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11-14-08 Peter King, SI/NBC Sports

Nov 14, 2008|

Peter checked in with Dale and Michael to discuss last night's Patriots-Jets game. Peter also discussed how great the NFL is right now because there are so many teams that could win the Super Bowl.

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Joining us right now as he does each and every Friday Peter King brought to you by Fred seat Church insurance. Because it's not just the policy it's the people since I find the right button to push hello Peter how aria. Welcome Mike here doing great. Here last night I was not here last night here. -- being here you're here instead of here I would in New Jersey last night -- game on television. What did you think of well first what did you it would just your general thoughts on the game last -- specifics after we get your general thoughts. You know a tremendous football game one of the best schemes are the of this year any other year. Yeah. You know what -- one thing that that I really like. That I saw. Out of both teams is the knowledge that. Regardless of what happened last night regardless of who won that game. Both those teams are going to be tough outs in gaining very assuming they both make it made the only one well if he is going to have a tremendous amount wildcard contenders. And the other opinions you know you live -- New York and today. You know it's like the Jets ships on the seventh game of the World Series everything is fine -- everything's all over. Well and I dislocated -- -- and -- at how little was really. Established last night. Because all week from Sunday. If you don't know all things happen the Patriots will be seven and for the Jets will be evident for construction -- -- go to a lot. The Jets have to go to Tennessee next -- so you know it was a tremendous. Week eleven. Football game it's the reason why the NFL. Is one of the best sports leagues that god ever allowed Maine to create and maybe -- that. Because they give it. You know two week in two weeks and early on Thursday night. We get bonuses pro what we really shouldn't get there's so many good games every Sunday last week there's Cleveland and and Denver. Playing. A tremendously fun entertaining football game and -- night was some borderline being created such a game at a time capsule. There was a 400 yard game last night -- passing for Matt Cassel sixty yards on the ground. Matt Cassel is going to be a free agent after the 2008 season what do you think it's going to happen with him for 2009. What somebody out there excellent Francisco Detroit. -- -- -- -- Minnesota somebody out there's going to pay him eight or nine million dollars a year except this time BC two weeks ago. Yes Matt sharp can start to NFL games. And -- to second round draft picks in trade. And it's pick your 48 million dollar contract. For. You know match -- you tell me what what does Matt Cassel gonna get -- as a guy who. Is good quarterback. A playoff team for all season. And is going to have. A far better year probably didn't match up. -- you'll ever have in the NFL pro team and he's going to be free. So what's he worked that I haven't even accounted for inflation yet and the reasons salary cap. I mean somebody's gonna pay him a lot of money and deservedly so that was he'd be great NFL player I don't know. The guys who left the Patriot -- offensive free agents look at them Damien Woody was a total failure in Detroit. Being a Graham has been backup tight and basically that caliber player for a six or seven million dollar a year guy. You know what happened -- Deion Branch what happened to -- Two the -- who's the receiver from their David. I mean -- and again somebody or injuries some of them are just not. Great performances -- That's sort of the way life goes well all I'm saying is that they're so little bit of evidence out there that is it might be. There might be a lot due to the system there might be allowed dude. At how these guys are drafted and how they fit into the system by Belichick and first Charlie Weis later judgment being. Longtime readers of your stuff at Sports Illustrated or SI dot com longtime listeners to this program know that you don't like Brett Favre very much. But how did -- get into the way back machine and become this protect the football don't make any mistakes kind of quarterback that we watched last night. Well look what he did all last year. Last year I was in Vietnam. War is probably the best year he's ever had. For protecting the ball and again I have to look this up again but it was close if not it is not being the actual steps you don't fewest interceptions per attempt. In his career. So. The it's not like Brett Favre played a game last night that he hadn't played since 2001. And Brett Favre played a game last night that he played about twelve times last year. So. I don't I don't really think I don't really think anybody looks at what Favre did last night. Would be particularly surprised he -- news. You know he was terrific he didn't he didn't throw in coverage very much contributor Mangini and Brian Schottenheimer said to -- The same things that Mike McCarthy said to him for three years which is that. Our offense is good enough. For you to play it safe and trust scored thirty points every single week that's what. So Mike McCarthy drilled into them all the time in Green Bay in his right. -- you know you mentioned Tennessee earlier if things go according to plan and the Patriots who promptly beat the Dolphins. And the Titans -- will beat the Jets. Wouldn't you see a loss coming for Tennessee I'm not going to make the mistake of getting into undefeated talk with the Titans but. I mean they're looking batter batter they don't look like they are there about the slip any time soon. I think Jackson go over them this week and the Denny and I picked the Patriots last night. My daughter about it or emailed me this morning and said hey dad I'm within one -- -- in the Peter King challenge. And I. They do my leg my picks out a lot yeah I just said eight join its European league and the Milwaukee who is. But I'm not all IE. I hate. I'd -- something about Tennessee. That I think all but I don't think. Approaches. Patriots 2007. Us if you know what I mean. I guess and -- They got some tough games on their schedule now they also got Detroit. On Thanksgiving but they've they've they've got some tough games on their schedule. The next two I think you're very tough I mean at Jacksonville on playing the Jets at all. I don't want not want had twenty minute talk reject Del Rio the other day and I mean. The Jaguars have -- -- To Jesus moment not to be sacrilegious but they now know who the box is and Mike Peterson. You know even though he's targeted would happily has been trying to put misplaced and they know that. What Jack Del Rio is not going anywhere Wayne -- is not -- them. You know he's not Tom Coughlin but he also not -- -- right. So I mean you better get ready -- to do what he says so I think. And I think last week they play the kinda game that they're capable of playing. Any given week where they can run the ball pretty well see this weekend but I -- it's just hard for me to imagine watching tennis -- -- NBC every week watching Tennessee I really like him but they they just don't look like -- sixty you know seemed to me at all. Big news out of Jacksonville. The Jaguars managed to sell enough tickets. To lip -- black blacked out for the Tennessee Titans game and I'm thinking to myself how can that even be questioned. It's -- the Jaguars. -- I mean at some point I don't know what year it's going to be. The Jaguars are going to move one of these days it's just it's inevitable. This is not first of all there isn't the base there ever been and basically eliminate one to support a long term. And I think in a lot of ways you'll look at a team like Jacksonville. And you basically see okay the NFL had an idea 1993. Year 92 when they put him and I mean their first -- 95 but they have an idea. And the idea was Jacksonville. Was going to be Atlanta junior. Take Jacksonville was going to beat this tremendously progressive. Captain of industry team our city where. Sports teams were gonna flock to because their population was going to growing people organ removed their. Well Jacksonville's -- with palm -- It's that nothing else but it isn't a out of that the NFL although it was going to be fifteen years ago. It's a town that is the Jacksonville Suns it's a double late counted. That's no criticism it's -- I'm like Jacksonville took like scout but he just hasn't grown into the metropolis that the NFL apart what. You are talking about talk about metropolis -- that's a great transition to the New York Giants. If you don't think the Titans are getting better -- better you have to think that the Giants are they really asked me last week I -- Eagles. How do you see their season playing out down the stretch. You know their schedules -- really hard obviously what did they they the last eight games on the schedule. Are against people who stay at the worst team on their laps there at state games probably Dallas. I can't. They they've got an amazing I mean maybe Minnesota but I kind of think Minnesota's going to be right now but. I you know the Giants are playing -- the last state -- Americans playoff contenders. So I mean they're really going to be battle tested going into the playoffs. And you look at their running game currents and you know I think right now if I had one running back I'd want to take into a game on Sunday could be somebody. I pick Adrian Peterson you'd have to beat. Either have to be watching cricket for the last twenty years -- never seen a football game not to say that in my opinion. -- like the number two guy would be Brandon Jacobs. I think Brandon Jacobs is such a rolling ball of butcher -- right now that he's. I mania I think he's one of the best -- and football and playing. Great now the Giants just don't give the ball that much as they want to keep this this and them going. You know Indian war -- going through you know after the beginning of February. But I I figured deep almost everywhere they agreed offensive line. They've got an excellent defensive line to the most underrated guys in football Fred Robbins and and and and -- an end Jay Alford I mean I'm not a knack for getting Barry Cofield but I just think Jay Alford is. We kind of super sub that not many teams have on the line. -- -- -- This is a team right now that. Park from needle imagine somebody come and it. -- And you know this Baltimore game is going to be a great test or but I just think they got enough offense to -- very little. Because of some federal bankruptcy proceedings. There was some paperwork filed on behalf of Michael Vick in which. The lawyers for Vick indicated that he has every reason to believe. Then he'll be playing in the NFL in 2009. -- they whistling past the graveyard here. I'm not sure that they use that good year 2009. In the air. I read that this morning I don't remember but they definitely said that distended. -- -- -- -- Upon new release and he's there are released in 2009 yeah. All right great well we know what's going to happen and what they'll they'll let us know it as well is. And everybody LPGA. Gets suspended for a year almost certainly from the NFL. Happens I think what shall see happen next. Is he's going to have to make a decision if this new lead plays per year you have to make a distinction whether he wants to make. And billion dollars playing football for a year in some -- league and then go to the NFL -- just want to go to the NFL now for those in the there's girls listeners who don't know this. There's there's -- rival league. And I use the word rival. Loosely. Being formed when you're gonna try to -- guys. Who -- like third string NFL quarterbacks. Pay him a million bark and try to bring them all would play a Europe to in this newly you know to try to take coaches. Like. And I don't even know these guys would be it would like Mike hi -- Chris Palmer actually probably. Aren't going to be head coaches in the NFL. Ball will wouldn't mind making a million bucks a year ago when coach and to you know ought to be head coaching yet so I mean that. This league is probably going to happen. I'm not certain that it will with a bad economy but this week probably going to happen and if it does it will be interesting to see if -- give that a world for one year be free to respect in the NFL. You know Peter every once allow I liked it checked in on the NFL's car crash. Also known as the Oakland Raiders. Uh oh what was the story with DeAngelo hall and also I've been thinking about this lately. Will Lane Kiffin ever get paid. Well interest thing has just talking to somebody close to Kiffin yesterday. Who told me that he started proceedings to try to get his money back from Al Davis. But you know that thing will be tight for years. And whether he ever gets -- not. I think he. He's going to have to chalk that up as a bad experience and probably a bad idea. Because you don't Lane Kiffin thought when he took the job is what's the worst thing we can happen to me. Fired -- 35 years old. I've got the USC's -- upon me get a real good head coaching job in college football. And maybe someday again I'll get a chance in the NFL and out six million dollars in the tank looked so bad about that. But he's only got about two point seven in the banks so you know wet wet wet. It's hard being -- all goes. Pretty -- thing that happened. He the Raiders learned. SI think everybody and it you know learned. I is that just because you say you're great player just because you say your respecting coming of Deion Sanders. You've gotta still go up here for three hours had some -- sixteen times a year and show. That Europe organs Deion Sanders and the only thing he was was support player. And he's never been a great player never underlined never and a great player he's been an adequate. Decent at best NFL cover corner. Never been great. But he's got the hype machine behind me that -- high draft choice behind them any never really played that hard. That is problems so the Redskins will try to take him for the rest of this year. CP can turn his career around with some good corners on their team with Carlos Rogers especially now I don't know how -- are going to seek shark springs. Because he's banged up any old but you know we'll see what happens but it's a classic case so. -- get out Davis's big money guys Tommy Kelly invisible. -- Javon Walker and abject total disaster now we are pretty here with an ankle injury. And DeAngelo Hall. I mean I think it mediocre situation is -- bad it could be able. Well everything just said about DeAngelo Hall makes me wonder. Where the Saints really interested where the Patriots really into -- all -- They want to -- it you don't want to lie because you ask me right now would have better put good to have better cover corner today. They also need help or DeAngelo hall and I expedient all all I mean but Delgado -- here -- what he has. He's so either go low salary. You know. Pick up. On waivers. And you know at the end -- at the end of the summer. Which he you know be -- -- better than that. But what I'm saying is he's certainly isn't a guy deserves to be a bonus baby and create. Forget about the Steelers fans -- sports talk radio are their people within the Steelers locker room questioning Ben Roethlisberger stop -- right now. I don't think there are taught the Hines Ward. Last week we talked about talk about a lot of things with the Steelers I don't think. That they are guys -- who view that now I believe that may be used to beat. That people wondered if he was a little bit too much of a pretty boy and a prima -- but I think he's proved. Playing what he's played wins this year but he's pretty tough I mean. Eight you know if you believe. If you believe the category of quarterback it's slash quarterback pressures. -- sacks. They're not the skirt far away got the most of any quarterback in the NFL. So I think I'd taken a beating. He's trying to play. He's doing his best to try to play I don't think that's the issue the issue is now there's -- Mike Tomlin if he sees that this guy. Is a little bit banged up and he's seen this guy. Eddie is -- -- good Sunday against San Diego as Byron Leftwich what you -- do my feeling all along is that if he starts badly. Against San Diego. They're probably getting yanked it and put it left which -- games are too important now. My only question is at the end of play Monday night. In the WEEI. Obvious football league while Michael -- and Peter King have it and Eric Mangini Bill Belichick handshake moment at the end of the game and. And it had been had not excited you wouldn't. Now go pick. -- can't -- and pick him up yeah. It appears ends here. Handshake. And you don't understand this. -- eight autumn nights. Earlier you know reason why we always watch sports why we all love sports. Usually are I mean yeah I guess there was something so enticing about that game. And you know for the first time I think since Mangini got to the Jets is that absolutely nothing to do with the Salinas of Belichick Mangini. It was a great football game put it body and undermanned. Team. Yeah overweight you know that that -- the perfect Patriots. Cruel you know every time you look at -- you see somebody walking down close to ask behind the badger herald Copeland got to admit it all embargoes next. And the lead in the almost cryptic. -- after the game and he just keeps saying it might the Patriots didn't win this thing. And it was just it was just one of amazing times in sports where you realize. This is why when you're ready you're enemy. You've got to whatever the interest and we get so invested in sports because it is a tremendous. Illustration. Of sports can take -- for three -- four hours and make us forget every part of our lives. Other -- that exact moment. Did -- it goes to eating. You know didn't eat out just. It's just a tremendous time I think now -- -- years I covered the NFL. I don't think there's been a more hard time. The in this time right now just because. The tremendous number of teams. Right now who literally here we are almost at Thanksgiving. I could name you fifteen teams right now that would be in the Super Bowl this year it wouldn't shock which you don't. If Arizona. Is I want got hot in January. And they want and they want to assume broke wouldn't shock me asking ordered -- would before. -- -- -- -- Because remember. What year. -- beginning of December. The New York Giants wouldn't have been on the top fifteen to eighteen teams in football. And and that they and then they and then they want it and it's just. And -- You don't need to understand this about the Arizona Cardinals -- just say that because I don't think you're going to make it easier but the one thing it is beyond our Cardinals any week. Can score forty points. And I'd get a you know in what you can do that in the NFL there's certain powered of that. And Italy -- perhaps a little better than they used to -- extra 42 sex -- Not bad team at all and they just stocks stopped Monday night and and got a lucky break. But what I'm saying is that so many teams right now is -- do we really know. -- the Carolina Panthers. Are worthy of being seven into right now I don't know at -- -- it but -- seven until. They killed Matt Riley and nobody -- as it's just. That's why -- lead right now so much fun and every Sunday I wake up but I say. What's stunning thing MI -- -- -- that I had no idea and actually when I woke up the smart. He will talk to next week and find out what that is. They heard Peter Peter King rat you by -- -- Church insurance because it's not just the policy the people dale it's the people think people. Yeah I'll policy -- people one mind yet 11 -- process. One brain cell.