a lot of players being more physical yet. I understand why they're doing at the don't want another brawl on the palace still another. Melee that led list on sports center for months at a time but LA people forget the brought out about the physical play it was product has punching receipt -- a team that brought. In the back of the head I mean that was up I like that no matter what. Rules would you put -- there are always going to result in. You know in a -- or some sort of an altercation I think that that the league really open up we can't take charges away you know guys like interest in Bears out drive me. I think you're watching at 610 guy -- -- pickets charge from Rajon Rondo type player is sort out they let him get away with that. -- and blocked the shot go for the block at. -- -- I like it in the NBA give the players. More leeway they have physical contact around the basket that what you you've given that the shot blockers make it more and I aimed at making more compelling game did not want that he. You know guys that are sick and the -- -- -- it just it just struck secret. The deal we were going backwards. The two of us through about out worth an 8686. Celtics versus current Celtics up -- -- 86 Celtics went seven games this guy on the phone since. Current Celtics in four in. Are we actually and then they sweep right that one Joe Joan Collins litigants and -- again noticeably leaped across the table and cut right. I don't know blogs out there. Play devil's advocate then get that a bit doctors could stretch the bench you cigarette they're pop up problem with the bench is now. I mean -- big is that is that the modern era back then that having having the wall off the bench mean if it can Scott Wittman liked what got that. Eric that are you know superstars -- league that's on top of the -- that I think data yet. Played huge part but again I still think that the yet let that we thought -- -- with with the other -- today. I know your power rankings come out on Monday but let's budget a little bit your power rankings today Thursday would go how in the top five. Had you know they're very fluid up at the same top five for Booker must -- tired -- with everybody shuffling in and out. You know right now and it it will -- and a lot on -- -- tonight on more -- game rather or that it started with the Lakers I think -- -- often. LA Cleveland. With it at Sony with four in -- -- -- would spot that the political fallout I think Denver's going to step it up I've. Going forward and I just think that with a chip -- -- the cents a bit that. People in in Los Angeles have -- -- very presumptuous. With the Western Conference like oh yeah it's we probably match up against Boston whereas in Boston we say. Don't worry about Cleveland and LA and not worry about anybody are. Don't they should be terrified at Sony I mean use -- -- -- the other night references -- -- together -- care what the regular you know all interpret the second third. Afford the want to get home court in the first round but doesn't. Nothing else -- in that team is going to be very tough to beat a -- know we've -- It off and on the eve of water covers an ankle surgery he's really going to be a little more kinda get back in the flow of the game I think come -- up and Popovich. Some master Perry. In the playoffs I think you can have a tremendous game plan in place of that -- it it would explain that probably in the conference while I just don't. Don't get Laker team that currently constituted I don't see them getting back but -- Antonio I really don't mean to talk about. -- probably 61 point in the of the nineteen you know Paul Gasol had 31 point -- but yet quite spot I mean that you can't beat. Institute team particularly one of those players and do and do things that negate the effect that one of those players had he can beat at that can and you'd like that between art which reported at the bit to get much more production -- ultimately cost. Think it. You could put Joe du Mars under sodium pentothal he'd tell you wished he hadn't gotten Allen Iverson. Now I don't because I've been told by several people the Joe it and took care -- the and anyone likely to be really surprised me jokes about the last -- the I'd shake things up and no true to his word he went out -- treated shot to build you saw you know the light in the -- for the asking -- about the -- it. And really expired they really want the team that was going to be able to and Bridget -- you back this year -- Joe's going to have. A truckload cap space next two years you Iverson come up books she lost not the books I really think it Joe's going to make a big play for Carlos who -- it -- he's -- eighty Chris Bosh. In 2010 of the closers to number one target right now we built the team. Around those two guys now with -- Stuckey coming on rip Hamilton and get back in the starting lineup initial print. Is still sign up for few more years with Scott with Jason Maxiell on the back so that -- that sort of philosophy of the Detroit but it still compete in the book yet. Foreseen in the part of the early -- the playoffs I don't really think that Joe and Dave Reid cares too much but the result. Chris we really appreciates taken a few minutes it was fun talking hoops with. Our interests that German and Chris Maddux from Sports Illustrated and SI dot com.