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Peter King, SI/NBC Sports

Dec 12, 2008|

Peter discussed the latest Owens saga, Crennel's future, and much more

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Peter King has brought to you by Fred seat church insurance. Because it's not just the policy. It's the people. Hello Peter how -- Eight dale what do you think of the new unit. You know I I don't love the half. It doesn't. Make me want to take hostages like Steve Buckley but I'm not in love with a. That they have if they have going to be worn it every. Is that they're they're universal had no -- I think that's the hat for next year. -- the uniform. I like. I if I was going to nitpick I would have put the names in the back using the same font as Boston on the front. But I like the uniform I I never was a fan of the red alternate Jersey it was too slow pitch softball for me I I like the navy one batter. Well he would be. -- it what are they going to have names on the back of their uniforms. Yes -- though the road uniform a hero not all right but it's just going to different font then on the ball and on the front. And it does the home uniform change at all. All -- by the -- told my headphones. The new hat is only going to be one with the alternate uniforms. And and so. What happens to the current uniforms. -- home uniform is unchanged with the B -- Manhattan all that stuff the road uniform is is that the great when that you saw with the navy blue lettering. With the B on the hat and in the alternate uniform the navy blue is on the road the red is at home and both of with the Sox act. Do you like. You know I just sought for about. The minute last night I had no idea it was coming but I. Somebody sent me hey look at the new respect uniform and I looked at it. I kinda like to have. But I don't know I I'm glad it's not the permanent have always probably like to be -- better but. Anyway take. Big surprise it comes out just in time for the Christmas shopping. -- -- -- -- Big surprise. A player Peter we were just having a debate not on baseball but on football on. A point in -- article by rob Bradford where he was that very critical of the Patriots recent -- and this email or contrast that it with an article by you where you said. The Patriots have done a good job on the drafts. Well I mean I didn't I didn't make any judgment. On you know any universal judgment on the Patriots draft in general. I just made -- judgment. On the 2007. Draft which. No matter how you look at it. Is one of the best. Is produced. Some of the best. Talent out of a draft that anybody has produced in recent years. I mean there's that they can't be debated yet yet Randy Moss. Out of the draft. You get Wes Welker out of the draft you get Jerod Mayo out of the draft. -- get Shawn Crable out of the draft. Embree get branded meriwether out of the draft mean Brandon meriwether. You know I don't know Armenian. That was in I think it is going to use my defensive player of the week last week -- you know for -- -- Seattle. Look at I'm sure the Patriots like. Everybody else can beat beings first some lousy pick. But I think we also want to remember that. One of the things that's happening to them when they pick if they're going to have fewer guys make their team for two reasons one. They have a good base of bettering talent and the only way you're going to beat out that -- talent if your late round pick. Is to somehow find your way to the practice squad. And impress the coaches. And not over. You know few months. So that when there's an injury. They put you on the active roster rather than going -- pick up Rosevelt Colvin and Junior Seau. But. Yeah I think out of that draft if I'm not mistaken. The Patriots. -- attempted to put. Several of those fifth sixth seventh round pick. On the practice squad wasn't Kareem Brown one of those guys who went to the Jets. Yet -- I was line there are few other guys who. I don't know you know and I don't look it I have not examined the Patriots draft as a whole over the last five or six years. They've certainly had some clunker picks but. -- there's absolutely no debate that the 2007. Draft. Is going to turn out to be if the Patriots. Have made sort of eighty. The way the 49ers did after. The first. You know asserted their first the first part of your reign was over. And they you know they had a great draft in 86 and then acquired speedy young at the trade for two -- from Tampa. I mean they sort of have a second run there. Okay if the Patriots. Do the same thing. You'll look back at the 2007. Draft they've what they've brought in all the way up to 2008 by the way if not even done you get second round pick from San Diego. In 2009. Which is looking like it will be -- beat the 43 pick in the draft practically pronouncement. Eat you know I I again I think that perhaps it is. He can't debate how great that was for the Patriots. Definitely Peter I want a touchy about that the draft some more but I just want to say this I think a lot of people. Maybe when they look at draft picks and how teams have done. I'll miss they will grade a mess as like minus 100 points. And not really putting it in context that's what I mean by 2000 public that some other teams because if you follow the Patriots you're just focused on them and they have really had some big misses but. 2005 look at the Giants draft they have Corey Webster in the second round. Justin tuck in the third Brandon Jacobs in the fourth and they have. Eric more. A good defensive end from Florida State in the sixth round. So I think the Giants probably look at that draft and say that great you know why got two or three productive players out of that draft. Whereas if you go to -- at 2006 draft for the Giants they have Mathias Kiwanuka from Boston College Sinorice Moss. Gerris Wilkinson Barry Cofield guy whimper. Charlie Peprah. In -- McPherson. They probably say that's a pretty good draft of the got Kiwanuka out of the draft and can can you really. And he got you got Barry Cofield has basically been starting defensive. The tackle on a Super Bowl team and still has. So what what I'm saying now wonder if you agree with this if you can get a couple of names. Of guys who can help your team out of a draft that's pretty good it is very rare. To do with the Patriots did in 3. Or to do what they did in 7 and say we got this out of the draft we get we we got. All-Star players -- -- one draft. Yeah I think that. Are either one of the dangerous things to do our member Ron wolf. In the middle of the pack her glory years once telling me that. I'm happy Friday that 333 and a draft and I'm euphoric if I'd -- 500 or some work to that effect. And so him and I think Jimmie Johnson if you look at the way he used to do the draft. Which is. I mean in Bill Belichick and Scott pioli of that especially Belichick have at long conversations with Jimmy. And is draft philosophy and Jimmie just said. It's many picks -- he can't that you're going to make a lot of mistakes he does well to get as many picks you can't use them as currency. And -- you know if there's nobody want give the -- wait for next year even if it is an equity trade. So and and get in just remember the way the Patriots are built right now for better for worse. Is he got a lot of veteran guys and that team him -- still productive and so on a team like that it's going to be hard for a lot for a volume. Of young players to make your team and I think that that impact that would draft looks. It just sorry -- -- been talking a -- but I just want to -- another quick -- 2007 the Giants. Were great Aaron Ross in the first round Steve Smith in the second. -- They had a -- coax. Michael Johnson not the runner. And Ahmad Bradshaw. With the seventh round pick not too bad compensatory Rick. The reason that. That Jerry -- in my mind was. No it's banter but the the executive of the year a year ago is because. Every single one of his draft choices in his first class every one was active for the playoffs last year. And so I mean if that happens. You have to just say to yourself we we we not only had the but we did not take a bad player in seven rounds and so I mean. There's no more definition -- -- great guy -- your front office then there would have been with Jerry -- let's -- Patriots are an Oakland its face the Raiders on Sunday in what I think is a pretty unusual move. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will attend the game at the Raiders invitation by the way what's going on here is this relationship -- You know I think that one of the things. And I think it's been a little bit underrated. Over the last couple of years. And Al Davis it you know threw his support to Roger Goodell. Oh lead in the eighth in the commissioner process. And he was one of the reasons why did bill. That it wasn't an easy pass but it the end at a fairly well pat I think they get along well. He'd invite them out I'm sure they'll change some ideas about him. What. You know what what the Raiders hope to do with their stadium what a horrible situation they're in with their stadium. And I am sure that Roger who was the NFL's point may. In years. Need. Stadium situation in California is in the outlook -- There's a law on state California any it's called proposition thirteen -- forget what it is but. The state legislature is forbidden. From using public funds. For sports -- period there's no no wiggle room and and so I'm sure that that they're going to be looking for some help looking for some ideas. Particularly about their stadium but I'm not sure those ideas are going to be forthcoming. -- at the point early on in the week that I am still waiting for Tony Romo. To come through in the clutch in a big game situation for the Dallas Cowboys and I wasn't being facetious because I don't think he's done it yet. Now we read about issues that apparently. Terrel Owens has with Romo and Jason Witten what's going on in the Cowboys can't. Well. First of all I really trusted werder. Who reported on that he wasn't really the first one to report he's the first 12 record in depth but. McLaren still down their for the Fort Worth star telegram wrote about it and basically here's here's what I would call an uneasy truce. Between. Between TO. In between the offensive hole and and I believe that it's going to be very very damaging I think it already was -- If you look at. He -- if then if your listeners can't if they -- lot of work YouTube. Go and find that there. Tony romo's first interception at Pittsburgh last week. Detroit -- Malo interception early in the first quarter and you know what shall see. You'll -- Terrell Owens giving up on a route that he -- either caught the ball on or he could've. He could have. Broken up the pass and and Polamalu would -- caught it that it reception was absolutely on you know. So my feeling is yet TO was picked off now no matter what he says. Tom about not getting the ball enough. Look over the last three years he's got fifty more passes thrown to him a pass attempts thrown to him and Jason Witten. And if you were Tony Romo and you saw his effort on that first pass of the game. First thing I do is come to the sidelines until you no good if so be. You'd be selfish guy ever met in my life in words that are probably going to be a lot worse than what I guess set. I think this is far far far. Owens this certain way way way Owens -- fault -- anybody else's fault. And I think it's going to be a problem but I don't think that there's anything to Cowboys can do about it we knew invite Terrell Owens on your team. You invite these sort of conflagration. That are going to happen all the time. Peter by the where our listeners are brilliant of course they know how to work you two are you kidding me. I hope they do you know don't look at it. You've got to go look at that play might I mean it's a disgraceful. Attempt. And I a you know I wasn't listening closely I probably should have the joke book and treatment. Should -- assassinate. Terrell Owens after that play and I think they said very very little. Now here here's my question for you who's going to win the AFC east that's what's been on my mind all week who's going to win this division. I wish I knew I wish I had a good idea I had my gut feeling is Miami. But that means that that that -- means that. That they'd have to beat the Jets. What I believe is going to beat the Sunday night game at the meadowlands the Chad Pennington repentant people. For the AFC championship on him. But but again. I mean is this is this is -- slippery slope if you could see I mean. Do I expect the Patriots to win all three yes the most Kurt Warner currently plays the game on the road. And in that case Arizona could win the game next week and and make maybe make week's seventeen mood for the Patriots so far I'm I'm pretty much at a loss but it right at the pick and right now I picked Miami. There's a big piece in today's San Francisco chronicle written by Nancy gay. In which he applauds -- York of the 49ers forgiving singletary the opportunity to coach she also implore is York. To hire Scott pioli as the team president and she gives all the reasons why and it's very detailed. Is it clear that may be sooner rather than later Scott pioli is going to leave this organization and and run a team somewhere. I don't think it's clear. But I do think I mean I'd be very surprised if you know Warner who were three teams don't go after there's going to be mean you'd see heavily and skate in the NFL works. Every other year recently. -- -- -- awful lot of changes at the top of organizations. Two years ago others I think eleven coaching changes and last year there were only four. We have coaching change -- People in the front office and with the football operation. And I mean I've been obviously I've I've been public in in saying that if you are going to make it change. It would be downright foolish if you didn't look at pioli I mean if -- Cleveland Browns right now. And you're probably -- you're going to change Romeo Cornell and you're probably going to think about changing Phil savage. And -- I'd be surprised if they didn't consider I'd be surprised if Detroit didn't consider. And I mean I'm sure that there are probably other place that I that I don't know but I do think that -- if you're Scott. You're looking at this situation this year insane. There's probably some interesting places. That I could get involved with this postseason. And I mean if -- I'm not saying if he's ever going to leave now's the time I'm not saying that at all. I mean I wouldn't be surprised if -- date but I think he's definitely going to have the opportunity to go with the if he chooses. Peter you mentioned the Cleveland Browns and with the exception. Of one playoff season from butch Davis that organization has been a -- since they returned to Cleveland in 1999. Why why are they creating this circus now around Romeo Cornell -- in my opinion. It's just firearm and make somebody on staff an interim coach wire they allowing the first the bill cower rumors and now the Marty Schottenheimer rumors to faster. Well first of all. I mean there's not much that there's not much they can do about the reverse and I don't know. What I don't think they are here sore right -- to happen. You gotta give some credit to have to people like Morton. In chapter. And and and Jay Glazer any information guys because they obviously keep in touch which is. The towers in the -- Iverson knows people they know people inside. And they can have a conversation with somebody insight hey if you if you might make it change. What do you think your list is going to be would you consider built our. And if somebody here -- bill -- all of a sudden it's headline that you know. Browns are going to go after power. And you know so we cannot I'm not sure that that that's coming from the -- -- I truly don't know that. But the one thing I'd say about it is. But you know Romeo. Unfortunately. For him. If they had a bad year this year he was going to take the ball almost not matter whose fault it is. Because they were such tremendous expectations coming into this your effort and when he's in last year. So I mean that's what happens when your coach in the NFL. When you take -- job. For better or for worse what happens is you're going to be responsible as coach. All and that's what Romeo was seeing now and again. I believe that. They'll probably remake the entire organization. So if you're going to do that and bring in in new general manager type in your chances are that. You know Romeo would be kept anyway I mean it's almost certain -- it would be kept so I think under almost any circumstances is it for. Peter we always appreciate time have a good weekend all I care Peter senior king brought to you by Fred seat church insurance. Because it's not just the policy. It's the people.