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11-7-08 Peter King, SI/NBC Sports

Nov 7, 2008|

Peter checked in with Dale and Michael for his weekly visit. Peter discussed what Brandon Marshall had planned for a celebration last night and told D&H that DeAngelo Hall is the most overrated player in the NFL.

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Joining us on the line right now with the that's each and every wake. From Sports Illustrated SI dot com and NBC sports Peter King brought to you -- red seat Church insurance. Because that it's not just the policy. It's the people I Peter I don't. What -- dale Laurie I'm Michael. Peter was going -- man. Everything is going good thank you. Talking about Brandon Marshall last night and the fifteen yard penalty that Brandon Stokley save in by intervening. Do you think Marshall understood that there was a fifteen yard penalty to pay in addition to the finer the -- honestly thought it was just fine. Well. First of all this story is not. Is is not known. The correct story is not known right now. I can tell you what the correct story is. And that's why not on the air. -- mountains out of it. I was I was in Cleveland yesterday and yeah actually having lunch at ten -- -- store. And but phone rang and it was this was about. 3 o'clock quarter to three in the afternoon. And it was Brandon Marshall now I don't know Marshall well but I've had a couple of conversations. With them. And I would have tried to move. Because I. The look there's some. People who get into trouble in the NFL and in sports who eat just basically shrug your shoulders and save this guys bad guys. I don't really think this is -- bad guy I'm not saying he's so he's mister misunderstood or anything like that the only thing I'm saying is that. I think he got into. A bad relationships. And sometimes in -- relationships and athletes it's not quite is innocent. It's not it's not the athlete being guilty. Right away but anyway -- -- may whatever the real story is. Would that thing. -- found to be an engaging guy and kinda like Ted Johnson a guy who absolutely loves the game. And it means a lot to -- all that and will he go to the dark cycle -- Chad -- -- I don't know but anyway. He called -- sizzle from I was thinking of some but I just wanted to -- your advice on it. Pan. He said. Except. I'm thinking of doing something tonight it right score two to honor. Obama and on our country. And I. That's the way we think you're doing so well. It is white glove that I aware during the game and what I'm going to do is. I don't wanna I -- -- half black. And -- half -- half black and white score. I just. Basically. You know go to the go to camera in the end zone either. You know with a fist or we have a you know with -- opening and basically say. You know. A -- this. -- one country now we're unified. And he's in any he says. Corvette thing that happened in the Olympics along time ago. Instead where there was is black power thing and I -- well that was. In 1968. Where you know Tommie Smith and John Carlos after he won Olympic Medal. Stood at the at the podium of the medals ceremony. And didn't listen -- didn't look didn't look at the United States like we've just held their fists up and looked down and it was a black power salute. A UCLA except you know why this is not about that. This is about just saying well one country what happened this week. It was a historic moment. And I just want to honor president Obama and I want to honor this country. And I said it's a great idea I said he would just be careful that you don't give me. -- you don't. Draws so much attention to it and and delayed the game and do all that stuff that you -- going to get yourself you get penalized define -- said. And civil fines it's okay he's that I don't you know quite it's fine but obviously you know you don't want to get a penalty. So that was the end of and I got off the phone and I just -- about that that. You know it was just one of those surprising moment that you have I didn't. I really didn't I don't know him that well I was just kind of surprised to hear from. -- -- -- happens. And after the game somehow. Some way. It got. Even though he was on NFL network after being -- -- locker room after the game and he goes -- I didn't do it to Stokley was saving me it's Stokley to locker. In Cleveland is right next to his locker OK so. I got to hit I got to him after he gave an Irish Stokley and I said hey Brandon meeting Stokley rowand all the fun. They have now now now he's trying to Woody was trying to do when he said it's great to -- said. The last thing we need we Josh Cribbs on their side and they're still being time on the clock. We don't want you to be any sort of any sort of thing you're correct even had a chance. The throw flags four for fifteen yards and so Marshall goes yet you know he says he's he saved me instead that was the that was smart instead. And but but Marshall thing was he thought -- it was just difficult. -- because it was taken him a long time to get his glove I'll. I was under the impression he was just going to weird globe which he didn't. But he took the glove out and while he was trying to do it that's when he gets surrounded by Stokley -- -- -- -- guys and he didn't do itself. And and afterwards for some reason I heard some people park -- in the press sparks about. There was -- that black power thing. And I'd say -- one guys that you know that really was not what he was at Purdue. And so I don't know of the full story I I have not been online to see what has been written about this today. But I don't know the full story got told that relieves the full story. It awarded -- -- -- you know each awarded during the entire game. Where glove during the entire game one glove. One glove can be black ones left to be white. One glove could say Barack the other one to say Obama won glove could say. We are and the other one could say United. Then yeah how many how many times did he catch the ball last -- with the stats so. That is it the focus the entire game and not just. In the end zone and it doesn't cost this team anything and he saved himself. I just think if he head if he had written anything like that I'm on is on his gloves are made personal statements remember when now. Reverend Johnny unitas died and the league. The more easy innings. From from wearing high top -- and putting some tribute -- -- murderer you know and all that and remember when Pat Tillman died and and and and Jake Plummer was going to do all this Stephanie told them not to do it to violate the uniform thing look I don't I don't know. If you don't if I'm Michael you know what I wish you'd been out of followed them yesterday and told him that. Because that's smarter going to -- told my dissipate a great idea I love that idea smart and today it's something that's good I think. One of the things that has impressed me the last three or four days. Is that. -- you don't even some of the people even some of the of the players who were McCain's supporters. Will be you know have talked to me the last few days about how incredible what time it is in this country. That. We've collected an African American may have to be president and that to me was just a great illustration. This was a guy Brandon Marshall he was not trying to do this for any personal gain or for any any things that you said. -- look at me he was trying to say hey let's let's be together. Let's -- United country and how great it is what just happened in this country. And I mean have been here -- over and over again and that's one of the reasons why I thought it would be great great thing for him to do. Then it was not at all and negative and it was not at all hey look at Brandon Marshall it was saying. Look what happened in this country. There has been some talk and we talk with -- about Mike singletary and how he's approaching things and some of the methods -- using. We turn to another head coach down in Jacksonville. Who's got a team that's struggling he's moving guys around -- locker room he's yell about them to turn the music off week it doesn't want that. He's now had an argument two days in a row with not only a good player on his team but a captain on his team Mike Peterson. Is Jack Del Rio in danger of losing this team. I talk to somebody in Jacksonville last night about. What's going on there. And I think there's a bit of there's a bit of a bigger story get a Mike Peterson thing. Mike Peterson has been waiting for the Jaguars to do something with his contract for the last couple years and they haven't -- in the last year contract. It pays them. About three million dollars and he you know he's been their leading tackler he's he's been. The sort of keystone of their deep sense -- go to guy a leader on their deep sense. And he's seen a lot of guys passed them both around lately again about his own team at various positions and he's he's Giguere hasn't done anything right compared Jerry Porter I -- and make double what he makes and it's. Kind of driven him crazy. In the words of some people around there that it's they've never leaves his mind and all that stuff so. I think his attitude hasn't been the greatest toward the organization. And you know he gets back into Cincinnati and he does what he does he always does which drives Del Rio crazy in -- a lot of a lot of people in the NFL Krejci went. If you weight behind -- have a big tackle -- sack for a touchdown and -- -- he just on the seventh game of the World Series. That kinda drives them crazy so that's where this -- came to a head. And I think the other problem on this team right now is that everything did Jack has always done with this team. Everything is about work. And and it's not working because they've got a bunch of injuries on the offensive line and it had a bunch of things happen to them. That. They have not been able to recover from and it's been extraordinarily. Frustrating to Del Rio. Any just decided especially after thinking that his players were not taking losses seriously enough. It civil war I'm going to do is I'm going to come down hard out. It changed with the -- people upset in the locker room -- meet new -- New rules about music together have headphones on it just the you know. You have to if if if he's going to lose the team. -- -- yeah I I think you're teetering out of that right now I have I would do. My optimism in Del Rio and and thinking that he is. That he's a very good coach wears his finger on the pulse of this team. Leads to meet this date to conclude no blood the events of this week can tell me that I might I'm I'm might be wrong and now. Brandon Marshall aside another big story in Cleveland last night with the loss by the Browns. They went again eagle -- go to 45 they're still competitive now three and six is Romeo Cornell. Is he going to be out in Cleveland and is this is is is. I am last positive he will be kind of see Kerry can survive this rule out here but not that it's on sports obviously. If blood I just think that first of all. I've never got the impression there that the owner is is. The NL wild card carrying founder of the Romeo Crennel and called -- he doesn't like him but he just. I've just never age not these things that he said. It's you know just feeling have got beat around the team. Probably more than most teams in the last couple years. And the fact that. You don't go out ten -- 61 year. And go out spend a lot of money it very key positions of need in free agency. And come back the next year and lately kind of -- that they Adelaide. Through the first two months of this season I mean this has been an absolute disaster. And you know the other the other couple things that are particularly worrisome. Is that you know they'd pick the defensive line and somehow some way. They still can't get to the quarterback they're leading sacker -- 353. Pound. I don't Shaun Rogers I mean you know worst Cameron Wembley. And -- and a you don't even look at this team to me just say this team that it is significantly under achieved. Has had a terrible time for now ten years ten seasons picking a quarterback. The Derek Anderson experiment this year has been a disaster. -- you know pick places that have been big problems for them and -- have been an awful lot of them but. -- -- basket -- -- give Romeo can survive I think the only way surprises. You know if they win. Five games down the stretch and and get back at least tangentially. Into some sort of position of contention. At the midway point of the season now you've got three teams in the AFC east tied at five and three. The Patriots -- one they will play the other two in their next couple of games which team at the end of the season wins the C east. I think the Patriots so when -- I think they're a team. Even though I think he could locate each one of the teams. And you could say hey while they -- you know they're they're part of your schedules. That. You know that that look really really tough. Let you know -- V. I think I think I like that -- yeah I I I like the Patriots to be able to do. The most consistently. Out of anybody out there and shouldn't. And and and and you know you look at what's happened wins with the Jets. Over the last couple months. And we EL Brett Favre is going to be dictated gunslinger and he's been his whole career which I think is going to be good news 75%. Of the time. But 25% of the time they were lucky to beat Kansas City. Because Favre and his friends almost ended of that game. Just I think -- -- What you're gonna get out of -- England. Right now venue that you know -- Eager the other teams I mean Buffalo I'm not St. Buffalo is is on the verge of falling to -- I'm not saying that at all. Blood I think this thing I am saying is that that I'd be surprised if they could. You know it's taken. Muster back up enough especially. -- would Donte Whitner being titled now and and and and Aaron Schobel. Then being out at least for a couple of weeks of Aaron Schobel missed in this game this week is is really blow to them. Hey you know the schedules are not all that much different I mean the Jets have. -- you know have a couple of easy games in the Patriots -- shaping up to be. Fairly easy road trip can -- Seattle and Oakland. So I mean I think if you ask me what the best team is right now I think it's the Patriots even. I think it's absolutely positively remarkable. Considering that. They're playing the -- capsule which is you know been been widely discussed. But but also considering that you know they basically lost three running backs for the majority of the season. And you know if you watch the Patriots against Denver that that night it's Sammy Morris -- say. And we really don't miss Laurence Maroney. Blood now Morris being go on and Andy's saying you know eat there's definitely a gap. Between Sammy Morris and Benjarvis Green-Ellis and obviously you can't ask Kevin Faulk to carry it. 23 times a game so. I'm I'm just I'm really impressed throughout the Patriots have been able to do without the injuries they've had to deal. Peter can DeAngelo Hall still play. Michael he's been the most overrated player in football. And I do not say that. Eat you know I had I'm not exaggerating. Nor remotely by saying that. Boy if you ask me if if he could come into New England which which obviously is one of the teams it's competing for a -- come into New England. And be better or lower or provide aid. The 25 to thirty snaps a game. They're going to be better than say O'Neal or and is good is satan you know our young with their snapper like like weekly. Yeah absolutely. So -- them and I could be in I'd be in this thing and I'd be that aggressively. Plus he's been humbled somewhat. In over the last couple months that. You know the statistics that that -- St. had a battle but above all the sort of all of the how people have been just making -- throwing at him. It's you know he's been absolutely terrible. -- He's one of those guys who I think any team and -- a contender. Would be smart to trade to go give them at a fairly low paid. Because he's going to obviously be better and the guys were on the street right now. It's a real quick question for real quick. Why did Daunte Culpepper signed with the lines while -- at the lines I should say sign Daunte Culpepper. Because you're absolutely desperate quarterback. And because. Drew Stanton has not been nearly as good as they thought he'd be when they drafted in the second round a year ago. Occurred administration. -- would team -- that was offensive coordinator doesn't want them. They got to try to play the last several great games and and who knows its biggest spark -- Culpepper. Maybe they have them back in 2009. In AB becomes a competitor for the starting job. Peter we always appreciate time we'll talk to next week. There appeared to hit from Sports Illustrated SI dot com and NBC's sports -- by Fred seat Church insurance because it's not just the policy. It's the people.