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Nov 13, 2008|

NFL Guru joins the Big Show on his weekly spot before the Jets @ Pats on Thursday Night Football.

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Game being broadcast obviously on the NFL network delegates is an issue of Rhode Island. Their problem that it dog food reference b.s and W it's -- that would be ABC affiliate. Well if you want to be booed when river you'll be all will be the big screen theories today as you're leaving -- mistake you -- A football on Wednesday you'll open -- difference is that tackled poorly and still open -- goggle -- about as the older that's and that's over one way around them. We're stuck on the way that god -- of that one analysts aren't so so that and -- the grounds gold on the streets over mostly good look at the game much he'll live here in the Boston if -- Providence you know hadn't really network news group. -- Quote when ever aren't alone in joining us live right government FL network and a friend all of serious radio everywhere else -- that. He confided job -- everybody victory that you are NFL incentive. They don't know any other option what's the other option. Now -- post look and ON FL docket no what do you guys do what nobody would look camera all kinds camera angle -- -- You can look in them again. Now what other ignored and you look at is that accurate analysis W don't have you don't have the football scientist on the -- -- like we -- over here I tell you reds beat Serbia today point. If -- it's Easter beaten. I -- are you -- -- -- I mean -- on Saturday that it gives the readers digest I the reader's digest is that the whole piece is basically. A cheerleader column. In which he puts on the pump clubs for civil and friends it's a fourth grade I invited him for a game yeah yeah but it's worse. I mean you've heard the real post game show this and cheer -- going on right nothing like Steve Serbia's gulp he basically to -- That man that the and it's repeated literally like. Fifty or sixty times and he's got paraphrasing you don't beat that meant bigots that -- the that's the answer -- He is a lose. A loser what do you tell a couple of weeks anti Patriots -- O'Neill and and reporting -- -- of the reasons why we -- -- beat that team beat that he deserved to beat that team B well I think. Become a purpose of communism talk with the guys and frantic trying to go to go to a bigger margin on and I put. But that the gist of it is that as I sense is he's writing to the passion of the -- -- which is this is not. A typical even for a divisional rivals witches in its own right generates a lot of heat. This is we all know this is via -- and he's I think capturing -- part of it -- and you know what I noticed two before Buffalo played the Patriots. There was a palpable sense in Buffalo. That if ever -- a chance to write all the wrongs that the Patriots have done to the hearts. A collective heart of western New York that was. And at that ships sailed so fast out of the harbor that -- every chance they even get on its low. The frustration was even worse it was worst to Buffalo. To lose that game than any other loss they had this season as you can imagine and especially it was a third row in the division so I think in New York. That the sense is somewhat similar in in that don't let this opportunity get away and and that's what the rally. While bigger opportunity and I think for the Jets stand that Buffalo because Buffalo was out with without a Whitner and more portly Aaron Schobel we know. Is a Patriot killer he has huge gains against the Patriots when you got -- games as -- for the kill me so although I don't want what you are doing relative -- a young quarterback back there. He might have caused him to bits where he didn't necessarily he'd get -- couple times during the course of the game but our cousin that. Might of not that that is a great what if in this ball game but the fact was I gotta tell you the reaction here wasn't. Oh yes just put typical Astros and -- -- -- Schobel was around helped the bills when -- there was again a very deep sense. That an opportunity was missed but all the players. That's Rivers original -- them now because it would be about. Remained up beat them why -- I didn't fit so I think that makes sense has no quit. All we're we all think this is a very difficult game for the Patriots. That they extremely difficult game for the Patriots and so in a significant Jets could go and win this. Football game today and you look at it in the Patriots have run the ball pretty effectively from somebody nobody ever heard of or NFL teams that because he he went undrafted occurred on on the other hand Chris Jenkins right now is is clogging up and stopping any running attack against that team so why should a guy. Who was undrafted. Why should be able run against the state. While they eat yet he should I mean again at first -- treadmill running gets anybody as effectively as he ran against awful last week in. The guy who was on the field for them was -- struck out their big acquisition of tackle that that the investment was made. Took plug that middle to finally get a big guy who can make plays for about three or four games early in the year and look like that investment was -- paying off handsomely but the litmus test was Sunday and and the bills failed it with this guy so the Jets now with Chris Jenkins who. In the end on the same field as Stroud is I got this the couple weeks back. Was so dominant if it was silly he was tossing around bills offensive line -- like they -- children who was. And and so I think the sense tonight is. So much in this focused I used to be. Yes I and you got Tom you've got Brett Favre -- would have been them that Tom Brady Brett Favre headline that we would have. Early may be paid attention other things but this game is about two real big guys in the middle and I think that conversation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean I certainly noticed that I I when I saw that he was he was out I I didn't I do not oh for the pats because. Being the bills wasn't a surprise to me it was ordered the outcome that I I basically expected it is what it you -- -- with the bills are and so forth. What I'm looking if you look down on the road that the things that could torment this team. That would be one of them if if you don't you now taken away another. Play making force. Another smart player not a guy who does a lot of things we need he didn't do them as dramatically as you always done them for the Ravens to when he earned that right to get their. But he's been such a good fit for this defense. And that we you guys know what he does everybody who watches it he knows what he does so take him out of the mix now. And going to the stretch run in a very competitive division in in the team that you really basically got to knock off as the -- facing. Tonight likely to win that division but don't forget about Miami. I think it's going to be. You know it's going to be a challenge -- and on top of that is the growing book I'm Matt Cassel I I I still wonder I think the story about -- ability to really carry this. -- well as he's carried -- so far is yet to be told the real critical chapters are coming up beginning tonight in through the second accurate don't know we although that we -- the second -- of seasons where teams are made and broken but. If you receiver -- like the Patriots though that are. Not only capable boot there's always seem to find a way to overcome major injuries. While that that's the other thought that I had I was I was contemplate his drive back from Pittsburgh last weekend. When I saw the Steelers and and Colts game and and yeah and and you know couple things the biggest theme is overcoming injuries from both sides. So you give the Colts a lot of credit for what they were able what they've been able dude it's kind of -- is they've taken on the survivor mode there. They're not going to win their division and and they know they understand what -- about now so it's about surviving a pretty soft schedule -- to overcome but still. What they've got to have a -- in the -- Awareness on their radar is what X going on the AFC east to secure a wild cards but. So who they have to -- they have it's either the Jets it's either the pats you know maybe Miami. I look at. But I look at injuries and overcoming them. And I and the Steelers aren't you don't you could say that I'm doing a very good job but I I think as close as that game was for them missing. Two injured offensive lineman and then having Alan Faneca who's now the Jets off that line as well. That's been a big problem but then I think his -- and entering trying to gut it out but he's not the quarterback he was I think he's made life miserable for that line. With how he holds on the ball except for in the pocket. So -- over offense away not to overcome and I try to keep you know I think you've got to do both of them the masters of doing this we know. Are the Patriots and to a certain degree. Although it took the -- the Colts to get to a crisis point to build pull out plot hole because of injuries -- you can you can make the argument they weren't doughnuts so well maybe -- don't know who will better now. -- go backwards of the book rhetorical will be written and it would seem like the book and put. That's applicable playing right now you know it is in no way those thousands book is growing. In expanding everywhere actually really don't know what he's going to do because he's he's becoming more for a 2000 as a quarterback -- -- it was kind of was finite. And what you can do it's and you can that focus is on the field is played so now with Bob we know the book on him is. If you take away the shortstop he's going to restored to the Cowboys sometime during the game usually throw a couple of programs. Yes right. Well the other part blockers you can carry that mean that -- mode but I did see -- new wrinkle one they played Buffalo. And I think they'll try to do that a little bit tonight too because of some similarities of of the bench you know that that the way the holding back the coverages obviously up to. Last second of the pretzel -- and so forth. But he can run he's -- he's capable more cable I thought of running a little bit of dink and dunk offense. And and he did that successfully against Buffalo but measuring cup and served up the -- -- throw. Late in the game -- that ultimately could cost him and you're right for it probably do. Will be he's he's good for something like that per game. The other thought I would have about Edwards versus Cassel and and the growing books you know quarterbacks. Those are asking I think Edwards to to a lot more I'm -- there's a more expanded would you agree offense for him. Whereas with Cassel even though it's buried. It's still it's still -- controlled and accept what is still in the hands of running -- you know one thing he's only has a running game if you don't have object -- -- sixteen names running as well as the exact and Cassel is not a test success and then I've done that is what -- to Buffalo or at Ron right yeah once they -- And got run what's the date -- -- is not hit ninety yards this season scoring game is. It's absence right and I think I think that's the key to this game is that he you've got to take the pressure -- -- and -- -- run the football gets pretty good team against the Ronnie here if you don't do that now suddenly there's going to be more responsibility more going to be canceled he's going to be asked to do for more in his but it their. That is the coaches. Commitment to trying to when he when he had Smith the next few years ago in the -- it was really successful. They always ran the ball in the games close to got a -- and and keep the run the run. On the other teams who like backs have to respect that. And it was to get away with it sometimes go away from it. He who bad passes is too much sometimes it was a prospect group that would become predictable and not running even though the games posting a run. Did attempt a run and -- the -- going to win tomorrow. 1000% right persistence and and you're going to see that from I think Brian Schottenheimer and Eric Mangini -- Thomas Jones for the most part they. They were a team that was kind of getting away from the core personality. -- of there. Of their washed via the Mangini philosophy that. -- front of course with the pats do have done as you -- persistent running even if you're not always running while Bill Parcells. You do those things for the very reason of setting something up later on. And that is critical tonight for both teams is that we will make that you saw that big score -- the Jets are on and the car and the Rams last week -- a running game in the -- with -- running it enough. That was an L regular. Forty nothing at halftime you're looking at everything through and you don't turnovers they forced turnovers which you're running game helps any he actually throw what she should -- been brought laughter what should have been too easy prediction -- to the defendants dropped it. And I agree would you look at that it was you would throw the ball nineteen times annual forty -- like that up. And it was it was all the remlinger and look at how many good things you know those guys as -- as to defensive form deep and know. When your only growing up like when your when your defenses or excuse me your offensive rolling on the ground it's the best -- you you are always a better stronger. More dominant dictating the. -- -- -- had a bad weather here to -- it's already raining the rain supposed to be heavy tonight. At times and it's going to be windy as well so the you gonna have some some bizarre conditions with a raw Tampa but never pulled out of -- he runs both games. Both teams -- bowl a -- -- a physical one. The both of stout defense against the run in every solid if you've been predicated on pass tonight go but tonight okay the law firm. The witches it take it back against -- different that's right -- people need to go off line tonight. The last couple weeks people who have been impressed -- with what he's been able to do Green-Ellis because they want they're there but there amazed. That this guys come out of nowhere and really bailed them out with -- -- severe injuries on the depth chart at that running back position out tonight they need him to have a big running game. Well they do and and it's in their very capable of doing them but it will be an enormous test. Because of the move the ball could strength in the middle it -- defense. But I want I would also hasten this I think we focus a lot I'm running backs we are that we always do it's it's pretty natural. But let's talk about the -- line and and and that's the other I think the story that is an appreciated enough about what the pets. I have been able to do to survive without Tom Brady and and they're doing a lot more than -- -- but you know. It is is this line and it's it's gotten it looks better stronger it looks clearly like this group in this groups. Pretty well and agree playing group that got to make commercials with him and everything else over the years. Set set -- straw and said we're we're we're not going to we you know it was it was understood somewhere along the line that if this thing it's still going to hold up without him. We're going to have to do something exceptional and it isn't just giving -- time to throw. It's it's more about giving you know guys guys room to run and -- you don't count on and the mounting injuries that they've had at the position that just exacerbated it. But but that line is is continuing I think I think it's stronger and better by the game. -- -- what is -- -- is part of that group affected through Cassel learning than does that put the ball the first sign of trouble. Or sure and and that's it and that also part of the education of quarterback yeah I think he's. He he needs time to make some exceptional. Even if they're not exceptional throws exceptional decision if that's the right way to put it and -- not always about. What he does putting you know putting the football hands -- receiver it's just what you said Steve it's it's you know knowing that you at certain times you. You -- it's intentional force that is certain times you do force and and I think. All of those are our. Ways that he's going to grow now. -- -- you don't as the hand with a nose in the finger on the pulse of one of the NFL you know you -- aren't you have a bigger and as an external most of the nurses at a Islamic has figured out small -- reporter Roman nose it at all out of area racist or you're you're -- Everett who have a kind of of more all the more provisions precedents that picture every what is the national import the -- Thanks for the backhanded compliment. How Obama. Would you still be I'd get a zero -- -- -- -- of meadows all the group where it what is the yeah the national perception of Cassel is that he's a product of this you know system and and a program. That won't allow. The quarterback of the the second quarterback to take it now I mean. Nationally for the season. That the talk was they really left discovered where they are really playing with with wire. Anything happens that Tom Brady and and in keep in mind its in its natural and I don't apologize for this people who. Go out and make make their predictions -- what was going -- double him to say that the pats would would be back in the Super Bowl win the Super Bowl this year but but. When you've done that and you and you base -- all the various reasons that you based and and reason number one this is number twelve. You you worried that while they if they left you know they went through the pre season with this guy who they probably should've caught something the guys in the answer. And and sort of peace -- altogether I I guess I get a sense. That nationally. There's an appreciation. That wasn't there before. That -- that they understand that their system would hold up regardless. And he Cassel fits him to a number two. Maybe the maybe the pats have found something but the jury still lot no one is anointing. The stories of this season of of unexpected. Impressive quarterback play if you had a rank -- guys. It's Matt Ryan in Atlanta. It's Joe Flacco in Baltimore received and -- it's in the and it's -- that -- at Joe Flacco with President Clinton who also have to go forward and O'Neal grabs as the pats thing is much more collectively. A team. Appreciation of the of the fence running game and quarterback the other tours our quarterback drew will also. In the NFL -- you know this it's it's one thing to get the respect of your fans and and whatnot but. To get the respect within the NFL -- it's different story. Yeah I'll ever go within yards of players and coaches are absolutely right and and they do and and that's and that's there I mean. You know once again I I think. A lot has changed from a year ago where there were. Lot of hard feelings and bad feelings Harvard. About about Bill Belichick in about this this Patriots team really we normally wouldn't hear of any you know now I know I didn't hear about it regularly -- -- that -- -- but I don't think that's. Even though that talk that conversation and and I. Pay attention to the basics theme. Is is much in the network of conversation and I can hear through the course of the year. Has it where it's almost not come it has come up really hasn't been discussed because it's kind of got beaten to -- the year ago but the underlying sense is and gone the underlying sense -- gone I don't get. Thousands of emails you know. Just cursing you remind guys that organizationally sensible or Jamie -- now. I'll see ya -- says suffer for it these emails but that's they're cursing about little things -- You know those are good I don't it's it's lively debate I feel like I've I've I've had. I feel like I'm I'm watching you know eight a cable news network every day it's amazing how -- how we slept without rules about who we get the information out there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right or wrong just put up -- Yeah I. I just throw stats out there like -- -- -- -- -- -- approval that's related now what does that what does that would your back checker Fred. John McCain -- Edwards and maybe. You know he wanted to know what is. Relative if it countless millions. Of speculation that he -- -- games in his contract -- It -- Of people. Biting through talked about that lets you know that he's going to get them -- the it was a pretty big -- -- to rebuild a Romo for. I don't know about that that's a and I think that'll be one of the real interest -- questions because it'll go back to the heart of what we're saying here -- -- he really does everyone really believe. -- a quarterback was discovered. Or. Just the right -- was made because. It again the skepticism. You know let's put me aside the guys -- have to write the checks the guys who have to justify. Bringing this guy aboard to a team to owner. It is it's kind of for -- have they have video that shows and consumer's gonna -- agency while breaking they want. But is it really because they have was he really is much a percentage of their success and he's not like it was we'll have to tell while the golf and I got a right chat like Johnson out of you know is that the Jaguars -- couple in WE you watch Culpepper this Sunday -- it's on in the lineup that Matt Cassel can do well with the lines and often by the camp but -- -- -- to -- Daunte Culpepper it's an -- horrible. Of course he was our absolute horrible and analyze it's on the doing that but it also maybe underscores why he was -- available for awhile. I don't know why pick that team of all teams to pick. The habitat that much anyway the if you want to -- -- career why would you go there you agree you know who coached going to be not you don't want to just takes risks in every other team nobody thought relations scheme everything but the biggest thing it could hurt him. More than help them that he's having the success with the Patriots. From a contractual it is a quarterback -- -- quietly -- when he -- because -- -- they're going to look at say it's the coaches the system it's the offensive -- they could but you don't -- starters -- -- someone could -- -- depending on how the second half of this year -- and if there's no real collapse I think they're going to say we -- it got bad enough. We can we can spin this as Elvis let's do it but I guess what if you're if you're doing about spinning and selling it. Your setting everybody up for failure it'd better be because you have a conviction. Matt -- really more than just product that was what we're doing it after nine games and I think that it did you just said he's going to let him play out the whole season and it's always -- and they are you gonna have you know make that call that strike and then and then. You're going to see with the excitement Hughes is more now. -- children there's always selling out like that awful Johnson responses to throw Bledsoe job. Let up through his injured -- -- -- -- before you know give my good quarterbacks in the or even mediocre course but Detroit -- look at Minnesota I mean it's definitely you know look at that's when -- -- -- -- very. I know someone someone could get desperate and it again pay attention to. The other thing is that is the tree to the of the Belichick tree where there's a connection Tibet where -- somebody else who may elevate to a position where he's got a lot of say the office not. Sure how what I'm could figuring here. But -- if the if the connection of of his thought process. Ghost coast to another team. That particular coach or who if he has enough influence as a coordinator whatever the heck it might -- is going to say. Look I can make that make it work with this guy. You're either going to ask you one more question -- juror in -- insider. And everything today we're we're talking new year the Jets and Patriots but I've got to ask you this -- a a bizarre football game on Monday night. Mike singletary who two weeks ago was screaming and yelling. I swear to god I thought three people and his team died in his most teams are going to make about his post game press conference I don't know it was confusing out there. Then we find out that Mike Martz the next. Realized that the ball placement was different nobody thought what he said of the play from Michael Robinson. To run it right up the -- of their defense. And made the statement that the only one who was smart enough to realize this was Mike well it was watching that they had called him the next morning. Is I mean he's publicly. Ridicule and head coaches he not picture. I hated the whole way that he golf that from the man -- that the clock management and to a Gregory Sean -- You give a pass to a quarterback who's. You know on accomplished enough to screw something like that a -- guys that situation. Course doesn't speak well about his you know it's it's going to be held against him for future future but the bigger problem. Is as those moments are unfolding. I could be wrong here but isn't a big part of the job in in calling plays in managing a team. Is to see ahead it's to start figuring out your plans are from the from the mall from the moment that big passes thrown. You even before then you're doing it with the intent of getting there -- close as possible you'll only have one thing you can do and that's court touched on the when the game so I I don't know why. Of all the options that floated through his head even hit a three yard -- -- that half four yard line. Or running play for Mike Martz is there this is a guy who police throwing the football you're all one foot whiners but I think shooting at running play that didn't did not involve Frank Gore. Yeah and but what your focus and I want I'm talking also about the sweet even -- that he's he gets touched he calls wherever it's -- place it's to worry about -- is your last two guns in your chamber pop -- -- -- -- twenty -- taking twins are threats the thought. Picking toward all the noticeable by -- twenty seconds despite the football. And twenty seconds despite the football was it again that's. And and now for shot I the only plausible thing I heard in all the explanations -- every other stuff where the same thing muted in scratch my head. 'til we'll have the best one. He basically said I'm waiting for people line up right. Or else we're gonna get a penalty. On a well like okay but it you know EI argued that it's not a anyway but he was he was trying to do the right thing but heat but his mismanagement. Of the situation. Is a reflective as a reflection of probably the time -- ran a play without a helmet -- I take -- to the confusion that lingered in a lot of can put blood market to say that as a positive choices and to bring up Mike Nolan stay in the Nolan Haldeman he started to be it was the first time you realize that. In the in the guy who was smart enough to realize Jones who had dubious I'll say this I think Mike's. The book it. There stole lot of injury I'm not ready to write off singletary. As as a guy who can slices he is changing he is doing a good it's clearly mission one for him. Is is to chase out the toxic atmosphere in the locker room and from which until I saw this as an assistant that would take your opponents -- -- -- it around and there were no big -- it was a logical choice they're go to isn't. Necessary I don't know dreadful because if you -- -- psychologically you wanted to change the whole life and applied to look at advertisers have been successful head coach but I think I think it solid and -- maybe -- -- people too much credit here. There's two different types of personal mark Mike Martz. If you know him at all. Is is a pretty robotics. And I don't mean that in he he has zero personality but his head is all in in numbers and x.s and almost to the point where that's all he. When you know he you know his his -- with a game. Is all in this you know -- okay. Singletary view of the game is from the art and and I think that was a football team that lost -- lost respect. Lost a lot of things from a from a emotion -- around him from a -- personality standpoint. And I pick of the two guys -- the better chance of of really -- figuring that locker room from that standpoint psychologically and behavior early and everything else. It's singletary but what you choose that right you choose to waste history not a bad football team so. He's winning on that side but he's but he's go perhaps lose on the execution side I'm on if Sosa Goodwill games draw this week. I am going to Jacksonville. Good -- -- replaced Ugoh -- and Tennessee and as much to see that game as as to see. What the very thing we're talking about your culture change locker room this whole Jack Del Rio versus Mike Peterson thing this whole. Drawn a line I mean what's that about guys because Beckett you can -- play you're playing with fired that. We're -- mutual acumen he felt though Lakers. But he's been very successful their projected by all the albums to be in the hunt a lot of victories to of that offensive line -- -- petroleum and it was a plays trying to pull a few way Jack Jacksonville should be familiar with the -- that would Tom Coughlin. -- -- -- But Dario been successfully wants to his control at him again and good coaches have. That the program was and plays -- -- once those play respect to what we'll put out of Coughlin took control over instructed the muted. Flexible -- and they gave -- want to contract and while -- -- awful as the one -- -- the coach can direct. I'd pick -- media hotel got to Jacksonville afraid to go perfect judged only had three murders of the last twelve months and I don't get a crack my which I don't know exactly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My noses are quite the right we're right back to your phone calls at six or 777 nights generally that the toll free 888. 525850. Plenty were -- and he'll stand. You've served the war we don't want a lot of six what's up at 779. 3535. -- the jail -- -- Europe Foxboro posted.