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Whiner Line Monday, November 17th

Nov 17, 2008|

Whiner Line Monday, November 17th

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My view was expressed don't know why airliner not necessarily those of the big show with staff board WEEI in general don't blame us for what these -- would say say they don't speak to harass. Bears' -- Salem motivational run. I credit my point it's. -- don't use the word battle. It's now quite so -- runs and I'm. The -- ruin your biological elements are Rosa Zambrano and WEEI. -- -- lie do you call right now just to be Jackie as we'll go ahead and I don't. Do you -- you let somebody finishes this year I don't really -- around the lot but you'll I think she. Don't let alone -- -- shut this Michael Giles 6177793535. It was hurting your material I was not -- -- there's usually you're only England. You're I was -- -- that was the I would we're going to come with time and whiner line and we are so angry about everything in your realizing you can't listen anyway -- -- -- -- doing something -- don't worry about me he says hi John York and now to shut -- Mike Norfolk express WEEI. Yeah it's like the call is now he wants to continue to talk nonstop whiner line. I'm -- whiner line. Grossman like now that they've got everything you need to keep your home heating bills under control was what are. -- -- and beat them rooms toward him lowest prices. Grossman was born in I want thanks to a most desperate. I don't know an -- dollars their influence -- -- -- you know thank him would like to thank god illustrate your Patriot place because once again on Brothers the boys like it was out of this world. Stakes were phenomenal orders was phenomenal chicken was great and everything was it's usual I think there -- -- she's -- were or he's so we're prepared them for Hewitt. I had enough pieces to vote for it was very nice. Gesture and again cracked racquets you had today so what's your -- -- and trick that you -- value and TV ticket chicken every week but I can't touch since then we're running down I don't touch the study your test that god did touch every I don't -- -- -- -- egg -- him. I was actually over the watched great place it's all for lunch right here relaxed and and -- exactly and it lets stop going to. I was really glad I. And I woke up in the count with the ball and abetted and they'll pick and the Patriots did could. And just -- -- out of first place right on the hasn't played well what the other tent by the way darkness suspended for game. The -- -- this to me it's an opponent. But it. As -- I don't know that they might I would not -- Commitment so that political event and it caught him then I went. And if -- I. -- Eddie Murray dialogue -- by you know -- yet. Big cat into a bigger area -- you know I don't want no more a bit ONB no other -- make a bad about. And now he's deliverable that we have Alou took us I was gonna say this or was better -- I would love to talk over it took over. And I think Fred -- respond to those -- volumes of older I had to come to me. They paid by the feeling right. My clock and the more under recommended we trade Tom Brady good that the ideal spot for college -- -- -- mob that little thought we had some big deal. And I didn't want to eliminate you wanted to emblem I only speak I was preakness -- ever since big ocean to Michael after neutered yeah nothing has suffered a supposed -- conversation with electric rate numbers these -- want. -- like if you jump partly on the on the that's -- it was nice -- would seem like yours and all hospitals them. I'm glad. I can't believe it that -- three minute before of that but I don't know on the betrayed Brady right because how could I might have to hopefully the next. And I haven't tried to make a block any witnesses does in his -- that's pizza denies the man. -- -- What I want and now. Compel -- cat went right out capped off hand now yeah ha ha ha ha. -- -- -- Mark Cuban went trick or treating at if you tripped up that block the blue and the message. Bulls. And. -- like Mark Cuban might get a little legal trouble that I could go likable guy and if you don't get behind them at -- part of you know that I hope these broad principles. And that used to support. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No answer anybody's. Really -- I'm Brett -- get a monetary Ellis Libya in the over -- Tonight do you really looked at him and and I often this year. Finally going to come. And that message of the way as we should do from now -- people that we incident. In my for a team that -- We also. Yeah I like three million dollars is underwent back America life entrepreneurs regular business time boxer gets off his list office last note so -- I'll hire you want my art that is why -- You know I'll trust these guys you -- agony you know bugs off -- Eggshell Buckley is if they mortgage and without that that -- good game bad back and and -- A project. -- at a peak -- actively without information all the time. I'm a guy that called a couple of weeks ago when he was given a job because of community. Scott immaculate about the yeah. I was glad to Africa bombing that was lying about what the MVP. We -- -- Albert pool want to. I am I can't believe -- -- and I'm. And and to your advantage of course I'll smack your choice for that next time I see about the poor -- -- don't really bother you finished third in the MVP brings home yeah always good -- the but once the Colombians. You know Donovan McNabb. What you believe waved -- -- -- do not know that football game and that I day. A three year old thought even of that -- a good -- the people want a lot of it ended when involved and that the other side of that that would tied Matt. And now -- -- delighted to -- all his highlight. What would you -- In Philly playing in Philly when you play electric tour now with the -- really need to. And ultimately until. -- and all that take -- his vote. I have an African American man I do do people that you're the black man. But until government's -- had a face off the field and -- And the man who did you go to go to what that is like -- -- And he didn't know all cold. Donovan McNabb -- for future reference. He was at touchdown six point. An extra point at one point for a total of seven that was in the rule book but you know. And just let it -- Phillies and we'll be. -- they are cool they -- I defended the move to Florida because. I want everybody trying to get attacked by -- Kruger. And this message. Suited the guys like Cougars -- I -- They're big -- I'm so excited I don't can't -- it. It's bad guy winning here again I've -- -- but -- have a better yet you've got to. I have kind of have kind of -- the DL I don't understand what dog I didn't play and the Belmont god. I don't wanna. I don't have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then my closures and return well for members he's all right and that was it. No it's that was on that was a frontal now was that person's claims saying -- athletes again take them and. I think -- the greatest were. Able to handle for the watched all of this. Efforts well Andrea ball the one look -- it but those are my parents travel well so I think in the real -- -- -- -- -- I don't have one pump -- physically and emotionally prepared and I beat you bad luck and but the NCAA tournament game against. Specific bring it -- a thousand pounds of adversity and -- care how many pounds can I expect our radio broadcaster briefly and any he can't get oil. And then we know 3000. Pound -- -- -- -- not want every single possible things go against them this week. The travel with a twelve hour flight to Salt Lake City. You start time before it's hot and they've gotten the preakness and countless amounts of adversity and pressure. And pregnant when it seems like -- god. Want specific. To win this game. I want to know what what route to -- -- that the twelve hour flight your but all the students at the trying to figure ways. Pat hill I very -- pick. An article about what happened there. I would be open about it. Is that until college. That's a credit -- it got -- back on the quite. And disconnected. Love Yankees of the last for us. Maybe at the end I got news for you why you bake it and Jimmy Johnson a great -- and quite incredible last few days. Maybe should know that nobody pregnant at the day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it it targeted the beginning of the okay at pocono outdated law -- I'd duck but don't worry I can I can decade -- my neck -- you don't -- low lighted smoke indoors. I today knowing that we open up the -- hit -- -- And who looked at awfully long it's not ending historically -- -- -- for it was a much line. -- -- -- -- -- they'll come that he wrote in his -- Particularly I think it's really pick and everything that. And a -- in new. That hustler. When called upon not funny he's not a good thing and I. State -- network now that the way to cover football and get me out of a blowout and that we watch good competitive game my job. And the message. I want to see the end of it. They have -- you know. Then walked and that that the critical. Third -- bumble and bumble. And that message. Who had a good game of the world that day 9:19. AM. And let. I'll walk Vlad but it because I'm always Larry Johnson bought went back to -- who you'd gladly pay -- why. Yeah that we didn't want batting lauding. Its -- throughout the debt off of albeit of the week. Yes and that made it why he's gonna blow when -- -- -- and I don't think they it would go. Obama they've got a cold in Guatemala bait in the -- it's -- how long haul of that quotable you -- -- overpowered the golf. No country wants any of them don't wanna. Watch it take all of these terrorists there all of what you. Glad to take care of support them and down to Atlanta Bob black but I would drop Obama wanted to do borrow. -- definitely has gone bad best Igawa Saturday morning is. Custody adjustments so badly he is also why don't have a bottle or Zambrano so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think you can -- that no I'm not a -- can't give up and it talked about and got out. I'm not happen. And then -- news was. We -- clubs and can go what horse they bought steroids can have Carolinas but you know Wake Forest but wells to walk right will be to Texas I don't want -- Reno. It is safe to say cornerback. The Patriots. Like should bat but the Red Sox made. How old Wheatley had 357. Before we hit the NFL -- but crap that well people know that is rich Mayo had a good she's. And this message. Let's don't really matter sort altogether. Why did the Patriots find I lost every time I'd be. Double double back about cover it looked like a world pocket can -- it. And if Matthews you dialogue with. They needed -- Ben Gordon the other permitted that would be good good good good good good to have him -- if I wanted to benefit Colt Brennan didn't. I would go get them look haven't. Its business -- heads. Erect Dockett pectoral that they'd like rethink your kids go to -- game. Bob I think god don't -- popular to have goals have been sure I was scheduled to have. Welcome back -- And then met his match ups but it vehemently. That the miracle. And real sport and I we interviewed -- -- -- bay lightning coach Barry Melrose little but but -- cookie. Tumbled out there but we provoke them. What can you explain how the lightning didn't take things seriously because like it has cut they were business -- -- And party in the back later Captain Crunch about -- held Bryant Gumbel -- Despite the economy big money contract haven't gone the way of the Atlantic or. -- tonight. Of Connecticut. And that message I'd there and they don't Lila just like -- exploited on the list of the one that we do every Friday when it's -- -- 100 dollar deal if arguably become eligible for a year and 5000 dollar shopping spree at Grossman's board now then.